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Played here Sunday morning with ppark81. Bought a GolfMoose voucher (with a $25 cert won at a GK Plays!), which was already a good deal at $50 for 2 players (extra $10 each to play weekend morning, though). We had a 6:29 time and went off first. Not a huge early bird crowd here. We did have to skip through some back-niners after we made our turn, and we finished in a little over 2 hours.

I'd say the conditions were mediocre. The tee boxes were okay enough, though a few could use some leveling out. The fairways were inconsistent with plenty of spotty areas. The rough even more so. The greens were moderately receptive and were the best aspect of the course. Maybe a little bit bumpy at times, rolling at medium speeds. There aren't many bunkers on this course, but the one I did find on 18 was crazy soft on the upslope. My ball plugged and buried about 4 inches deep.

The conditions were a bit disappointing, but I enjoyed the layout. It's a very pretty and secluded setting with some wonderful views. The layout is somewhat hilly and there are a number of interesting/tricky holes. Auburn Valley isn't close to being in the class of Darkhorse or The Ridge, so look for a deal or be sure to play one of those if your time in the area is limited.
Played here Saturday morning with ppark81. The guy in the pro shop was super nice to get us out early behind a few member groups (a little before 6:20) after our super early tee time at a different course wasn't in the system. We had to scramble and Wildhorse really helped us out. We skipped around at one point on the back nine to avoid a slower threesome ahead of us, and we were able to finish in a little over 2 hours.

The course was in good overall shape. Tee boxes fine. Fairways were mostly nice. Everything was very wet and overly saturated with watering, so no roll-out and some sloppy divots. Certainly would play better a little later once dried out some. Rough a bit spotty in places, but adequate where it mattered. Greens very soft and rolling well at medium speeds. Bunkers wet and compacted early with okay sand.

I thought Wildhorse was a pretty solid course. Not too many homes around the course after the first few holes and a pleasant setting. Overall pretty forgiving, though there are a few good strategy holes with hazards in play.
Trying to get caught up on my reviews from Norcal. I also played here on Friday evening after getting into Woodland at a decent time. It was $15 to walk a little after 6:00. I wanted to rent a cart, but they wouldn't let me at that time of day. The teenage kid in the pro shop wasn't very helpful and had all sorts of "policies" and excuses (none of which held water). Really, he just wanted to avoid any extra work and close the shop early. Funny thing is he was just leaving as I finished up on 9, and there was another guy still working in the cart barn cleaning up other returned carts. Makes no sense they wouldn't rent one out with that much daylight left. Oh well. Kind of ticked me off, but I got to enjoy some extra exercise in a very stuffy 95 degrees with no shade on the course!

As for the course, it was decent on all levels. Solid 9-hole layout that is kind of spread out through a residential community (some long walks in between holes, which added to the misery). Two holes/flags on every green for front and back play, which is not something I am fond of. Would rather just have two sets of tees or just replay the same nine. The greens are rather large, though, so the holes usually don't infringe upon one another.

Conditions were also pretty decent. Tee boxes fine. Fairways had good coverage. Plenty of roll-out and mostly good lies to hit from. Rough a little spottier, but mostly fine. Wasn't in any bunkers. Greens were receptive and rolling at medium speeds. A bit bumpy late in the day showing footprints and lots of ball marks.

Overall, a pretty solid 9-hole regulation course. Twilight service left something to be desired. Someone that young probably shouldn't be running the pro shop. That said, it was slow out there and I can understand if they want to close up early in the dead of summer, even though I still finished (walking) before they really closed shop!
Played Green River Blue Friday July 21st at 7:30 Got out on time, POP was 4:29 which in our case was bad because we play fast. We got stuck behind this 4 some that did everything in slow motion, hit the driver, drive the cart, walk from the cart to the ball, walk from the green to the cart. I mean you could tell they were retired and had "nothing" else to do that day and it was "their time out" The guy I was riding with let it bother his game but I am proud of myself, I blocked it out and I blocked out my partners comments and just played my game, I had 2 triples but was only 11 over for the other 16 holes and shot 89 from the blues, so I was happy.
Now I like Green River and at $37 for Senior I feel it is a good value. But after playing Los Serranos the last 3 weeks @$35 Green River was a major disappointment. Fairways 11 and 12 are roped off and no carts allowed as they are trying to get the grass back, All they are is big dirt patches. The tee boxes had some hard spots where you had issues getting the tee into the ground, Fairways had allot of bare spots, I finally was not in any bunkers so no comment on those, many of the green had bare spot or fungus on something. They were not is good shape. Like I said, I really like Green River but I feel even at $37 there are better choices to go play right now.
We also had breakfast and lunch and I don't know if they felt rushed because they had a banquet or what but the food was not even close to "up to par". Over easy egg was completely hard....... Sorry...
Sunday round riding at Los Amigos this weekend and happy to report that the course is currently in pretty darn good shape all around. No glaring weaknesses anywhere to be found really ... all conditions good to slightly better than good depending on the arena.

