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Played Industry Hills (The Babe) course Saturday in a tournament. Overall the course was in great shape except the greens and the bunkers. I know that The Ike is their money maker and they pay more attention to that track but boy, the greens on the babe were terrible IMO... the guys in my group agreed as well. Ball marks everywhere and poorly repaired. They were rolling pretty slow from what I've experienced in the past. I've been playing here for a really long time and they've seen better days. Also the bunkers were terrible. Hardly any sand in them and quite a few rocks were present. They were very hard to get out of throughout the day as we all ended up in 1 or 2 in our round. I'm very disappointed in the condition of this course at the moment. I've played this course at times in the past and it was immaculate. They're running a 44 dollar special right now due to some anniversary thing they got going on so you can't beat the price and maybe that's why as it's getting a ton of play. Just feel they need to step it up and nurture the track a little bit. Other than these issues the rest of the course was great. Fairways and tee boxes were nice. Cart girl was present all day as well which was good. Never have I had this issue on the Ike....
A few days late but here it is. Played Friday April 19th with a tee time at 2:22. Checked in with at the golf shop at 1:50 with a rate of 22 dollars (players club) rate which includes a drink, can't beat it. Here's the kicker, we ended up having to wait over a half hour for our carts and we were a 5 some. They had double booked tee times so the other group waiting along with us had the same tee time as we did. We didn't end up teeing off till 2:45. The whole rest of the round was a hurry up and wait situation, 2-3 groups waiting on the tee. It was a long horrible experience which I've never experienced here. It is American golf and they like to cram as many tee times in as possible but never this bad. Well anyways, on to the course conditions. Overall it was pleasant but the greens were really bumpy and thick. Understandable as they were punched not too long ago. Biggest issue was the ball marks. Why is it so hard for people to fix their ball marks. I repaired 11 ball marks on one green, unbelievable.... fairways were nice and rough was playing at it's normal thickness. Bunkers were nice as well with ample amounts of sand and pretty fluffy. Overall it was a frustrating day but still better than being at work. They have to do a better job with their managing and booking issues IMO.
Late post but here we go... Played Western Hills last Thursday with some buddies. This course always upholds to it's challenges. Tree lined fairways with lots of dog legs in there to give you trouble. Gotta be in the fairway on this course or it will be a long day. Fairways were nice and lush. Rough, well the rough wasn't too bad but enough to give you trouble. Tee boxes were nice and level and well manicured. Bunkers were very full and had soft plush sand. I ended up in a few. The biggest challenge on the track is the greens. They are always super fast and you need to be below the hole. You definitely have to know the greens here or you can 3 putt all day. I love this course due to the challenging nature. First time walking here and it was nice. Not to many elevation changes so you can easily walk if need be. If you get a chance to play here give it a try. Donovan Daily Deals puts out an occasional Monday deal for 60 bucks and that includes cart. I'll continue to go back and try to conquer this course....
Booked 2 tee times for 8 of us for my buddies bday round. Right away I noticed they are getting into the maintenance process and well expected during this time of the year. A lot of dormant areas and really tight lies. The one thing that really stood out to all of us was there wasn't any sand in the bunkers at all. Also there were a lot of rocks in the bunkers as well. I've played here quite a bit and have never seen it this bad but again, maintenance season... tee boxes were nice and the greens were rolling pretty well. Won't be back for a while, until the course recovers.
Sorry for the late review... but here it is. Played on a Monday July 9th on a daily deal. Course was in great shape as it always is. Tees were level, mowed, and lush. Fairways were really great. Didn't have a bad lie the whole round. Rough wasn't too long but challenging enough that you didn't want to be in it. Bunkers had plenty of sand and they were full and fluffy. Greens had been punched about 7 weeks prior so they were slower then normal. The greens are usually really really fast. They were just about there but not quite.
All and all I've always had a great experience here. The course always plays well and in good condition. You definitely have to be straight off the tee here as well. If you get a chance to play here don't hesitate.
Where do I start... Played in a tourney 12/2. This course never ceases to amaze me. The whole course is green and plush. They've done a really great job keeping this course in tip top shape. Tee boxes were level and trim. Greens were fantastic, very fast and true. Rough was pretty tough because they had it about 3 inches long so if you were in it you had to really get after it. I ended up in one bunker and it was soft lush sand. Always a go to for my buddies and I. The practice facility is one of the best around if not the best any public course offers. I'll drive the 40 min from home just to work on my game here, they have it all. Keep up the great work Goose...
Got to play this Pete Dye course 11/5/16 in a golfmatch app outing. What can I say, the course was immaculate and green. Everything about this course was great accept for the greens. I was so surprised at how slow they were. After talking to everyone in our group after the round it seemed everyone agreed about the greens. Other than the greens what a charm. It is a pretty challenging course, not long but challenging. Would definitely like to get out there again soon.
Played on the 12th early morning tee time. Course is in great shape. Nice lush green fairways. Didn't find myself in one bad lie all day. Rough was thick and full, tough to play out of but it's what to expect. Greens had been punched a few weeks prior so they're just barely starting to come back. Bunkers were nice with fluffy soft sand. All and all a great course and layout. They do a really great job maintaining this course. Always love playing here. Will be back this Friday for a tournament, can't wait...
Couple days late on my review but here it is. Played Tuesday Aug. 2nd with a tee time of 8am. Course was in great shape. Didn't expect that as it's been hot and dry for the past month. Fairways were lush and soft, didn't have a bad lie all round. Tee boxes were level and green and meticulously maintained. Greens were excellent EXCEPT for the unrepaired ball marks. Seriously people repair your ball marks it's not that hard. Seemed to be an excessive amount this go around. The bunkers were the worst part as they were hard as a rock and they had no sand in them. Was in two bunkers and they were terrible. Not sure why but they had been neglected. Overall it was a great round as always. One of my favorites to play and will always return. Minor downfalls when it came to the bunkers and the ball marks on the greens.
Played today for 50 bucks on a Donovan daily deal. Course is very narrow and challenging. The best part of this course are the greens. Some of the best greens I've played on. They rolled true and were fast. Kudos to the superintendent on a great job. The fairways were bare and patchy with a lot of dog legs. I enjoyed the round and finished in less than 4 hours... I'm sure we didn't get the full affect of the golf course due to the down pour yesterday but all and all not too bad.
Sorry about the late review as I played the Babe on MLK day for a great price of 49$... pretty good deal especially it being a holiday. This was my first time playing here and I was very intimidated coming into the round. everyone I know that has played this course emphasized on the tough layout. I found that the course wasn't all that bad. One of the best manicured courses I've ever played. Challenging but playable as long as you play strategic golf. Bunkers were soft and full, tee boxes trimmed and level, fairways were plush and green. Very tough greens though... a lot of the greens were 2 tiered so if you weren't on the right level you were definitely in trouble. I would have to say I'll be returning more often and will play the IKE next as it's a longer course. If you haven't played here before I would say print out the hole tips at the bottom of the course page here on greenskeeper. It will help you out...
Played Westridge on Monday the 31st to beat the rain that was coming on Tuesday. I think everyone and their mother had the same idea because the POP was horrendous. The POP has been pretty good lately as I play here often so I stand by my theory as to everyone was trying to get their round in before the rain. Anyways, the course is in really great condition. Fairways were lush, everything was really manicured. The greens were slower than usual but that's because they had punched them three weeks prior. Overall it's always a fun track and I will continue coming here...
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