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Played mid morning on Wednesday and finished in 4:40. The greens were very good. They rolled towards the fast side, smooth, and held shots. The fairways are in good condition with some thin spots and a few soft spots from watering. The rough is good with some thin/bare spots. The bunkers were good although a bit on the wet side. The tee boxes were fair to good mostly due to mild unlevelness. The staff was friendly.
Played 12-13-17. I was very surprised when I pulled up at how nice this place was. Not what I have come to expect from Billy Casper golf. Beautifully landscaped, lush fairways and greens and tee boxes. Tee boxes were level and some had tiers for different locations. Fairways had a couple brown spots but hard to find. The rough was a bit penalizing without being to thick to get out. Greens were on the slow side but smooth. Bunkers were very nice for the most part. A couple wet ones but mostly pretty soft sand. A fun layout that challenges you a variety of ways with a lot of dog legs and water to make you think and plan. A course I would come back to without a doubt!
Actually went here to play the Mesa Linda course, but as it wasn't as crowded as anticipated, was able to get on the "big" course. Overall the course is in nice condition, greens rolled very well, fairways had plenty of coverage. Not in any bunkers, but they appeared OK.

Staff was more friendly than usual. (Maybe it's the season? ) A bit chilly at the start, but warmed up nicely. How spoiled we are to live in Southern California. Could be in Buffalo and spend the morning shoveling snow.
Played here Saturday Afternoon POP 6 hours + :((((

The Santa Ana wins took their toll.

Can tell the course is getting a lot of play. It's fairly beat up now. Tee boxes had lots of divots and the iconic number 3 tee box was flat out bad. I think they're savings certain boxes for the Farmers which is understandable so the ones open aren't receiving the normal rotation.

With the wind the fairways and greens were dried out and more brown than normal.

Green were fast and rolling as always. Luckily they mowed the rough so you could hit 7 iron above out so it was more playable than in previous weeks.

However the winds blew all the sand out of the bunkers. That were bad and terrible by Torrey standards. Hard packed mud that was impossible to play out of. Quite a disappointment. A few brown spots scattered over the course.

The views will always be amazing and it was an epic sunset with the smoke in the air.

Will be back this weekend to let you know how it recovers.
Played yesterday in a POP 2.5 H. Course is in good shape, other than a few tee boxes. Found no issues with fairways; no trap issues; tee boxes a mixed bag, as they were chewed up (not all) and looked like they did not endure aeration well? Greens are very good (all of them). Great customer service.
Played the 12/9/17 GK event joined by Keith (sixpez) and Gus (adigitalg87). Regardless of where and when, I always have a good time at GK events and this one was no different.

I want to start by saying I had really high expectations of this course. I don't play high-end resort courses too often and I went in expecting Aviara-like conditions... just because that is the only high-end resort course I've played.

Tee Boxes - Flat, lush, and well groomed. Some divots but very good overall.

Fairways - I was hoping to see a solid green fairway throughout the entire course but visually, it wasn't what I hoped for. However, playing conditions were very good. There were some soggy spots on the fairway but mostly fairway conditions were great and you are likely to have a great lie.

Rough - The rough was hit and miss for me. There were some areas where I had a decent lie but I wasn't able to get the club through, and some parts where the rough played almost like the fairway.

Bunkers - I was in a couple greenside bunkers and these were the best bunkers I've seen in a several months. They were filled with fluffy soft sand. It seems like golf courses don't care too much about their bunkers as most I've played in recent months had bunkers that are full of little rocks, muddy (despite course being dry), or hard packed like a cement.

Greens - Greens seemed very tricky and some downhill putts were very fast. Some greens were a little sandy and bumpy. I would just say a little above average. I probably expected a lot better and honestly, I think I've seen some LA County courses having better greens.

To summarize, I'd say, the course didn't meet my expectations and unless I got a great deal, I probably wouldn't pay rack rate to play here.