POP for a Sunday was actually pretty good at around four and a half hours. No cart service at all but full-service bar and restaurant with everything one needs. As far as course conditions, greens running at medium speed with nice coverage all around. No major complaints there.

Fairways have nice coverage despite the warm temperatures of late. The rough can be a little spotty in places and thin in others, but any place the ball should be will generally have good coverage, except maybe around some of the green complexes. Sand is in good shape, and likely weakest aspect of the course are the tee boxes that are serviceable but can always be a little more lush and level.

They are building some new structure near the 10th tee box, between it and the putting green adjacent to it. Not sure what it's going to be but there's some construction going on there. Driving range is also in good shape with grass and mat stations to choose from at this time (or so it appeared).

Los Amigos is a good value for a nice round right now if you want a manageable course without paying outrageous prices to get a hit out of just about every club in your bag with the exception of the 3 wood. Go check it out.
Recreation Park 18 (Big Rec)
Played Big Rec Thursday afternoon 3:04 pm tee time on a Golf Now Hot Deal at $25 with cart. My buddy and I were matched with a twosome and sent out approximate 2:40 pm. Course was full, men’s club was out. We played behind a five some, and threesome that moved along very well, and a twosome behind us that was only an issue once when one of the guys pure’d a drive into the par four thirteenth splitting the hole and my buddy who was trying to sink his birdie. (They did call four).
The staff in the pro-shop was cordial if not overworked at the moment. The snack cart made an appearance on the 7th hole. The clubhouse, snack bar/restaurant are old school, and very nice. The driving range is split into two sections and small, but the targets are nicely laid out. The practice green is a bit of a walk from the first tee, but also nice, good size.
For me this course plays very long. As I get acclimated to my new clubs, especially the 3 & 4 hybrid, I am not using my driver or my fairway woods. This was not a great disadvantage as I carry a driver 198, with 208 / 220 being normal after roll out. My 3 wood is close to the same, and my 5 wood is around 180. Even if I had used these clubs, my second shot on many holes would approach 160/200+ yards. The course features only two par threes, both over 130 yards. There are two par fives, one at 522 yards, the other 511 yards. Par fours range between 295 yards and 460 yards with plenty of elevation change on every hole.

This course reinforced the contention of the recent community conversation on the importance of the GIR statistic. In eighteen holes I have two three putts, and two one puts. Overall my putting was very good, on moderately slow, slightly shaggy greens. One of my playing partners had a colorful description but it was somewhat X rated. I managed only one par, on a par four hole.
The carts feature basic GPS. The GPS gives the distance from the cart to the front, center and back of the green, as well as an advertisement for the snack bar on the way in from the ninth hole.

The tee boxes were lush, level, and overall in very good shape, especially given the volume of players on the course, and the late hour we tee’d off. This course uses doglegs, tree lines, and blind greens to challenge the golfer.

The fairways are in excellent condition, overall lush, with careful attention, even using hoses and manually placed sprinklers to assure first class coverage. I found good lies in the fairway regardless of whether it was on the top of a mound, down in a valley or a side hill lie.

Rough wasn’t really penal. There was a first cut along most fairways and around the greens and bunkers cut an inch or so, but very well kept. The collars around the green and in the rough along the fairway near the greens seemed a little deeper but more than fair.

Trees, this course makes use of trees as a defense, and to shape shots. Tall tree’s prevent cutting corners, and low hanging branches make hitting out from underneath or from behind difficult for a tall golfer such as myself.

Bunkers looked very good, deep, steep faces on those around the green. Those in my party that visited the beach got up and down cleanly, none complained of the conditions. I was fortunate enough not to test the quality of the sand or base.
Greens were variety of sizes, most flat, uniformly cut (a little shaggy) and in excellent condition, with only the two par three’s showing damage from ball marks. The greens were receptive to shots airmailed in, but would allow a run shot to roll through. Generous collars around the greens prevented minor miscues from becoming blow up holes. This created the paradox. For someone hitting a 3 hybrid 190 yards, second shots on many of these fourteen par fours required a hybrid or long iron to reach the green, rather than a wedge. Given my length off the tee, or lack thereof, I was unable to reach very many of these greens in regulation, and managed one par on a par four.

I really enjoyed the layout of Recreation Park 18, this was the first time I have played it, and absolutely enjoyed myself because of the length of the course. At $25 it was a steal. This course is also a part of the American Golf Players Club circuit, and as such I should be able to get deals through my membership. Look forward to playing this course again soon.

