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Played Sunday 6/25 POP around 5H. I have no idea how this course is a 6.32 "Good" rating. I keep trying to like the course due to the challenging layout but I come away severely disappointed at the conditions every single time.

Tee Boxes: Sloped, tons of divots. Looked like the tees hadn't been moved in weeks.
Fairways: Only good part about the course. They were pretty nice.
Sand Traps: Cat litter. Horrible.
Rough: What rough? Tons of dirt spots everywhere
Greens: (I realize they went through a terrible stretch back in the day) The greens were spotty. Different types of grass growing on them. Downhill putts coming to an abrupt halt. Good shots not holding on the greens. I swear, all 3 of us were on the back of the greens all day. Just awful.

I would only recommend playing here if it's around $20-30. Other than that, don't waste your time or money.
Played Friday 6/23 POP 3h 45m. The greens were in the best shape I've seen them in awhile. Normally they never hold any shots but they were very receptive on Friday.

Everything from the Tee Boxes to the Greens were in great shape.
Played a sunset 9 holes on the front side Friday, June 23th. Being end of June I wasn't sure what to expect conditioning wise in the desert as the courses are transitioning into their summer Bermuda, however, the celebrity course was in tremendous early summer condition. Fairways were the highlight, still lush and playing great. Greens were nice. Rolled medium speed and fairly true. Definitely felt confident standing over my putts that they would roll on the intended line. I was in a couple bunkers and they were great. All in all, no matter what time of the year this course is a treat to play. From the tips both here and the players course are 7,200+ and quite challenging. Can't wait to come back later this summer after greens heal from upcoming punching.
Info here at GK is spot on. They will be doing maintenance is a few weeks so it is a good time to go play this course. Be wary of temps after 10am as it gets really warm out here. We had 6:30 start time and finished in 4 hours despite having to wait on each hole for group in front.

Course conditions were pretty good. Greens smooth and medium fast. Doesn't break as much as you think. rough was about 3 inches but is not as penal as you would think. bunkers well stocked.

Grass driving range/warm up facility with practice greens/chipping area.
No GPS but they provide a mini-yardage sheet with reference distances. Water coolers with cold water spread out the course helps keep you hydrated. Starter even provided us with Mango-infused cold towels to keep everyone cooler.

Great facility, great staff. Definitely a must-go-back course.
Played Goose Sat. 6/24 at 8AM with my usual two buddies and found the course very close to what we normally expect. Staff was great upon check-in and starter was helpful getting us off and running. Tee boxes are all in great shape. Fairways are also in great shape. They must have been mowed a couple days ago because the clippings were visibly brown against the green fairways. Greens were smooth and semi fast. If other golfers would fix their ball-marks, we'd all be better off. Goose is almost always in very good to great shape. Great value, and we'll probably return again sometime in fall/winter.
Last time I played The Crossings at Carlsbad was in April, golf course was in great shape, this time, even better. Teed it up with GK Gurus dconnally, leef2020 and Tubedude Thursday, 6/22. Made the 2 ½ - 3 hour drive down and back for this from Westlake Village, 5 hours of total driving, got home sooner because I stayed after golf to enjoy their Buckets & Brews driving range party and missed traffic. They do their Buckets and Brews once a month. $10 gets you two quality craft beers and medium bucket of balls. Music and BBQ as well. Loved it. Anyway, as for the course, very green, very lush, every aspect in great shape. I think conditions will be peaking at the course for at least another month. This place is a must play right now. Terrific layout I continue enjoy more with every round. Interesting holes, no two holes even remotely alike. Difficult and at times crazy undulating greens. All par 5’s offer Risk/Reward. I have such a blast out here. Leef2020 joined their Crossings Club program, if I lived in the area, I’d do the same. Food is always good as well. I got a hot dog, chips and soda for only $5 at the snack shack. After at the Buckets & Brews, got a cheeseburger, high quality, good grub. The IPA’s were Karl Strauss, had a very satisfying enjoyable day. Play The Crossings at Carlsbad - Highly Recommended!

