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I played my second round of golf back since having shoulder surgery at Rustic on Sunday, 3/10, teeing off at 8:20. POP was Sunday busy for Rustic...4:45. Contrary to the previous review, I found the conditions to be pretty good.

The tee boxes all have nice coverage, and were level. Some divot damage on the par 3's, but nothing unusual.

The fairways are definitely dormant, but they provide good lies with enough pad underneath to hit the ball well. They are on the firmer side, but to be expected on a links course.

The rough around the fairways is spotty, as usual, and you can get a mixed bag of lies. The rough around the greens is fantastic. All uniform, lush, thick and about 3 inches long. It's a pleasure to chip from.

Sand traps are on the firmer side. Many of them are more like soft dirt than fluffy sand...I found a couple of them and was able to get out without too much trouble.

The greens are in great shape right now. Definitely firm and fast. Downhill speeds approach 13, with uphill speeds being more like 8 or 9 on the stimp. Not too many pitch marks due to the firmness, and they held lines well. I love Rustic's greens.

Customer service is always great, and Sunday was no exception. We saw the beverage cart at least 4 times.

Overall, it was a great day on a fabulous course. It's definitely a challenging course, and it quickly showed me the true state of my game. I can't wait to get back!
The wife and I played South on Sunday 1/7 teeing off a bit earlier than our 10:40am time. We were paired with two very nice singles, one who was a resident and doled out lots of local knowledge for us. Our room at the lodge overlooked the 18th on South, and it was a perfect day so we couldn't wait to get our butts kicked. I printed out the tips listed for the course, which proved to be pretty helpful. The tip that helped the most was the one about hitting an extra club on every approach...that one rang very true. I checked my ego at the door and played with Green tees, which is no slouch at a little over 6600 yds on the card, but felt more like 7000.

Everything is green, green, green. It's so lush it's ridiculous. They're shutting down for the tournament soon, and all of the tents are up. So is the rough. Holy cow. It's even longer than the rough on North, probably 5-7 inches and thicker than anything I've ever seen. The tee boxes were all perfect. I wanted to lay down on the fairways and roll around because they're nicer than the carpets in my house. I felt bad taking divots! The sand traps were a little more inconsistent than North's, but for the most part they were full of fluffy beach sand. The greens were totally different than North's. They're much softer and more receptive, and EVERYTHING breaks towards the ocean. That wasn't the case on North. They were slower than they looked, but rolled perfectly.

Torrey South lived up to every expectation I had, and then some. The layout is phenomenal, and it's a serious test of golf, especially right before the Farmers. We paid full rack, and it was worth every single penny. I can't wait to play it again...maybe next time in the summer when the rough isn't so insane.
Made the trip down to Torrey for my wife's 40th last weekend...our first time to get to play either course. We played the North course Saturday 1/6 teeing off at 9:22am. We were paired with another couple, so that was nice. I played from the Taupe's, and with the rough it definitely plays longer than the stated yardage. We had a mixed bag of weather...from partly sunny to completely socked in with fog. The ocean was nowhere to be seen.

With the courses getting ready for the Farmers, I expected things to be in tip-top shape, and they were. Tee boxes were all perfectly level and lush. The fairways were like carpets. Thick and lush, they were a pleasure to hit from. Some divot damage here and there, but most were filled in. The rough is INSANE. Easily 4 inches everywhere, with many areas in the 5-7 inch range. Unless you're standing on top of your ball, it's pretty much impossible to see it. Advancing it is a different story, and it all depends on your lie. I had every lie imaginable! The traps on North were great. The sand is fluffy beach sand and is great to play out of. The greens...oh boy the greens. North's are hard as rocks! I couldn't even get a wedge to spin or stick. Everything released through the green. They weren't putting as fast as they looked and were probably running 9.5 on the stimp, but they were smooth and true.