Parking at peak hours is a little tight.
Played here, for first time, Friday 7/21, as part of my back to back with the GK group on Saturday, at Yocha Dehe.

Appropriately priced, I played for 80$ for noon Friday tee time.

Nice grass driving range, large practice green and a decent short game area as well. Very nice property in the town of Copperopolis, a long way from any significant towns, in the foothills of the Sierra Madre range. Homes around the course, but not in play anywhere, on large lots. The resort offers stay and play packages in bungalow / cottages near the clubhouse and first fairway. Looks like a great place for a long weekend with a few couples or buddy trip.

Nice clubhouse, small-ish proshop, and a very cool patio / bar overlooking the 9th green.

Very scenic course, through rolling hills and oak trees, a good amount of elevation change (especially on the back nine).

Conditions were excellent and while I wouldn't normally compare one course to another course, since I played Yocha Dehe the very next day, I can say that Saddle Creek was in a little better condition. A little more lush, well covered and healthy fairways, and greens were almost perfect. Medium firmness and very clean. Rolled very well although were only medium fast. Bunkers well maintained and good fill.

A couple a soft areas in fairways, due to excess watering I assumed, but prefer the lush green over little thin and dry.

Very nice layout, I preferred the front a little better. More trees and interesting holes 1-9, than 10-18, but very challenging throughout. Water in play on 3 holes on front 9, only one with water in play on back. The elevation changes on back nine, made for a tougher half. More subtle elevation changes on front.

Customer service was excellent throughout. Even though the property has a local, retirement community feel to it (lots of members and residents out on this day), I received the same top shelf service, all day, as if I were a member or resident. Very good food in the restaurant as well.

Marshalls out on the course kept a good pace going and beverage cart came around 4 times, even with a 40 player shotgun event out in front of us.

Perhaps my favorite customer service feature was having a staff member offer ice cold towels to all players, on the course. They drove around in the same way a beverage cart would, against traffic and offered the cold towels and water. Course also had water stations on every other hole, to ensure you kept hydrated.

Highly recommend, and would consider the stay and play option given the location. Course has plenty of challenge and interest to play a couple of times in consecutive days.
Played in the men's club today and tee time was 7:45 but we started a little earlier. Overall pace was great. A little waiting here and there but we finished in 4:15.

Pretty much would agree with Rat's review. I missed 6 greens today and 3 of those times my lie was pretty crappy. It was off some dead spot or hard pan. But there were also some areas in the rough that was super thick. I mean this was Farmers thick. I don't know if they haven't gotten to cut them yet or not but the rough is just a mixed bag right now.

I think the greens are great. Yes they are firm but putting wise they are fair. I think the par 3 greens have a few ball marks that were not properly repaired that didn't look as good but putted fine.

I think it's a pretty good time to get out here and play.
Early am round right at four hours - great for the guys in our foursome! The staff is always friendly and pleasant every time here. The tee boxes for the most part had good coverage - a few were a little thin and some a little hard to place a tee into but in good shape. The fairways were in fairly nice shape with good coverage on some holes and thin on others. There were a few holes where the fairway was very thin and hard packed. The rough was thick on some holes and thin on others. I found the few traps I was in to be very damp and in need of raking - many had numerous footprints in them from the last few days? The greens were very thick and had great coverage rolling nicely on well struck putts. I did notice many, many ball marks throughout the round - very discouraging to see the lack of respect some people have for others!!!! The vistas from this course are one of the best I feel in the SD/Riverside county area. The course is maintaining conditions and the green fees are very reasonable. The drive is a little off the main path but well worth it!!
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times at Eagle Glen at 1:40pm on a hot sunny Friday afternoon, 7/21/17. Got a GN Hot Deal for $14 and couldn’t pass it up. I joined a threesome of mid-handicap buddies from Riverside who rode each other mercilessly the entire round about the state and execution of their golf games. It was all in fun, and they warned me ahead of time, but the overall effect was relaxed and fun, and we had an enjoyable round. Golf AND a running comedy show!

Conditions were Jekyll or Hyde on almost every hole here – conditions were very good, or conditions were wanting, sometimes on the same hole. Greens were generally pretty firm and had good coverage, but were either lush and held shots or were drier and showing a lot of old ballmark damage. Many fairway areas were lush and full, and gave perfect lies, but other areas were drier, thin/bare, and gave chancey lies. We saw a number of turf patches in some fairways. Rough was either lush and wet/muddy, or cut low and playable, or dried out/patchy/clumpy. Sand was plentiful and good to play from (I was in the front bunker on #5) or impossible (the front bunker on #3 was just semi-wet sandy mud with no playing layer). One of the guys gave up after 6 tries in that bunker on #3. Tees were okay except for being very torn up on par-3s.

