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If you've ever dreamed of playing golf on your kitchen counter tops, then Angeles National is for you!

Fairways are totally dormant, totally straw. Little to no pad under the ball and hard as rocks even after decent rain. You have to nip it just right or else you'll be skulling or fatting them all day here.

Rough is generally dormant and more or less nonexistent. There are sprouts of some secondary growth popping through here and there and along with some painting (!) of the rough on 1. 10 & 18, the effect is sort of a reverse Palm Springs in winter look, with dormant fairways partially framed by tinged green rough.

Greens had a pretty serious slit cut treatment on all of them which didn't appear to affect speed which was slick, although it did contribute to a few bobbles here and there. Tee positions were all on the edges and very tough no doubt to keep as much play away from the treatment. (Sand and tees both fine.)

Always wonder how this place survives when it's mainly empty on a Sunday at prime time. With rack rates at 130 and discount prices still at 103, I can see why. (I paid 80 on a hot deal tt from gn and that is more than it's worth.)
I played Santa Anita GC at 10am on Saturday, 1/12/19, with my monthly club. We generally play here every January. It had rained early that morning, but the weather looked like it might clear around 9am. But, oops, it started sprinkling on #7 and pouring on #9. About half of our tourney group bailed out at the turn, but by the time we reached #11 the rain had stopped and we had clearing weather afterward. The course was not very crowded as a result of the earlier rain, and the many defections during the storm resulted in a very light crowd in the afternoon.

Greens very firm but with few ballmarks and rolled at a medium+ pace (they slowed down during and just after the deluge – LOL). Fairways with pretty good coverage everywhere. Rough could be very thin and playable or deep and juicy – we played lift/clean/place so lies were generally not a problem. Traps appeared to have adequate sand but it was obviously packed down by the rains.

Tee boxes were generally OK but #18 (we played the blue tees) is badly uneven and sloping to the left rear – this is a long dogleg right with a huge tree just to the right of a tee. A fade is almost the only play available here, but it’s hard to hit that shot off an uneven tee with the ball well above your feet!

Hole 3 doesn’t have a very well-defined fairway area – it seems like you are on deep, soft kikuyu everywhere! There are a couple other holes where the fairway definition is “vague” or where the mowers had not been in a few days.

Overall good conditions for a casual round.
Played Goose on 1/12 with POP of 3.5 hours for 16 holes. Starting pouring so hard on 17, and angled, that our 3 groups called it. Soaked through our clothes. After the rain calmed, 2 of the groups went back and finished but I had to leave. Not much to add to previous reviews. Dormant fairways? Not here. Everything about this place was top notch as always. The greens were a hair slow, running medium vs. the usual medium/fast but given the rains to be expected. Unfortunately I have to comment on the Marshall again. Not only were we allowed to tee off 20 mins early because no one was there, but after our three groups there was a 2 hole gap (I counted). He still hawked us about taking our time and being slow and that the group in front was already in the next fairway. He really needs to calm down. Despite his annoyance, this is still a must play.
Played a Friday twilight round at Temecula Creek Inn again for the first time in around four years. Grabbed a cart and played the blue tees on the Stonehouse and Creek nines. Hard to imagine two nines as different as these two, and not just in terms of layout.

On the Stonehouse nine, it was pretty standard winter conditions in the fairways and the rough. So many places to get in trouble on this nine and all sorts of elevations and narrow chutes on some holes to some very picky landing areas. Tee boxes and bunkers were in good shape for the most part. Greens were still showing signs of being punched but rolled well and were medium fast.

The Creek nine is flat, parkland style golf with fairly wide open fairways and no water trouble until you get to the final hole. Where the Stonehouse nine had actual grass in the fairways though, the Creek side of the course has very odd fairways that seem to have been mostly painted a sea-green or blue and it's not really grass as much as it is compressed weeds or something. I'm no botanist, but it was weird. Rest of the conditions not much different than the previous.