I was happy I played North first, because it's a great introduction to the Torrey Pines experience. Everything was spectacular, and I'm now extremely jealous of San Diego residents that get to play Torrey for less than I pay for a mediocre muni in LA.
Played Ojai Valley for the first time on Saturday 11/25 teeing off at 10:30am with my wife and one of her girlfriends. I believe we paid $90 per person through one of the golf site deals, and it's totally worth that price. The course wasn't extremely busy, and POP ended up being a leisurely 4:15. I'm a walker, and Ojai would be an EXTREMELY difficult walk. We rode :)

The resort itself is spectacular. Finding the pro shop/bag drop proved to be a little difficult as it's all the way around the backside of the resort, but thankfully I had read some previous reviews that mentioned to make sure we dropped our bags at the bag drop due to the huge distance to the parking lot. The attendant suggested my wife jump in a cart and follow me down to the parking lot and just load up there. Great idea! We arrived early and had breakfast at the Oak Grill. The food and service were excellent. It's pricey, just know where you're at. After breakfast we headed down to the range to get warmed up. There's a very nice short game area just to the right of the first tee, so we drove the cart down and started there. The range itself is excellent, providing unlimited Titleist balls. Since there weren't many tips on the GK site about the holes, (I read them religiously before playing a new course!) I asked in the pro shop if they had any course tips they could help me with. He handed me a sheet with tips on how to play each hole, which was great! I'll add all of this info to the TIPS section soon, because it was very helpful. Now, on to the course...

The front 9 is quite demanding, with many blind tee shots, and lots of elevation changes. Even having the info I had, it was still kinda difficult to determine where to hit the ball, and how far to hit it. The carts have excellent GPS systems in them, so that definitely helped. Playing it a second time will be much easier. The back 9 wraps around the front of the resort, and is much more in front of you. You may have an audience on the 10th and 13th tee boxes, because they're right next to the restaurants.

Overall conditions were excellent. Tee boxes were all nice and lush, and very level. The fairways were beautifully green and lush, and a joy to hit from. All of the grass at Ojai is kikuya, so the rough was a bear to play out of. It wasn't overly long, but it was still difficult to advance the ball if you got too deep. The sand traps were excellent. The sand was soft and ball plugged so deep in the face of the greenside trap on hole 1 I almost didn't find it! The greens were the highlight for me. Running around 10.5 on the stimp and smoooooooth. They were on the soft side, and wedges with too much spin were an issue, because almost all of the greens are severely sloped from back to front. I had multiple great shots spin right off the front of the green. Doh!

Ojai Valley is a challenging course with all of the elevation changes and blind shots, but it's fair. It's definitely a tough course for the ladies, as there are some forced carries into the greens. My wife and her friend had to lay up a couple of times because the diostances were pretty far for them, but they still loved it! The course chewed me up and spit me out, but I'd love to play it again. I'm looking forward to a weekend getaway at the resort someday, with a couple of rounds built in. I definitely recommend!
Played Moorpark Sunday, Nov. 19 teeing off at around 10:50am. We had a tee time at Los Robles for 10:40am, but there were crazy slow tournaments that were out in front of us, and that had pushed the start times back at least 35 min. No thanks, we'd like to finish before dark! We found a 10:50am at Moorpark, pulled the rip cord from Robles and flew over there. We made it in time to hit some balls on their beautiful range, and hit a few putts on the screaming fast greens. POP was a leisurely 4:20, and we felt like we had the course to ourselves. It was a gorgeous day with light winds, so we couldn't ask for anything better. Customer service was excellent, and while we didn't see the drink cart until 9, we saw it at least 3 times on the back.

We played the Ridgeline/Canyon Crest combination, and I realized I'd never played the Canyon Crest 9 as we made the turn. The course conditions are very good right now. Tee boxes are level and lush, with some expected divot damage on the par 3's. The fairways are very lush and green, and really nice to hit from. The rough is no joke right now. It's extremely lush and thick, and your ball definitely sits down, making finding balls just off the fairway quite challenging. Rough around the greens is beautifully lush and thick. I was in a couple of greenside bunkers, and they had nice sand that was great to play from. I was in one fairway bunker, which had firmer, more crusty sand which is easier to hit long shots out of. Nice. The greens were extremely fast...I'd say 11-11.5 on the stimp and pretty firm. Most solid iron shots would hold, but even most wedges were releasing a bit. They rolled beautifully and true. I find Moorpark's greens don't break as much as you'd think, and pace is the most critical factor.

