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Played here on Tuesday AM, 3/21.

Greens: best part of the course; smooth greens, medium to firm hardness and medium to fast speed. Looks like they will be aerating the greens the first week of April so check before you book your T time.

Fairways: improving with the warmer weather, still too many unfilled divots.

Tees: many are uneven because of animal burrows.

Rough: TERRIBLE; weeds, hardpan and animal mounds.

Traps: many have not been raked by the golfers but otherwise playable.

Good grass driving range.

POP: just over 4 1/2 hours, no marshal to keep play moving.

Last of the storm damage, 5-6 large trees, being cleaned up.

Not bad for a Muni especially if you are a resident of Oceanside.
I played on Sunday 3/19 at 9:34 am on an unlimited Groupon for $39.

I was bummed I couldn't get an earlier time for my foursome until I arrived an hour early in heavy fog. Things cleared up nicely shortly after 9, and remained pleasant the rest of the day...

The course was in better shape than the last time I was here a couple years ago. Many fairways were roped off and the sod has filled in pretty well, 6/10.

Bunkers were well maintained, pretty soft compared to what I expected after seeing how dark the sand was. 6/10

Greens were in good shape and FAST in the morning. This combined with difficult pin placements combined for a rough day putting (starting with an Els-like 6-putt on #1). Instead of getting harder in the afternoon, they were much softer and slower. 7/10

Overall, a fun layout. #6 will get in your head with water on the left, but you can drive past most of the trouble and give yourself a good angle to the green over the land if you keep right...

There's several holes with large trees on either side of the fairway, so a straight drive is very rewarding to the eyes!

Service was friendly, we saw the cart girl 3 times in the morning, but not at all after 2. However, the bathrooms in the main clubhouse could use a powerwash to get rid of a heavy urine smell... 4/10

It was a long drive for me to meet with friends, but a great deal for a full day of golf. The course met all of my expectations for the price.
Played 3/21 in the morning with an 8am tee time. Quite simply, I don't know if I've seen Torrey South look better. Fairways are lush and green but still roll out quite a bit, the rough is thick and tough but not terribly oppressive (one can find their ball OK, but it's still tough to get out with a good shot), traps have nice sand and were pretty well cared for, and the greens are rolling medium fast and very true, with relatively little divot damage. The greenskeepers are doing a great job, although they were a bit diabolical with some of the pin placements today - not a day to go pin hunting!

Service was pretty good, beginning with friendly starters at the window and the 1st tee. The beverage cart came by us at about 4-5 times during the round, and service at the halfway house was also friendly. My only complaint would be they're charging $5 for an Arnold Palmer now, which is certainly more than I see at other high end courses. But hard to complain too much when one gets to pay the resident green fee rate!

The tee sheet didn't seem packed this morning, and as a result we didn't have anyone in front of us or behind the whole time, finishing in 4 hours flat at a nice leisurely pace. We were lucky to not have any coastal fog this morning, and the ocean was flat and we could see quite a few whales offshore, some only a few hundred yards off the beach. The recent rains have everything nice and green, and the wildflowers in the canyons are in full bloom. Too bad the jets from MCAS kept spoiling the peace and quiet.

Seriously, the course is in tip top shape - a great time to get out and enjoy it!
Played here yesterday at 8:00am. There is never a boring story to tell when you play Rustic. The winds can blow, the greens are always tough, every hole makes you think, and you have got to hit good crisp shots to score well. I can always recommend playing here due to all the factors listed above. CONDITIONS: The course is green due to all the rains. The tee boxes were level with a few divots that needed repairs. The bunkers were definitely a little hard due to the winds and rain but played okay from the bottom of them. Rustic has many waste bunkers in play and they are mostly hard pan so staying out of them is recommended. I was a little disappointed in the fairways and rough. The rough was patchy throughout and the fairways were as well. The lies in the fairways were often a mixed bag of thin grass, unrepaired divots, and some lush areas but in no way are perfect. I love this course but feel that if it is going to be consistently rated as one of the best courses to play in California, the conditions need to be stepped up a bit.
Nice to get out and play Mr. Hansen after a 14 year layoff. Nice to get out and play period. Putts MUST be struck well out here. Any slight off center hit and the ball will tumble instead of roll true sending it on a line you never could have imagined. Why? There is lots of Poa Anna. Lots of it. But overall the greens are in good shape. The rest of the course as well. Thank you L.A city for lowering your fees, having a re-play rate, and eliminating resident rates.
Played here in an SCGA Member Outing with a 10am shotgun on a cloudy, warm day with only light breezes on Monday, 3/20/17. I had played the North Course here several times in fundraiser events >20 years ago, but had never played the South. Many thanks to GK legend weber for giving me his yardage book and letting me do some homework before the round – I really didn’t have any big surprises that I ran into. I was fortunate to be assigned to group 1B, so I got to play the course as designed. Based on my long-ago memory of the North, the South is a little shorter and more narrow, with smaller and fairly simple green complexes (no real significant tiering or crazy greens). The front nine plays south down the Coto canyon but is up on the slope on the east side of the creek, and is generally higher than the back nine, and many holes play downhill. The back plays back to the north along the west side of the creek, and has more holes that play uphill, and is considerably less open than the front, with several holes having narrow aspects off the tee and encroachment by trees, doglegs, and dense vegetation. We played Blue (70.9/130/6,336), and the markers were generally set up right on the blue plates.

