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Played 5-20-18. This is the 5th time playing this curse. It always seems to keep me on my toes. The greens didn't look very good but played wonderfully! Good speed and smooth, and they held well. Bunkers were OK but mot as soft as I would like. The tee boxes were a bit rough. Many bumpy areas and some torn up but very playable. Fairways were nice and the rough was not as penalizing as some. Overall a very nice course that does not loose its challenge no matter how many times you play!
Was very much looking forward to playing Black Mesa. I kinda knew what to expect, but even so, there were a number of blind shots which were totally unexpected. The course is visually stunning, and due to a heavy rain storm yesterday afternoon, (First rain here in 56 days I'm told) The course had a number of washed out areas and all the walks up to tee boxes and down to the greens were rather muddy.

I could describe conditons, but Keith's review from May 2012 is right on the money. The gravel cart paths and gas carts were very annoying. While I did enjoy the course, frankly it's not my type course. Greens were a bit too severe and without any local knowledge, very tough to score on. That coupled with all the blind shots and need for "local knowledge" made for a tough round.

Staff was fantastic ! Allowed us out early and we zipped around in under 3 hours, which for this course is good time. I highly recommend playing here, it's affordable, beautiful, and will test your golf game. ( Played the blue tees at 6750 which provides much more memorable views than the white tees.
Played the North course on a family vacation on the Big Island. Went out on the twilight tee times with a group of seven. Check in was quick and easy considering none of us brought clubs. Proceeded to the starter and they set us up with Taylor Made or Titleist clubs. Starter was in a weird mood and was really little help.
Course is very stunning with the fairways surrounded by lava rock formations. Quite a few tee boxes were on a slant but had little divot damage. Fairways were immaculate and rough was tough. Ball would sit up in the rough but would grab your club head. Traps had great sand and were well groomed. Greens had good coverage with about half of the greens had small ant hills throughout the greens. Greens were firm and a little on the slow side.
Nobody on the course and the trade winds were blowing pretty good. POP was a little over four hours. Very fun day playing a friendly family day of golf.
This is a bit late, but I played super twilight last Friday, 5/16 with a buddy. The course was pretty busy and a group with young kids was on the first fairway with a group of teens in the tee box, so we skipped ahead to the second hole.

Similar to Altadena, the relative playing conditions were pretty good. Mostly level tee boxes, grass generally as grown in as it is going to get here in all phases, and the greens were pretty decent and clean, rolling at a medium speed. Missed the bunkers so I can't comment there. Pace was a little sluggish, but we got through it and could have gone back to play the first, but didn't.

I don't know if it encouraged more turnout, but word was out that they are considering closing the course and reconsidering it's use, possibly as a regional park. Whatever happens, it will have to go through review, comment, etc., etc. so nothing is happening soon. Hopefully, the end result won't mean losing another golf course.

Eaton has a more interesting topography and elevation changes than sister course Altadena, and could potentially be the better playing course, but the general impression is more unkempt, especially in the collateral areas of rough and between holes. Some edging, xeriscaping, and wood chip areas would go a long way towards making the course look much sharper without upping water usage, but those are my thoughts, not part of any known plan. According to my buddy (the realtor) the rumor is that the current management company is focusing on getting Altadena up to speed and then turn its resources to Eaton. Altadena has been coming around, I don't see much evidence of that sprucing up having been initiated at Eaton yet.

In the meantime it has the same advantages as Altadena of nice mountain views and a relaxed, local vibe. Don't drive too far to get here, but if you are in the neighborhood it's worth a go.
Played in a Tournament on 5/19. Tee'd off just after noon on a beautiful 85* day. Wind was down, so conditions were ideal. The pace of play was extremely slow, but not unexpected when you play a tournament in mid-day on a weekend. 5+ hour round.

This is my third time playing here & again, I was blown away by this course. The layout is wonderful & it is a challenging, interesting course without any "hokey" holes. Great scenery! Conditions are immaculate: Greens are firm, smooth & medium-fast, fairways are lush & every lie was ideal. The rough is punitive, but not brutal. Sand in the bunkers is perfect.