We went off right on time just after the starter packed it up and the tee was not crowded – a few holes in we started being passed by singles who were zipping around the course. Saw the cart girl a couple times on the front nine, but she was off after 3pm. There was a wedding setting up as we finished in 4.5 hr, so the parking lot was blocked off and we were sent on a detour to turn in the carts. Shop was closed after 6pm.

I arrived fairly late and basically met these guys on the way to the first tee. They decided to play white and I said that was fine. I hadn’t looked at the card, and had always played blue in the past, so it wasn’t until hole #5 that I took a good look at the card and was disappointed at the yardage differential between blue and white (6,279 vs. 5,552!). It’s awkward to play from different tees than your group, but 5,552 is much shorter than I prefer to play, and in my opinion really alters many of the strategic aspects at EG. The white tees are recommended (on the EG GPS) for handicaps 12 and up (I think), but that looks like a lowball to me. I’m sure people lose a lot of balls out here, and the elevation changes, arroyo crossings, and ESA all contribute to that. But there are a couple of extreme examples of tee distance adjustment under the current card here: the white tee on the par-5 5th hole (the 1-handicap hole) has been moved across the service road and now plays 457 yards. What I believe was the old white tee is back up near the blue – the ball washer is still up there where the tee used to be (it’s no longer watered and the grass is dead). This is a beautiful downhill par-5 to an island fairway, then crossing an arroyo to a heavily bunkered green. Putting the white tee at 457 means it’s 200 yards from the white marker to the end of that island fairway, but a carry of 280 to go for the lower fairway. So you are teeing off on this par-5 with a 5-iron!

Hole 9 is a challenging ridge runner with a mean crosswind – the blue distance of 357 is reduced to 267 at the white, eliminating any arroyo carry. On hole #10, a downhill par-3 to a large undulating green, the white tee is now at the bottom of the slope, across the cart path – 98 yards! The blue tee is at the back of a long box (152 yds) where I’m pretty sure the white used to be, on the forward end of that box. Hole #13 plays 282 and that really takes the cross-bunkers out of the hole – a carry of 150 yards is all that’s needed. #16 has been defanged.

There’s a real need for a white/blue combo set of tees to get up around 6,000 yards and preserve many of the challenges of the design. The card shows a blue/black combo, but no white/blue combo, so any attempt at that would be pretty random and without benefit of rating/slope. After we encountered some of the shorter hole setups we did play some more distant tees, and a couple times the white markers were moved back. I hit from the blue on #5, we played black (185) on #10, blue on #11 and #16 (the 2-hcp; moved across the creek to 280 yards[!], eliminating the arroyo carry). And I hit from the blue tee on #18, the finishing par-5 with an approach over the lake, on which the white tee is now placed at 411 yards!!, which again means a tee shot on a par-5 of <200 yards, unless you can bust one over the lake! (>240).

I like the challenging and varied layout here. I’ve seen conditions better here, and worse. Still recommended.
Perhaps everyone is staying home to watch the British Open, because there were not a lot of people here early this morning. Even the number of maintenance people seemed less? So it was a quiet beautiful summer morning walk.

Course is in good shape, but showing some signs of the recent heat. Nice to putt again with decent speed. Some areas in the rough also showing stress. Looks like they could use some additional watering in certain spots.
Played Sat. 22 July a free twilite round using my creek card points. Very friendly staff in proshop and at the starter podium. Joined a twosome at 3:30pm on a day that was busy, but a lot of 3somes out. POP was 4hrs 15mins on a warm and breezy day, and we got the full 18 in no problem before sunset.

Course is definitely under stress from the heat. Damage to fairways, rough, and greenside fringe was visible on a number of holes. Still, mostly playable and rarely needed to roll my ball to get relief. Got decent roll off the tee ball. Rough otherwise was very good, not too penal, about 1" longer than the well-cut fairways. Greens were pretty lush with some damage from the day's play, but otherwise rolled pretty well, albeit with some bounces. Medium speed today, and the greens held shots well. They are getting water to most parts of the course.

The white tee boxes were a bit chewed up today. Able to get decent footing, but it wasn't pretty. Was in 3 greenside bunkers and all were pretty consistent - medium sand top-layer - no complaints, as I bagged two 'sandys'.

Saw the nice cart lady on the 4th hole, but she said she was heading to the barn for the day. 1/2-way shack was closed along with the restrooms at the turn. Marshal came by 3 times, but as we all were on a good pace from start to finish, he had an easy day. Water jugs were full throughout the round.

A 'free' round is always nice. A good perk of the Creek Card. Hope TC is able to hang in there through August/early September.
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