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2/16 using GSC voucher $74 2some joined bu brothers Eric and Tom both with a lot of game and enjoyable playing companions. Teed off on time at 845 on a rather busy day leading to a 445 POP with waiting on about every shot--but it was a nice day with a nice setting and good company.
Fairways were greenish with a mix of semi-dormant grass and a kind of darker green grass that grew more in tufts. Most lies were ok with good cushion--fairways firm enough to give extra roll. Rough was patchy thick in places and non-existent i others except around the green where it was thick and longer. Tees lush and most of them level--15 blues has a slight down slope.
Bunkers are being renovated completely new sand on the back 9--rather heavy thick and still some what damp--giving me fits to find the right swing out of the 4 I found--real easy for me to hit heavy as the club would not glide through the sand. Bunkers showed recent grooming but until they provide robo rakes footprints were often left where they didn't belong and some rake jobs could get an E for effort--but it is good to see that the new owner has put energy into renovation.
Greens were slower and more bumpy--probably because of the planned maintenance 2/19.
Friendly staff.
2/15 using GSC $22 voucher 1st time with alternate layout due to construction on 5 and 6--course has updated score cards and rating--the 2 "new" greens have been in place for about 6 months and are of good quality and give the option of varied pin placements.
Fairways were mostly ok with some damp areas 2 17 and 18 were still CPO--rough was challenging and in some areas near the greens downright difficult. Bunkers needed a little more time and grooming. Tees have enough cover but depending on marker placement can be on a slope.
Because we started at 715 greens were a little wet and bumpy--had not yet been swept or mowed for the day--by about 8 we were met by the green's crew so the rest were in better shape. Still a little slower than usual and with more grain to contend with.
Friendly customer service.
Despite the low spots that are now puddles due to rains, the course is in good condition! The greens are fast and very true to their line! For the price, highly recommended! I give the greens a hard 8 for a municipal course.

Cheers, BJ
Played Wednesday, started as a single (the 3-some didn't show), ended up being joined by Joe and Andy on #6, nice guys and good players. Finished in just under 4 hours, never rushed but couldn't really go faster due to those in front.

Playing conditions were good - not great, but solid. Greens has some very thin cuts, didn't affect putts until they lost speed. Should be much better in a week or so. They were also quite firm so only a couple times did any of us actually create a big ball mark - usually just slight indentations.

Tees were very good, not much damage and all were level with good coverage. Fairways were a little thin but they're never lush and fluffy, lots of roll out (both a good and bad thing). Rough was THICK, especially around the greens - on #8 I watched my ball bounce just off the collar and into the rough, knew exactly where it disappeared - and still took nearly a minute to find it.

Bunkers were quite firm, not really from lack of sand but from rain/weather. Still playable but you may be better off with something with a little less bounce than normal.

I've played this course occasionally since the first week it was open and still love the layout. VERY challenging and the different length holes mean you'll use pretty much every club in the bag.

Recommended - will definitely be back (just not sure when).
Played here on Feb. 16, teeing off about 12:30pm with a M/F couple for an enjoyable 4.5hr round. We moved along pretty well the whole way, typically waiting a few minutes on each tee.

Agree with the previous recent reviews. Course is in very good condition. Much better than the competition, with the exception of Goose Creek. Since my last round here in January, the tee boxes have improved, with some of the bare/dormant cover now growing green grass, with most having almost full coverage. 7/10

Fairways had a bit of firmness, only a few soft landing areas, so I was able to get some good roll, particularly on the back 9, but #18 remains my nemesis off the tee, as my ball stops where it hits the fairway up-slope, only about 185 yards from the white tees, and goes no further. Seemed like a lot of filled-in divots, so golfers are doing their duty here. Fairways were nice and green, mostly plush. 8/10

Rough had recently been cut, with good cover. 6/10

I didn't keep track, but newly rebuilt traps/sand in the green-side bunkers seem to be mostly/perhaps all recently filled now. Was in a few, and it they were soft and fluffy white. Not everyone seems to clean up after themselves, however. 6/10

Greens were great, nice and smooth and green. Speed was about medium/medium-fast. My putting was off today, missing a handful of birdie putts (rare for me to be on the green in regulation so much), but I cannot blame the greens, they were good. 8/10

After playing the mess that is Los Lagos on Monday, this was a lovely day on a lovely golf course. And, the carts/seats and GPS unit are the best I've experienced. Included are a fully -iced up cooler onboard.

Cart lady came by 3 times, marshal about that as well. Friendly welcome, chat and service in the pro shop. Only critical note is that the range doesn't seem to have a grass area to hit off of, unless you are getting lessons.
Overview: Golf Club of Estrella is located in the community of Estrella Mountain Ranch in Goodyear, Arizona. Goodyear is in the southwest part of the Phoenix metropolitan area. The course was built in 1999 by Jack Nicklaus Junior and is a desert type layout that has some forced forced carries off the tee and into some of the greens.

Clubhouse and Pro Shop: Not a big clubhouse and pro shop and it's pretty straight forward with its amenities. A very nice outdoor seating area with shade and 2 fire pits.

Practice Area: Players can hit from both sides of the range, and they rotate it on a consistent basis. Today we hit practice balls from the back part of the range. The hitting area was very nice ... lush overseeded rye grass and the practice balls were Callaway. There is a nice chipping area and 2 practice putting greens. One of them by the practice range and the other is right by the first tee. Great idea to have a practice putting green right by the first tee (just like Rams Hill).

