Eagle Glen Golf Club

1800 Eagle Glen Parkway
Corona, CA 92883 • (951) 272-4653

Corona, CA (92883)
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1. Lary1
Posted: 12/20/18 1:00p
Member Since: Mar 26, 2018
From: Corona
I see under the discussion section of this page a note from Sean Dugan about slow play. Well, yesterday it was the slowest I have ever played and I play here about twice a month. It took a little over... Continue »
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2. slicer
Posted: 11/26/18 10:06p
Member Since: Feb 11, 2004
From: HB
Played today 11/26 with a group outing. The conditions of the course varied. The course has been overseeded and new grass is starting to grow in areas where it was bare. The fairways were thin whi... Continue »
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Topic: Hello to all Eagle Glen Golfers
Posted: Oct 26, 2018
Appreciate this post Sean!
Topic: Hello to all Eagle Glen Golfers
Posted: Oct 23, 2018
My name is Sean Dugan and I'm the Head Golf Professional here at Eagle Glen Golf Club, I would like to share some info on the course for the upcoming year. My vision is to stamp out slow play here at Eagle Glen, I know it's easier than said to do so. But I need your help in doing so , My ears are o...
Member Since: Apr 15, 2014
Demanding tee shot makes this hole play tougher than it should. Challenge the left side off the tee at your own risk, it's a long carry and doesn't really reward you with anything significant. The smart play is a 3 wood/hybrid down the left side, leaving you with about 150 down the hill. Short of the green is firm allowing for a bump and run, but be careful of the hazard short and left. On the green, what you see is what you get.
Member Since: Apr 15, 2014
While I typically don't like split fairways on par 5s, this one is well designed. There's plenty of room for a solid driver down the left side, but be careful as everything slopes right into the ravine. The 2nd shot plays much shorter than the yardage says. 240 will play closer to 215 as everything runs down and to the left. 2 strategies here. 1 - hit it short of the big bunker fronting the green (keeping it left if possible for the best angle), leaving you with about a 90 yard pitch. OR try to hit a runner through the gap, keeping in mind you won't get the ball to stop on the front of green. For a front pin placement, you're better off laying up and hitting a full wedge to get the ball to stop. In either case avoid the right hand bunker on the hill at all costs as that's basically jail. 3 good shots will get you a good look at birdie.

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