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Looking for some place where I would not encounter frost, so what better course than Los Verdes. I had some concerns that it might be too crowded and I would not get out quickly, but turned out not to be a problem.

As prior review states, greens are excellent right now, in fact the entire course is looking very good. Few areas in the rough, but that's always the case here. Staff was great, price ($16.50 for senior) is a steal. Every time I play here, I appreciate living in Southern California !
Played yesterday at 3 PM and finished all 18 in 3 H. I found the course to be not much different from when I played on the 15th (see my previous review). Bunkers still need work. What I did notice was that the greens were better than my last round. Very good chipping/putting as well as holding shots and had good speed. Customer service was excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending the course at this time.
Teed off Thursday morning at 7am and finished in 3:45. The greens were in good condition. They rolled good with fast speed. Getting above the hole on some pin placements left a difficult putt. The greens were on the firm side with full shots releasing a little bit and chips running out more than one would think. The fairways were in good shape. The rough was mostly good with some patchy areas. The bunkers were well groomed but two of the three I was in were thin of sand in the bottom. The tee boxes were fair to good. A few of the tee markers were in spots that made it difficult to find a level lie. I enjoy the Classic course. Old school parkland style golf with large trees lining the fairways and some elevated greens pitched back to front. All the staff I encountered were friendly.
Round 3 just down the road from The Bridges. We booked ahead online and selected their pre-paid option that saved some $$$. $45 for two players after 2:00 instead of $60. We arrived closer to 1:30 and the course was wide open so we were able to tee off right away. We ultimately caught up to groups on the final 5 holes, but still enjoyed a nice 2.5-hour pace.

Conditions were decent, though inconsistent at times. Tee boxes were fine. Fairways were adequate for the most part with some thin sections, so some spots better than others. Rough was pretty rough. Very patchy with a lot of bare areas. The greens were good. Firm-ish and rolling well at medium-fast speeds. Bunkers not that great. Overall, okay for winter season, but definitely rough around the edges.

The pro shop guy remarked before our round that Canyon Lakes was much more forgiving and fair than The Bridges. I guess it depends on your preferences and skills, because I was way more uncomfortable on a lot more tee shots here than I was at the other course. Lots of side-hill slopes and big trees in play to force some tough angles. It is not a long course, though, so it's all about hitting your targets and it's definitely more forgiving around the greens (as long as you stay below the hole). Otherwise, it's a fun layout with hilly terrain and some fun to be had riding the slopes. Not a must-play, but an interesting East Bay option to consider for sure.
This was our second round today, teeing off a little before 10:00. Not too crowded out there on a weekday, so we finished in a little over 3 hours. Price was $49 and worth it. Definitely a step or two above most courses in the East Bay in my experience.

The conditions (especially for winter) were very good. It was lush and green throughout. Some thin spots here and there, but fairways mostly in nice shape. Rough good where it mattered, with some patchiness as you near the canyon hazards. Greens moderately receptive and rolling well at medium speeds. Really good sand in the bunkers, as well.

This is a course I've been wanting to play for the longest time and was glad to finally make it happen. I know this course has kind of a mixed reputation. Some love it and some hate it because of its target design. It is a very modern style canyon course that reminded me of courses like Maderas, Moorpark, Eagle Glen, etc. in Southern California. Definitely demanding and tricky with sloped fairways, big undulated greens and lots of native hazard areas in play, but I never felt like it was overly tricked out in any places. If you've played other Johnny Miller courses, this is in the same vein. He likes to make things dramatic and I typically enjoy his designs a lot. Maybe not for everyone, but I loved it.
First of 3 more rounds in the East Bay today. Chilly and very windy morning. Bone-chilling gusts through the canyons and along the top of the bluffs throughout this hilly course. We went off first around 6:45 and were finished around 9:00. $30 with cart, so a reasonably priced weekday morning round.

Conditions were okay for winter, though inconsistent. From tee to green, the first few holes and last few holes were pretty ugly, but then most of the middle stretch was pretty decent with better fairway coverage. some bare spots scattered throughout. Rough is a bit of everything and mostly not ideal. Some thick/deep patches and a lot of bare dirt. Tee boxes adequate. Greens were the highlight. Firm and rolling well at medium speeds, though one green on the back nine was overwatered and completely flooded. Bunkers no bueno.

I had pretty low expectations coming in, but was very pleasantly surprised by this layout. It is very fun and never boring, especially in the hilly sections. I wasn't sure if the original Alister Mackenzie nine (which is now the back nine) still had any Mackenzie character left, but it sure does. The green complexes on this side are definitely unique and challenging, so you can definitely still feel some of his presence. The newer nine was designed by Robert Muir Graves and is a good complement. Easily the most dramatic stretch of holes is up along the bluffs with some great vistas. This is what you would call a "diamond in the rough" because it is very rough around the edges and could use a whole lot of TLC. A proper restoration would make this a real hidden gem, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
Was invited out to play The Crossings at the invitation of leef2020. Got a great deal and a big thanks to Lee for the invitation. We were joined by a single who happened to be another GK’er, dubwiser (Zach). This is the second time in the last couple of weeks that I unexpectedly met up with another GK’er. Clearly, there are a lot of GK members out there. Great to hook up with dubwiser. nice guy!