Golf Course: Pleasantly surprised in the condition of the course. Tee boxes were a little thin and fairly level, but the fairways were in very good condition ... probably the best condition that I have ever seen them in. Greens were smooth and they had a lot of grain in them. They do not overseed the greens because they changed to a different strand of Bermuda about three years ago. They did this because there is a tremendous amount of salt content in the irrigation water and the overseeded rye grass would practically die in the winter months because of the high salt content. There is nothing worse then paying $139 to play golf and the greens are terrible. Very strange to have a lot grain in the greens out in Arizona, so it takes a little time to read and understand the roll of the greens.

Final Thoughts: Golf Club of Estrella is a desert style course, but the fairways are fairly wide and offer a good mix of holes. The signature hole is the par 3 17th hole that is 176 yards from the copper tees (6733 yards for the course) and 157 yards from the silver tees (6249 yards for the course). It is one of my favorite holes in golf because of the backdrop behind the hole is the Estrella Mountains. You will enjoy this course if you are in the Phoenix area!!
This 2016's L.A. County Course of the Year sustained major setbacks due to heavy rains they had the last two weeks, not counting the epic storm this week. Front nine is in decent shape except for poor golfers' etiquettes that left almost all sand traps unraked. The back nine is totally different story. Fairways # 11, 13, 14 and 15 are severely damaged by excessive water which prevent the mowing. Weeds are growing rampage on these muddy fairways. The geeens were not maintained, super slow and full of unrepaired ball marks. Bunkers appear to be abandoned by maintenance and careless golfers and full of footprints. They should close the back nine and allow the course to heal. I played in December last year and it was in great shape. What a disappointment.
Disappointed. No mention of maintenance on greens. Get to the first hole, small little tine holes without sand. If that isn't green maintenance then I don't know what is.

Greens OK with tine marks. Bumpy with med/fast speed. Hard to keep the ball on line without a firm stroke. Fairways are spectacular. Great coverage. Rough is thick and penal. Sand in bunkers is hard packed. Folks Fix your messes in the Bunkers.

Not a lot of muddy areas. Course appears to drain very well. Not a lot of GUR.

Pace of play was an abysmal 5 hour round on a THURSDAY. I guess everyone was sneaking out before the rain came.

Wait a week/two before coming here.
for all the play that these course get , they are in great condition and the greens were great, sand traps consistant, fairways were good with some bare areas. the pace of play was good and the course is a challenge with mature trees and a little bit of water to think about too. I think it has more character than the Players course. The price is reasonable , but only complaint is they NEVER have any deals for locals or just deals for anyone! That needs to change. They have an app and promised deals with the app..but only have seen one in years it has been out.
What a spectacular view with elevation changes I have never seen on a course before. The conditions were great, greens running true and fast, sand traps consistant, fairways lush. The online deals that you can sometime find is the way to go...but if you have to pay full price...go do it....a wonderful challenging 27 holes and one not to miss if you are in the area.
The recent rains have apparently made a big difference! Historically dinged for thin turf and tight lies in the fairways, I’ve never seen AT as lush as I found it yesterday! I played at 2pm on 2/15/17 to get the super-twilight rate of $50 on a warm sunny day with little wind – the first tee was steady busy up until that time, and we had a couple groups after us. I joined an amicable local single Justin, who was familiar with GK (but not a member), and a couple here on business from Maryland. We played rather slowly to begin as many balls were sent to their doom in the (now heavily foliaged) ESAs. The couple allowed me and Justin to sprint forward after #10 and we finished as the last pair to play #18, just as it got too dark to see, finishing in just under 4 hours. Staff was great and we saw the cart girl several times, and a ranger gave us some refills for the sand bottles, which we were having to use liberally.

Greens were firm, had good coverage, and rolled at medium speed. Some greens had some thin or bare areas along some margins. We didn’t see too many ballmarks. As stated above, fairways were lush and the ball sat up nicely. We had some fairway areas roped off to avoid cart traffic over the wet/soft areas, including large areas in the driving area for hole #12 (dang! - really needed that roll-out on that long one!). Rough along edges of playing areas was fairly short and very playable, although frequently clumpy – further out balls were just gone in lush ESA areas. Tee boxes were good. Fairway bunkers were firm, while greenside bunkers had a fairly thin playing layer over a damp base.

The course has new carts, each with a new Visage GPS system that is interactive and very readable. You can even adjust the brightness and tone volume (or mute). And no advertising!!!! However, the system only gives distance to the COG, not the pin location. A zone sheet on the back of the cart gives you the pin zone for that day. And the ‘approach’ view shows the shape of the green, but no green features.

Plenty of water available, and restrooms clean and good condition. Range on grass today but the teeing areas didn’t have much turf available – the range either got a lot of early morning use or hitting areas were a holdover from previous day(s). There’s now an attendant at the range shack, so getting balls is a little easier (and cheaper). Fairly large putting green that accurately reflected the speed of the on-course greens.

Very good conditions at this time.
I was able to make the GK Guru outing here with a great group of fellow GK'ers.
Check in was smooth with very helpfull guys in the pro shop. Went over to the nice grass range to warm up. The practice green was very close to the greens out on the course at the start of the round. by the end of the round the greens got a little slow and bumpy.Not unexpected on a sunny day after alot of rain.
we started a little early and the starter had some helpful information for us.
Tee boxes were nice and the fairways while a little thin were dry for the most part.
The bunkers both fairway and greenside had lots of very soft sand.
I found tbe course to be challanging but fair. Playing here a couple of times would be helpful to know where to go with your tee shot.
Overall it was a great day on a nice track for a great price. I will try to get back here again.
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