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Played on the Tuesday the 17th. Course is in fabulous shape right now. Tee boxes, fairways, bunkers and greens are in great shape. This Course goes into aerafication mode at the end of this Month so play this Inland Empire gem before the 30th of March. I really enjoy the practice facility here which I truly believe is the best in the area.
Last review was back on Jan 20, 2020 so here is an update. Course is in great shape right now. Tee boxes are firm but still in good shape fairways are in good shape but you will be penalize if you land your ball in the rough, There is sand in the bunkers (at least in the ones I was in) and the greens were in great shape. Ball rolled true and around 11 on the stimpmeter. Customer Service was great at check in but he Marshall on the first tee box of the legends has an attitude issue. Maybe he was just having a Bad Day. Was a great day to play. I really enjoyed my round today.
Played yesterday. It seems that this Course is being neglected by Course Management. Greens are terrible, looks like they do NOT cut them in the mornings, very bumpy and way to soft. Fairways also looking bad. NO sand in most of the bunker. Management needs to wake up and start spending time on the condition of this Chino Side. Another thing. Amazon delivery Trucks are now parking on the Course lot taking up 1/3 of the lot. Now they are starting to bleed over to the main lot. This is NOT looking good.
Played on 2-27-20 Fairways a bit dry and brown. Some of the greens had been recently punched which effected the Balls roll at times. Plenty of Sand in the bunkers but the course all around condition was fair around a 7 out of 10 (10 being great). This L.A. County course's Green fee prices are going up the 1st of the month. This course can be tough if your ball is not on the right part of the fairway for your approach shot.
played today and its a repeat of the what I have been saying about this Jewel in the I.E. Tee boxes looking nice and even, fairways nice and cut, bunkers ( the ones I was in ) had good sand in them and the greens were nicely cut and around 10 or 11 on the stimpmeter. Customer service attendant Bryan Swartz was fantastic. He greeted me and was very pleasant to talk too. I had a great day playing this wonderful course today.
played yesterday the 5th of Feb. Course is in fantastic shape right now. Tee boxes, fairways bunkers are all in great shape. The greens were hard and fast, really hard to get the ball to check up. As always the "practice facility " is one the best if NOT the best in the Inland Empire. Customer Service was great, all was great. One thing I hate to see is "Players" still disrespecting this great course by Driving their carts onto Par 3's. and Not fixing their Ball Marks on the greens #@#$#. Where ever you live in Southern Cal and have nevered played this fine course, this is definitely a must play.
Played today. Teed off early, the greens were bumpy and wet. Fairways were decent but still a little soggy in some places. They still haven't cleaned up some of the mess the Winds did on Wednesday. Branches and leaves throughout the course. Some Tee boxes were terrible, not cut and not flat. Check in was Slow and painful. Paying a Weekend rate you would think the treatment would be a bit better and personal, nope it wasn't. Get them in and get them out was their theme for the day. I know this sounds bad but I'm just calling it as I experience it. I know its not like this all the time but today was bad.
Last review written was back in June of 2019. Wow, I haven't played this course in a while due to the lack of maintenance being done to the course. Played Thursday the 30th of Jan and the greens were terrible. It seems the Course is NOT cutting their greens in the morning and I don't have to remind you that if you do not cut "Poa annua" greens, it gets really bumpy. Course is still being ran by a GM that is not on top of some issues that should be taking care of. Fairways were spotted, tee boxes not cut and the rough needs to be cut as well. The check in was good and quick and the practice putting greens were perfect, I just wish the Course had there greens just as nice.
Played today the 22nd of Jan. Last review was back on Dec 29th 2019. As shown in the pictures that is the way all fairways are, Dormant. The Brown thin fairways has clumps of grass throughout the course. If your playing ball down just hope your ball doesn't come to rest along side a patch of crab grass because that can cause some serious hurt to your wrist. Tee boxes were pretty much level, Sand bunkers had good sand in them and the greens were the best part of the course nice and pure, hard to read at times but nice. Customer Service at check in was friendly and good. The Restaurant at the course has good food and real good service (thank you Kathy).
Played yesterday 1-11-20 For the most part the tee boxes decent and somewhat level, the fairways are very thin lets the ball run a mile, some of the bunkers (the ones I was in) had a decent among of sand but there were other bunkers with very little sand. The Greens were very hard and solid made it hard to put your divot tool into the greens to fix any mark. Customer Service was quick, easy and friendly. We played 2 rounds. The morning round was a bit cold with No wind at all but the but the 2nd round around 1pm the Wind came in with a fury.
Played Yesterday early morning (it was cold). Fairways still a little damp from previous rains and the recent cold weather we have been having. It just seems that the fairways just do not want to dry up, we need Sun and lots of it. Ball rolling okay but still a little muddy in some places. . Greens were the best part of the Course but still a few bunkers without enough sand to have a decent out. Overall the Course was not that bad for the price we paid ($35 bucks).
Played New Years Day (morning). It was Cart Path Only (CPO) but players were diving their carts on the fairways anyway with the Marshal around and not saying anything to the players so we also went ahead and joined everyone else. Fairways still a little soggy in places, Greens were not was I expected, they were fast and bumpy and very moist due to the heavy rains past. Customer Service was fast and quick and only $45 bucks for a Online deal. Was a great way to start the New Year.
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