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Joined a friend from AZ on the morning of 9/3. First time to Skylinks in 20 years.

Really quite surprised at how nice this public course is, layout really reminds me of Mile Square. As you would expect from the amount of golfers that play here, you have greater than normal divots, ball marks, etc. But outside of that, the conditions were really nice.

But, if you tee off at 7:00am like we did, beware.......FIVESOMES! Yep, we were a fivesome, following a fivesome who was also following a fivesome....with half of the players walking. And here's the shocker, we made it around in just UNDER 4 HOURS! It can be done people! Even in a fivesome. Kudos to the regulars at Skylinks who keep things moving.
Played Goose Creek as my 2nd round on 8/26, after a daybreak round at Oak Quarry. While OQ is a full service facility, Goose gives you the other extreme - very little service on a great course. The only people I saw working was the guy in the clubhouse and the beverage cart.

Course is in real nice shape for mid-summer, maybe just a notch below Quarry, but still better than most. Greens are smooth, softer than I have experienced here in the past. Fairways are nice. Rough is generally good. Nothing I can complain about for course conditions.

We zipped around the front 9 in 1:45. Then hit the brick wall on #10. Took us 1:30 to make it to #14 with 1 or 2 groups on every tee box. The heat and 31 holes had started to wear me down, so I called it a day and headed home.

Really nice course as always at Goose Creek, but based on my last few trips here, it looks like the course is no longer hidden and unknown. The masses have found it, and they were all playing on the back 9.
Decided to do my once a year Riverside 36 of Oak Quarry and Goose Creek. I got out on Oak Quarry a little earlier than Chevelle on 8/26 as our 3-some was 2nd off just after 6:00. First group off were a 3-some that had not been here before, so they made a few wrong turns and made things a bit slower than they needed to be. Still, we made it around in just over 3 hours.

OQ is in great shape for the heat of summer. Greens are soft and roll smooth, medium speed. Fairways and rough are good. Bunkers were damp from overnight watering, but still in good shape.

I'll differ from Chevelle here in stating I would happily pay $59 for this course to be in OC any day. It's a great track with stunning views. Yes, they do offer a level of service that many of us consider unnecessary, but it is just part of the package that makes OQ my favorite in the area.

My Riverside 36 day continued with Goose Creek.......
Played BG on 8/20, at first light. Clubhouse and starter were nice enough to let me go out single before the 1st threesome. Made for a quick round, although I did have to way for the greens cutters to clear off on most of the back 9 greens. No problem, it was a beautiful morning to stand and smell the weeds.

Course is in really nice shape for mid-summer. Tee boxes have been recently aerated, but it is not an issue, still lots of decent grass coverage. Just don't put your tee in an aeration hole and all will be OK. Greens were excellent. Moderately soft, smooth, and not too fast.

Fairways and rough are generally nice, with some rough spots here and there. Rough around the greens can be nasty at times. Sand was good, a bit firm and packed, but still very playable.

Thoroughly enjoyed my morning, too bad I had to go into work rather than head back out for another 18. But even at work, there's always time to squeeze in a GK review......
Played Maderas on 8/7/19. Course is in great shape.

Greens are solid. Smooth and running true. Speed was excellent, not too fast, you could attack the hole with confidence (not that I did). There are a couple of bare patches on a couple of greens, but never near the hole, and that is the only thing from giving these greens a 10.

Fairways and rough are in great shape, very playable. Sand traps are near perfect.

Staff was great and very helpful.

Pace of play was exactly 7 hours.

For 36 holes.

Maderas remains my #1 recommendation for the San Diego area.
Played 7/31 with the GK Guru's Matthew, Nick & Vince - thanks guys for another fun round!

BG is still one of my favorite tracks in the area. A challenging layout, as you can get into trouble on either side if you are wild. Take more golf balls with you than you normally would.

Greens are about as good as I have ever seen them here. Not cut quite as tight as I have experienced here in the past, so they weren't burned out for mid-summer. Green and plush, and quite soft. I was getting more backspin than I like. Speed was medium to slow. I'll be honest, I much prefer healthy and slow greens to shaved burned out greens.

Fairways and rough was pretty good. There are a few rough areas here and there, but generally the lies are good and consistent.

Only encountered the sand on #1, it was fine. Service was fine as well.

Very good course and facility, I look forward to returning.
Played Tijeras Creek, first out on 7/15. It was my first time here in over 10 years after having been in the Men's Club here for years. Still one of the best layouts in SoCal, the back 9 is magical. Unfortunately, the same thing that drove me away 10 years ago still exist today - really poor conditions. It seems like they are trying, the course was extremely wet today, with puddles in numerous locations.