This course is so challenging yet it is so much fun to play. Some of the fairways are generous but you need to keep it in play. Hilly course that winds through the hills but hitting fairways is a must. Fairways were winter hard but still in ok shape all things considered. We got lots of roll out. The rough was ragged but not terrible. I was only in one bunker and it was in great shape.

Greens were really nice. About as good as any course I have played on in some time. Medium fast but always held the line. Too bad there are scheduled for an early aeration because I love these greens right now.

Got a bite to eat and a couple of beers after the round. Really good food and service is exceptional. Despite the cool weather and long round (5 hours), I had a great day.
Dragonfly is always a go to course while in the valley. Fairways and tee boxes are completely dormant but offer great hitting surfaces. The color of the grass may be brown but the lies are great. The fairways feel like your walking in a soft sponge. That softness did kill any rollout from the driver but offered a very nice hitting surface on approach shots.

Greens were a little firmer than normal but still rolled nicely when putting. This is only my 3rd time walking the track. Whereas it is a completely flat course there are some long transfers between a few of the holes.

The 18th has now gone from a long par 4 to a short par 5. That is unless you're playing it in the summer afternoon headwind. Then it's a bonafide par 5.

There was no beverage cart out but being a weekday with expected rain, I can totally understand that.

Pace of play is always average here. I was stuck behind a five some who wouldn't let me through for 8 holes then I blasted through the remainder of the course.

All told this is a solid track with very nice playing conditions.
I hadn't been here for a year or so but figured it was time and was glad I went out today. Bunkers were hit and miss but the greens were nice, smooth, and quite quick with subtle little breaks. Rough was winter rough, some thick, some non existent. The fairways were hard but if you hit down and through the ball, the ball will act like it should and you get a nice spinning shot and the ball travels like it should.
After avoiding the course for almost two years, I gave it a shot on a weekend as the course was offering $25 special with cart. The course has been a layout that I've enjoyed, but management has struggled to maintain the course in recent years.

Conditions: While still a lot to be desired, it does appear that the ownership is starting to put some maintenance dollars back into the course.

--Greens were the bright spot per usual, receptive and rolled well. Tee blocks were okay, some uneven spots and some TLC needed.
--Fairways and rough were a mix of grass and bare spots, though better than the recent past. Some of the areas on fairways appear to have drainage/irrigation issues (where one area is soaking wet and 5-10 feet away is bone dry.) I am not sure how this could be fixed without a major overhaul.
--Bunkers, while still an issue, are also improved. Probably about 1/2 of the bunkers have new added sand.

I'm hoping the course continues their positive strides.
Played yesterday with larryq2001 and met the nice young man, dubwiser, for the first time on a mostly sunny but very chilly and windy day. Teed off about 12:40, and finished in 5 hrs. Very slow throughout the round. Think everyone got the notice that Crossings' greens are getting punched on the 26th and were getting in a round ahead of time, just like us.

The big hitters played the blues, while I tapped it around from the whites. White tees were very good and level. Overall, conditions similar to my last visit 3 weeks ago. As it happens, though, the greens were even better - they were fantastic. Medium-fast pace, super lush and smooth. So, time to punch! ;-) Due to some poor approach shots, I was able to enjoy the full, multi-leveled and sloping green experience, with some severe roller-coaster putts, breaking between 12-20 feet from 20-60 feet away. Great fun!

The fairways still dormant and providing great roll. The rough was tough, eating a few of my wedges. Was in a few traps and the sand was pretty fluffy and deep - almost lost a shoe getting out of one.

Saw the cart lady a few times, trying to keep warm and the marshals, as always very friendly. Katie in the bar took great care of us even though we moved out to the heated patio (she really is the best), serving drinks and food on a busy evening. It evidently was 'rib night', and dubwiser only made it 1/2-way through a stack of great-looking ribs!
13 of us headed south of the border over the Presidents weekend. This place never disappoints me and holds a special place in my heart. The conditions here are never above a 6 or 7 out of 10 for the most part but i have never seen it below average. The tee boxes need some attention since many were a little unleveled and beat up. The greens were the best part however a little slow. They rolled smooth, held shots, and had only a few ball marks. We would go here much more often if it wasn't for that LONG BORDER WAIT on the return. This was the first and last time we try crossing during a holiday weekend since it took us over 4 hours!!!
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