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Played the nine-hole Par 3 course at Lake Forest Golf and Practice center Thursday 04/19/2018, as a twosome, on a cloudy, windy afternoon, teeing off a little after 12pm. Despite being full the course played quickly in just over an hour.
Upon arriving the range was moderately busy, the practice green was full, and the chipping area unused. The pro-shop had several golfers waiting to get out, and the staff was very efficient and pleasant.
This is a walking course comprised of two par fours, and seven par 3 holes. Today the par threes were playing from 45 yards, to 120 yards. The afternoon wind added an extra level of challenge hitting into the small greens.
Tee boxes were mostly level, and lush, with moderate to heavy divot damage as would be expected. Ball washers were full and working.
Fairways seem to be patchwork of every type of grass imaginable in Southern California. The coverage is good, and honestly you should only be in a fairway on the fifth and ninth hold anyway.
Rough is penal, but choppy with some bare spots, the main defense for the course are small greens, and nearby out of bounds.
Bunkers were surprisingly good, with decent coverage of soft sand. I was unfortunately in more than a couple of them and was able to get up and down.
Greens were in very good condition and are healing from being punched nicely there few un-repaired ball marks. The only real problem was the troll who decided to spit sunflower seeds on all nine holes, most often around the cup. (I couldn’t help myself but to wish him/her hemorrhoids as they were invariably in my line.)
At the $5 dollars this costs me on my American Golf Players Club, (with a drink) I still consider it a value.
One of my top courses in the area. The greens still had small aeration holes and was slightly bumpy, but in overall good condition. The rest of the course was in very good condition. The only issue was it took 5 1/2 hours to complete the round. Backup started at the 4th hole with 3 groups waiting. Saw marshall twice but it still did improve POP. Marshall needed to move groups moving.
Played last Sunday the 15th teeing off at 8am. Starter did a good job letting us keep our time even though a group that was supposed to tee off at 7:30am waited for their last person to show up and wanted to go off before us.

The course is starting to come out of the dormant season, with green grass starting to poke through the brown. I give it a couple more weeks before the fairways are green again. The rough is still having a tough time coming back, as some of the rough around the greens were patchy, making it tough to play chips.

The greens have healed completely from the aeration, and man are they running smooth. Aside from some unrepaired ball marks, they ran so smooth and quick. Definitely the highlight of the course. Receptive of well struck shots, providing plenty of spin, which can be fun with the undulations.

The sand remodel is still underway, but the majority of the greenside bunkers have sand in them now. The deep bunker on 15 has real good sand in it, allowing you to actually play a shot out of there instead of swinging and praying.

Overall, the course is continuing its upswing in performance and play-ability. If you're in the area, it's worth a check out.
Played today using my yearly "Black Monday" certificate. Good deal that you can purchase in November and have until the following April to use. $55 bucks is a good deal for this course! We had been waiting for the Greens to heal before playing and we were not disappointed. Greens in superb condition! Very smooth ( a bit on the slow side but rolled smooth). Fairways in good shape, pretty good lies. Not much rough to speak of and what there was clump grass mostly. I like the layout and would play it more often but it's a steep for me. If you want to spend a few bucks or get a deal, play it.
One of my favorite courses near the 15/91 corridor. I think that the scenery is as much a part of it as the golf course itself, plus the staff is always accommodating and the senior rate is much appreciated.

Hard to add much to the most recent reviews by David & Andrew. Very thorough, almost like a short novel. Because I played so early, the greens still retained a lot of moisture and were not all that fast, even the few down hill putts, but still quick enough to warrant one's attention. Agree that some of the fairways could use some attention. In two bunkers and both were just fine.

