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The course is coming back nicely. They are still doing work but very playable from what it was a few years ago. Greens are great, a little slow but smooth. Fairways are thickening up and the rough is there than it has ever been. Bunkers on the valley/desert combo were just redo this week and are in great shape. They just got new carts last week are have a cooler and ball washer on them. There are some weeds growing in around the tee boxes where they removed a lot of grass but I assume they are putting all the work into the nuts and bolts of the course. Nice to see it’s coming back to life.
Played on 4/4 and called ahead to see how busy. Went out as a single walking after the morning rush. POP was about 3 1/2 hours. They punched the green about 3 weeks ago and are pretty much recovered with a few bumps that I think only low handicappers would notice. This is one of my favorite spot to come play when I wake and decide to play. Mornings are always busy but after 10 it thins out nicely. As usual the staff there was very friendly and ready to serve. The rough was in great shape a pretty consistent throughout. The fairways had some old punch holes and looked as if they had just cut them down very low for the spring all still very playable. I'll be back in a few weeks as usual.
Played on 7/6/16 with an all day play coupon. Everyone complains about the wind but let's move past that. Narrow course with some tricky tee shots. Fairways were in good shape, green with a few dry spots. The rough needs a lot of work but I would rather see green fairways and brown fough any day. Greens were very challenging with lots of undulation. Good game tester and for the novice please play your correct tee to make it enjoyable.
Played here on Oct 25. played in a tourney and I have played here several times before. Long and wide open is your basic description. Greens were in pretty good shape since they punched about a month prior. Tee boxes have never been in that great of shape here, fairways were green with pools of water in multiple spots on every fairway and it hasn't rained in weeks. They always OVER WATER this course. Needed to play lift and clean with mud covered balls in the middle of the fairway. Having said that the course was in good shape for the amount of play and lack of care other golfers take to repair their divots. Worth the $ and if you get out after 9am and before 1 you can get through in around 4 hours.
Played 36 holes on Monday the 5th in less than 7 hours. The course is in great shape and the greens have come back very nice. Now that the greens have come back, can we get a mower on them! A little slow for me but some higher handicapers may like it. Great couse worth the greens fee and i nice walking course too.
The greens are fantastic. The fairways on the other hand need a lot of work. Rock hard and most of the grass was very thin with many bare spots.
Very nice desret layout. Lots of bunkers line the fairways. Course knowledge helps alot here.
Tight tree lined fairways. You need to be straight off the tee!
Very good layout. The greens were a little soft and buppy aroud the holes. Smart play is the call at this course.
Listing 1 to 9 of 58,611 Course Reviews
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