This is a very nice, fun course in a beautiful, idyllic setting, with homes nearby but not intrusive, and lots of lush vegetation, hazard stakes, and sand. Perhaps because aeration has just occurred last month, or the prevalence of creeks/arroyos/ESAs throughout the course, the overall look of the course was a little scruffy, like the week before a haircut and beard trim to clean things up. Not the “groomed wall-to-wall” look you get at a Pelican Hill, for instance. Red stakes and/or water must be crossed or plays adjacent on almost every hole.

The small putting green (reserved for the South course patrons) shows the aftermath of punching 4-5 weeks ago (visual punch-hole outlines, and scattered dry-edged debris), but rolled smoothly at medium to medium-fast speeds. On-course greens are similar – they show varying degrees of the aftermath of punching, some more than others. Many greens have the scattered dry-edge debris, likely a combo of punching aftermath and mower activity. Speeds were fairly consistent over the course, although the green speeds increased as the day went on, and were especially terrifying downhill down the canyon. There was also some variation of green firmness through the course – some greens held shots well, and others were firmer. We saw only a couple unrepaired old ball marks per hole.

Fairways were green and pretty lush but did not have a “clean” look, but lies were generally very good. The course uses an entry/exit gate system, which I think contributes to less wear on the fairway margins. There were many unfilled divots – although there was plenty of fill sand containers scattered around the course. Rough was 2-3 inches deep and generally very playable; farther offline the lies could be patchy/clumpy/dense/bare. Sand was damp but generally medium texture and adequate depth, and there’s a lot of it scattered around the course. Tees were level, and very firm - some had been recently punched.

The clubhouse is large, very attractive, and luxurious. Locker rooms are nicely appointed. There was no cart girl today, but there’s a snack bar at #7/#13. Adequate water was available. For this outing we were provided with a nice box lunch, including a sizeable turkey wrap. We played in 4.5 hr (surprising for this format and the course challenges); we never really pushed the group ahead of us and never saw the group behind us.

The cart was ok – comfortable, with a cooler but no water, no ball washer (I don’t think I saw one all day!), and no GPS. A yardage book is available, and many sprinkler heads are marked. The small putting green was not conducive for large shotgun tourneys, as they can’t be accommodated on the putting green – the driving range is larger. The guests were on mats today, but they were in good condition. Unlimited balls. There was a short-game area adjacent to the range that may be marked “Members Only”. The course uses a front/middle/back flag rotation with no imagination – par-5s are holes #3, 6, 12, and 18, so all 4 of them were the same color flag. Par-3 holes are #4, 8, 10, and 16, so 3 of the 4 are the same color flag.

Very nice challenge if you get a chance to play it.
Had the chance to knock another private LA course off the bucket list today with a visit to Friendly Hills in Whittier. It was a shotgun tournament of the scramble variety unfortunately, but had a fun group and a great time on this most interesting and challenging course.

Friendly Hills is true to its name with a number of uphill and downhill holes - very few are flat at all, except perhaps on a section of the back nine. The course's main defense, besides the elevations, are sloping fairways, tight tee shots and small greens with some severe slopes to them in places. The course has a good amount of bunker coverage but not overwhelming. There are also a few water features that come into play on the back nine that are very difficult to see from the tee box in many cases. Nice finishing hole, too.

A little bit of a bummer that there are only two par 5s on the course, and one of them is the very first hole, which is uphill and long all the way, so better be ready from the range. It's a par 70 with a glut of long par 4s and some very tricky and long par 3s as well.

Conditions were pretty good overall, however the greens had been recently punched (although it didn't affect roll too much as it seemed lighter than the usual Muni punch), and there was a section chalked out around every green where the apron was rather chewed up and perhaps being redone altogether? I'm just not sure why this was the case on a few of the greens.

