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Rode the Blues (6591/72.5/135) in 4H, 15M, matched up with 3 nice guys twilight. The weather was overcast, breezy and in the 70's.

A rare Palmer design near the coast. This layout contains many of the things I like about courses. Some forced carries but nothing outrageous. Challenging w/o being ridiculous. Constantly up/down rolling hills, HUGE green complexes, numerous well placed, beautiful plants/water features and many strategically placed large bunkers. The entire course is still in excellent playing condition after recently hosting the LPGA Kia Classic.

The tees were mostly lush with few unfixed divots.

The fairways were mostly lush and well maintained.

The rough was lush and just tall enough that the ball usually say down.

The sand traps were excellent. Nicely maintained with good quality sand.

The huge Poa greens were smooth and putted medium speed. They were firm, even nice high shots released.

The customer service was top notch all around, they obviously place a priority on providing customer service here. Nice GPS and complementary bottled water provided on the carts. Ample water stations on the course. Definitely recommended.
Played yesterday, June 21, 2018 -- and was mightily impressed. It had been some time since playing Simi Hills last, so there were many surprises in store for me. The newly renovated interior of the cafe was in excellent taste with a new bar and tables. But most importantly was the condition of the course. The fairways, greens and tee boxes were in truly excellent shape. Not an irregularity -- no bumps, patches, dry areas on the green. They were simply pristine. True rolls -- pick a line and the ball obeys. When last here, most of the lake beds were dry. Not only are they filled, but small fountain spouts sprout from the water, and the surrounding landscaping is manicured and in bloom. Give a shout out to the greenskeepers. Their conscientous care shows on every fairway. It's as if everything they do is a labor of love and makes me wonder if everyone has a financial stake in the course.
Rode the Blues (6235/70.6/126) with 3 really nice super seniors. The POP was dreadful, 5H to play Friday morning? The weather was in the 70's, breezy and partly cloudy.

Interesting layout, up/down rolling hills. I would have liked to have played the course before the "turf reduction". IMO, courses with crowned fairways make poor candidates for "turf reduction" projects. The original design of CMR had balls on the outer portion on each side of most fairways funneling toward the rough. When much of the rough is removed, it creates conditions where balls often roll 40-60 yards farther than the course was designed for. Especially true on a course that is so hilly. This creates POP challenges, which further irritates the same players a course in trouble is trying to entice to play there.

The tees were okay, most had decent coverage but are getting thin from a lack of watering.

Same for the fairways and rough. Fairways were more consistent and playable than the rough that is still present.

The sand traps were mediocre to poor. Fine dirt and many were thin.

From tee to green, the course was average to below average. However, the greens were excellent. The putted fast and held shots well. Some of the best greens I have putted on this golf season.

No driving range, they provide nets beside the starter. Friendly Starter. Sorry to hear that this course is scheduled for closure. You can see the bones are there for an above average, hilly, challenging course.
Teed off Thursday morning about 6:50 and finished in just a tick under 4 hours. The Players course has a nice variety of holes and the majority of holes have small trees along the fairway. I prefer to play the Classic course which is more traditional parkland style with large mature trees and typically overall better conditions.

The greens were in good condition. They rolled good with medium/fast speed, and were a little on the firm side. The fairways for the most part are good with a few holes having some patchy areas but for the most part I had good lies. The rough was mostly good with some thin spots and not too penal. The bunkers were a little on the wet side but the two greenside and one fairway bunkers I was in played decent. The tee boxes were fair to good mostly due to mild unlevelness.

All the staff I encountered were friendly.
Played here for the first time on Thursday, 6/21 with Larryq2001, taking advantage of a 1-day special, 2 golfers for $50, incl. cart. Check-in was smooth, but when we got to the 1st tee, there was a line of 3 groups waiting in front of us. So, we ended up teeing off about 25 minutes after our 11:14 tee time. POP after playing through a slow group on #7 ended up being about 4hrs 15mins overall, not counting the initial wait. Putting green was verticut, but greens on the day were not, but did putt at similar speeds.

Course overall was in good condition. Other than one crowned tee box on the 2nd par3 on the front, thought the rest of the white tee boxes were pretty level, with good enough coverage. Thought the fairways were really good, providing plenty of roll. Rough was bit inconsistent, and a few times had a tuft of longer/different grass sitting behind my ball.

Was in 3 bunkers and three un-raked footprints! Aside from golfers not cleaning up after themselves, they were generally damp and not cared for in the morning by the grounds crew.

Greens were very green, soft and generally receptive from lots of watering. A Typical number of unrepaired ballmarks on the day, but otherwise rolled very smooth and at medium speed on average. Several of the greens have some wild up/down slopes to contend with, and putts were of course pretty fast coming downhill.

No cart lady on the course, and they could really use another water station on the back9. It was low-90s with a wind helping, but really was getting beat up by the sun by the 16th hole. Bring extra water bottles!

Very much enjoyed the Dye (not Pete himself) layout, and though there were maybe 2-3 holes that are a bit too tight or uphill too much, found it pretty playable and fun. Had a great time with Larry of course, and look forward to a return visit.
Played an early Friday round at the 'Wood, PoP quick at 3.5 hrs, green fee $30 walking. Not alot to add other than the greens were about as good as Poa can get right now. Even #2 & 3 which have had issues in the past were just about perfect.

No bunker maintenance today, so they were wet and lumpy. Fairways and tee boxes were getting ready to mow but we were out too early to get that benefit.

