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Played 7/3 and they were doing all kinds of work in preparation for the July 4th firework show at the Rose Bowl. The worker didn't bother me and I don't expect it to be a norm. #9 was turned into an 85yd Par3, hopefully that was just temporary for the July 4th event as well.

Fairly typical perhaps slightly above average condition for a busy muni. The tee boxes were lev... » More
Played Tues. 7-5 with a 6:53 tee time. I was a little disappointed to find out that they were charging holiday rates at $89 which I believe is way too much for this course but its my fault for not checking the rate. Played alone and got out about 10 minutes early and finished in 2 hrs and 45 minutes never seeing anyone ahead until I got to 18.
The tee boxes showed evidence... » More
Played this AM. Course is in nice shape, but they are watering it to much. Fairways were wet with little roll. Traps had standing water in some and damp sand (not all but about 60%). Tee boxes were all playable. Greens were wet the entire round and putted very slow. I understand watering when it is hot? But hot the last few days and coming days it ain't. As always great custome... » More

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