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Played Mile Square (Players) on Sunday with Kassper7 and another friend, then got paired with another single who was a good guy. Had an 8:30am tee time set up and paid a fairly steep $66 to ride. Current course conditions, while okay, are probably not worthy of that price in this moment.

And again, nothing really too bad across the board, except maybe a few of the tee boxes which had large patches of overgrown stuff (reseeding I assume?), some thin lies in and around the fairways, some GUR areas filled with more sand than the bunkers, etc. But playable? Absolutely. Only the higher price makes one expect a little more.

Greens were in pretty good shape, probably the best aspect of the course right now. Not too fast but not too slow either - rolled pretty well all around and people seemed to do a good job with their ball marks. Held shots well, too. Fairways had some good coverage but mostly look a bit dried out and thin, however most shots still had enough underneath them to make good contact. Definitely a few thick patches of rough around the greens, but mostly thin near the fairways. Bunkers just okay - nothing too bad. And yeah, tee boxes were probably most in need of some attention.

Had cart service once or twice so that was good. POP wasn't too bad for a Sunday morning, but we did do a little bit of waiting on almost every hole - some more pronounced than others, but the marshal was definitely around doing his best to keep things flowing. Believe we finished in just under five. And the layout? Flat, parkland style with not a lot of tree trouble but plenty of blind water hazards and cleverly placed bunkers all around to torment. Some long par 4s here to be sure, even playing from the whites, but a nice set of par 3s for sure.

I would certainly come back and play either of these courses just about anytime, but not for the full rack rate at present. Midweek or with a discount voucher? No problem.
Played here 11/18/17. Was in a twosome but got paired with another twosome. POP was great although we did have a 3 some behind us which waited on us a few times but that's to be expected when you have one extra player than the guys behind you. Fairways were in great shape and tee boxes were a little rugged but in decent shape. Greens were perfect and sand was very good as well. I was impressed with how well they have kept the course. We got out at 6:23am and paid $49 each. I would pay up to $55 for this so it was priced perfectly.
Course is firm and fast. Greens sound like billiard tables as the ball lands and they took on that 'greyish' tone that you see when greens get fiery. Conditions became more extreme as the sun warmed them up and I would expect, with the forecast for the next 7 days, that this will continue. Fun to putt on, but tough.

Other parts of the course are typical for late season Rustic: fairways generally thin and firm - running for ever. Crab grass predominates. Rough non-existent except around the greens. Sand is generally thin but still playable.

FYI their online booking utility only list prices with cart. So don't be alarmed if you are on foot - when you check in they happily let you play the walking rate which is 15 bucks less.
First group off as a twosome and finished in under four hours. Beautifully maintained course east of the strip with views of the strip from a few holes. The rates are very reasonable when compared to what other sub par courses in the area ask. The staff was great and very helpful for us first timers here. The tee boxes were all very level and well groomed with great coverage. The fairways were excellent with the over seeding they did - only one hole had a few thin spots here and there. The rough was fairly short and not as green or thick as the fairways. The fairway traps looked nice but were very much in need of sand. The green side bunkers were also well groomed but most had very thin areas in need of sand! The large greens were in excellent shape but rolled somewhat slower than what we were used too. They were fairly receptive to well struck shots but were COVERED with ball marks on most holes. The entire facility is a bargain for the area during the winter season. Definitely Recommended!!
Teed off Friday morning about 7am and finished in 4 hours. The Greens are rolling medium speed, are a bit on the bumpy side, and held shots. The fairways were fair to good. There were thin spots throughout but playable. The 15th fairway has some issues with a large area marked ground under repair. The rough was fair to good with some thin/bare spots. The bunkers are in good condition (at least the 2 I was in). The tee boxes were fair to good mostly due to mild unlevelness. For a shorter track it is enjoyable to play. The staff was friendly.
Saturday 8AM shotgun on the Ike with the Men's club ... match play for a frozen bird. Fun and very slow (5.5hr) round of golf but when playing with friends it makes the time pass much easier. Just out of overseed so everything is so green and very full, especially the rough: very deep and penal. Lost a couple balls just because we couldn't find them. Also, it's CPO for another week.

Anyway, greens were soft enough to hold most any decent iron and rolled true at medium speed. In a couple bunkers which had good sand, easy to play from, but watch out for rocks.

Great day of golf on the Hill and will be back for more soon. A course where you must keep it in the fairway or lose a stroke (or a ball). Recommended, but pricey.
Played here during the first week of November (11/8). It's one of our favorite places to play when we are in this area. It's a 9 hole executive course. It can be easily walked or you can rent a cart. Our favorite part about playing here are the views of Morro Bay from the course. Can't get these views anywhere else. Price is very reasonable to play here.

Course is in great shape. POP during the week about an 1 1/2 - 2 hours to play 9. Water comes into play on 2 holes. Plus if you're not careful, you can easily hit some of your shots out of bounds. The time we played, we noticed that most of the greens were punched. It was a little sandy putting on the greens. There is a driving range here -- an open field with yardage markers. Course is fairly flat but there were minor hills here if you hit into the valley in the middle on holes #4 and #5.