Moorpark isn't usually one of my go-to courses, but it definitely gained a lot of points with me on Sunday. The price usually makes things less crowded on the weekends, and the conditions are really great, so I definitely recommend it right now.
Played Vista Valencia for the first time on Saturday, 11/4 teeing off around 10am. POP was slow at around 5 hours, partly because of tournaments in front of us, and partly because they let out 5-somes (we had 5.) I'm a walker, and the course isn't too difficult to walk. There are a couple of decent sized hills, but nothing too crazy.

I had no idea what to expect from this executive course, and I was pleasantly surprised. The facilities are all close together...driving range is right next to the clubhouse, and two chipping/putting greens flank the range. This is definitely a busy facility, and there was a bit of a wait for a spot on the range. The range seemed to be mats only, but they were high quality and nice to hit from. Practice greens were nice, and matched the speed of the greens on the course.

The course itself is in very nice shape. Tee boxes were level with nice coverage. Most of the holes are par 3's, and as expected there's some divot damage. The fairways were very nice. Great coverage with a few brown spots here and there, but overall a joy to hit from. The rough is a mixed bag, splotchy thick grass, hardpan, wood chips. Basically, keep it in the fairway! The greens were a treat to putt on. They have tons of undulation, and I didn't see many straight putts all day. They were running around 9.5-10 on the stimp, and relatively smooth. They were very soft and accepted just about any club thrown at them. I did notice some bumps and bobbles here and there, but nothing major.

To me this course seemed to be a nice combination of Simi Hills and Debell, with some solid par 3's and greens that really make you think. It's definitely one of the best executive courses I've ever played. Couple that with good customer service and a reasonable rate, Vista Valencia is a definite recommend. I'll be back.
I played Los Robles twice last week, Tuesday 10/3 mid day, and Saturday 10/7 at 10am. POP Tuesday was good at around 4 hours, Saturday was much slower at 5:10. I'm a walker, and it's a moderately difficult course to walk.

The course is extremely green and in good shape right now. I played the Blacks, and all of the tee boxes are lush and have good coverage, but there are a couple that need re-leveling...#5 being the biggest offender. The fairways are in great shape...very lush and green and a joy to hit from. The rough around the greens is nice, and isn't too penal. 1-3 inches long and lush. However, once you get off the fairway you'll have a mixed bag of lies...splotchy rough, hardpan, or wood chips. The sand traps are all very good, with tons of heavy sand that can make them difficult to get out of if you dig too deep. The greens are in nice shape, running around 10 on the stimp and very undulating. They're very green and roll pretty true, but they're extremely soft...long irons into the par 5's stopped like darts. For as soft as they are, they're still pretty fast, especially down hill.

Service is always good in the proshop, and we saw the beverage cart many times on Saturday. I definitely recommend it right now. Now if they could only level that back tee box on #5...
Walked the blues with my wife, and another couple we were paired with on Friday 8/11 at 1pm. The weather was a gorgeous 75 degrees, with a 15mph wind blowing the entire round. POP was about 4:30. The staff is great at Olivas, and Friday was no exception.

The course is extremely green and lush right now, with the fairways looking like carpet. They were a pleasure to hit from, and easily the best part of the course. Tee boxes were all level and lush. The sand traps had nice soft sand in them, making them easy to blast out of.

The two biggest changes to the course since I was there a year ago are the rough, and the greens. The rains from the beginning of the year definitely made all of the rough/long grasses grow A LOT. There are places that if your ball is 1 YARD off the fairway, you won't find your ball. This definitely slowed the pace of play. I'm of the opinion that some of it needs to be cut down. I know, I know, don't hit it in the rough and you won't have to worry about it.

The biggest concern for me were the greens. The last time I was at Olivas, the greens were immaculate. Right now, well...I'm thinking of an opposite word for immaculate. Awful is too strong, but they are not in good shape at all. They were extremely slow, running approximately 8.5 on the stimp. The bigger issue was all of the ball marks. Every single green was a mess. The par 3's looked like mine fields. There was absolutely no way to keep putts on line, as they bounced and bobbled all over the place. Not good. For me, this is a deal killer. It pains me to say this, but due to the condition of the greens right now, I can't recommend it. I'll be spending my time in Oxnard down the way at River Ridge.
I walked the blues on Saturday 7/28 at 9:47am with Nodoubles22 for our GK Cup match. My friend Shon and his buddy Jon joined us. The course is in great shape, with the greens being the highlight. Tee boxes, fairways, and rough are all lush and beautiful right now. The bunkers are great as well. The greens were pretty fast, running 11 on the stimp. For as fast and true as they roll, it's amazing how receptive they are. Tim hit a 4 iron from 215 into the par 5 12th green that stopped like a dart! The eagle putt unfortunately just slipped by. Great hole, Tim!