But the fairways were in great shape and quite lush. The rough was not too penal at all and of course the tee boxes were in great shape across the board. It's always hard to really judge certain aspects of a course when playing in one of these types of events, like POP for example, but the overall feeling was definitely of a place I would love to come back to with the opportunity to shoot my own score.

There were no photos of Friendly Hills up either from the last reviews so I took a good number of them from hole to hole and will post them later.
As noted in other reviews, this is a top notch Monterey Peninsula Golf course. It's in the Carmel Valley so the weather is a bit warmer than some of the peninsula fogged in courses. Course is a resort style course that plays a bit easier than your average top tier course. The greens while rolling smooth and fast, are fairly flat. Either I was driving really well or the fairways were pretty wide open. There are a number of fairway bunkers to offer challenges though. The challenge in the course comes from the first three par 3's. They average 190 yards from orange tees (what most courses consider the blue tee's).

Speaking of bunkers, I didn't land in one until 11 hole of the second day. What a treat!!! I almost wished I had been in more bunkers. They are every bit as good as the bunkers at Pebble.

Staff friendliness is absolutely the best, bar none. The entire staff is over the top superb.

Only complaint is that there was no beverage cart either day. I get the Thursday afternoon but no cart during primetime Friday play?

overall, it's a great course that I'm already booked to play three more times in April.
Walked the Blues (71.6-128-6628) this afternoon 3-20-2017 with my buddy Mack and his buddies Steve and Ricki in windy conditions 2nd twilight group out at 2:10pm. Kind of a weird wind day for Rustic--it was calm for a couple holes--then pick up to 15mph, then swirl, then stop and then pick up again. POP taking our time was 4 hours 40 minutes--keeping up with the group in front of us. Paid $22.00 which is their standard twilight time rate Monday through Friday.

The fairways are still thin but the more rounds I play out here they do improve slightly every time out. Getting some more rain this week so maybe that will get them even greener. Never a horrible lie in the fairways but there is a chance to be in a harder pan area or impression area between grass. Rated 6-10

The tees are beautiful, lush green and level. Rated 8-10.

The greens are in very nice shape. Holding irons nicely with spin. Putting medium to quick speed. Very little ballmarks to be seen. Rated 8-10

The rough is beautiful and lush around the green complexes and some fairway complexes and not so good in other fairway complexes depending on the hole. Greenside rough 8.5-10 Fairway rough 6-10.

Was in one greenside bunker that was firm compact sand that was raked nicely. Rated 6.5-10.

Another fun day at Rustic.
Dragonfly is a go to course in the Fresno area. Carts have GPS and the course is always in great shape. Course offers great challenges with water on a 1/2 dozen or so holes, well placed fairway bunkers and some risk/reward options (a la Pete Dye courses). Yet the fairways landing zones are fairly wide so that the average player can enjoy his/her round.

Greens roll fast and smooth with most being moderately sloped. A couple do have some big elevation changes.

Apparently this course used to be called Riverbend. If you get out in the next few weeks or so, you'll see why! The river is at it's fullest right now and boarders the edge of a few fairways. The full flowing river provides and extra delight to the beauty of this course.

It's a definite must play when in the Fresno/Madera area.
Caught Coyote Hills the weekend before punching with the Road Dawgs on a Sunday, PoP around 4.5 hrs with a 10AM tee time. Pre-paid, so I don't know W/E green fees but the M-F senior special is still working ... if you're over 60, it's the best deal in So Cal.

Course conditions: fairways seemed dry and thin lies in most areas (Bermuda) so there was ample roll out which MUST be taken into consideration when choosing your club off the tee ... rough cut short so not much of a factor. I'm not considered a long hitter and spilt most tee shots between driver and 3-metal (or long iron), and we played black tees. Bunkers were in good shape although a bit thin and dry in some areas. Greens rolled true and held most well struck shots.

I'll be back in a month or so, Bermuda comes out of dormancy and greens heal, to hit that senior special which I am eligible (the only good thing about getting older). Recommended.
While I do not play here all that often, I always enjoy my experience. The staff was great, and for $17, well worth the $$. The foursome who had the first tee time, allowed us to go off ahead of them, which was very nice of them. We zipped around until we caught a foursome on #15, then just played slow for the last 4 holes. Still able to finish in 2 hours 20 min even with the delay.

Course was actually in way better condition than I expected. (first hole still a par 3) Other than the fringe areas, which are always crappy, the actual fairways/greens/tee boxes were in good condition. Greens rolled nicely, albeit a bit slow for my taste. If you play from the "tips" on every tee, there are some good shots on this course - fun !

While I would not choose to play here every time, it was a positive experience and had a nice quick enjoyable morning of golf (And cheap too)
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