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Teed off on Monday at 8:20am as a twosome. Played behind a foursome that was very speedy, as we rarely had to wait on a shot. The pace of play was 3.5 hours. During the morning hours it never got too hot. Just hit low 80's when we finished. The weather was perfect and the course is in terrific shape. This has to be the best conditioned municipal golf course in L.A. and Ventura counties.

The fairways are very lush. They are nearly perfect to hit off of. There a few well marked areas from which you can get a drop that were stressed. But they were getting water and appeared to be improving from the last time I was here. Tee boxes are OK for the most part. The bunkers looked good. My friend was in the greenside bunker on hole 9 and said it was thin and too firm. Not sure how the other bunkers are on the course. The greens ran medium fast and very smooth. They were soft and very receptive.

I really enjoy this course. It is in top shape, and has a nice variety of holes. I highly recommend playing this course.
Played MPCC Monday 7/17/17 with a 7:30am tee time. Played the Ridgeline and Creekside nines in 3 hours as a twosome. The course is in wonderful shape. Tees are mostly good with a few uneven areas. The fairways are lush with a nice cushion under your ball. The rough is very nice at 1 - 3 inches and somewhat penal. The rough that is 10 - 30 yards from the green is very spongy and difficult to hit from. The greens were smooth and ran medium fast. They were excellent. The bunkers have nice firm brown sand. I highly recommend this course for its' condition and challenge.
Played Sandpiper at 2pm on Tuesday 7/11. Got the $70 twilight walking rate. The front nine is a fairly benign walk. However, the back nine is a strenuous workout. I loved it! A lot of elevation changes and many uphill holes that will challenge your stamina if you're walking. The weather started out mostly sunny and 73 degrees with a constant 5 - 10 mph breeze. After about 5 holes, the skies starting becoming overcast. By the back nine, it was totally overcast, with a little fog and temperatures in the high sixties.

Overall the course is in fine shape. Tee boxes are good. The rough closest to the fairway is very lush and about 2 inches in length. The fairways are in very good shape, with a nice cushion under the ball. However, there are some areas in most fairways that had been over-watered and were damaged by carts running over those areas. But for the most part the fairways are real nice to hit from. The fringe around the greens is cut low, but they have a nice cushion. Very nice to chip from. The bunkers were firm dark sand and posed no problems to hit out of. The greens were quite fast, especially down hill. However, they did hold well hit irons just fine. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Highly recommended, especially with the twilight rate. The rack rate is a bit high for my taste.
Played Sterling Hills with a 8:46 tee time on Monday morning. I played here to escape the heat of the San Fernando Valley (103 degrees!). It was a nice 80 degree day with a little bit of humidity and very little wind. The course is quite playable. The fairways are fairly lush in the landing areas. Some of the areas between the tee boxes and landing areas, and some spots on the side of the fairways were burnt out grass. But mostly you had a decent lie if you were on or near the short grass.

