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Teed off as a 3some at 2:15pm on Monday, with the next group a full hole in front. Caught up to them in a few holes, but never had much of a wait all day. POP ended up right at 4 hours, so looks like it was a good pace all day, with aakes90278 reporting 4 hours with a morning round.

Agree with aakes90278 on the course conditions, but wasn't in any traps. Greens were slightly bumpy, but not bad and had a good putting day. Had one of my better rounds in a long time, and attribute a portion of that to making an effort to leave approach and chip shots, etc., below/short of the hole. Wasn't always successful, but would suggest it as a strategy here when possible, as it made a real difference.

Teeboxes and fairways were all very good, and typical for the course. Got a decent amount of roll today, even though the fairways weren't cut any shorter than normal. Probably the heat of the day helped dry them out from their normal watering.

They punched the two practice greens a week ago, along with Mesa Linda. After seeing the practice greens last Wednesday after their punching, was very impressed to see how far they have come along in 5 days. Probably about 50% healed, but putted reasonably well. Normally, I'd stay away for at least 4 weeks, but am giving Mesa a go next Monday based on what I saw. The greenskeeper here does do a great job in getting the greens to heal fast after punchings. As GK has noted, Lagos will be punched next Monday and Tuesday.
Played here yesterday for the first time in many years. We paid $33 to walk and had a 9:15 tee time. Check in was easy and the course was busy due to a tournament on their other course. The putting green was bumpy and still showing signs of recent punching's and when we got to the first tee their were 3 groups waiting and 3 groups playing the hole. We teed off a little late due to this but once we did we rarely ever waited again and finished our round right at 4 hours!!! The course was green and the weather was near perfect. Overall conditions right now are not bad at all especially the greens....The were smooth, medium fast, and held shots very well. Not at all like the practice putting greens, The sand played great and the tee boxes were level. The fairways and rough were a mixed bag of lush and spotty lies otherwise I would have rated the course about 7-10. The greens were the highlight by far and we would definitely play here again. Long pars threes makes this a good test from the back tees. Very enjoyable rough with generous landing areas.
I play this course a few times each year and it's typically in "good" condition. After playing this weekend I'll be surprised if I ever go back. Every fairway is brown and dead. This course has not survived the summer and probably won't get better any time soon. Greens fees at Tierra Rejada are never cheap. To pay more than $80 for this course at this time is a disappointing joke. The greens weren't bad but I did land a few shots on some areas that were rock hard. I thought it was odd when I showed up and no one was really there at 8:45 on a weekend morning. It's because this course is dried out and dead. Additionally I've heard this course is in financial distress. The customer service doesn't add any value either. If a fast food restaurant was able to charge similar prices to a high end steak house and get away with poor customer service. It would be called Tierra Rejada. Not a fan.
I played as a solo walker on Monday 10/16, without a reservation, paying the $17 twilight rate. As always, check in was friendly and efficient, and I went directly to the first tee without warming up, starting my round a little past 11:30am. Weather was very hot and dry, with light breezes. Except for a very rude threesome who hit into me as I finished the 14th hole, and again as I teed off on the 15th, I did not encounter any other players during my round.

I played from the blue tees (6568 yards/71.3 rating/124 slope).
Tee boxes were level and well covered with lush turf.
Fairways were variable, with some thin areas around the margins, but generally even, lush turf in the middle. There were a few unfilled divots, but most appeared to have been repaired.
Rough was the usual mixed bag (as it always is here), with some lush turf and some bare ground.
I only found one bunker, greenside, and it was maintained, with soft, thin sand - easy to play from. The other bunkers that I observed appeared to have been maintained and stocked with enough sand.
As usual, the best part of the course was the greens. They were generally smooth, and free of notable blemishes, with the exception of hole 11, where it appeared that several sections of turf had been recently replaced. Greens were quite receptive, and on the softer side of firm. Putts rolled true, though a little slower than I am accustomed to at El Prado.
My round was completed in 3.5 hours, but would have been quicker were it not for the rude threesome that decided to play right through me on the 15th hole.
Early am round in a little over four hours. The staff here is always great and helpful even early in the morning! The tee boxes are in nice shape right now but could use a little trim. The fairways are very nice also with great coverage. The only complaint was several holes had a few sections that had been over watered and muddy up. The rough is thicker now than I can remember in the past years - the length and thickness made locating your balls difficult. The length also limited the distance you could hit shots from it. The greens looked great and sped up some as our round progressed. The greens were fairly bumpy but there were very few ball marks on all of them - nice! The traps were the usual mix of sand and dirt and dirt and dirt - I will add they were well groomed. Most of the traps were also very wet. I always enjoy this well kept course for it's reasonable rates and good conditions.
Played here yesterday at 1:52 with dconnally and abbacat. Hot day but consistent breezes kept it quite comfortable all day. It was very gusty when we arrived, so I chose to play the white tees (6,316 yards). (They could use a tee option between the 6,316 whites and 6,829 blues.) POP was pretty good at about 4:20.

The course reopened from overseeding and aeration October 1 and is in pretty good condition. It wasn't a "Palm Desert"-type overseeding where the whole entire course is a dark green stripe show afterward, but overall the turf at Oak Valley is in good condition. Greens were mostly smooth, occasionally bumpy, medium fast and accepted full shots well. They seemed to get softer later in the afternoon. Tough to read with some subtle and not-so-subtle breaks. Fairways had good coverage, a few thin spots here and there but mostly nice lies all day. Rough was healthy with good coverage and was deep in some spots, mostly greenside. I wasn't in a bunker but they looked really nice. Tee boxes were the low point; not a big deal because you can tee it up, but several were domed and some had not grown back in all the way since maintenance. Overall conditions are quite nice, and once the sun got low, the course looked amazing in the late afternoon light.

