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Played Saturday, 5/18, late morning tee time, day 3 of the trip. We had to tee off as a split group, 3 & 2, then joined up as a 5 on the 2nd tee. Course was virtually empty and we never had to break up (carts have GPS that can be monitored from the pro shop), finished just under 4 hours.

Course conditions were what you would expect from a high end resort course. Nice tee boxes. Lush, green fairways. Rough was cut short with Bermuda coming out of dormancy. The bunker sand was what I found as common in Florida, thin layer of fine white sand over a clay like packed down. Greens were terrific. Soft to walk on but running fast and smooth with some ball marks.

This was such a fun course. An Arnold Palmer Design Company course, with typical AP feel. Wide open fairways. Small strips of rough between fairways and hazards. Undulating greens but not too tough to play and some great look par 3s. There's a cool section from 13-16 where you crisscross a group of lakes with shots over water to the green. Service was top notch. Nice carts with to the hole GPS. Only issue I had was the Palm course was so far from the pro shop (almost a 5 minute drive) you're not stopping at the turn for a snack, there's no shack on the course, and the drink cart only carried sandwiches and chips to eat. We did eat at the Evergreens Sports Pub afterwards, which is part of one of the resort's vacation areas (and part of the golf course area) and found great food and drinks at a nice price (for a resort).

NOTE: it rated a 7.6, but should be closer to 8.5
The greens here are much much better than nearby Southwyck. Clear Creek reminds me very much of Links at Olivas in Oxnard. Clear Creek has far more penalizing native areas, however. If your ball enters it will not come out. Combine this with the hot wind and a 4 putt, a lost ball just off the fairway extinguished any life force in me. This is the third course I have played in Texas. All of them including this one have a lot off water hazards. With Golf Now this course was an absolute steal. 21$ with a cart included on a good track. The tees, bunkers, and fairways were all not great but decent.
This course should be called Sadwyck. The greens are terrible. There was one temporary green. The fairways were good to immaculate on some holes. But fair on other holes. The rough well that was rough. It was like playing with the goats. The ingredients are there for a great golf course. It may have been once in the past. There are many nice water holes. I found myself in too many hardpan lies as well. If the greens were just decent the entire complexion of this course would change. You would have to pay me to play this course again.
Played on Friday, 5/17, with a 9ish tee time. Day 2 of the Orlando trip. We were able to play as a 5 "as long as we kept pace," and we finished in exactly 4 hours, including a stop between 9s to grab some food. Service was basic, easy check in, friendly F&B staff (with great prices!), and a great starter. Carts are basic, no GPS or coolers.

Course was in really good condition. Flat tee boxes with the markers on the par 3s spread wide to give you plenty space. Fairways were pretty lush, with no bare areas. Rough was almost non-existent, Bermuda growing back in and cut short. Bunkers were the best of the trip, the sand was a little dense, but loose and easy to hit from. The greens had some of the craziest undulations and elevation changes I've ever seen. Great condition and running at 11.5 according to the starter. They were fast and smooth.

This course is definitely not a high end resort, but more of a mid to high locals place. I really enjoyed it. Laid back feel. The course has 2 different nines, the front is wide open, with few trees, but plenty of marshland areas. The back is very tree lined with pine needles everywhere. Not a destination course, but a nice break in the area.
Played on Thursday, 5/16, with a late morning tee time. 1st course of 4 of an Orlando trip and a heck of a course to start out on. There was 5 of us on this trip, teed off a 3 and 2, then joined up and played as a 5 with no issues. Finished the East-North in 4:20, then jumped onto the South and played in about 2 hours. No pace issues and the course posts 4:30 for pace of play.

Course was immaculate. Level tee boxes which are better than many fairways I've ever played. Fairways were lush, carpet like, and green every where. Rough was about 1-2 inches, no real issues, Bermuda coming out of dormancy. Greens were smooth and in great condition. My only issue was the sand in the bunkers. A thin layer of fine white sand with a clay-like hard packed underneath it.

Overall, I loved the course. Service is what you would expect from a high end resort, food and beverage prices were a bit higher than I'm used to paying. This is probably the tamest Jack Nicklaus Signature course I've played, and I was surprised when I looked up the designer. I would rate the 9s as South, East, then North.
Leaving items in the cart most likely means you will not get your items back. I didn't mind not getting my Foot Joy wind breaker back but recently I left my Garmin 8 with holder attached to the cart and it was not returned, my name tag was on the Garmin 8 GPs unit. I have forgotten this at 4 different courses over the years and each time is was available for me to pick up. In other words this course is the only one where my items left in the cart was not found/returned.
I have to admit this is not the most exciting golf course you'll ever play, but the price is right, conditions right now are very good, in fact as good as I can remember for this place, and the staff is always friendly and accommodating.

