Etiquette Moments - Cell Phone Etiquette? Really?

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Etiquette Moments -- Advice-The Definition

Cell phone etiquette? That's right as many of us take our phones to the course allowing us to be in the game while being in the office we need to understand a few simple etiquette do's and dont's about Cell-Phones! The Etiquette Nerds, Amy and Jeff of Swingpointmedia, act out what could easily be avoided when it comes to cell phones and golf in this weeks Etiquette Moment Video.

At Swingpointmedia we focus on creating short videos to help all golfers become better stewards of the game, as well as learn the art of playing ready golf without feeling like your running!The simple idea of this week's video can be used every day to help improve the pace of play and virtually eliminate the need or feeling of being rushed.

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