The tee boxes were lush but many of them were not level. You had to poke around to find a good spot to tee it up sometimes. The rough was a mixed bag. There was some 1.5 inch areas and some bare or blotchy areas. The greens were nice. They held shots well and rolled smoothly. However, they were a bit on the slow side. It was tough getting uphill puts all the way to the hole. The bunkers are not very good. There is NO sand in them. They are full of firm dirt. I was able to get out decently from the two greenside bunkers I was in. But it is difficult to control your distance, due to the firm dirt conditions. Overall, I recommend playing here if you can get a discount.
Played SH mid-morning on Monday 6/12. Perfect weather, and near perfect course. I cannot think of a course in the area that is in better shape than Simi Hills. The fairways are fantastic, with great lies everywhere. The greens were very smooth, medium fast, and held shots well. The two bunkers I was in had slightly firm sand that was a pleasure to hit from. The rough is 1 - 3 inches and in good shape. The only small negative comment I have is that some of the tee boxes were a little unlevel. I paid only $22 walking as a senior for this gem of a golf course. I highly recommend playing Simi Hills. Not only is it in great shape, it is very much fun to play.
Played MPCC on 6/5 with fellow GKers Nicksquire, Mrkich, and Stickboy. It was a very enjoyable day of golf. I can't add much to Nick's elaborate review. The course is in very good shape from tee to green. The only thing I would add is that the greens, though rolling well, were a little slower than I'm used to at this course. With the current conditions and the incredible views on nearly every hole of this course, I HIGHLY recommend getting out here and playing 18, or 27 if you have the time.
Played here on Wednesday 5/24 for a mid-morning round. Perfect weather. Upper 60's to low 70's with just a little bit of breeze. I Played Ridgeline and Creekside. Overall the course is in good shape. For the most part, the fairways are generally lush and provide a good cushion under the ball. However, on hole one of the Ridgeline 9 the landing area was very wet and muddy. That was the only wet area I encountered for the day. Tee boxes are mostly lush, but several tees had low areas and dips that made me alter where I teed up. The rough was fine; not too penal and around 1 inch or so. Greens were smooth and running medium to medium fast. They held well struck shots nicely. My only complaint is about the greenside bunkers. I was in 2 of them. Both were VERY firm and damp. I was able to get out OK but it is not easy to get your club under the ball and splash it out. The course is very playable and a lot of fun. I do recommend it.
Played Brookside #2 on Tuesday, 4/25. I was originally scheduled to play as a single joining a threesome on the #1 course. But that fell apart and I declined to play as a single between 2 fivesomes (duh). So they put me with a threesome on the #2 course. As a senior, I paid $18 walking. Overall, the course is in pretty good shape. The fairways are mostly lush with some thin or bare areas, but quite playable. Most of the teeboxes were fine. But a few were not level and had divot damage. The rough is mostly good, about 1 - 3 inches thick, and could be penal. the bunkers were in good shape with plenty of firm but nice sand. With the exception of one green (which was badly marked and bumpy) the greens were in nice shape. They held approach shots well and rolled medium fast. The course is very playable now.
Walked Knollwood Monday (4/10) as a foursome at 8am. We had a 5some in front of us. But they played pretty quickly, and only had to wait on them a few times for a few minutes. Completed our round in about 3 hrs. 45 min. Started off windy and cold. After about 5 holes, the wind died down and the weather warmed up, turning into a very nice day for golf. The course is more interesting than most of the LA city muni courses around (This is an LA County course). Numerous holes have elevation changes, with numerous dog legs and trees lining the fairways.

The course is in quite decent shape, pretty good for a county owned public course. The fairways are somewhat thin and blotchy. But they are easily playable. Tee boxes were level and lush. The one sand trap I was in had very nice soft sand. The other bunkers also looked quite good. The greens in the early part of the round were a bit slow. But became more consistently medium fast over the bulk of the course. With tough pin placements today, there were a lot of hard breaking putts. But they generally rolled well, and were mostly smooth. It was an enjoyable round for $30 walking as a senior.
Went out for a quick 9 holes on Wednesday afternoon. Great senior rate of $9.50 for 9 holes, walking. I was disappointed at the condition of the fairways. It doesn't appear that the rain we had this season made much of a difference. The fairways are thin and hardpan in areas. The coverage is a variety of grasses. Sometimes you would have a good lie in the fairway and sometimes it would be bad. Tee boxes and greens were in good shape. The greens were smooth and medium speed. Wasn't in any bunkers. So I can't speak to their condition. The rough is clumpy and inconsistent. I don't expect much from Woodley condition-wise. But I don't see a lot of difference between this year and last, even with all the rain we had.
Played here on Monday, 3/27 after an email invitation to a "Member for a Day" event. It was a shotgun start at 12:30pm. Great pace of play at just under 4 hours. The course is in wonderful condition. With everything so green in the area, some views were breathtaking. This course is certainly a challenging one. But it is worth playing if you can get on. It has a variety of holes that will challenge your game. Water is in play on numerous holes and there are plenty of bunkers awaiting your errant shots.

The tee boxes were immaculate; very green and lush. The fairways were green and firm but with just the right amount of cushion under your ball. Every fairway lie was excellent. The few bunkers I found had plenty of firm sand. Although the greens had been punched and sanded 3 weeks ago, they were very smooth and medium fast. Other than on one particular hole where there was some sand that slightly affected the roll of the ball, the previous maintenance had no negative effect on putting. The rough was perfect; very lush, consistent and about 2 inches or so in length. This is a great course in great condition. Play it if you can.
I played with the GK group on Monday. It was a great day for golf. I can't really add much to what Mitch and Kevin have said. The course is in wonderful shape. The fairways were still a bit soggy in several areas. Once the course thoroughly dries out, and we've had some sun for a little while, this course will only get greener and more lush. A definite must play!
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