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Played on Monday, 2/24 early morning. No need to add to the previous, thorough review. But there is one thing I should mention. Many of the greens have been punched with small holes. This did affect line and smoothness (a little bumpy at times) some. It wasn't too bad. But it is noticeable. Also, I want to add that this course is in better shape than any of the L.A. courses in the Sepulveda basin area. I also appreciate the fact that there is no sticky kikuyu grass around the greens to mess with chipping. Makes a big difference.
Played Angeles National on Thursday early afternoon 2/20. I was booked as a single playing with a threesome. But they put the threesome out early, so I was left to play on my own. This made for a long wait on many holes, until I skipped the last two holes on my first 9. Then it opened up.

I have two words to describe the course conditions: FIRM, FAST. The fairways are mostly brown, very hard and thin. They have a lot of run out on low struck shots. The same was true around the greens. Every lie was extremely tight with little to no cushion under your ball. It was very tough chipping around the greens. The greens were FIRM, fast and smooth, but didn't hold approach shots very well. Even high approach shots landing on the green did not make a ball mark.

Tee boxes were a little chewed up, but stick a tee in the ground and you're fine. I was in two greenside bunkers. There was plenty of medium grade sand in them. Fine to hit from. With the very hard pan fairways and green surrounds, this was an unenjoyable round for me. I played at 12:30 and received the twilight rate of $53. I wouldn't pay the rack rate for this course right now.
Enjoyed our round as a foursome here at Simi Hills on Thursday morning (2/13). For some reason it was pretty crowded. Pace of play was between 4.5 and 5.0 hours. Overall, the course is in good playing condition. I really enjoy the layout here. It's challenging but fair. You can score well here if you can keep it in the fairway.

The greens were in fantastic shape. They were firm and on the fast side, and held shots nicely. Downhill putts were very fast. You needed to stay below the hole to have a makeable putt. Tee boxes were in fair shape, with lots of bare spots. But just stick a tee in the ground and you're fine. The fairways are dormant Bermuda. They are quite firm and thin, with lots of roll out. There is just enough cushion under the ball to give mostly good lies.

The rough was very spotty. It was mostly thin or bare with some clumpy areas. From 30 yards off the green, up to the green, it is quite thin with very tight lies. It was a challenge to get a wedge under the ball in many instances. I was in 2 greenside bunkers, and the sand was nearly perfect. Easy to hit from and nicely raked.

I enjoyed my round. In a month or two it should be more lush and very nice to play.
Played Elkins Ranch on Monday morning (9:45am), 2/3/20 as a single. Very high winds were predicted for the course. As a result, it was pretty empty. Surprisingly, there was very little wind until I got to the 14th hole. Then it howled pretty good. But still was playable. I played as a single the entire round, and never waited on anyone. Pace of play was 3 hours, with me hitting numerous practice shots along the way.

Overall, the course is in good condition. The fairways are mostly green and had very decent coverage and cushion, although they were a little thin. But they were in very nice shape for the middle of winter. The rough was in pretty good shape as well, not too penal and fairly consistent. I was in two greenside bunkers and they had plenty of nice moderately soft sand, a pleasure to hit from.

The greens were in nice shape as well. They ran medium fast. They were very fast downhill. Several of the pin locations were in tough spots. A good downhill putt with the right pace would often go 6 feet past the pin if not in the hole; painful! The greens were receptive to well struck shots with spin. Although I noticed a few putts that bounced a little, the greens were rolling nicely. The only part of the course that wasn't in good condition were the tee boxes. I played the blue tees. They were pretty chewed up with many bare areas. But since you can put a tee in the ground, it didn't really affect my play.

With a nice mix of holes and a few elevation changes, this is a fun course. I highly recommend it right now.
Teed off as a threesome on Monday morning at Encino and completed the round in 4 hours total. Pace of play was just fine. Right now Encino is in full winter condition. The greens and greenside bunkers are in very nice shape, the rest of the course is in poor condition.

Teeboxes have many bare areas and a lot of hardpan - 3/10
Fairways are very thin with many bare spots, and hard with lots of roll - 4/10
Rough is very inconsistent, but mostly sparse grass and hard - 4/10
Greenside bunkers have plenty of good quality sand - 7/10
Greens are medium fast, smooth, firm. Didn't hold approach shots very well - 7/10
Our foursome teed off today (1/20/20) at 9am on a chilly and breezy morning. By mid morning, the breeze stopped and had some sunshine late morning and early afternoon. The course is in full winter condition right now. It is quite playable but not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

TEE BOXES - A little shaggy, but overall is good shape. 6/10

FAIRWAYS - Mostly brown/yellow with some green. However, they have enough coverage and cushion to provide decent lies. Some areas are thin and spotty, but mostly they are decent to hit from. 6/10

BUNKERS - Was in one greenside bunker. It had great sand in it. Very nice to hit from. 8/10

ROUGH - The rough was a hodge podge of mixed grasses and bare areas. Some of the rough right around the holes was lush and about 1-2 inches high. Most of the rough off the fairways was non-existent and very spotty.

GREENS - The greens were disappointing. They were in need of a cut; shaggy, and medium slow. The worst part was that many of them were quite bumpy. They were soft and held approach shots well.

I've seen this course in far better shape - even in the winter. Right now it's just OK and wouldn't pay full rack rate.
Teed off at Tierra Rejada on Wednesday (1/8/20) at 8:32am as a twosome. We finished the round right at 11:30 - just three hours! The pace of play was perfect. After a somewhat chilly morning, it warmed up nicely into the low 60's with little to no wind. Perfect conditions. I will echo Gary's (GDR23) comments about the course. Overall, it is in very nice shape. Only the bunkers are a disappointment.

