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The Tournament Course is the host to the Shell Houston Open and it doesn't disappoint. It's a fantastic collection of 18 holes with outstanding looks and fair challenges. Multiple tee boxes mAke this course good for all, and it can really be stretched. We played the members tee at about 6,600 yards, which was good since a little wind was kicking up. The slope rating is still 137 at that tee box, so It's not a pushover. This is a course you can score well at as the fairways are generous, greens are large and receptive and no holes are tricked up. As to conditions - simply awesome. They overseeded not too long ago, getting ready for the PGA, and everything is super lush now. Tee boxes are perfect, fairways perfect, sand traps almost perfect but for rain prior evening making them damp. Only drawback is that greens look beautiful but are verrryyy slow for now. And it is cart path only to let the overseeding take hold. I could not have asked for a better experience and caught it all on a great golfnow deal. I'll be back. There's nothing even close to this course in Houston that is open to the public.
Got out today with Tony and the two Chucks from the group, first group at twilight 1:00 p.m., walking for $29. POP was good for this course at about 4 hours. Some soggy areas in the fairways throughout the course, notably on the holes around the low lying areas (1, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 17, 18). Not much roll out due to the recent rains. Rough was somewhat longer and also was well moisturized like everything else. Greens were medium fast speed, soft, and a little bumpy at times. Also, there are a lot of small spots of fungus on many of the greens. Not too terrible, but enough to detract from the appearance not to mention it could affect your roll. Tee boxes (we played the blues) were mostly level and had decent coverage, except for the par 3 16th, which was being over seeded and markers moved forward. I was not in any bunkers, but they seemed fine and Charles hit a great shot from the bunker in front of 14 green to about a foot. It was a picture perfect day and nice to be out in the afternoon and watching the sun sinking low in the west from the tee on 17.
Played on Friday 1/13 with a tee time before 10 am. POP was around 4 hours to play 18. Had to wait a little bit on the first few holes on the front nine and then POP picked up.

Played the day after the rainstorm. Therefore the entire course was very wet and muddy. The water on hole number 2 was a little larger than it normally was. Start of water was about 20 yards closer than it normally is. They were pumping out the water around the lake on hole 2. A lot of the course was roped off to steer you around all the mud on the course.

The tee boxes were in terrible shape. It has taken a beating. It was hard to find a spot on the tee boxes that was not a divot or muddy. Fairways were in winter/dormant stage. There was new growth due to the rains but there were lots of dirt/bare patches. Fairways were thin in spots. Fairways were very wet and muddy in spots too. Sand was nice. Tho' being the day after the rains, there were pools of water in a lot of the bunkers. Greens were fairly nice for this time of year. There were lots of balls marks on the greens. With the greens being wet, balls tend to roll a little slow. Course should be fine in a few days.

There were several holes where they moved the tees up such as holes #13 and #15. Was surprised that the front tee on hole #1 was on a mat. All the other tees were on grass. Like playing here to work on your short game. Great rates to play here. Very flat course so you can walk 18 here.
Quagmire. Morass. Pretty darn wet. Played lift clean and place but at times was hard to find a spot without casual water to hit it. Some of the tee boxes, including #1, felt my feet sink into the "grass" as I settled in for my shot. They obviously had not had a chance to mow so the fairways were shaggy. There were pools of water in many sand traps and in some all the sand had washed down to the bottom, leaving steep hard walls. The greens were pretty good. They rolled well even with the footprints. Slower than normal though.

The course played really, really long because of the conditions.

It looked like a holiday weekend out there. As I was getting my clubs out of the car, I saw a guy walking out with his clubs and getting in his car. Obviously a single that could not get on. It was packed for early morning. We had a 7:30ish tee time and started half hour late. POP 5 hours.

I had a good time out there, fun group of guys and competitive golf. It was not easy to enjoy at times though considering the conditions.
Still trouble with all the 5 some"s, we even had a 4 some become a 5 some at the turn this week, We live with it as this is still the best course within reason in the area.
Played yesterday (01/13) morning.

Course was cart path only - which I can understand on some of the holes, but some were completely dry and should have been normal operations. Course in general was okay at best - and for that reason I won't go into my normal detail on a review. Boxes were okay, fairways were okay but greens were horrible. Far too soft and everyone who putted left spike marks in/around the hole, as well as quite a few marks. A little unfair to write a review on a course after the amount of rain we've had, so i'll leave it at that.
Played today with one of my buddies, Andy, using GN, $55 at 12:10 p.m. It was kind of crowded around the first tee from about 11:30 to about 12:20, when we teed off. Maye a lot of groups with approximately the same times, so we went out a little late. They paired another single with us at the last minute, right after we hit our tee shots. I would say it was a little disorganized around the first tee, but not a real big deal. The course was cart path only due to a good amount of recent rains and wet turf made the course play a little longer. Most of the fairways were in great shape with only a couple of saturated areas and a good amount of turf to hit from. It's dormant, mostly kikuyu and Bermuda grasses. Rough was cut nicely, just at about an inch and a half, with good coverage, so no issues there. Only a couple traps had standing water (12 and 13 greenside bunkers) and other than that, I would say the sand was in great shape. The greens were soft but fast enough that you had to be careful not to run putts way past. We saw the beverage cart about three times in four hours. Everybody from maintenance personnel to the pro shop and starter was very friendly and super considerate when you got over a shot. At $55, it was a super good deal.
Played here way back on 7/3/2016. Didn't write reviews back then but figure I owe it to this gem. Top notch facility all-around and well worth the ~220$ price tag. Everyone was congenial and welcoming except the guys in the pro-shop who thought they were mr fancy pants from pants town. Scolded me for asking if they sell cigars "we are a smoke free facility sir and we ask that you respect that"...ok guy just asking. On to the course:

