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Played Rustic on Tuesday, 1/10/17 mid-morning. After a slightly soggy start with gentle light rain, it turned out to be a nice day. Temps were 50's to 60, and dry after about 11am. The greens were running pretty slow for the first 9 due to them being a little wet. They sped up in the afternoon. They rolled nicely, and, as usual, they were difficult to read. The bunkers were in good shape, with plenty of sand. Tee boxes were mostly lush and green. The rough is spotty, with some longer grass, but mostly clumpy with some bare areas. The fairways were disappointing. I don't mind the yellowish color. That is to be expected with winter conditions. However, the fairways are VERY thin. There is little to no cushion under the ball. There are some areas in the fairway that have clumpy grass or no grass. The boundaries of the fairways are very clumpy and have many bare areas. Although playable, the fairways need more grass. It was an enjoyable and challenging round.
Played MPCC on Thursday, 12/22 with a 10:48am tee time. Pace of play was fine at 4:15 for 18 holes. Through the 4th hole, the wind was really howling. It was blowing 25 to 30 MPH, making even putting a real challenge. The wind gradually starting dying down after the 4th hole. By the back 9 there was only a gentle breeze at most. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Winter fairways have come to Moorpark. They are fairly brown and a little thin, but very playable. The rough, greens, and tee boxes are very lush and in great shape. The greens were rolling smoothly and were medium fast. The only complaint with the greens is the numerous unrepaired ball marks. The two greenside bunkers I was in had plenty of sand. They were a little damp and firm from the rain we received overnight. That was to be expected. I enjoyed the round and will be back.
Played here Sunday mid morning, 8/14. Perfect weather; low 70's with a nice breeze. The course is in great shape. Other than some of the tee boxes on the par 3's having quite a few divots, the course is fantastic from tee to green. The fairways are like a carpet. If you are in the fairway, you will have a great lie with a nice firm cushion to hit from . The rough is also in good shape, not too penal, about 1 - 2 inches. The sand in the bunkers I was in was very nice to hit from. The greens were medium speed and smooth. This is a great time to play this course, especially with the heat in the valleys. I really enjoy this course. It's fairly short. But I enjoy using different clubs off the tee. There are plenty of short par 4's, with many choices off the tee. I highly recommend Buenventura Golf course.
Played Olivas Links Friday morning at 8:10 am. Getting right to it, the course is in very good shape. Can't complain about a thing. Tee boxes are fine. The fairways are very nice, with good coverage and a nice cushion under the ball. Greens rolled smoothly and medium fast. They held well struck shots nicely. Can't speak about the bunkers, but they looked very nice. With the cooler temperatures in Ventura and the current conditions at Olivas, this is a must play.
Played the Valley course on Sunday afternoon, 7/17/16. with a very nice twosome. I have been aware of the water availability problem here and the poor playing conditions. I played here about three weeks ago, and though not in great shape it was very playable. However, in my opinion, it's becoming more unplayable, and this may be the last time I play this course. The tee boxes, greens, and greenside bunkers are in good shape. But that is it. This course has always been a real challenge due to narrow fairways and trouble everywhere. However, with the rock hard fairways and many areas of dirt in the fairway, not to mention zero rough, keeping your ball in play is even more difficult. I hit numerous good shots that ended up in very bad places or lost just because of the conditions.

I shared my concerns with the guy in the pro shop. He agreed with me. He told me there is a plan to install the plumbing necessary to obtain and distribute reclaimed water. But that won't be until 2018. I don't see RR lasting until 2018. What a shame.
Cannot add a lot to what Mitch and Steve already said. It was a lot of fun to play this well conditioned course, made better by playing with two great GK'ers. This course is always a challenge. The wind today wasn't nearly as strong as it can be, and that made it very playable. Everything is in good shape. The weather was perfect - low 70's, bright sunshine, and a mild breeze. Go play the Lakes Course at River Ridge.
Played Olivas Links Friday 7/3 with a mid morning tee time. Weather was perfect, with partly to mostly cloudy skies and 70 degrees. There was a fair amount of wind on some holes, but for the most part it was not a problem. The course is in amazing condition. I could not get over how lush and green the fairways were. They are very nice with a good cushion under every shot. These are the best fairways I've played in a long time. Tee boxes and rough were also very good. I wasn't in any sand traps so I can't comment on them. The greens were medium fast, rolled very smooth and held shots nicely. I highly recommend playing OL right now. There is no public course in So. Cal that is in better shape.
Can't really add much to what has already been said. Although this is a shorter track, it is very fun to play. Lots of variety. You have to make a lot of different shots and use all the clubs in your bag. The greens can be difficult if you're not in the correct place near the pin. Customer service was great. This is a nice place to play, and in good condition.
Played MPCC on Sunday (3/29) mid-morning. Overall the course is in good shape. It is mostly green and pleasing to the eye. Tee boxes are fine. The fairways are a bit thin in spots. Not what I would call lush, but in good shape and very playable. Though I had some tight lies in the fairways, I never had a bad lie. The rough is in good shape. About 1 - 2 inches in length. The greens were smooth and ran medium speed. They're usually a little quicker than this at Moorpark. But no complaints. I wasn't in a bunker. So I can't speak to the condition of the sand. Really enjoyed the round. This is a good time to go play MPCC
Played here Monday 12/1 mid morning. Pace of play as a twosome walking behind a foursome was 4 hrs. 20 min. The course is in excellent condition. Tee boxes are very green and lush and level. The fairways were semi lush and much greener than I thought they'd be. Very playable with good lies anywhere on the fairway. The rough could be challenging. As there were areas that were thick, areas that were thin, and many areas where there were clumps of thick grass surrounding bare areas. If your ball was in one of those clumpy areas, it made for a tough lie and shot. The greens and areas immediately surrounding them were in great shape. The greens were smooth and medium fast. The only issue was there were several greens (mostly on the back nine) that had been sanded. This didn't affect the roll, but did make it a bit slower. Nothing to complain about though. Can't address the condition of the greenside bunkers, as I wasn't in any of them. Get out and play this course. It is in wonderful shape.
Played here with a friend on Monday 11/3. DISAPPOINTING! The drought has taken its' toll on this course. First the good news. The greens are in fantastic shape. Smooth, medium fast, and rolled very well. The greenside bunkers have beautiful sand. No complaints here. However, the rest of the course is in poor condition, other than the tee boxes - which are OK. The fairways are straw like in color and VERY thin. Anywhere you hit in the fairway you're just as likely to be on dirt as on very thin straw like grass. The areas around the greens are mostly dirt or spotty dead grass (with a few exceptions). This made for very challenging chips and pitches onto the greens. If you were not extremely precise with your contact you could easily blade or chunk the shot. No way to get under the ball for many of the soft shots needed to hold the green. This made the round unenjoyable for me. I will not play this course again until the fairways come back. Too many other choices with decent fairways.
Played here Monday, 9/15 to escape the heat of the SFV. The weather was perfect. High of 76 degrees, light winds and sunny. This course is in superb condition. I have nothing negative to say. Everything from tee to green is in excellent condition. This might be the best conditioned public course in all of Southern California right now. Get out and play this gem. I played as a single (senior rate) for $29 walking. You cannot beat that!
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