The service & on-course staff were friendly & helpful. Restaurant has good food & drinks. It's way out in the middle of nowhere, but well worth the trip!
Played The Crossings on Tuesday at 1:39pm, joining another guy and a lady single visiting from Arizona for a fun 3some. Old men played the white tees, she played the green tees for her first time playing the course, and out-drove us nearly every hole! POP was good for the front nine, never waiting, but things slowed up as we played the backside, starting on #11. POP ended up right at 4hrs 30mins overall, so good enough for this course.

Similar to my last time here in April, the tees were green, well-cut and level. Had to move my tee ball once on #10 tee, as I ended up standing in a serious divot, but no other issues getting a good stance, except the par3s 14 & 17.

Fairways were really nice, still greening up and provided a lot of roll typically. Rough is filling in and the ball sat up for me today in the few times finding it. Still a little splotchy in some areas.

Wasn't in any bunkers, but my cart partner found a fairway bunker on the par5 15th, and it looked like concrete. He did manage to chunk it out, but was not happy about its' condition.

Greens on the front nine were mostly soft and bumpy, reminding me of the greens at Rancho San Joaquin a few days ago - grass in the aeration holes growing at a faster pace than the rest - too much of a good thing. Perhaps they need to roll them? The greens on the backside were much better, looked great and rolled very smooth for the most part. Medium-speed throughout. Tough pin placements on about 1/2 the holes, with ridges/elevation changes nearby the hole locations. A bit of mercy on #14, with the pin in front, we had three great tee shots, that ended with 2 birdies and 1 par (a near miss for bird)!

Friendly greetings at the bag drop to start/finish the round, pro shop, and the starter was super nice. They really do have a great staff here.
Overview: The Mountain Course at La Quinta Resort & Club was built in 1980 at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains by the legendary golf architect ... Pete Dye. The course is known for its small undulating greens, pot bunkers, large waste areas and beautiful mountain views. The course's signature hole ... the par 3 16th hole sits high above the green and allows golfers a spectacular view. The course is known for the "mountain" holes of #13 - #17, but also for the very under rated stretch of holes #4 - #6.

Clubhouse: Greeted promptly at the bag drop by an outside player's assistant and directed to the pro shop. Went inside the pro shop and was greeted by the staff and told about the sale going on. Went down to the carts and was told where the range and putting greens were. Everyone welcomed us to the course and were all very friendly.

Course: As all courses are this time of year in the Coachella Valley ... there is the transition between the winter rye grass and the summer bermuda. This was very evident on the greens due to the contrast in color, but the greens ran very true and smooth. As noted by others, the tee boxes on the par 3's were a little beat up, but the rest of of them were fine. Fairways were in good shape and the rough was starting to fill in with the bermuda grass. Hitting out of the rough is going to be very difficult in about 2 weeks because the ball will go right to the bottom of the grass. As mentioned earlier, I really enjoy the back nine (especially #13 - #17) because they are very scenic holes and really make the course. I also enjoy hole #2 and #4 - #6 on the front nine. Suggestion, please be aware that is was only in the mid 90's this past Sunday, but it felt much warmer because of the close proximity of the mountains. Make sure that you use plenty of sunscreen and drink as much water as possible.