Fun golf course with enough of a challenge to retain your interest, but still a course where you can put up a decent number.
Tee boxes were horrible as they sanded big areas of tee boxes and still put the tees within the sand! Made no sense! Greens were lightly sanded and very small punch holes which made them fast! Pace of play was good. Sand traps were consistent. Wish they would offer some golf deals.
Played Arroyo Trabuco 4/18. Only four weeks since they punched greens and they are in very good shape. Most rolled true. Some need 2 more weeks. The back half of #6 green has new sod and seems to be taking nicely - it looks good but the back half of green is closed for now - flag on the front. Green #8 also has some sod repair on the fringes. Four weeks ago the fairways look like the Sahara desert. Now they are green again with the warmer weather and being able to water. Looks like a golf course again. POP 4 hrs 15 minutes. Overall the course is in very good shape. Great staff. Thanks to the Arroyo team. Nice job!
Played 4/18 in the AM with a $82 green fee. Overall, course is in good shape. Forgot how open the course is now that they have removed or cut back so many trees. Greens were fantastic, but fairways/rough are still getting some work and some traps were essentially sand-less. One group threw everyone off, so the Marshall was scrambling to try and get groups back on pace. Still finished in 4:15. Saw the cart girl twice. Apparently they are tuning up for a US qualifier first or second week of May.

Overall, I wouldn't pay the rack rate of $135 midweek or $185 weekend here, but at a discount, no issues.
Played Tues 4/17 9:30 tee time, last group of the Seniors Men's club, 2 members and I as a guest. Course was in great shape.

Tee boxes fairly level, a couple divots here and there, the fairways were lush, like carpets, with an occasional un-sanded divot from earlier groups, greens were lush and quick. The rough was not easy to get out of so I hit irons to get back in play. Bunkers were disappointing, hard pan with little sand.

Customer Service as always was outstanding. Can't beat the ambiance of the course, and the views.
Teed off Monday morning at 7:20 finishing in 4:15. The greens for the most part have recovered from aeration. They rolled good with medium speed and held shots. The fairways are mostly good with some thin spots throughout. The rough near the fairways is mostly good but the farther you stray the patchier it becomes. The one bunker I played from was in good condition while the others appeared to be well groomed. The tee boxes are fair to good mostly due to mild unlevelness. Fun varied layout with water coming into play on several holes. The staff is friendly.
Played Tues April 17th at 7am, check in fast and friendly, no one in front of us so we got out 8 minutes early, this course was closed last week when we played The Players so I wasn't sure what to expect from the greens, I must say they were in much better shape than I expected. The tee boxes were level, fairways nice, rough a little longer and being wet made it penal, bunkers sand was ok, and greens had small holes, a touch of sand you would have to clean the ball, but rolled very well, another week or 2 and they will be real nice, we were a walking 3 some with no one in front of us and a riding 4 some behind us that did not catch us, POP was 326, almost finished too soon for lunch
Played here on Saturday the 14th. I have played this course a number of times over the years. Let me start off by saying that the course is probably in the best shape I have seen it in the last 4-5 years. Is it still rough around the edges..... yes but you can see the constant work being done to improve. Greens while slower than I’m use to here are also purer than I have seen them in some time. Tee boxes were lush but in need of a mowing, my shirt tees for irons on par 3’s were barely long enough to hold my ball above the turf. Fairways were the greenest I have seen in many years. Rough is still mostly non existent with the exception of around the greens. Bunkers were in need of some more sand but mostly playable, I found 4 of them! I’m told new carts are on order and you can see the new planting’s going in around the course. The bones are there and the work is being put it, time will tell how the course and the crowds respond! My biggest complaint is the understaffing. I remember under previous ownership there always seemed to be guys around to lead you to the tee, clean your clubs or even just answer a question. We ended up going off alittle late because we were expecting to be notified when we were up but never were. They still have some issues and some growing pains to work out but from what I’ve seen I have faith that they can get straightened out. Still a challenging course and the green hills right now make it a scenic one too! At $90 it might be a bit of a stretch but $70 after 2 is a decent price. If you wrote this course off during the bad years give it another look.
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