Tees: Amazing. Not a divot in site, full coverage, and flat as cement.
Fairways: Was interesting as I had never played Bermuda grass before. It takes a minute to get used to, very sticky to the club. Coverage was amazing though. Very playable, lots of roll.
Rough: Oh man, this stuff could be nasty. If you are just off the fairway you're fine. But go out a few feet and we are talking close to 4in. Better hawk your ball of the tee if you wanna keep it. Not to mention it rains everyday here (more on that later)
Bunkers: Went in one for fun since I literally had the course to myself and hit 5-10 shots. Played perfectly as expected, although they are consistently damp from the moisture.
Greens: These were amazing but very difficult. A tip I got before going out is that you HAVE to read the grain on Bermuda grass or suffer the consequences. I found that out all too well as I didn't start to make anything until the back nine. While receptive, chips/pitches roll out a lot here, so keep that in mind.

Overall I rate it 9.5. Don't let the pricetag scare you, I can't imagine better golf outside of Bandon/Pebble/Elite private courses. The views are some of the most amazing I have seen, golf course or not. Ocean view from every hole (you just have to turn around on some). Two things to keep track of 1) Rain: it started pouring torrentially in the middle of the round and then was sunny 20 minutes later, then raining again. This is Hawaii weather. It will rain for a few minutes almost every day.
2) Wind: When it gusted, it blew hard. Around a 3-club wind if not more. I have only played two courses where I felt harder gusts; Pacific Dunes and TPC Harding. Keep in mind, this is on the windy side of the island so I would expect at least 10mph winds everyday. It was closer to 30 however this day.
Played on 1/8/17. Didn't finish in the 4.5 hours I stayed (finished 15). I frequent this course regularly for the reasonable early in the day rates and the nice greens. Also the restaurant is a great place to watch football (food is decent too). Pro-shop people need to be a little more informative. The last two times I played here they had temporary greens on two separate holes with no info. I only found out when I was in the fairway hitting my shot! As for the course:

Tees: Mixed bad, mostly chewed up though. Playable but not enjoyable.
Fairways: Retaining a lot of the water recently and not rolling out much. Funny cause they feel thin even on pured shots. Mixed yellow/green color.
Rough: Barely even noticeable and didn't affect shots at all. Also a lot of holes had a bunch of dirt and the coverage was uneven.
Bunkers: They usually keep the bunkers nice here, and this day was no different. Found two greenside and they were great. Can't recall being in a fairway bunker here so no comment on those.
Greens: The real star here. Always medium to medium-fast with consistent roll and not a lot of bumps or spike marks(considering the amount of play that is). Very receptive.

Overall I would rate 5.5 if only for the greens. They also have a decent practice facility but its across the road from the clubhouse. The pace of play is ridiculous however. They let out numerous five-somes and people take second tee shots when their first balls are in play. Sorry but if you hit a sh-t shot thats not lost, you have to play it. Those are the rules. The marshalls here do nothing, even if they are nice. I would recommend if you wanna work on putting at a decent price but know before-hand the average round here is 5+ hours.
Played on 1/1/17 at 730am in a little over 3 hours. Pro-shop and restaurant were very nice. Starter accommodated me and let me go out early which was cool. As for the course:

Tee boxes: Perfect, don't think I saw more than a divot or two all day.
Fairways: Great coverage, not thin at all, played nice. Seemed to be actually green not spray-painted compared to some other courses I played in the desert.
Rough: Penal. Definitely need a club extra. Could be because it had rained so much the night before however. Probably 2in consistently.
Bunkers: Fairway bunkers weren't as nice as La Quinta, but greensides were fine. I was in two and got up and down just fine with a nice slap.
Greens: My least favorite part. Seemed to run slow (I even commented to my fiancé that they were noticeably slower then the mountain course) and were a bit bumpy. I give them a pass because they looked like they hadn't been rolled in a minute and of all the recent rain.

Overall I rate it a solid 7. Conditions wise it stands up to any course I imagine but the layout just did nothing for me. Don't think I will return given the other courses available in the area. That being said would recommend to other people, if only for the fine conditions and professional service.
Played on 12/30/16 as I was out in the desert for NYE. Tee'd off at 1130 and POP was 4:45. Service in the clubhouse/restaurant was great. Can't comment on the practice range (don't usually hit balls before a round) but putting green was great. As for the course:

Tee boxes: Lush and full with little divots besides on par-3 (even then not a lot).
Fairways: Dormant grass (painted green?) but coverage was excellent and no thinness too them.
Rough: Pretty light, 1-2in, all yellow but easy enough to play out of. Consistent coverage.
Bunkers: Wasn't in any but they looked fine. Fairway bunkers were better than most muni greenside ones.
Greens: Amazing. Rolled true and medium-fast. I struggled having never played this course but they were receptive to well struck shots.

Overall I rate it a 7.5-8. On top of the conditions, the views are breathtaking. Especially 13-16. Definitely recommended.
Played a round back in December. It was decent for the money on a peak weekend tee time.
We tee'd off st 7:45am, as a 4some, POP was 4:40. Not great, but not terrible.
Course was in decent shape. I've never been here before, and was pleasantly surprised by the whole course in general.
Tee boxes were flat and cut well.
Fairways were hit or miss, but overall good coverage for a muni course.
Rough was patchy and thin in some spots, thicker in others. Typical LA muni shape.
Greens rolled decent and held shots.
I hope the recent rains keep it in good shape.
I'd recommend Whittier Narrows to anyone.
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