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Played Sunday morning as a twosome with a buddy of mine with 9:00 tee time. Got paired with two really nice and good players Richard and Mike(weeman68). POP was just under 5 hours, without waiting on any shots walking from the white tees while the two who joined us walked the blues.

Greens were in great shape and rolled true. Very hard to putt here unless you play the course and have a little knowledge. With that said, I have only played here a handful of times with the last being over 2 years ago, so no knowledge for me. Tee boxes were level with good coverage, not really any bad areas that I could notice and had no problems finding a good place to hit from.

Fairways were in good shape, green but gave plenty of roll out, but not much padding under the ball like you would expect from a links style course. The rough is a mix between thin and hardpan to clumpy grass and can be very penal. If you get off the rough into the overgrown areas forget finding your ball as it could be high and think in places. Sand was in good condition in the bunkers and a joy to hit out of.

I really like this course and wouldn't mind playing it more often and would say now would be a great time to get out here. Just don't do it with new clubs that you are trying to get used to as it can make for a very long day.
Spring 2017 3-18-17

Played here for their impossible open.

Greens were perfect and had been double cut and double rolled.
Tees were all lush and level.
Rough was consistent and thick at about 3-5".
Fairways were halfway out of dormancy but all were playable.
Sand is perfect white Torrey style playable and aesthetically pleasing.
The layout is secluded and house free. The length at under 7k seems easier than it plays because of the narrow tree lined fairways and small well protected greens.

It was one of those fantastically brutal days where you get punched in the face by the course and walk away smiling. Pins just feet from edges and/or on places where missed putts resulted in long (6' and 8' and on one hole 12') second putts because balls refuse to stop on the slopes with the 13' stimp speeds. Tees were more fair this year with all level lies on short grass but were still put in places where angles called for big curving tee balls and all were at the very tips (last year many were on slopes and/or in the rough and/or stymied). Our group scores/vs/hdcp, I somehow managed 86 playing off a 9 others were an 80/1 95/10 89/4

Edit to add: Johnny I have pics on my twitter if you want to add them.
Spring 2017 3-26-17

Layout as always is excellent, top 3 public in the area IMO.
Greens mostly smooth and quick with a few areas where golfers have not fixed their marks.
Tees level and lush.
Fairways are returning to their normal firm playing conditions and the grass is coming out of dormancy.
Off fairway areas are a coin flip for even finding the ball in the native grass that is deep deep deep after the rains.
Bunkers have good consistent sand.
Practice facilities are best in the area.

The one place things can improve is pace as the multiple searches for balls slows play. I recommend the course implement a local rule to treat the areas as laterals to help speed play. (no one goes back after their 5plus minute searches anyway)

This course is worth a visit regardless of how far you need to drive.
I've played here twice in the past 6 months. Both experiences were excellent. With an unofficial handicap of 23.4, this course proved to be very challenging and a lot of fun. The greens and fairways were very well maintained and it was a joy to play here.
I often felt quite lost on my approach shots since i was unable to determine the distance and direction of greens. I could have easily saved at least 4 shots off my round if i could have been more confident of the distance remaining to the greens. Of course, the wind took my shots into the hillsides on the back nine.
I would love to play here again and atone for my erratic shots that resulted in blow up holes through the round.
Conclusion: Please add distance markers on holes with blind approach shots. Thanks
Played Saturday 3/25/17- Greens are completely fine, no longer a need for the alert.

The course is in fantastic condition and extremely fun to play. This was my first time here and I will definitely be back to play during this time of year. Although they said it was busy, we didn't see anyone else the entire round. Here's a breakdown:

Greens- have recently been aerated but show absolutely no signs. They didn't do any sanding and punch holes were gone. The greens were extremely fast and smooth. Some of the greens were so firm that approach shots had to be planned accordingly or else they risked bouncing off the back. Overall these were the best greens I have played throughout all of NorCal this winter.

Fairways and tee boxes- Overall in excellent condition. Didn't look like the course gets much play if you just look at the fairways. No bare spots at all, very nice conditions. The tees were also in excellent shape. Maybe this is the best time of year to catch this course before it gets cooked in the summer heat. Because of rain the day before, there was a tiny bit of water on one or two fairways, but overall not an issue. The course seems to drain very well.

Bunkers- Excellent condition. Sand was very predictable.

Overall this course is one of my new favorites. The round was 70 dollars to ride, and well worth it. Top quality greens, fairways, and service. I can't think of another course within 2 hours of the area that is in this good of shape right now for the price.
3/27 for GK cup match with Itslikeimsayin an enjoyable golf partner and a tough no quit player who generously shared his GK winnings to use a golf moose voucher for the outstanding net rate of $22 on a coolish and somewhat breezy am--1030 start with 415 POP being paired with visitor and member nice enough guys and decent golfers but seemed in a hurry and often were hitting out of turn and not aware of what was going on with the rest of the group.
Overall course is in good shape--most fairways have good cover and good cushion with 8 and 9 being the exception as there are at least 4 different varieties of grass some of which is in clumpy tufts leaving awkward lies. Some thin and bare areas marked GUR. Rough on front 9 quite thick and wirery quickly stopping the ball and being fairly penal. Back 9 less thick rough a little more whispy and easier to hit from. Patches of deeper longer rough around the greens with an especially nasty juicy patch to the left front of #7. Wide of the rough beyond the cart path you are likely to find hard pan.
Tees lush and level.
Bunkers have deep heavy sand that looks to be frequently groomed but is of the consistency that is difficult to properly rake as just giving it the once over leaves mounds and ridges--found 1 trap with aforesaid mound and 1 with a groomed area just missing the foot prints of at least 4 inconsiderate hackers. Both fairway bunkers I found #10 while playing 18 and #1 in sudden death had a more compacted base.
Greens smooth rolled medium fast with a fair amount of slope but not a lot of undulations. In my view the front 9s are flatter and the back are carved into the hill sides where you definitely do not want to be above the hole or carry too much speed even across the green as putts extend their roll out past the hole.
Staff members are friendly and easy going-
Special thanks to the 3 some on #1 who let us jump in to finish our match.
Grass driving range and putting green that represents the speed on the course.
There are usually voucher deals for about $70 a 2 some which is a very good value for the quality of this course or check out some of the stay and play packages.
Played a GK Cup match out here today with gary00. 10:30 tee time using a GolfMoose voucher. I used my $25 GolfMoose prize from the Rams Hill GK Plays toward the voucher, so we got an excellent deal. Course was pretty busy and we started about 10 minutes late. We waited on most holes but POP wasn't bad overall. Big gusts of wind at times under intermittently sunny/cloudy skies.

