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I played here last Friday, 9-22-17. The service and accommodations here are very good. We had 16 players, so we got a group rate of $35, plus they gave us a $10 food voucher. It also included range balls. The conditions where really good , we had so perfect golf weather too (68* at 8 AM.) The tee boxes are flat and level, with minimal to no divot damage.
The fairways are firm and well groomed. You will have good lies throughout the course.
The rough was a bit long, about 3" along the banks of the water channel, so balls will not roll into the channel, the caveat is, if you don't see your ball land, it is VERY difficult to find. The rough opposite the water channel was at a good playable length, 1 1/2" -2". The bunkers are well placed throughout the course, if you hit too long, you may be in a bunker, if you hit too wide , left or right of the green, you may be in a bunker. The greens roll true, but a bit slow to what I am us to, but after a couple of holes, I adjusted. This is a links style course, so a few of the players where commenting, "where are the trees" LoL, I enjoyed this course. It is a strategic course, because of the design.
Played Bidwell on 9/22 while traveling up to Chico to visit with some friends. I see I was the last one to review this course and I don’t really have a lot to add from about 2 years ago. There are some improvements however. For one, the fairways are more lush than before and in pretty good shape. Areas off the fairways are still try but noticed these areas are improving also. Bunkers are in good shape. Good firm sand.

The greens were a bit chewed but rolled nicely. Some of the greens have some sizeable undulations and make putting a challenge.

It is a fun course to play and scenic as it sits adjacent to famed Bidwell Park. I would still suggest that if you are ever in the area, it is a must play.
Played on Saturday, 9/23, 11:00 am. Course staff was incredibly welcoming and expressed they were running early, allowing us to get out about 15 min ahead of our tee-time. Great start...

Tee boxes were about 70/30 as far as most being level and for the most part in good shape with the exception of about 2 tee boxes that really needed work. Course has done a fair job getting through the summer. Some fairways were in good shape, some were a disaster with what seemed like half of the typical landing areas in complete disarray. Greens seemed relatively soft for the Orange County area, and most were in very good shape, rolling quicker than one would expect. Some good undulation and good pin placement made this the most enjoyable part of the course. However, there were two or three greens that really needed work, especially 18, with the number of ball marks and bruises within 15-20 ft of the hole. Assuming this was a product of what appear to be a small morning outing and not indicative of the normal maintenance. Areas around the greens were similar to fairways, some in good shape, and some not so much. Of the three green-side bunkers I played out of, all three were consistent and had a good amount of sand.

The course layout is unique and interesting (having water in play on several holes and consistent elevation change is a huge plus, but the placement of par 3's is a bit odd). Course is also fairly narrow in some areas, but wide open in others. Definitely not a long course and the elevation change adds some yardage from the blues, but not enough to make it overly challenging. Definitely the kind of course you play better the second or third time around.

That said, the pace of play was atrocious – the worst such experience I've had in the last few years on a golf course. There were THREE par 4s, one par 5, and one par 3 in which we were the FOURTH group on that hole, waiting to tee off for nearly 20 min on two separate occasions (literally started to time it). On two of the holes the foursome behind us made it FIVE groups waiting on one hole. The groups in front were two threesomes and a foursome (ours was a threesome) – nothing out of the ordinary. Was some of that due to the late morning tee-time? Probably – but four to five groups on one hole is completely unacceptable regardless of the tee time. It was just very poorly managed by the golf course; the ranger came and drove by three separate times without saying a word.

Considering the $60-80 price tag, this place is a bargain compared to other courses in the area, but I'm a huge believe in "you get what you pay for". This certainly holds true here, especially considering the pace of play. Would I play here again? Probably, but I would make sure it was really early AM to get the most out of this course.
Played here as the first tee time at 6 am on Sunday Morning.

This course has some of the most mixed reviews of any course in San Diego. I played it a year and a half ago and disn't play well. It had left a sour taste in my mouth and I had been dying to play it again.

I believe I know why it gets so many mixed reviews. This is a desert target track in San Diego with brutallly fast greens. This course used to be 100% turf but has since switched to water saving mulch and bare dirt surrounding the fairways. If you do not like target golf, fast greens, risk reward holes, forced carries, and you spray your driver. You will not like this course.

I love target desert golf so I was in for a treat today. I love the idea of the new water saving trend and switching grass rough to mulch. I would do much rather have the greens keepers focus all their attention on the greens and fairways versus worrying about how green the rough is.

The strategy is paying off right now. These are the nicest greens in San Diego right now. I love fast greens and these were one notch downfrom being ecome unfair. There was not a ballpark or dead spot on the greens, absolutely lush green and immaculate. There were only two green sections where you can't stop the ball on the slope and any ball will run off the green. Outside of those two pin locations I absolutely loved the challenge of some rolling glass greens. The multi-tiered green complexes will typically have a stroke penalty for leaving your approach on a higher tier of the green so you have to keep your shot on the correct tier.

The fairways were green and cut perfectly. The tee boxes were lush and level as well. My only complaint is there is not nearly enough sand in the bunkers and many it was hard packed where you couldn't even leave a foot print.