Teeboxes - 7/10, mostly lush, some were a little shaggy but no problems at all
Fairways - 7/10, nicely green, good lies in the fairway with adequate cushion. Some areas,
especially closer to the greens were tight. But for the winter, they were nicely
Rough - 6/10, a little spotty, with some tufts here and there. But not too penal or deep
Bunkers - 3/10, several were full of water and muddy. Mostly the bunkers were dirt with a
tiny bit of sand covering them. They were very hard. I chipped my ball out of them
as if I were in the fairway grass with a tight lie.
Greens - 8/10, greens were semi firm. They rolled very well - medium fast.

Other than the bunkers, the course is a pleasure to play. I do recommend it. I spoke with one of the guys in the pro shop after the round and asked if there are any plans to improve the bunkers. He told me that since 1/1/20 green fees have been increased a mere $1 per round. This money is to be used to address the greenside bunkers later in the year. Once the bunkers are made nice, this will be a must play course.
Got out for a quick round on Thursday morning (1/2/20) at 8:24 as a foursome. We finished in just over 4 hours. Balboa right now is in poor shape, except for the greens. Tee boxes are thin and grass coverage is spotty, at best. Fairways are very thin and hard, with poor lies everywhere. You can find some decent lies, but it's pure luck if you do. You will get plenty of run out on a drive in the fairway. The rough is a mixture of grasses, and not too penal. I was in too many bunkers today. Some of them had very nice soft sand. Others were thin and hard. So little consistency. The greens were, by far, the best part of the course. They were much faster than normal(medium fast to fast) and rolled very smooth and true. Approach shots needed to be landed at the front of the green or just short to keep your ball from running past the hole. Overall, course is in poor condition. The $20 senior walking rate is acceptable. But I wouldn't pay any more than that.
Hadn't played Encino for several months. With heavy winds predicted for the day, I thought I'd get a quick early round in at Encino. Our threesome walked the course in about 4 hours. Encino is a straight forward average municipal course. Fairly wide open with a moderate amount of trees lining the fairways.

Overall, the course is in decent muni shape. The fairways are a mix of good lies and bad. The grass is on the thin side, but decent to hit from generally. I was not in any bunkers, but my playing partners had no issues with them. The greens are in real nice shape. They are very green, smooth, and medium speed. They had minimal unrepaired ball marks for a Monday after a busy weekend.

For a walking senior rate of $20, this is a good deal. If you're looking for a stress free round to work on your game, Encino will fit the bill.
Teed off as a foursome at 10:50am on Thursday, 12/12. Completed the round at 3:15pm. Pace of play was fine, with little-to-no waiting. The course is in good links condition. The fairways are firm and tight, with just enough cushion under the ball to make a good strike. The rough is a mix of grasses. Some areas are a bit thick and others are sparse and clumpy. The areas immediately surrounding the greens are very nice; green, lush and about 1 inch high. Very nice to chip from. The greens ran quite fast, with plenty of slope for a lot of break on many putts. Being above the hole was a real penalty. The greens were very nice. They rolled true and were quite firm. Of the two greenside bunkers I was in, one of them had plenty of firm sand, and the other had much softer sand. Both were fine to hit from. The course is in good shape, and a challenge once you hit the greens.
Played Hansen Dam on Monday, 12/9 at 8:08am. Pace of play was a nice 3 hours and 45 minutes. After several days of rain, I was pleasantly surprised by how good the course conditions were. First thing in the morning the fairways were a bit soggy but not too bad. By the time we hit the back nine, the course had dried out very nicely.

If you like thin, brown fairways, Do Not Go To Hansen! (LOL). The fairways right now are very green and lush: 8 out of 10! The greens, though a bit on the slow side (slow to medium) rolled very nicely. The greens look great and play great. They are soft and receptive. The rough is mostly lush and green, about 1 - 3 inches. I wasn't in any bunkers. But they looked nice, especially considering all the rain we've had. Some of the tee boxes were quite hard and a few were mushy. But, for the most part, not a problem with a tee in the ground.

I highly recommend playing Hansen. It is in very good shape, and fun to play.
Played MPCC as a foursome on Monday, 12/2/19. We teed off at 9:40am and finished at 1:50. It was a nice pace. The weather was near perfect, with the high temperature in the upper 60's and only a slight amount of wind.

Moorpark CC is in very nice shape at the moment. Tee boxes are fine. The fairways, although not exceptionally green, are in great shape. Great coverage in every fairway with nice lies in abundance. The rough along the fairway is not too deep in most areas. But some spots could be penal if your ball settled down in the grass. The rough is in good shape. The rough immediately surrounding the greens is in excellent condition. It's very green, lush and a pleasure to hit chips from. The greens are outstanding. Mostly, they were fast, and they all were VERY smooth rolling. My only negative about the greens is that some of the greens were not as fast as most of them, resulting in leaving some putts too short. But this is only a minor issue.

The only negative on the course is the bunkers. I was in two of them; one greenside, and one fairway bunker. The sand was hard and crusty - difficult to hit from. I was playing with a member who told me that they are going to be changing the sand in all the bunkers. They've been experimenting with different kinds of sand, and have found one they like. If they correct this, the course will be excellent all around. I highly recommend playing MPCC right now. It is a good challenge and in great shape.
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