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Played Oak Quarry for the first time on Sunday, March 10 as part of the GK match play. Had a blast with Kevin, Greg and Alex. With a chance of rain in the forecast we were hoping to get through 18 before the rain, which never materialized and was a chilly partly cloudy beautiful day. After reading recent reviews I went in with low expectations condition wise, but for layout and fun I had high expectations and those expectations were met. Good course management and smart play is needed on this course to score well.
Tees - Mostly good coverage, but many are not level.
Fairways - A mixed bag of conditions. From thin hard fairways to more lush fairways to some that had weeds growing. Near the greens the fairways were awesome, great coverage and very green. The entire course needs to look like this. In other words, very inconsistent.
Rough - Very nice shape. Lush and penalizing as rough should be.
Bunkers - Very poor shape! The fairway bunkers have little to no sand in them and there is really no need to rake them as no foot prints are made. In fact I had a tee ball hit a bunker on the fly and take a huge bounce up and out of the bunker. The greenside bunkers are slightly better, with a thin layer of sand with a hard underneath. Many sand shots from our group were bladed to the other side of the greens as our wedges would bounce off the hard bottom. I did see one trap that had a good layer of sand, so MAYBE they are in the process of adding sand. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and blame the rain on the bunker conditioning.
Greens - Didn't look great (many different shades of green), but for the most part they putted nicely. We did encounter a few bumps here and there, but not too terribly bad. They were firm and not many ball marks to be found.
Customer service was good and friendly, we did not see a beverage cart all day, not sure if one was out there.
Overall I really enjoyed myself and can't wait to go back so I can figure this place out.
Played on 12/26. This was my first time playing Eagle Falls after years of wanting to get out here. With all the great reviews I have read and the 9.03 rating, the course had a lot to live up to and it did.
Check in was fast and easy. Not much here as far as club house or snack bar or bar, but it's not why I wanted to come here anyways. They paired us with a very nice couple from Canada and we tee'd off right on our 11:16 tee time. POP 4 hrs 15 min. We did not use the range, but it looked very nice.

Tee boxes - In very nice lush shape. All were level and had normal divot damage.

Fairways - Wow, were they ever perfect. No brown could be found. Ball always sat up nice. Fairways undulate, but not to severely. Some of the best I have ever played on.

Rough - Long, thick and sticky (Golf version of a Montrose song). The rough was always on hills and if you though you might get a lucky bounce out of it, forget it, not happening. The rough was dark green everywhere and would grab your club and ball. Framed the fairways nicely.

Bunkers - Was only in one and had nice sand, could use a little bit more, but i am not complaining. Saw one green side bunker with lots of new sand just waiting for a crew to spread it out. The bunkers are deep and

Greens - A little slow for my taste, but in great shape. they were medium speed but downhill putts and chips could get away from you. If you only read your putts from behind the ball, you will have trouble here. You need to look at them from a side angle also or it's going to be a long 3 putt day.

Overall I loved the course and can't wait to get back out, maybe for a springtime round. If the wind kicks up it is going to be a very tough course. There are some forced carries, like 150 yards over water, but with the breeze we had in our face that day it made the drive a little more nerve racking.
Had a great time on Friday with nickesquire and two other golfers that joined us for the back nine. This course lived up to the hype and I was impressed. Using the free email voucher made it all that more special.
The course is tough, no doubt about that. With a slope of 130 from the whites, it gave me all I could handle. If you find an orange golf ball it's mine. There is a lot of them out there to be found.
Since Nick described the conditions perfectly, I will focus on a few other things. Customer service here is top notch, from the bag drop attendants to the cart girl, everybody everybody seems happy to serve you. One of the things that impressed me was that the starter is multi-lingual and I heard him speak a minimum of three languages. Very impressive.

They have a nice range which I used and it was mat only on this day because of the 2 inches of rain they received the day before, otherwise looks like a very nice grass range.