Final Thoughts: John, as always, it was much appreciated that you were able to set up another enjoyable GK Plays. I enjoyed playing with you, Kevin and Mike. The shotgun start was fun, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that we got around the course in about 4 hours and 15 minutes ... it was a great pace of play. Enjoyed talking to a lot of people after the round, and really like all the prizes that you give away. Look forward to attending another #gkplays in the future!
I played Twin last week and it was in pretty good condition. I love this track as it offers a lot of challenging holes. It is also very picturesque as it winds around the high desert with beautiful views in all directions. The greens were in good shape but still a little shaggy, probably rolling around a 9 on the stimp. The fairways were thick and lush. The rough was moderate and if they let it grow this course is can be extremely tough. This course is very exposed and if the wind blows it is really tough. They have brand new carts with a high tech infotainment system, however it took a bit of work to figure it out. Once I got the hang of it, it was fun to play music when I wanted and get golf course info when I needed it. My only complaint is the bunkers are very inconsistent, some have lots of sand and some not much. Also, the sand they use often has a fair amount of rocks in it. The course overall is worth playing and probably in my top 3 in NM.
I played Sandia last week and it was in very good condition. The greens were rolling at 11+ and pretty true. The fairways were pretty consistent and grew in nicely. They got a bit of rain this week and I bet it really thickened up the grass in both fairways and rough. They redid the bunkers a year or two ago and they are really nice. I always enjoy playing this course as it is fun but can be challenging, especially from the gold tees which are ~7100+ yards. I would say Sandia is a definitely must play if you are in the area.
Played Tues May 22nd, got there at 6am for breakfast and the course was empty, breakfast was good at a real good price. Had a 730 2 some tee time and got out early following a riding 3 some with a riding 2 some behind us, we walked. The course was not in as good a shape as 2 weeks ago when we played, not horrible but it looked like thet just didn't get mowed, the first tee box grass was really long, a few of the other tee boxes were uneven where they had the blocks, the fairways were nice, no issues there, but the rough was very long and penal, traps were not good, and the greens that have been fast looked like they didn't mowed them, they bounced and were much slower. POP was great at 3:08 and we took advantage of their $2 lunch special. This is a really good place to practice your approach shots as the greens are very small, it is also a good place to practice bump and run around the greens with a 7 or 8 iron as the grass around the greens really grabs your wedge. Overall it is a good course to walk and you get to use most of the clubs in your bag, and for $17, (senior walking golf and lunch) good place to practice. PS on Tuesday get out before the mens club, they get busy and slow.
First time playing this course and I really enjoyed the layout, with each hole providing a satisfying balance of risk and reward. It has a good range of holes, including a par 4 with an island green, holes with many fairway and greenside bunkers, and a nice mix of short and long par 4s. The last three holes are some of the best finishing holes I have played. I was able to get a tee time for $55 through Forelinx on Saturday at 8:12 am.

POP: Pace of play was not great. It was a bad sign when our group reached the second hole tee box and there was a backup of 3 groups. This really is inexcusable, and the blame lies solely with the starter. They really need to space out the tee times better. The waiting continued on practically all of the holes. When the marshall came by, we advised him of how slow the pace was. He responded by stating our group was behind even though we had been right behind the group in front of us the entire round. We just rolled our eyes and continued on.

Tee boxes: Never had an issue. Always found a nice piece of grass to hit off and always level.

Fairways: For the most part, fairways were dry and tight. Good drives always got nice roll. There were a few holes that had punched fairways.

Rough: Rough was mixed. At times thick and at other times thin.

Bunkers: I found two fairway bunkers, which were slightly firm but were not not an issue. On one hole I saw standing water in some greenside bunkers.

Greens: Greens had a few unrepaired ball marks and were a little slow. However, most putts rolled true.
Had a chance to Play this course for the first time a good long while and glad the timing was right because the course really is in Pristine Shape.

Greens: The best Ive ever seen them at Oak Valley, perfect time of the year to play. No major divots, no bare or even thin spots. They are rolling great, no real bumps that we noticed.

Fairways: Perfect, no bare spots, absolutely no bad lie on any fairway, cant say that for all courses we play.

Tee Boxes: Solid, a few with some bad divots, not nothing major.

Traps: Most of the ones I saw where rather nice, no mud a couple of them where a little hard but definitely playable.

Rough: lush and tall and it always is at this course, nothing to complain about.

Overall the course is great, looking forward to going back soon. You can find the better price on Golf Now, worth every penny.
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