There is a certain comfort about playing old style traditional golf courses. Certainly nothing fancy, just plain straight forward golf. With greens being the best part of the course and fairways in pretty good shape as well, hard to complain. Just don't set your expectations too high when playing here. I only found one bunker and it was OK, thin, but OK.

Plus it's nice to finish a round of golf quickly and feel that you received value for the $$ paid.
5 /20 using underpar $66 2some on a pleasant somewhat breezy am. Had 1000 tee time but Don the jovial starter gave us the option of an early start so off at 920 joined by Linda a very enjoyable playing partner who even though she reported only playing for 2 1/2 years exhibited good athletic ability and a high golf IQ being very familiar with etiquette and overall awareness.
The course itself was in overall good condition, fairways quite lush, more on the soft side so limited roll but excellent lies. #9 has some mixed grasses so the potential exists for clumps to be a factor. A few unfilled divots here and there but not bad.
Rough mostly on the shorter side but with some areas very penal. Tees pretty much level with some a little thin but playable. Bunkers varied from full with nice compacted sand to thin coverage.
Greens are very healthy, on the soft side, smooth but having some grain to factor in rolling at medium speed. Topography has a great deal of influence on this course. Greens are most often fronted by swales of various sizes and with the kikouyu shots hit short stay short. Today no sequence on flag placement and all flags are the same color. GPS does give yardage to pin as well as front and back yardage.
The layout is "interesting" with many doglegs and some blind landing areas and multiple elevation changes.
POP about 415 with some waiting. Staff is friendly and easy going.
Played Mojave Resort on a recent trip to the Avi Casino for a wedding. I went out as a single (the wife rode along) in the late afternoon and finished in less than 3 hours.

This course checked all the boxes for me.

Layout - Fun layout in my opinion. The course is pretty straight forward but you do not feel like you are playing the same hole over and over again. I really enjoyed the finishing holes - 16-17-18. All three are great holes and look like they could be challenging, especially is the wind picks up. Each has water waiting for any errant shot. Great holes. A lot of the greens have run off areas so if you are slightly off on your approach, it could go down the slope and end up 10 yards from the green.

Condition - I thought the condition was great. The fairways and areas around the green are very closely mowed so you have to be very precise with the short game. Tee boxes were in good same. Fairways were excellent - not a bad lie all day. Fairways are pretty generous even though a few holes on the back 9 do run through a housing community.

If you are ever staying at the Avi or are in the area, I highly recommend this course. It is very close to the Avi Casino (almost walking distance). I was going to go up and play Laughlin Ranch instead of the Mojave Resort Course, but do to time constraints, I was not able to. I was not disappointed and I was actually pleasantly surpised. Go check it out - you will enjoy it. I would definitely play it again if I was in the area.
played on monday may 6th at 1123 am for a golf now hot deal of 17.00(rack rate of a non dye county resident was 72.00)course was better than advertised...fairways very nice carpet of grass(a little on the narrow side)...rough very healthy 2 to 3 inches...greens rolled well and very similar for the whole course...very pretty course/lots of water and bunkers...overall well worth the 5 hour drive time form san diego/nice practice area, grass driving range/two seperate chipping areas and 2 putting for the negitives, really only 2, bunkers...because it gets very windy most of the bunkers have pebbles and sand and the fairway bunkers and waste bunkers have really dime size pebbles...the second item for me as an out of towner was the flag situation on the greens...all flags had the same color flag(yellow)but had a smaller flag on the the pole to indicate front/middle or back...from the faiway it was hard to be sure of the hole location, but overall I'd give 5 stars!!
Played Morro Bay in our annual Eclectic Tournament. A little drizzle to begin, then a beautiful day until the winds came up. But the course, as usual, was in excellent condition. If you have not played this course, the challenge are the greens. Up and downs are not common but three putts are. If you are above the hole on most greens, you've made a great first putt to two putt. There is no water and only three bunkers, so tee to green is not a problem, although it plays longer since the grass allows almost no roll after landing. I belong to this club as it's one of my favorite courses anywhere.
Out today and POP @ 3 H. Not much to add from my review of a week ago. But the greens are much better/faster this week. Course is in great shape(IMO) and has to be the best $44 round of golf in S CA at this time? Customer service the usually great service (thanks Al). Had breakfast at Cima, upstairs in the hotel today. Had the buffet (21.95 great selections) but a little to $$$ for me.
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