Don't know if I'll ever get to play here again, but I will always remember my round here and the fun that I had.
And yes the tee box for the blacks on hole 18 is something else and you need to take a walk up and look at the hole from there, or if you are not a wimp like me and play your tee shot from there.
Played on Saturday morning with an 8am tee time. POP was a very relaxed 3 hours. Check in was pleasant and quick and they brought a cart out to my car when I pulled in. After check in they told me to see the starter outside, but she was no where to be found. So I went to the first tee and took off by myself.
The fairways have a slightly brownish tint to them but was very lush and nice to play from. Noticed many unfilled divots and I used two bottles of sand during my round. Never affected any shots. Some soggy area's, but not sure if it was from sprinklers or maybe an over night rain.
Rough was in decent shape and could be a factor in club selection. Most of the rough has hills and would be thick enough to stop the ball from rolling down to the fairways.
Tee boxes were a mixed bag, some thin, some needed mowing (especially the par three 12th which was like teeing up a ball in the rough).
Bunkers looked decent. Was in one fairway bunker and was nice to play out of. Very course sand with a few rocks.
Greens were medium fast and putted ok. Greens were difficult to read as the putts didn't break as much as they looked. They are in a fight on the greens with another grass or fungus trying to take over. You can see where they have pulled up the patches of the grass or fungus.
I enjoyed the round and will return again soon....I hope.
Before my review of this course please note that the front nine of this course is CLOSED for the summer. They are redoing the irrigation system. Next summer they will do the back nine.

I arrived at the course at 2:00 on Saturday to an empty parking lot. The starter then in formed me that I would have to play the back nine twice, which was fine for me for the price of $25. Got my cart and I was off. The only other golfers I saw was two ladies putting out on 18.

The first thing I noticed was how green the course was. Even with the type of sunglasses I was wearing, which usually enhances the not so green areas, there was no brown to be found. The course played fantastic, lush fairways and nice greens, just putting a little summertime slow. The rough was just a little longer than the fairways and the ball could sit down a bit. I was not in any sand, but it looked fine maybe a little baked and crusty. On one note about bunkers on this course that I noticed, there was an abundance of rakes for every bunker.

Course was not overly difficult, but missing a green on the wrong side could be trouble. The course plays over 6800 yards from the blues and there are 4 sets of tees to choose from. I was very pleased i chose this course and playing the back nine twice was perfectly fine with these lush conditions. POP 2.5
Played yesterday during the GK Cup Finals on a perfect afternoon for golf. Keith is spot on with his review on the course conditions. This was my first visit to Black Gold and it will not be my last. The staff was great, very polite and welcoming. If I had one complaint is that our GPS on the cart did not work and a new cart was requested, but we never got a response. I had my handheld GPS with me, so it really wasn't that big of a deal.
This course plays tough and we played from the blues and I probably should have played from the whites. The par 3's on this course are tough, long and demanding. 3 of the 4 par 3's play at or over 200 yards. If the greens were not so bumpy in the afternoon, our group could of dropped a few shots each off of our scores.
Just be ready for most of your shots not to be from a level lie and there are many bumps and hills on the course. Such a fun course and it will keep you on your toes. Bring a few extra balls, you will need them. Thanks goes out to Black Gold for hosting us and thanks to Tim, Kieth and Dave for making this a very fun and enjoyable round!
Late to the party with this review. Played the GK event on Sunday May 20 and this was my first time playing the mountain course. Even though my scoring was horrible, I will not let that influence my review. This is a tough course, and nobody should expect to score well here until you played it a few times to pick up on all it's nuances, like the elevated greens makes club selection a chore. Like others have said before me, the conditions were good to very good. I found the green side bunkers firm, but playable and the fairways gave great lies. The greens were firm and holding shots took a good amount of spin. Reading the greens is another whole can of worms. they were fast one way and slow coming back, which means the breaks would change on comebacks.
The staff and facilities are top notch. I do want to come back soon for a rematch, and next time I will prepare better for this course.
Played an afternoon round on Monday with a POP of 4.5 hours. The course had a variety of conditions. No hole was the same as the last hole played condition wise. Greens were mostly slow, some were bumpy and would knock a putt of course and others were very smooth. Hole 3 (I hate this par 3) was the only green that seemed like it had been punched in the last few weeks. The fairways has a lot of GUR going on, but mostly playable with St. Augustine fairways. I was only in one bunker (18 green) and it had to be the hardest sand I have ever encountered, it looked machine groomed, but when I walked through it to my ball, I didn't leave a foot print. Never have seen anything like it. Tee boxes were filled with divots and some are not level. Note: Hole 12 tee box is new since the last time I played here and adds length to the short par 4, but the tee box was so firm I bent 3 plastic tee's trying to get them in the ground.
Staff were very friendly and they make a great hot dog and fries at the turn.
May sound like I'm complaining, but I like the layout of this fun course and for 26 bucks on a holiday, I had a good time.
Played on 4/1 Easter morning at 7:30 as a single. Course was pretty much empty except for a threesome I passed on hole 5. POP was a very relaxed 3:15. I haven't played here in a couple of years and was looking forward to the round. There must have been an outing the afternoon before as there were some styrofoam ice chests in the parking lot along with empty 12 pack boxes and numerous plastic cups. Staff was very friendly and got me out right away.