POP was great as we finished in just under four hours and never really got pushed from the front or behind too much until the end of the front nine. No cart service to be found all day but it was not very busy out there. Pro shop is nice and the driving range is not huge but very functional, especially if you like to hit fades. Overall, I think that there are probably some superior options in the Temecula area right now, but I also think that once TCI gets its mojo back that it will be a very nice option again.
Played Friday morning El Prado Butterfield on 1/11/19. Easy check in and right to the first tee, played as a single. Tee boxes are level and in good shape, getting to the fairways as a walker are little tricky. Quite a bit of mud and sand that you have to walk in. Fairways and rough had good coverage. Sand traps were pretty bad. More than one had grass growing in them and were compacted sand. Greens were the best part of the course. Smooth with little divot damage.
Last three holes came up on a group of frat boys playing 9 in their group. POP was a little over three hours so did not bother me too much
Little late with this review. Played The Journey on 1/9/19 with a morning tee time. Not much to add to the previous reviews. Course really makes think your way around the course. Handed out yardage books at the starter and along with the GPS really helped.
Really is the definition of a high end course.
Played here 1/8 for $45. The starter was nice enough to let me go 30 minutes early, and I joined a couple. The course is an interesting layout, with more undulation than most of the courses in the area. Most of the fairway lies were fairly thin. The sand traps were among the worst I've played, with a thin dusting of sand on top of what seemed like hardpan, almost impossible to hit a decent shot--twice I chipped from traps.
The greens were the best part of the course, firm and fast, with a bit of undulation.
Played here Wed 1/9 at $69, a pretty good deal. I liked the layout a lot, though there were a few issues. The course was WET! I don't know if they have drainage issues or not, as I played two more courses in the Phoenix area the next two days and there were no water issues. Needless to say, there was not much roll on Wed. The sand traps were horrible because of the water. The sand was deep, and very heavy.
High point of the course was the greens. They were firm and fast, but still held shots fairly well.
All in all, I will probably give this course another try when I'm in Phoenix.
This is one of my go to courses. Recent heavy rains so some of the fairways I managed to find had a few wet spots but that's to be expected. Good value! Today's marshal was a little off his game...there was a group in front of us who frankly didn't know or understand a few etiquette unwritten problem there, but he really didn't help them with a bit of knowledge...only saw him once on the course! They were probably two holes behind the foursome in front of them! I realize it was a Sunday so I didn't expect to get done in under four hours.
The greens were a bit inconsistent...some were brutally bumpy and a few were gym floor fast! Some had recent sod replacement squares and of course I seemed to find those lines. All in all, a fun round, and I recommend this course to anyone who has never been here. Great people!
Pretty much everywhere in San Diego county is moist due to all the rain. Steele Canyon seems to be the lesser evil during the rainy season.

Course is absolutely beautiful dormant. We played Canyon/Ranch. Greens are running a little slower than normal due to the saturation, so if you're used to the 11 or baked out 12+, this will be a small adjustment in breaks.

Pace of play is excellent, as usual. Staff always amazing.
Played mid-morning Saturday, 1/12 paired up with a high school girl accompanied by her father who was overseeing her round but not playing himself. After a night of rain and the potential for more during the day, I decided to grab the umbrella, go for it and hope for the best.

As could be expected, conditions were moist in general but pretty well drained, considering. There were exceptions where there were small ponds of standing water including on a couple of greens and in some bunkers. Puddles aside, I found the ball sat up well and the playing surface through the course generally acceptable with decent rollout and a reasonable minimum of mud balls. It actually rained on us for a hole and a half starting at the 5th tee box. The fifth green was wet enough to take about 10% off the putting speed, but by the 6th green the rain had pretty much stopped and the green speed was normalizing already. After the rain it turned into a pretty nice day. I missed the bunkers so I can't comment other than they were obviously very wet sand. The pace on the greens was a pretty good medium fast, they were were on the firm side and the surface was pretty clean — made a couple of birdies on putts of about 15' and 30' respectively and they tracked well.

Per kviser's comment about the tees in an earlier post, they have moved them around. As he mentioned the yellow and white tees on some holes have been moved well forward. In at least one case I noticed a yardage monument at the new white location to suggest that move was permanent. It seems on those holes, the blues approximated where the whites used to be and the blacks more like the blues. In many cases the monuments haven't been changed and the tees were in something like their "normal" spots. In some cases, it's possible the tees were cheated up due to the weather conditions. They will definitely need to update their card.

In summary, I enjoyed the round and thought the course held up pretty well to the rainy conditions. For the record, the high school girl was a freshman and #2 on her team, probably soon to be #1 according to her dad, and was blowing her drives about 30 yards past my better ones with us both playing the whites. Given that it would be a fool's errand for me to be playing golf to boost my ego in the first place, I simply appreciated her talent.
Played Sat 1-12 with my monthly mens group. We had a 8:30 shotgun start and everything went off on time. It was cool and raining lightly when we started but by about the 4th hole the rain let up and eventually made way for a sunny day. It did cloud up and rain lightly after we were finished.
The course is in very good condition. Tee boxes are good with just some of the par 3's showing some divot damage.

The fairways were next to perfect! Lush-green and very nice to play from. There was an occasional wet spot due to the overnight rain but nothing serious.

The only knock would be the bunkers. They had ample sand but there are lots of small rocks mixed in. With the new rule change you can now move them so it makes for easier shots out.

The greens are in very good condition with almost no old ball marks to deal with. They rolled medium quick and held shots very well.

No cart on this day but there was not many other players besides our group on the course.
Had lunch after and everyone was pleased with the food and the great service.
Overall a very nice way to start 2019.
Listing 13 to 24 of 58,442 Course Reviews
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