The course looks great right now and plays pretty good, too. The greens are the highlight, fast and smooth. They accept full shots well but shorter shots really need some spin to stop quickly. They are pretty glassy and you need to be careful on downhillers. Fairways have good coverage but lack uniformity. They are a bit thin in spots and sort of patchy with different types of grass growing throughout. The rough also has good coverage and different types of grass, some of which is pretty deep and penal. I wasn't in a bunker but Gary said some he was in could've used more attention/better raking. Tee boxes were very good to great.

I've always enjoyed this course, and the rains seem to have greened up this whole community and it looks very nice. Recommended.
Played here Sunday 3/26.
Overall, excellent conditions and great service, inside and out.

First time here, so moved up a tee box to help with navigation. No GPS, but a good two side color layout card available with starter.

From my experience with Scottsdale / Phx golf, fairly typical layout. Very few holes are adjacent to others and waste areas are more in play than difficult rough conditions.

Fairways were excellent, beautiful emerald green coverage throughout. A good amount of mounding, which can create a few uneven lies, but mostly on the edges of fairways.

Greens were just a touch on firm side, but rolled beautifully. Very few unrepaired ball marks, although I did start early in the day (730am). Pin placements on this day (my only negative) were very difficult. 15 of 18 were on the very edge or corners of the green which made for very difficult shot making. Any slight miss was exacerbated.

Bunkers were very good, full of medium light brown sand. No issues with playability. Some are very deep so avoiding the is key.

While several holes looked similar, there are a couple very fun and interesting. I found back nine much more interesting than front. 13 (drivable par 4) and 17 (island green) a were memorable. Position from the tee important on both sides.

Phil's Grill (as in Mickelson) was a great place to enjoy the 19th hole routine. Spacious clubhouse, lockers, and practice area.

On-line tee times allow for 'last minute' discounts and will provide a significant savings if you can wait until just 2-3 days before booking.

Highly recommend.
Played Saturday in a Church Tournament. Greens are horrible. Greens were areafied and we were not told. Greens real bumpy with sand in many places. Most Tee boxes uneven. fairways are okay and there is absolutely NO SAND in the bunkers. I hit a lot of skull shots because of no sand in the bunkers. Customer Service real good and friendly personal.
played the "Babe" side today. Course is looking good after the aerafication. Greens are coming back really nice. Greens were about 95 percent back. All should be 100 percent by next week "Net Amateur Championship". The Tee boxes, fairways, Sand bunkers all real nice. Just one fall back. Industry hills golf course do NOT honor our fighting Military or Veterans of Wars past. Shame. What a crying shame.
Went out to Lakewood on Sunday as a single walk on. Was the 4th group out following a slow 5 some. They let us through after the 5th hole and never waited on a shot. I have not played Lakewood in a long time and was surprised at how well the course was looking. Tee boxes were level, fairways were green and the ball sat up on shots. The rough was really easy to hit out of, it was not penal since it looked like it had been cut before. Greens ran smooth and medium fast on downhill putts. The pro shop guy said they had just smoothed it in the morning. Putts rolled smooth and kept their line. if conditions are like it was on Sunday, i will wake up early again and play. In regards to pace, the only way to play here sub 4 .5 hours is to play very early as it looked like there was a crowd forming on the first tee around 7.
Walked the blues on Saturday morning. Got out at 11am as a single, paired up with a very nice twosome. POP was a bit slower than normal, finishing in around 5 hours. We had 3 groups stacked up on #6, which is something I've never seen at Rustic before.

The course is in fantastic shape right now. Tee boxes were all flat and lush. The fairways are the only minus I can really give Rustic right now. While they are starting to green up a bit, they are still VERY firm. One gentleman I was paired with (his first round at Rustic) definitely made a few comments about how hard the fairways are. They don't bother me because I'm used to them, but I could absolutely understand his comments. The greens are the best I've ever seen them. Gorgeous, lush, firm and fast...just the way Rustic greens should be. They release a lot, so factor in a few yards of roll out, especially with longer irons. The rough around the greens is lush and thick, and great to chip out of. The rough around the fairways is always a mixed bag of lush patches and hard pan. Can definitely be very penal. The couple of sand traps I was in were very playable. Not exactly fluffy sand, but well maintained and easy to blast out of. One thing that has changed over the last few months is the amount of weeds/natural grasses that have grown up in the outlying areas. Previously, if you hit your ball into a hazard/waste area, your chances of finding your ball were pretty good. Not now...your chances are highly unlikely. Customer service was very good, and we saw the beverage cart at least 5 times. As always, I highly recommend Rustic Canyon.
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