I hadn't played out here for about 3.5 years, which is way too long of an absence. Interesting layout with lots of elevation changes, no housing on the course, great mountain views and a challenging and beautiful course.

I made a Flickr photo album of 52 photos that can be viewed here:
Out again at Soule Park this morning 10/16/2017 teeing off at 9:52am just in front of a HS girls CIF playoff. Rode the Orange Tees with my buddy Mack and his buddy Ricki and Brian. It was so hot today with temps ending our round around 100 degrees that we lost a player after 9 holes--one of the hotter mid October days that I can remember. POP was 4 hrs not having to wait on one shot.

Not much has changed condition wise since I played out here 9 days ago with buddies other then the greens were even rolling better today.

Greens very soft, receptive to irons with spin. Very little ballmarks to be fixed today. Would say maybe a 9-10 on the stimp. In very good shape. Rated 7.5/10--maybe closer to 8/10.

Fairways for the most part have full coverage with lush green grass--very few problem areas. Rated 7.5/10.

Bunkers contained some nice darker clay lake raked sand. Rated 7/10.

Some tees need leveling--number #5 comes to mind. For the most part lush very filled in nice teeing grounds. Rated 7/10.

Get off the fairways and the rough is a mixed bag of thin lies, dirt, lush grass or even some dirt areas between holes. Rated 6/10.

Their walking rates are a great deal--its gets hot out here so if you can pick a day where its not to hot this place is for sure recommended.
I have been waiting all summer for the course to re-open. I should have waiting longer. I wanted to play now to help the new management get the course going again. The greens are absolutely TERRIBLE! They are full of weeds and have major bare spots. I can't see them recovering before next spring. The rest of the course is in okay shape but because the greens are so bad is really doesn't matter. I've played courses the same day they aerated and sanded and had a better experience.
Played this morning with a 8:30 tee time. Fivesome. Starter squeezed in a twosome in front of us behind a foursome??? Local players who knew him... Not cool. Fairways for the first four holes were all punched a were wet mud plugs all over the fairways. Those greens were tracked on muddy footprints all over. The twosome pushed through and we never saw them again, back to normal pace of play. The rest of the course was in poor shape except the greens. Fairways were patchy and thin. Greens were fast but very moist. Hard to repair divots because they were so wet underneath. As you all should know.. small greens all well bunkered. Most green side bunkers were also damp sand but playable. Tee boxes were being mowed so Mondays must be maintenance day. Brookside#1 had a charity event and might be in better shape??
I had not played this course since 1992. I was able to secure a Moosegolf voucher on Ebay for $49 for two, so how could I pass it up? Plus it gives me an excuse to play La Purisima tomorrow.

When we arrived at a little after 10am, they had a small group of player filling the course from 10 to 11, but the starter allowed us to go out on the back nine, and we zipped around in just a hair over 2 1/2 hours, finally catching up to the other players on #9 (Out last hole)

The greens were excellent, although very dry. Fairways were for the most part good, with a few areas which need attention. Sand in the bunkers was "muddy" and/or hard pan. The tee boxes were very fuzzy, almost like teeing up in the rough.

I remember not being overly impressed with the course when I played it 25 years ago, and honestly, nothing has changed. It's not that there was anything wrong with the course, it just wasn't "special". Stopped over at the Ranch course after the round. That course looked much nicer! Glad I played it, but I suspect it might be 25 more years before I return.
I played here on Friday the 13th...The course, you can tell is being prepped for over-seeding. The fairways and rough are getting dormant (low watering), but playable and maintained. The greens are still rolling good. The bunkers have been kept up nicely with good quality sand in them.
The course is always fun and challenging to play. They will re-open Oct 30th. So I expect it to be back to top Quality again!
Played as a twosome Sunday, 10/15, around noon. Due to my buddy nursing a tweaky back, we only went out for the front nine by design. It's not usually a problem to get out here and we had just walked up and were put right out. It's a little unusual that an 18 hole course gives you a nine hole option during the main part of the day, and that definitely contributed to our choice to play here.

I would generally describe the course as good, late summer conditions, particularly with respect to the fairways. While generally pretty decent coverage, there were dryer, thinner patches scattered about that one would probably expect at the end of summer and well past rain season. The grounds crew had marked off many of the more severe spots around the course as GUR, so that helped. I had a layup shot in the fairway that would have been on hardpan had it not been marked as GUR and allowed me a nice, adjacent lie. Tee boxes here are generally flat and covered, although some of the par 3s were a bit more chewed up and required a quick survey to find a good tee spot. On average, rough here tends towards less severe and playable. The greens exhibited the ghost of the aeration pattern visually, but for practical purposes, they are healed. They generally ran true and medium slowish with a couple running a touch firmer and quicker. They were all soft and receptive to incoming shots, leaving deep pitch marks. I don't think my ball was more than a foot from it's pitch mark on any green I hit. I avoided the bunkers, so no comment there.

A foursome of one adult and three kids had us play through on the second fairway and we played in a bubble from then on, with the forward group a couple of holes ahead, and no-one pressing from behind. In the past, even as a single on a weekend, I have sometimes found myself in these pockets. The course was active, but not crowded. The front nine is generally short and flatter than the back nine, so on a warm, low energy day, it fit the bill for an enjoyable, low stress round.
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