Tee Boxes - most were badly needing a good mowing. A few holes when teeing up for a 3 wood, the ball was still sitting sitting down in the grass. Tee boxes are level.

Fairways - Looks like they have punched the fairways and in the slots where the punching is done the grass is longer than a normal fairway, but still very playable. the non punched areas the ball sits nicely.

Greens - In perfect shape, was a blast putting on them. a little fast and holding well struck shots. A few divot marks here and there, but I have a feeling it's from the same guys that left the trash in the parking lot. Too bad they are punching them this week, because of how great of shape they are in. There was puddling on several greens on the front nine, but the flags were not placed even close to those spots.

Rough - non-existent, just a slight bit longer than the fairway.

Bunkers - the two that I was in had excellent sand. I did notice on trap, back left on nine looked like dirt and I'm not sure if it gets much play anyways. The front right bunker on 16 had a tremendous amount of sand in it. I noticed that one of the racks only the handle could be seen, so I placed my putting into the trap and with no pressure it sunk down about three inches. The trap was not very well racked, but I have a feeling its just too difficult to rake a trap that is that soft. They could have just added the sand and are still working on getting it set.

Overall I had a great time and enjoyed the course. Look forward to going back after the greens heal.
Played on December 30. I haven't played here in awhile so I thought I would give it another try. Had a tee time of 11:00 and didn't tee off until 11:30. The starter told us that they were 30 minutes behind because of fog in the morning. First tee was disorganized as a twosome were late teeing off and the twosome they were to be paired with went ahead and tee'd off. They did tee off next, but never joined the twosome they were to be paired with, so that did slo down pace quite a bit.
Conditions were not the best, but somewhat doable.
tee boxes - chewed up and not level.
fairways - playable, but somewhat thin.
bunkers - I was only in one and it was hardpan dirt. Others in our group was in others and they had sand and seemed to play nice.
rough - hit or miss, mostly miss with bare spots galore.
greens - looked like they never came back from punching fully. Some were fast, others slow and bumpy. Very much like a Forrest Gump box of chocolate. One hole location was on a slope only 3 paces from the front edge and was impossible to stop the ball anywhere near the hole.
Pace of play was 4.5 hours, but felt like 6. Waited on every shot on the front nine. Had a nice BBQ set up next to the 7 hole and were grilling some great hot dogs.
It seemed like they were having problems keeping the carts supplied for afternoon golfers. Many unhappy faces near the clubhouse.
Drove by the other day and noticed the course was closed. They will be closed until November 22 as they redo the parking lots.
Played on Monday the 23rd and Dave was spot on with his review. I was one of the first groups off and finished in in just under 4 hours. The greenside bunkers were well stocked and the sand was very fluffy, and groups were already not raking. The greens were a little bumpy and slow, but that could have been because of the early morning. The do need to be rolled. Enjoyed the round and the fellow i played witb. I will go back for an early round.
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