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Played W.Lake's today. Went on as a Single and it was a great day for golf. Greens are looking very good. Inconsistency on the greens. Slow ones, fast ones made my putting a difficult challenge. Fairways somewhat decent, still lumpy and bumpy which made some of the lies terrible.Tee boxes were uneven and inconsistent as well. Listen, for $28 bucks including cart that was a bargain. I see a lot of Gkers don't play this course. Last review was on Oct 17 2017 by Weber. This course can be long and challenging played from the Blues. There it is guy's..."know before you go"
This is an Update from my previous round at Sierra Lakes. Played yesterday and it seems the greens have come back quite nice with plenty of sand in the bunkers. Customer Service still an issue there when checking in. "know before you go"
Played on Tuesday the 26th. Course condition shows its back. Well I don't think it fully is. The fairways are very spotty but consistent (all the same). The greens are still bumpy from aerafication that took place a few weeks back. I would give the greens about 2 more weeks. Plenty of sand in the bunkers. The course is really not in bad shape other than the greens being bumpy. Customer Service, no comment. There it is guys "Know before you go"
Played today, most of the Course is a Mess !! When I made the tee time 4 days ago I was told by "___" that the course was in GREAT shape. Not true at all. All fairways are being scraped, getting ready for over seeding or something like that and from what I can see and was in (Bunkers) No Sand, the Greens are back but really thick like they really need to be cut, running real super slow. But like I said, fairways are totally a mess ! If you decide to play call first, I just hope their honest. Remember "Know before you go"
Played today cause I wanted to know what the course is like before my Team Match play on Saturday. Course is very hilling with many side hill lies. Some of the Fairways are narrow. Most fairways were damp with heavy Mud areas throughout. Tee Boxes were decent, Most fairways had many lumpy crabgrass spots the bunkers (the ones I was in) had decent sand and the Greens were fair. Front nine looked like the greens were recently sanded but yet okay. Over all the Course ( 1 to 10 with 10 being outstanding) was a 5.5 This course is impossible to walk for the average player. I highly recommend riding. In shape or not you will feel beat after a few holes.
Practice facility at Goose Creek
Didn't play the course today but I have to commend the workers who keep this place looking like at a gem. The condition of this practice facility is the best. For being as hot as its been the Driving range (Grass, NO Mats) is in great shape with great range balls. The two Chipping areas as well as the 2 putting greens are absolutely in great shape. Practice greens are running pure and smooth. By far this Course's practice facility is the best in the I.E. My compliments to all the hard working Men who keep this course in Superb condition.
played today using my last Underpar voucher deal. El Prado has failed to notify players that the Greens were "Punched" on the Butterfield side. Course is in bad shape. Guess the heat has been taking its toll on a few courses in the I.E. Many brown dry spots throughout many fairways, No sand in many of the bunkers I was able to see and Greens were terrible. Don't know if the "Chino side" has been punched but it would be nice if the counter personal would let us know.
The GK family played this great Pete Dye layout on Sunday the 20th of May. Course is in great shape. Greens fast or slow depending which way you were putting but not receptive, fairways were nice and green, good sand throughout the course. Outstanding Customer Service in and outside the Course. I have but just one thought... on the Par 3 holes #2 and the signature hole # 16 there should be a sign (on the tee box) indicating that there is a Drop Area available below for poor tee shots instead of having to re-tee again from tee box and finding out later after you had re-teed that there is a drop area available down below...just saying, other than that Outstanding day, Thanks Johnny for a well put outing.
played the "S" course today with another GK member. Course is in absolutely great shape. Driving range is free as well as the good service they provide to outside guest. Fairways were pure and green as well as very well manicured. I almost hated to take divots out of the fairways. Greens fast and very receptive as well as true. Plenty of good Sand in the bunkers tee boxes very level. This is a great Course to play so if you ever have a chance to play this Gem, I strongly advise that you do. oh and the weather was Perfect.
Played Johnny Gk today at this Course to for our Match play. Was raining lightly when we started. It went on and off for most of the day, just enough to keep the everything wet. It wouldn't be fair to review this course in a positive sense due to the weather conditions. This course has always had bite to it and today was not exception. Tee boxes good, fairway at times were soggy in some places, greens were lighting fast and the bunkers were soggy wet. The greens were puzzling to me to see how fast the greens were with all the wetness on the them. Still a great track. : ( I lost to GK Johnny 3/2
played yesterday (Monday). Course is in fine shape. tee boxes a little worn out but at least even, fairways were just OK because there were many dry spots and muddy areas were they are over watering and greens, well some were good and some still show signs of past weeks aerafication but still the ball would roll okay. Customer service was ok and so thankful that they replaced all the range balls with new ones. Cant beat the rate. regardless of your age the rate is $35 bucks weekdays.
Course in pretty good shape. Winds picked up a bit but still had a good time. Greens fast, Rough (where their was rough) cut low enough so you could find your ball. Tee boxes in good shape and plenty of sand in most bunkers. pro shop friendly as well as the Marshall on the first tee box.
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