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Super time out at GK Plays Coyote Springs Golf Club Saturday. Just want to thank everyone that came, those that planned on coming but could not, and the golf course. This outing went perfect. I was very pleased with the service and organization from the golf course. This is great golf course to have an outing at and one we will be looking to hold another GK Plays at. It’s a tough exciting golf course. Beautiful views. We got some strong wind on the back nine but nothing too extreme. I thought it was in great shape. A different kind of great shape from when I played it first in January. In January the greens and tee boxes were better. In June the fairways, rough and sand traps were in better shape. Still looking forward to playing it when the whole course is pristine but it certainly did not let down for our outing. I grabbed a breakfast burrito before the round which was already made and dang good. Saw the beverage cart many times. Was treated very well by all their staff throughout organizing, during and after the outing.

Looking very forward to reading more reviews about the golf course/outing. Again Thanks!
Having not played here in many months, decided to give it a go today. First off at dawn and POP was 2.5 H (walking). Found the course to be in decent playing condition. Most of the tee boxes were in fine shape, but did find a couple, that were chewed up (not a big deal). Bunkers were all clean and playable, with no issues (was in 2). Fairways had satisfactory coverage (found a few brown/bare spots) and provided good roll and lies, all round. Very little (if any) rough to deal with. Greens were all clean, in good shape w/o divot damage and chipped/putted just fine all round. Customer service was excellent at all levels. An enjoyable round of golf, IMO.
Needed a quick round on Friday 6/15 afternoon before our GK Plays outing on Saturday. First place I thought of was The Club at Sunrise. It delivered. Great time with GK’er Rob1563 as always. Plus the greens were in great shape. Blows me away that one of the most affordable golf courses in Las Vegas has greens that rival the highest end courses in the region I’ve played. One of the best things about the greens is although they are not fast, they are perfectly consistent from green to green. You will be dialing in your stroke in no time. This week they will be doing their heavy punch/sanding on 6/20 & 6/21 so try to get your round in before that. Give it a couple weeks to heal. The rest of the golf course is mostly lush with some thin and bare areas present on the fairways. Try to avoid hitting the ball right at all times or face the punishment of a blind recovery shot out of the rough in the flood wash. That is if your ball does not roll to the bottom of the wash then it’s “sayonara”. If you miss the ball left, as long as you keep it low and don’t have an extreme miss left, it will be in bounds and you can easily recover back in play. The bunkers had good quality sand and I’m glad to report they now have ranks in the bunkers instead of a rake attached to your golf cart. Before my round I grabbed a bite to eat in the clubhouse. Very affordable and enjoyed the hot dog. Recommend playing after the greens heal from aeration. Should be a solid affordable July-August option.
having played the north 2x, i had my first foray on LS south this past saturday for a 6:45 ish tee time as a single. was supposed to go with another 2 some, but when i saw they were running late, i joined the 3 some that was supposed to tee around 6:30 and didn't get off until 6:45 instead, w/out notifying the starter. starter seemed a bit out of sorts to begin with. also worth noting that i had to remind the shop guy that it's $45 to walk when he tried to charge me $60, which felt a bit disingenuous even though i paid $45 as i walked. nevertheless, after some deliberation i decided to give those monster black tees a try, and the course does not play 7600 w/ all the run out and elevation changes. given i played LS north in early may, the conditions were rather dissapointing. the greens were okay, but the fairways were really lousy. the rough i had no issue with b/c its rough and its supposed to be inconsistent. but again, the fairways were a letdown and the PoP for a pre 7 am TT was also suspect, finishing in about 4:15. feel like at that hour it should be sub 4 and you should never wait to hit a shot, and we waited maybe a dozen times. as for the layout, i heard some people call the north quirky or gimmicky, which i've disagreed with. i just think the south is kind of boring and monotonous. nearly all greens were elevated with a bunker or two around it. even some of the memorable holes, which were about half or 2/3 of them, were kind of blah. net net, i'd rather play the north from the back tees than the south from the blacks or blues if had the choice, it just requires more golf shots and decisions to make around the course. but really, the conditions were just such a let down even for the reasonable greens fee. i can't grasp why the maintenance staff can't just go out there with a gallon of spray paint and mark off GUR areas in the fairways that are clearly ground under repair. not sure i'll be back to the south.
After such quick rounds earlier because of the gloomy weather, we had a ton of daylight left and of course we played more golf! Off to Old Brockway we went and it was wide open out there. We saw a couple other players finishing up as we were just getting started, but otherwise it was only us out there. $40 with a cart. We only played 9 holes, but I believe we could have looped around again for 18 if we wanted to for that rate.