On a sidenote, I had a little confusion finding the course on my golf GPS Android app. The Legends course turned out to be "La Costa Resort & Spa - South."
Played mon dec 11th with my wife again. Didn't have a tee time, just walked in and went out, check in was again fast and friendly. Let a single go in front of us and never saw him again. Caught a 4 some on 7 who was nice enough to let us play through. POP was 2:58 The wind was from the north east this time and the course really plays different. I must say again that for the price this course is in good shape, two weeks ago I putted terrible but adjusted this time with 29 putts. Greens again nice, bunkers had good sand. We will return next week and possibly Christmas day.
Played 12/12/17 2 pm $16.5 POP 3:10
Working down the street so I brought my clubs to work and stopped by on the way home. They changed the routing back to how it was originally. They've re-installed a driving range. The first Tee is back to just above the practice green and left of the 18th. What had been the first hole is now the 12th and they moved it out of the old driving range area. Now it is where the old 13th used to Tee off from. A big dog leg left par 5.
The conditions were decent. Some of the greens showed some damage and didn't look that great, but most looked good.
Did not hold lines very well, but receptive and a good pace of medium.
Fairway's were in pretty good shape with good coverage and mostly green and fairly lush. Thin spots mixed through out.
Some traps were very poor others were in good shape.
A fun course to spend some time on and if you get a good deal a good way to spend some outdoor time. $16 for 18 and a cart on a Tuesday afternoon?? Sign me up !!
Played hidden valley today. Lite NE wind about 10 mph with plenty of sunshine. As usual the greens are fantastic here, slower today than the posted 11.0 more like a 9.5 or 10.0. Little to no visible damage from unrepaired ball marks or poorly repaired. Rolling smooth with no in line deviation. Held shots well, and allowed decent reverse spin. Fairways are lush and very green, however today they were incredibly wet throughout, to the point of slushy underfoot. Some noted GUR well staked and roped off. Very little roll out today due to the wet conditions.
Bunkers normally I find them here at this course quite good. Today they were HORRIFIC. Hard with little sand. Standing water in almost everyone. If you were able to find one without water the sand was more like thick soup. So bad today our foursome decided to take a free drop outside the the bunker.
Tees, recently reseeded with some old grass but mostly top soil covering new seedlings. Funny thing is the course had not moved up the tees, or used the secondary tee boxes. Tees also seemed very unlevel today possibly I would guess from the grating and repacking procedure they used.
The new clubhouse is coming along quite well. Quick service for a drink but woefully slow for food. Called in an order on the tee box at nine and still waited 15 minutes to receive it. The new pro shop over by the driving range is just common, nothing special and word has it they are considering moving it back to the clubhouse. The driving range remains one of the poorest around. mats all lean down hill hitting into an uphill range. Putting green is beautiful well manicured and maintained, along with the practice bunker area. Staff is mostly top notch except for the minor disagreement with the carts today. Arrived approx 45 min early only to have the attendant tell me Ihad to wait 20 minutes to get a cart because of players in front of me. Thats all good with me but one foursome tee off ahead of us and they had 17 carts lined up. Speaking of the carts brand new, GPS,ball and club washers, cooler and phone connections. Still remains a favorite of mine and would certainly recommend playing.
Played 12/9/17 GK event. Had a great time. I really enjoyed the course layout & conditions. As others had mentioned 3 or 4 of the first greens were still recovering from something. The rest were in pretty good condition. Even though they didn't look fantastic, I thought they played well. Fairly receptive to well struck shots and had a good pace (For me) at medium fast. They seemed to hold lines well in our group. It took us the front nine to get the feel of the reads & pace down. Liked that this course does not have all the raised greens where you can't see the green surface as the Legends does. There are some funky contours on some of the greens that you really need to see if you don't play the course often.
Fairways were in very good shape. I had great lies all day. Some soggy spots here & there, but over all very nice to hit from. Wasn't playing all that great so I found a fair amount of rough, but thought it was very benign to get out of. Was able to get good contact on the ball most of the time even with some stopping power. Was in a couple bunkers. Most had good sand, but some had 3/4" rocks in them as well. Must be getting near the bottom of the sand ? Customer service was great and had a pretty good burger in the Vue lounge. All around solid course in pretty good to very good winter condition. Would enjoy playing here again.
Played the Blues (5827/67.3/120) in excellent golf weather, clear with little breeze in the high 70's.

Shorter course, few lost ball areas and most tees are very close to the last green all contribute to an expected quick POP @ Woodhaven. Scoreable if you are straight, especially off the tee. Definitely not a grip it/rip it type course, OB on both sides the length of the hole is a common theme on this layout with OB present on all 18 holes.

The tees are lush but had a decent amount of divots, most already filled.

The fairways are lush and mowed close, nice to play from.

The rough was also lush and not overly penal to play out of. They keep it fairly low, so you rarely lose balls on this course unless you go OB.

The traps were decently maintained with good quality sand.

The greens putted medium fast speed. Not as firm as usual, they seem to be watering them heavily, which makes for lots of ball/pitch marks. All slope from back to front and only a few have tiers. Not alot of severe break on these greens, I usually putt well here. The greens are roughly 1/2 the size of the greens on many courses I play, therefore expect many chips shots to tight pin locations.

The customer service was excellent from everyone. Good breakfast burrito from the snack shop. Very present drink cart and there are plenty of water stations. Full length grass driving range. There is no GPS on the carts and the course is not well marked, so bring your range finder/GPS. Recommended.
Played some birthday golf on Tues with Kassper7 but, because of an ill-timed dentist appointment in the morning, could not take advantage of a far off birthday deal at another course, but got a great $36 with cart deal on TeeOff (plus 10% discount code) for Skylinks, which was still close enough to the South Bay to reach for a full 18. We played the blue tees and I'm not sure why the slope and rating seem so low for them!

As for course conditions, it certainly doesn't look pristine at the moment, but in truth it was rare to find anything worse than a firm, thin lie anywhere. The fairways are very dried out in appearance and look as if they would play terribly, but it's actually not the worst surface to hit from. It's just the aesthetics which are a little disheartening. The rough is actually mostly cut low and often more favorable to hit from when just off the fairway.

Greens were very tricky and some very tough pins. Very fast at the moment, or at least it seemed that way early as our group of four had trouble catching up to the speeds until the back nine. But they held shots well enough and rolled true, but the breaks were so very deceptive and puzzling all day. Not too many ball marks though to contend with so that was nice.

Tee boxes were all in good, serviceable shape, and the bunkers that I was in (which were many) had mostly very nice sand greenside, and of course a bit thinner on the fairways bunkers, but will say that they should likely be even thinner when 150 plus yards from the greens. I found myself plugged in one or two fairway bunkers and that's just no fun.

POP was pretty good but always surprising to play on a Tuesday afternoon and find a crowded parking lot. We finished in around 4:30, so it was fine, but expected even faster. Layout at Skylinks I enjoy more and more each time even though there's not a single elevation on the course. A lot of bunkers to contend with, some water here and there, and some mature and daunting tree trouble to keep you honest and (hopefully) straight.

So it's worth a visit right now, especially if you can get away from the usual overpriced weekend rack rate. Just be prepared for the less-than-perfect optics that will greet from the first tee box until the last.
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