Tee boxes are bordering on hideous. It is either shag carpet grass, or divot hell. Especially on a par 3 tee box, good luck on finding a place with a good lie AND good footing. You might get one of the two.

Fairways are OK if you play the ball up. I saw many shots in the fairway end up in divots. Just way too many poor lies in a fairway.

Greens are hit and miss. Lots of unfixed ball marks. Many greens were over-watered. Speed was very inconsistent due to the water.

Apparently they recently refurbished the traps and it shows, they were very nice and consistent, although my playing partners did complain of water in bunkers as well.

I hope the amount of watering means they are trying to improve things here, but I am seeing nothing different from when I frequented here 10-15 years ago. Layout is great, but the conditions are better at just about any course within an hour. Not recommended unfortunately.
Played CrossCreek on 6/28/19. It is a long haul to get here from San Clemente, so I don't get out here often. After playing here yesterday, maybe I should get a Prius so that the cost to get out here isn't so bad. Maybe a helicopter - a quick flight over Pendleton before they notice. Unfortunately, for the first time I can in from the north, and GPS took me by a route which ended up being a couple of miles of unpaved rocky road. OUCH! My little Madza sedan survived.

The course is in fantastic condition right now. Greens are what I consider perfect, smooth, soft, quick but not insane. I made zero putts. Maybe I shouldn't like the greens. But I do.

Fairways are nice, good grass coverage, very few (if any) bad spots. The rough is very thick right off the fairway, but gets patchy on the edges near the native areas. Tee boxes were nice.

Great course!
Played Eagle Glen on 6/27/18 with GK Guru's Jerry, Larry & Ron. Another fun round with these guys. I get mixed feelings on Eagle Glen, but in the end it is still a great layout in a great location. Conditions are very hit and miss right now.

I came out here about a month ago, only to go elsewhere when I found out 9 was closed for water jetting of the greens. So I was surprised today when there was quite a bit of evidence of standard aeration. Fortunately, the pins weren't in those areas. Greens were moderate speed, a bit slow, and rolled pretty well.

Fairways were actually better than I've seen here in my last few trips. Still very hard in spots, but in general the grass is good although a bit tighter than I prefer. Rough is very hit and miss - some spots are fine, some are really ragged. Tee boxes are fine, no concerns there.

I still regard Eagle Glen as one of my favorite tracks. It is a rare treat in SoCal to find a course with no houses around. The layout is very fun, and except for a couple of tight holes there is plenty of land to let it fly. Let's hope the conditions get turned around and make this place one of the best in the area.
First off on 6/11, walked as a single and finished in 2:30. Sad to hear this course is likely on the chopping block, it is a fun track and much better than most courses at this price in the OC.

Conditions are standard for Mile Square. Pretty good grass coverage. Greens generally very nice and smooth. There are some dead patches here and there, just be aware. Rough is generally easy to play out of off the fairways. However, the rough around the greens is super healthy and tough to play out of - very sticky grass.

I'm sure Dad Miller has it's fans as well, but I'd much rather see Players kept alive and Dad Miller sacrificed to the political gods. Hopefully I am able to get back to Players a few more times before it is done. Not to worry though, I'm sure Irvine is just about to start working on those 45 holes at El Toro finally after a 10-15 years of nothing out there. Yeah, right.
Played GC Estrella on 6/6/19. Course is in outstanding shape for June in Phoenix.

Greens were quick and firm, smooth everywhere. Just about perfect. Fairways are very nice, a few spots are starting to overhead and burnout - expected for summer, but those spots are few and far between. Same goes for the rough.

The bunkers are dry and crusty. Still, they are playable, ball sits up more than normal.

Really fun track to play. More space in landing areas than you think. But still, you will hit some balls into the desert areas, so bring an extra club for those desert rock shots.
Played Oak Quarry at sunrise on 5/28. For a 2nd round - Goose Creek was blacked by a tournament, so I went to Eagle Glen. They had an unadvertised front 9 closure for water jet aerating and a pileup on the back 9, so off to Dos Lagos I went.

Course is in pretty good condition, already looks like summer out here. Brown, hard, bumpy. But in general it is in decent shape. Fun layout, you can take some chances here. Went for the green on #9, put my driver 8 feet from the hole, and proceeded to miss the putt 2 feet left. Nice putt.

The greens are pretty good. Quick. Some holes still have evidence of aeration, and some are bumpy in spots. Most of the time they are smooth and fast enough. Fairways are firm, but lies are pretty good. Rough is non existent.

All in all, a nice bargain for a fun course.
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