The course was in nice overall shape. Very lush here. Tee boxes, fairways and rough had good nice coverage with soft turf. Then, there is this outer green rough that lines the holes and pops up around the greens in interesting ways, kind of like knee-deep native grass bunkers in some places. Only a few sand bunkers on the course and they are very unique wide (but skinny) trench-like cuts that run in front of their respective greens. I wasn't in any of them, but they looked to have good sand. The greens were firm-ish and hard to hold, mainly because they are rather small and domed on all sides. A bit shaggy and rolling decently at medium/slow speeds.

I was hoping we might squeeze this course as it is an old course with a ton of history. It was the original site of the annual Crosby Clam Bake tournament back in 1934-1935 and it definitely retains a very old school feel. The first couple holes are pretty basic and then you turn back into the woods, where the course offers a ton of simple/classic character. It is such a neat little grove of mature pine trees. Not a course that will blow you away and a little overpriced as just a 9-holer (regulation length par-36), but a little slice of local golf history and just an wonderful experience for me.
We had a 12:10 tee time originally and were somehow able to still make that time despite squeezing in the Mountain Course first. Again, hardly any players out here with the threat of rain and thunderstorms that never really materialized. Just cloudy and gloomy with the sun peeking through every once in a while. We played through a couple groups on the front nine and then had the back nine to ourselves for a surprisingly quick round. This was also a great GolfMoose deal that saves big $$ over their normal weekend rack rates. 2 players for $199 (plus a GK cert to knock even more off the price) was well worth it for this course!

The course was in nice condition as they are still kind of in transition into the summer season. The tee boxes were nice. The fairways had lush coverage and were just a bit shaggy. Rough not deep, but the grass in the rough and fairways is very grabby and sticky (especially on a wet day). Bunkers were beautiful. Fairway bunkers have a more firm tan sand while the greenside bunkers have the ultra-white super-soft stuff that looks great. It was a bit damp and compacted with the moisture today, but still looked and played nicely. The greens were very firm and fast. The grass is kind of dappled in color (multiple grasses?) which made it hard to read breaks sometimes, but consistently cut and rolled for smooth/quick surfaces.

This is one of the rounds I was looking forward to most on this trip and it didn't disappoint. Fun mountain course that is fairly forgiving off the tee and then get's really tough around the greens with big RTJ Sr. bunkers and false fronts guarding them. A few nice views of Lake Tahoe in the distance that I am sure look even better on a clear day. Just a fantastic and fun golf course that encapsulates the Tahoe spirit.
We were slated to play both Incline Village courses today, and originally the plan was to play Championship first. However, the weird weather (that really didn't turn out bad at all) scared all the resort players away and both courses were really empty. We ended up going to Mountain first. We played through one group and then caught another twosome on the final few holes. Total pace only about 1:20 as we zipped around in the gas cart! Also a GolfMoose deal we used here ($99 for 2 players, which is a bit much for an executive course, even one as fun as this).

The course was in decent shape, but not as nice as I would expect with the Incline Village name attached. Tee boxes and fairways mostly fine with some weak spots throughout. Rough a little inconsistent, but okay. Greens firm-ish, but still kind of thin and bumpy this time of year. Bunkers pretty good from what I recall.

This is the sister course to the main Championship Course at Incline Village (with a separate facility a couple miles up the road), also designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. It's an executive 18 holes with 14 par-3s and 4 par-4s. Wide variety of distances and you will use most clubs in your bag. Hilly and often tight with small-ish greens and lots of trees, native rough areas, etc. to keep you on your toes. Fun short mountain course and recommended if you get the right price.
This was our first round this morning. We had a 7:30 tee time, which is first off as they build in a slight frost delay still this time of year. The staff here was fantastic and made sure we got off first and around fast. The weather forecast was bleak all day today and it rained on us a little bit, but not bad at all and it freed everything up for us on all the courses we played. We used a GolfMoose deal ($99 for 2 players) along with a $25 GK prize gift card to make it a great deal.

