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Late review. Played on 4/16/17. Went to the pro shop and the reservation made the prior week wasn't there. But they accommodated and got us out before the tournament they had.

Course was ok. Fairway was lush but choppy grass. Rough was the same. The greens were really rolling fast and true. Down hill puts were killers!

Pace of play was just under 4 hours. No one in front of us and behind us. Played a smooth round of golf (probably the first time at this course).
Well what a unique experience. There is much to write about. This review may be the longest one I type. This course was once Meadow Lake. In order to conserve water they have shortened the layout, rerouted some holes, even eliminating holes and reduced the rough by a large amount. I have mixed feelings about this. I appreciate courses trying to conserve water and reduce costs in this challenging golf economy right now but I think they over did it. There are some very difficult, if unfair holes out here. Number 6 has no fairway to hit. The fairway is tiny, slopes left to right and there is a bunker in the ideal spot to be. From the tee you must aim at the trees on the left and hope for the best. Number 14 is very similar only with OB. From the blacks on number 17 is simply diabolical. It is a huge carry to the fairway where anything right is trees and anything left is hardpan desert or a hole or a bush or water. Speaking of which if not on grass you will see crazy bounces and rikashays. I hit a tree(about 160 yards from tee) on 8 and with no grass to slow it down it bounced back towards me about 100 yards. What would have been a 250+ yard drive ended up being 60 yards. It was funny. The par 5 5th and 18th have no space for your second shot in the fairway. I had 8 penalty strokes. My ball trickled forever into the OB abyss twice, I lost a ball in ice plant just off the fairway, and I lost my swing.
On a positive side, I do appreciate the difficulty out here. To navigate this course requires patience, decent ball striking and lots of course knowledge.
As far as conditions go they were ok. Some greens where soft while others firm. The nicest part other than the great hamburgers and beer!! here was the putting green. It is immaculate. Hopefully the rest of the course can like the putting green. The tiny fairways are in nice shape.
The SCGA raters did a horrible job giving this a 116 from the blacks. The 67.3 rating is about right. Its a short course. But 116?? no way. It should be 126.
Unless you are very straight, it is best to play more forward tees or to leave the Driver at home. But what about 17th tee?? OK bring the driver.....
Played 4-23 with a 7:28 tee time. Was paired up 3 other singles and we played the blue tees.
We got off about 5 minutes late and we waited on every hole but still finished in 4 1/2 hours but it sure seemed way longer.
Tee boxes are level but thin and rock hard. Very tough to get your tee in the ground.
Fairways had decent coverage and the rough was ok. I was in one bunker and it had sand but was not raked and provided a tough lie.
Greens were firm but held shots and rolled well. They are punching soon.
Overall about what I expected for a busy Sunday morning on a city course. I like the old school layout and I will be back.
I expected more dry conditions before coming here. The recent rains have help all courses especially this one. While not lush by any means the fairways were thin but at least not dried out as I heard they were. The greens were good. Some of them have ugly bare spots. But these are few in number. My ball stopped on such a spot on 10 but I moved it a foot to the left to putt. Yep, I declared it ground under repair. This layout in fun. You have difficult narrow holes. You have forced carries in excess of 200 yards (black tees) on 2 holes. You have an equal amount of downhill and uphill holes. And there are what you see is what you get less adventurous holes. If you can keep it in play on 10, 11, and have struck your ball well! I sincerely hope this course can continue to be playable. It deserves it.
4/23(blues) gk outing and 4/24(blacks) GSC $45 2some POP 4 1/2 and 3 1/2 hrs.
It is a different course from the blacks couple of long carries but otherwise in my opinion a lot more fun and challenge.
Fairways are excellent being nicely mowed firm but good cushion never had a bad lie. Rough is penal plays tougher than it looks and around the green gets down right difficult. In green side bunker on 13 very playable and well maintained. After the rough comes the bare decomposed granite--playable but iffy--other areas beyond rough can be wild vegetation--not playable.
Most tees i good shape-- level with a few that were beat up. Several blind shots off the tee --#5 on the score card but the new #16 has you looking dead into the face of half dome about 170-80 out is one fine example.
Playing here a few times will help to know which side is the safer miss if you cant stripe it every time.
Greens are good for the most part -- a few had some bare area around the outer portion and a couple had a lot of ball damage. Speed was a little hard to judge and was often just short. Pin placement on 14 new 7 was nuts--blue flag --10 foot up hill putt rolls 3 inches past then back 3 feet--partner had 6 foot birdie putt and took a triple.
Staff is friendly--as indicated the course has just re-numbered the holes---#8 is now #1 and so on from there.
The course presents well visually with the green grass providing a nice contrast to the granite--ample flowers to add scenery--a challenging target golf alternative and a good course to add to your rotation to work on honing your shot selection.
I enjoy this easy inexpensive course, it has a few tough holes and some pretty simple ones. It shouldn't take long to get around this 9 holer and the price is right . Its in good shape for what it is and if you cant yuk it up with your buddies here your not doing it right
Took a trip to the desert with my wife for our anniversary weekend. I said "let's try someplace we've never been and play golf. Rams Hill is supposed to be amazing!" Amazing doesn't even begin to describe it. We played Saturday 4/21 at noon and Sunday morning at 8:50am. Course knowledge round two was definitely a big help. We got around in about 4 hours on Saturday as a twosome, playing through one group. It was about 98 degrees with only about 5 mph of wind, so it was warm, but great. Sunday morning we played as a threesome with a single, and the wind had picked up considerably. When we finished the round, winds were constant at 20-25 mph and definitely had an impact.