Recommended for no frills golf. Oh, the big lake was very low and the smell of turtle dung was nearly overwhelming on the 12th green. Hope they fill it back up soon.

BTW: I wish I was posting a round at Spyglass again like Johnny and Sixpez. I might have driven all the way back up to Monterey if Alex invited me :-)
I finally played Spyglass! Teed it up at 4:45 and finished around 8:15pm. Played with GK’ers sixpez and Alex326. Alex is a member of the Dukes Club so it was only $100. What a steal. Alex had an extra pull cart for me to use and I’m very glad to have had my first experience there walking because it’s simply one of the most beautiful walks I’ve ever had on a golf course. I found out on the 6th fairway climb why it’s called Spyglass “Hill” although. Be prepared for some exercise.

Spyglass Hill met all the hype. It is a really special golf course. I was told by a fellow GK'er that the best part of the golf course is when it heads into the woods, not when it’s by the beach, I did not believe him at first because I love ocean golf, but he was right. From holes 7-18 I was treated to a surreal tranquil golf experience I will never forget. Helped that we were basically the only ones on the course at the time as well. I posted a bunch of photos so please check them out rather than me trying to describe the layout of Spyglass. Words do not do it justice.

Playing conditions were fantastic even those we had just completed playing immaculate lush green Quail Lodge & Golf Club so the bar was set high. While Spyglass was not as green and lush, it certainly was lush and played beautifully. Greens were moderately fast, held shots and smooth. Fairways lush. Rough not that punishing, cut low but lush as well. Bunker all containing excellent sand and groomed. Tee boxes in great shape besides the ones being re-soded (white tees). We played the white tees with the majority of the tee boxes pushed forward and an only a few pushed back.

Spyglass Hill Golf Course immediately becomes one of my top 5 golf courses I’ve ever played. Highly Recommended.
Played 6-18-18 mid morning as a single for $55 including cart. Tee boxes were okay, semi-lush but I did have to search for a level stance on most of them. Fairways were in good shape, mostly lush with some brown areas and minimal roll out. Rough was in good shape with some thin spots but easy to hit from. Was not in any bunkers but they looked descent. Greens were in real good shape, semi-firm, rolling true and fast. Started on the back side which has some great views and nice changes in elevation. Front side is kind of boring with mostly flat wide open holes.
Played yesterday on this formerly private club. It had been awhile and I had forgotten what a gem this farm is. Played firm and fast although greens were very receptive on approach. Fairways narrow in spots and played VERY firm and super tight. If you don't like hotting off shaved firm not come play here. Some areas are barely grass w some dirt showing through. Some fairways have slope that requires you to shape shots into them to kill the rollout. Great green complexes. Greens rolled true and w a med fast speed. Greens overall in nice shape w some dead/sanded areas here and there on a few holes. Careful there are a lot of tiers to greens. Very challenging if above or below holes. Some roped off under repair areas....they do a good job of indicating areas under repair here--best I've seen in a long while-appreciate that guys.
Fantastic views from spots on the course of the adjacent rivet valley. Some holes bring you through forested creek areas riCH in flora.
All in all a VERY firm and challenging layout.
Customer service greatly improved from the late time I played where they seemed a bit snooty (shortly after going oublic?)
Hit it if you can get it!
Played 4 days ago. Great, great, great track. As it always seems to be just a fantastic day out there. Everything in very nice shape. ...just a great experience everytime I hit this course. A cool ocean wind picked up as it usually does in afternoon adding another bit of challenge.
Escape the heat out here a bit in the evenings.
Cork Fire Grille also a nice place to chow down after rd and for drinks.
Hit it if you can get it!
rolled up to rancho b/t 3:45 and 4 on the longest day of the year and joined 2 single walkers who were on way to the 1st green as a 3 some was waiting for them. much props to that 3 some for letting me hit quickly on 1 and catch these guys. played as a 3 some until 12 before catching a 2 some and finishing as 5. rancho's greens were slower than my 2 prior experiences and felt like i was burning edges all day. wasn't my best round, but man we flew. we barely waited to hit shots, it was excellent. played in under 3.5 hours, idk if it was the nba draft or overcast weather, but rancho was stunningly empty. with rancho, you know what you are going to get, there are going to be some squirly lies in the fairways that should be GUR, but i actually like and appreciate how inconsistent the rough is. it lives up to the definition of rough. when you miss the fairway, chance comes into play and that's fine. sometimes the ball nestles, sometimes you catch a flier, sometimes you catch a bare lie. i wish i would have played better (4 fairways & 7 greens is really poor for me) but b/t the PoP and walking twilight rate of $22, can't be disappointing.
Ok, so this is Utah golf. Got to Glen Eagle at ten to six in the morning and there were five cars in the parking lot and only two were golfers cars (one was mine). The starter opens at 6 am and I was on the course by five after six as a single and the other 2 ball was only playing the back nine. On the tenth hole I caught a 4 ball and on thirteen they let me play through. POP was 3 hrs 5 min walking.

Now for the course. It is a Scottish links course one big exception, there is no hard pan. All the fairways including the collars around the greens are plush, so you can use your wedges instead of bump and run. ALL of the course is in very good shape from T box to greens. Only in one bunker and it had good sand in it. Number 18 is a fun finishing hole (it's name on the card is Loch Ness Monster), a par 5 with the green surrounded by water with a walking path in the back. There are wet lands through out the course that you need to pay attention to, but I played this course for the first time and did not lose a ball, thank you SkyCaddie.

$24.00 to walk as a senior I will be back!
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