I had a fantastic time on a challenging shot makers course.
Hit Hanson Dam yesterday afternoon, Saturday, 9/23, paired with another single. Really a beautiful day to get out and play. Getting right to the point, the course is in overall pretty nice condition with the critical exception of the greens. Many are currently multi-colored, blighted and not smooth, running a slowish medium. Dramatically different and unexpected since my last visit here about four months back. This condition was more prevalent on the front than back nine — the latter having some greens in good shape that putted correspondingly quicker. While less than ideal, the "bad" greens are ugly but playable and the main adjustment was the speed. As mentioned previously, the rest of the course is good shape. If you know what to expect, get a twilight or reduced price, it will serve in a pinch for casual play. But greens are of primary importance to a lot of golfers, and if you are looking for more optimal conditions, I'd give it a miss until they get the greens sorted out. No idea when that will be, or if aeration would improve it (whenever that happens), but a fix is needed. I like this course and will be keeping an eye out for reports of improvement further down the line.
Given how much I enjoyed my first visit to Marine Memorial Golf Course in August, and how easy it is to get on the base to play it, I made it a point to return the following month. This time with 6 other GK Gurus and what a super time it was. Last time out, I was suffering from significant elbow pain and could only use a 2 iron off the tee, this time I was bombing my driver. Even at bombing my driver which carries about 250 to 270, Marine Memorial Golf Course still plays long and certainly longer than its yardage due to very little roll in the kikuyu fairways. Next time I will treat myself to the white tees and see if I fair better.

It’s a challenging, mature, original Billy Bell design with a recent renovation to the bunkers to fully restore them to the original Bell designs. Having now played it twice, I enjoyed it even more. Conditions were great again with excellent smooth moderately fast greens that held shots. Fairways/Rough mostly lush kikuyu grass. Bunkers immaculate white marble sand and meticulously kept (reminded me of high end country clubs). Tee boxes, lush but need to be leveled (which is the very next improvement renovation the golf course is going to make).

As mentioned in the previous reviews, the setting is secluded with no homes or buildings and the pace of play fantastic. The peak green fees for Civilians for walking is only $28 weekday and $35 weekend. The service is professional and respectful. At no time did I ever feel uncomfortable, in both visits to the course, as a civilian rather than military golfer.

My single disappointment was that I did not realize Mulligans Grill is only open for Breakfast and Lunch. The food was excellent and very affordable last time so next time I’ll make sure to eat before my round there. If you are an early morning golfer give yourself time after your round to eat there.

Highly Recommended.
Really a solid challenge for two reasons, greens in very good shape they are Poana so they are a challenge and small. The course is old school, big trees requires course management skills not length. If you don't putt well this course can really surprise your handicap.
Golfed this course in late September, course condition good greens very slow too long. construction on several holes changed the tee boxes for the worse. As always the staff has to balance resort guest golfers with regulars so expect a 4+ round even when the course isn't too busy. Very few burned out spots for this time of year.
Played this course many times, they assured me that the back 9 which has been being changed would be ready in November, you only play the front 9 for now. As usually the course is in good shape the greens are a little long and slow but good, very few dry spots. This is a great value, I'd suggest if you play 18 to play one set of tees for the first 9 and a second set for the other 9.
After Ringworld's latest review and the itch late on Sunday to at least play nine holes, decided to go back to my old HP stomping ground for just the second time this year. Was pleasantly surprised by the conditions.

Paid $26 for the regulation nine holes with a push cart as well. Finished with a POP of around 2.5 hours. Blue tees with three other nice guys I got paired up with.

Fairways actually looking rather lush and healthy, but of course you can find a few thin spots towards either widths of the fairways. The rough can be a little thick in some areas (with a lot of annoying tree roots just at the surface so be careful) and also thin and annoying in others. Sand did not look too great for others or visually, but I avoided them all day.

Greens were definitely in good shape for all the traffic HP gets, but rolling around medium speed and bumpy in spots, while on the second hole there is a large burned out area to avoid. Tee boxes are nothing to write home about, but mostly get the job done, but could definitely be a bit flatter.

It's a good course to walk, actually has some fun and interesting holes and is a good bargain to scratch that itch if you don't have time or just want to hit the sticks a bit for nine.
Played here again for the first time in a while. We usually enjoy this layout and convenient location. Greens are puttable and roll ok despite recent overseeding but slow as usual. YVGC used to have lightning fast greens years ago, but not anymore. One particular green had serious mower damage. Fairways and tee boxes ok, but GUR in places. Bunkers are shameful pits of dirt and mud. Staff is mostly friendly and food is good. At $20 on a Friday afternoon I guess I can't complain too much...Except for this. Nonexistent course supervision and the particular mix of rowdy music playing mooks and snail like old timers that frequent this course make for more unpleasant confrontations and yelling than any comparable course I can think of. Taking a break from this place for a while.
Played 18 at Los Amigos on Saturday with two buddies. We played the blue tees and were unfortunately stuck behind a lousy foursome that was never ready to hit when a fairway cleared, would wait until greens emptied on holes they could not ever reach and followed up poor shots with those infuriating multiple practice swings as if they could get the shot back. People are waiting right behind you!

As for course conditions, not too bad at all, although I have seen better at Los Amigios in the past few years. The greens were in nice shape and rolled pretty nice, but not much faster than medium if that. There were quite a few lush fairways as well, but you could certainly find some thin lies out there as well. Rough was mostly dried up and thin, but on some of the interior it was healthy and cut to a nice, manageable height. Sand was pretty good from outward appearance, but I did end up in one that was very thin (par 3 12th). Tee boxes just okay.

Flat, parkland style layout with real teeth only being show on the last three holes, but for some reason have not been having my usual success here the last few rounds, which has made for that final three-hole gauntlet to be excessively tricky and demanding.

There was cart service that came around with drinks only once or twice, so that was nice and unexpected as I don't recall them ever doing that before. POP, as you can guess from the initial rant was just over five hours and could have easily been much shorter had those guys had any consideration whatsoever.
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