The only blemish on the day was one rogue marshal that had a serious bad attitude. We had a bad hole on 6, with multiple balls in the water, and on the 7th box the marshal, at FIRST contact, was extremely rude and telling us he was going to make us move ahead a hole. NOPE! I don't think so! Well, needless to say, that contact ruined the round of golf for us, and added an unnecessary negative element to our match. After the round, I went into the pro shop to blast this mofo. I'd resigned to never return to River Ridge. After a lengthy discussion with the head pro, Susan, she'd made it all better. Susan is amazing, and River Ridge should be very thankful they have someone of her quality working for them. She calmly got Tim and I's story so she could be clear on the situation, and promised us she would definitely address it with the marshal. She gave us her sincerest apologies, and some comps to take the sting off. This is the first negative experience I have had at River Ridge, but the true colors of their staff shone through. I'll be back there next weekend.
Walked the Golds Saturday morning 7/15 at 8:50am with some friends. One of my guys is a member of the Players Club, so we all got his $70 rate, $90 if you're riding. Score! The weather was a perfect 74, with maybe a club wind blowing. POP was around 4:30. Sandpiper is definitely a strenuous walk, so be prepared if doing so.

The course is in great shape right now. The tee boxes are all level and lush. The fairways are very lush. There are a few brown spots, but in general they're dark green and pleasure to hit from. I did notice there were quite a few very wet spots, especially in low lying areas. They are definitely putting a lot of water down. The rough is 2-3 inches long, and thick in most areas. There are certainly spots in the rough that are thin, and some hardpan...but it's Sandpiper, not Pebble. The greens are harder than they look. I love fast greens, and these were running around 10.5 on the stimp, faster downhill holding their lines perfectly. What was a bit shocking was the fact that none of us could get a chip to check all factor in some roll-out around the greens. I was fortunate enough to steer clear of the sand, but it looked nice, and nobody had anything bad to say about it.

We had a delicious lunch on the patio after the round...there aren't many better views from a course restaurant anywhere. The staff was excellent all day, and we saw the beverage cart multiple times. I highly recommend, especially if you can find a deal. For the $70 I paid at 8:50am on a Saturday, it almost felt like stealing...
The heat has officially started the yearly Oxnard swing of my tour. Walked the Lakes course Saturday 7/8 teeing off at 10:45 as a 3-some with my friends. POP was slow to start, but picked up a bit after the 6th hole, with us finishing in 4:40. It was a perfect day for golf...82 and sunny with maybe a club wind to start, picking up a bit more in the afternoon. Wayyyyy better than 107 at my house!

The heat has browned some spots in the fairways that weren't there a month ago, but, in general, the fairways are great. Lush, but firm enough to give some roll out. The tee boxes are great, the rough is thick, but not too penal. The one trap I was in on 18 was a bit thin. The greens are spectacular. Running 11.5 on the stimp and true. They're country club quality. Actually, I feel like the entire course is very close to country club quality, at maginially higher than muni prices. The staff was outstanding, as usual. Can't say enough good things about River Ridge.
Played in a charity scramble at Angeles National this past Saturday 6/24 with a shotgun start at 12pm. I haven't been to ANGC in a while, and was happy to see conditions are quite good right now. They have put up fences around the green on 18 to handle the major coot issues they were having. No coots to be found this time.

Tee boxes are nice and lush and level, with no major divot damage. The fairways have nice coverage, but the lies are tight and firm. The rough around the greens was nice and lush, about 2" long and very playable. Sand traps were in very nice shape, and were a pleasure to play from. The greens still haven't completely healed from their punch about a month ago, and are still a bit bumpy and slow. They are nice and lush, and very accepting to well struck shots. I'd say they need another week or two, and they'll be in great shape.

I would definitely recommend Angeles right now, especially if you can find a good deal online...I still feel like the full rack rate is a bit steep.
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