I really love Fazio designs, and Rams Hill is one of his finest. No two holes are the same, and you need to hit many different shots to score well. The conditions are pretty much perfect all the way around, so there's really no point in going into much detail. The greens are as pure as they get, and I felt bad taking divots out of the perfect fairways. There are a few spots that are starting to brown in the fairways, but that's nitpicking. The rough is cut down to just over an inch or so, and isn't very penal. The sand in the bunkers is heaven. It has a little bit of crispiness to it that is easy to play from, but the ball doesn't really plug.

The service and food are outstanding. We stayed down the hill at La Casa del Zorro, which is a great resort, but we wished we had eaten every meal at Rams Hill. The only thing missing for me was an on-course beverage cart. There are water and ice stations every 3 holes or so, and they do put one beverage cart in between the 9th green and 10th tee.

The course is preparing to shut down for the summer months, but will be overseeded and should be even better in the fall (is that possible?) I'd have to say Rams Hill is the second nicest course I've ever played, and the nicest (Tiburon Gold in Naples, FL) hosts a PGA Tour event every year. However, Naples gets tons of rain, and Rams Hill is in the middle of the desert. Unbelievable experience. We can't get back there fast enough.
Played 4-22 and 23 2017, both days teeing off around 9:30 and finishing in about 5 hours. Conditions of the course are still very good. Tees, fairways and rough are all lush with some minor bare spots that are filling in. Bunkers in good shape with some small rocks that can be removed under local rule. Greens were in great shape, rolling fast and smooth and holding well struck shots. Fun, challenging course in a beautiful setting.
Played as part of the GK Plays Sunday.

First time playing this course. To be fair I would need to play here again.

Greens were decent. They rolled relatively true with a few bounces here and there -- not great but a little too inconsistent. Add the greens were difficult for me to read even with the terrain being predictable and I was unfamiliar with the layout it was.... tough to say the least. Loads of win blowing will hinder or help your ball flight.
Thinking back I could do a lot better with respect to putting. There are some areas on 3-4 greens where it was patched or bare. Looks like they are on it and it should be some time until they return.

You do not need to be long just very accurate. The fairways have good coverage, the thinish strips of rough are designed to hold your ball and it's quite thick and sticky. Further beyond the rough is literally hard pan and will give your ball a load of roll and distance; oftentimes to your detriment. Bottom-line thinking about this course I would really stick to irons and hybrids and occasionally putting out my driver.

Sand in bunkers well stocked. Not white sandy beaches but not bad and well stocked. Pace of play was tournament -- slow but finished in 4 1/2 hours.

Course is a little quirky but I like the fact you really do use all your clubs. Would have liked to have passed by the clubhouse at the turn for some refreshments but they redirect you so you don't even see the clubhouse. Also restock your water jugs.
Came out to Los Serranos after a long 2 month stretch of not touching a club... we were a threesome matched up with a single. POP right at 4 hours. Looks like all the bumps from the greens being punched are gone and the greens are much faster than usual here. Even on the first green with all the morning dew (6:30 am. Tee time) it was fast. The bunkers were in great shape and filled with some fluffy sand (at least the 6 i was in). There was one bunker on the back that was filled with water, but our group was lucky enough to stay away from that one.
As of April 2017, For $75 I would have gone somewhere else. People were nice, the condition of the course was great except their greens and par 3 tee boxes. The greens were bumpy and needed to be blown. I found my ball jumping up and down on short putts. Par 3 tee boxes were full of sand. I expected more for this caliber and I'm sure many others would say the same.
Played in a men's club tourney on Saturday, April 22. Course was in pretty good conditions. The greens were in outstanding condition likely because the aeration of the second half of the greens has been delayed twice now. The previously aerated sides have healed and the greens were pretty firm overall. I predict they will be finishing the aeration this week though.

The sand was deep and soft, the fairways are still pretty lush, the rough is hope and pray. The tee boxes are okay. It was not as clear as last week but still spectacular in terms of scenery.

The men's club is trying to crack down on pace of play so hopefully public play after the tourneys is not impacted as it has been in the past. There were a couple of very difficult pin positions (#5 and 12, par threes), though, that were not designed to speed play.
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