You can stay here and play here. There is a restaurant and bar here in addition to a hotel.
Played here Saturday with a 12:30 "Deal" time. I'd wanted to play here for a long time and recently found a day they were allowing TeeOff promo codes, so I used a 25% off code to pay around $32. When I arrived, they didn't have my reservation, but I showed them the confirmation email and one of the guys said sometimes the reservations don't show up in their computers. They radio'd over to the starter and ended up getting me right out, actually a few minutes ahead of my time. Very friendly staff all around. I was paired with 3 others and POP was sorta slow but luckily got moving just in time for us to finish right after the beautiful sunset. Total around 4:30.

Conditions are pretty good. The greens were good but were maybe the low point. They were lush, medium speed and a little bumpy. I'm sure they are better in the mornings, but they were showing lots of ball marks and minor flaws in the afternoon. They were very soft; full shots stopped right where they landed. Fairways were mostly very nice, a little thin in a some spots. Rough was also pretty lush and not very penal. Blue tee boxes were good. The bunker sand was very nice...definitely above average, which I appreciated.

This was my first time ever playing here. I enjoyed the course quite a bit. There's tons of water that comes into play. Maybe the only faults are the surrounding city streets encroaching in spots and a lack of elevation changes. I played terribly, so I'd like to get back out there to redeem myself.

I created a Flickr photo album of 41 photos here:
Awesome day... Weather was perfect! POP was just under 5 hours... Men's tourney ahead of us! Played single had a discounted and was paired up with a GKer. Thanks Robert aka roarksown1 and a Father/Son team!

Tee boxes level... fairways lush... bunkers playable...roughs were penal! If I had a short game today, I would have had a great day!

The staff was GREAT! Thanks AH!
First time back out to Anaheim Hills in years but got a great time + 20% off promo code (thanks for the tip Kassper7!) to bring the overpriced $72 greens fee down to a very worthy $48. Played the blue tees with a father and son and then another single who just happened to be a GKer - great playing with you Dixie (iluv2golflady)!

It was a beautiful day for golf and I was pleasantly met with very nice course conditions for the most part at Anaheim Hills. I found the fairways to be mostly in very good shape with very few poor/thin lies, but you may find a few if you're just off the fairways. The rough can be very thin off the tee, and there are plenty of places to lose balls on this quirky 18, but the thick rough is around the greens that will really wreak havoc with your chipping unless you're very committed.

Greens were not particularly fast and have many confounding breaks and tough pin locations (mostly because there was a men's tournament earlier in the day), but they rolled actually quite nicely and I did not see a huge amount of ball marks. Speed of the greens seemed to change throughout the day, but coverage was nice with only a few of them showing some signs of wear and tear.

Tee boxes were good with some on the back nine a little more chewed up than the front, but there are some really fun start positions to work with at AH. The bunkers were not that great if there's something to be really picky about - mostly quite thin and even one on hole 13 (left greenside bunker from the tee) that had a half of it under standing water.

This is certainly not a beginner's course. It can be very confusing judging distances off the tee to blind doglegs and plenty of elevations with narrow trajectory points along the way. There is no shortage of trouble to find if you're off your game. And let's face it - a lot of the holes here are really wacky and just plain odd. By the same token, there are also a lot of beautiful holes and areas where you can really appreciate the scenery.

In essence, this course won't be for everyone, but from a condition standpoint, it's worth taking a look right now, if you can get that discounted rate. For me personally, I think the rack rate is just a tad high. I was glad though to finally knock this course off my 100 list after having played it twice early in my playing career. Now on to the next one!
I'd give it a 7/10. The course was in a really good state, the tee boxes were nice, the fairway was the best I have ever seen it at Los Serranos (North) and the greens were good for being punched recently. There were a few small wobbles here and there, but I was really happy for the most part with the greens. For some reason, Los Serranos seems to always take immense pride in their bunkers, they are always immaculate and perfect. Also, as per usual at Los Serranos, the POP was slow, unless you're the first two groups to head out in the morning, then you're going to wait, I started at 11AM and even as a single it took over 4hrs to play a round. I'm happy with the course.
Back out at Aliante on Friday, 11-17, with a 8:30 tee time and paid $45 resident rate. The wind must of scared everyone away as the course was empty. Starter said to go when we were ready, so John_T and my neighbor headed off after some stretching. Picked up a single on the 1st and coasted around in just under 4 hours. There was a single stalking most of the front 9, he was playing 2 balls and never wanted to pull up to play through.

Conditions were the same as a few weeks ago. Tee boxes need a little work, and the tee marker placement was a bit off (pointing almost towards houses on a couple). Fairways were in great shape, green and carpet like. Rough is dormant and the bunkers need new sand. Greens were awesome. Firm, smooth, a nice medium-fast.

Aliante has an excellent all grass driving range with plenty of room to move around the tee area. Also a large putting green with a multiple tiers and plenty of breaks. Small short game area with a bunker. I always see people practicing around the area whenever I play.

$45 is a steal right now. Definitely worth the price to get in a round.
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