Also, just posted some fresh photos, got cloudy on the back nine, coastal onshore clouds.
We play this course every week this spring in our golf league. It typically is a wet golf course in the winter but has dried out beautifully and is excellent shape. My only complaint might be the sand traps which I find to be rocky in many places. This course was developed in hopes of possibly supporting a major golf tournament. It has never risen to that level of renown but I think the golfer wins with a fine course at a reasonable price. The facilities are somewhat undeveloped but nevertheless this is worth going out of your way to play.
We have played Auburn twice in the last month and both times found the course to be in great condition. I think this is one of the better locals courses in the area with an interesting design and a fine newer clubhouse. Worth playing if in the area.
Was invited to play RH for a noon tee time on Friday 6/23 and was reluctant to do so largely because of the heat, the reviews and comments from some of my friends. I decided to go as I have never played here before, at least not since it was redone what? about 20 years ago? I’m glad I did as I was pleasantly surprised. I guess I was expecting the worse and it was better than what I expected? No, not really. I enjoyed this course and would rate it higher than the previous reviews from our GK colleagues.

Overall, not a real long course and it is a muni. The fairways however were in very nice condition. It was heavy kikuyu but was cut down pretty low so the ball sat up pretty nice. Some dry areas but not very many. Sand was in good shape as well. Not much rough as it was cut down a bit as well so getting out was not difficult. Tee boxes were a bit thrashed but can’t say it was different than any other course I have recently played.

The greens were soft. They were smooth and rolled true but not very fast. A bit on the slow side particularly as the day progressed.

I enjoyed playing here. $52 to ride seemed a bit high for a muni but there are a good mix of long and short par 4’s. Opening hole played to about 410 from the blues. A couple of nice dog legs are mixed in so you need to hit to a good spot to approach the green. Par 3’s are challenging as well. #8 played 239 yards for us on this day.

We had a late lunch/dinner in the restaurant and it was pretty good. They have a very nice bar overlooking a couple of the holes. Nice!

This is not on my “hurry up and play again real soon list” but I would definitely like to come back give it go. Overall I was impressed and would recommend.
Played Bear Mountain 6-22 and 6-25. Surprising how much the greens have sped up. Thursday started showing signs of getting to normal speed. Today they are much closer. Have been leaving them short but today ran them by. The biggest disappointment so far this year is with the tee boxes. They are really torn up and not level. Standing in a hole or having uphill and downhill lies off the tee can really be annoying. The number 4 tee box looks like it had new sod and was open at first then closed and now re-opened but still looks terrible! The bunkers are in very good shape. Soft and smooth.
Back out to Griffith Park today with a buddy to tackle Harding once again. It still amazes me how easy it was to get a decent tee time at Harding while Wilson was backed up until the late afternoon? I've played both numerous times and I simply don't get the fascination with Wilson be so much superior to Harding. But that's for another forum.

As far as course conditions currently at Harding, not too bad at all. Took a cart today to escape some of the hot sun and played the blue tees at $59, which is a fair price with the cart added. We took off as a twosome and started playing with the twosome in front of us around the 7th hole and had an overall respectable POP of 4 1/2 hours - pretty darn good for a Sunday.

A lot of nice areas in the fairways that are nice and lush, but the heat is definitely back and there were a few thin areas where the heavy traffic would congregate. There was also some overwatering, swampy areas along some of the fairways. The rough was crazy - it appears they haven't mowed it down in quite some time and it will absolutely grab any shot coming out of it. Bunkers I was in (only two) were okay but one was not raked and made for a terrible lie. Tee boxes generally flat but a lot of hard ground to push tees into.

Greens were in nice shape in terms of coverage and look very nice, but absolutely roll medium-slow and require a confident stroke or you'll be short a lot most of the day. Not too many problems though with bumps or ball marks which was nice to see - they seem to have healed well from the last aeration when I played here a month or so ago.

Always enjoy the layout at Harding and have a fun time there. It's not crazy long from the blue tees (6423 yards), but there are only three par 5s on the course so birdies can be tough to come by if you're not on your game. Fun closing hole for sure here, too.

Darn it - just realized too that there are only four pictures from such a popular course as Harding and I forgot to do hole-by-hole shots - next time!
10:45 start time, right on time. Foggy and a cool. Parking lot full. Course in good shape, a couple patches here and there, even a couple on greens. Tees nice, rough cut but still plenty sticky and penal, fairways nice with a bit of run out, but not as much as my last visit, bunkers have plenty of sand in most spots some are thin but encountered lots of unraked footprints, greens, hard rolling well but a bit bumpy with lots of ill-repaired ball marks (granted the texture of the soil makes repairing ball marks a delicate matter as the ground just falls apart as you attempt repair the mark). The course seems to play much easier since the redesign. I've been playing the Green tees I guess I need to move back to Taupe (?) . . . what a silly name for a tee box color!
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