The course was in decent condition as it rounds into summer form. Playing better than it looked with kind of a dappled brown/green spongy grass throughout. Tee boxes good. Fairways generally provided nice fluffy lies with some mushy sections thanks to the rain. Rough not super deep, but the grass is tangly and the ball can easily sit down to make for a tough recovery. Bunkers good. Greens spongy, but still kind of playing firm with big bounces and roll-outs, rolling fairly well at medium speeds.

The gloomy skies and dappled colors didn't really showcase the course's best visual presentation, but the playability was good and the layout is enjoyable. The front nine is more out in a fairly open meadow section to get you warmed up before you make the turn and into the mountain side of the course with all the trees and hills to provide a dramatic setting. Not quite top tier in this region, but a very good second-tier option and a nice value play compared to some other resort options.
Played today 6/17/18 at 6:40 for 35$. Was supposed to be paired with a threesome,however they were late. Went out with the 6:48 twosome. Which happened to be another GK member Sd3Bs. POP was 3:40. The weather stayed cool the entire round. Everything is nice and green. The greenside bunkers had great sand. The greens had a lot of water, but they rolled great. The new greens on 15 and 16 were completely different from the others. They were fast! The new layout is very well done. The rough was great. Not to thick except on the 15th. The rough around the green was very very thick and really grabbed your club. They always have great deals to play here. Rack rate is $50, well worth it!
Played in the GK event on 06/16 with Alan, Rob and John T. The course is a little out of the way, between Las Vegas and Mesquite but well worth the drive. The course is in very good shape for summertime conditions.
Tee Boxes were very nice, fairways are lush and the greens are in very good shape. They did putt a little slow. I was in quite a bit of sand and I thought the traps were good shape.
It is one of my favorite tracks out in the Vegas area because of the green complexes. You can have some very interesting breaking putts. POP was almost 5 hrs. due to wind picking up which can make the course play a little harder. Plenty of water to drink throughout the course and thanks for the snack lunch. Thanks Johnny for putting this event on
Played a Fathers Day round here with the boys. As we are all Dads we got a return certificate to play again. Nice touch.

This is a tough but fair design. Love how it’s remote setting with no homes makes it so peaceful and scenic. Greens were super smooth. Fairways and tee boxes are in good shape. Only demerit is for the dicey sand traps, either nice and fluffy sand, hard dirt or even mud.

Customer service is outstanding. Friendly and informative counter and starter staff. The nice kid in the cart barn took out our Breakfast to catch them up to us on the course. Easily the best part of the experience. We will definitely be back.
Return trip to Coyote Springs yesterday for the GK Plays. It was great to see some familiar and new faces make the trek to the middle of nowhere. After having played it a few months ago in January I could definitely notice some slight changes in the course between then and now.

Greens now are slightly bumpier and slower than they were in January with some more noticeable areas of heat distress that I would guess would be from the 115 degree temps that came through recently. But with that said they were still better than the majority of courses that you'll find at this time of year in the desert and while slower than previously, that does NOT mean slow! Downhill putts and chips were still a challenge to the max and some pins today were in interesting locations.

Fairways are playing firmer and faster and balls would roll out quite a bit. But they were pretty lush and always had a nice lie and padding underneath to hit from.

Bunkers...thank god I wasn't in all of them like that last time! The couple that I did visit were nice with newer sand. No problems there.

Rough is not quite fully transitioned from Rye to Bermuda yet so it was manageable and a nice consistent length throughout.

Tees were lush and some holes could use a mow as they were a little shaggy but understandable as it heats up.

POP was a little under 5 hours and that's probably because of the brutal wind gusts that rolled in around the time we started the back nine. Couple felt like they got up to the 40mph range. Watching balls hit the invisible wall on #17 was fun in a masochistic way. Service was great at all levels and they brought out box lunches with Gatorade to us on #10 which was super nice of the course! I really love this course and just wish it was closer to civilization. If you're planning to go for the first time make sure you have a full tank of gas and/or stock up and refill on gas/food/supplies at the Love's travel stop at the 15 & 93 junction if you're coming from Vegas. That's all you'll see until you reach the course. Thanks John for once again outdoing yourself and thanks to Coyote Springs for hosting us. Can't wait to be back!
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