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Etiquette Moments: A Pre-Shot Routine How it Should NOT be a Showstopper!
Written by Etiquette Nerds
A Pre-Short Routine should be a show stopper but a tool to help your play your game. Find out some important tips from our friends the Etiquette Nerds, Jeff and Amy of SwingPointMedia with this instructional video. More...
Etiquette Moments: Loose Impediments
Written by Etiquette Nerds
What is a loose impediment? How to identify a loose impediment and what to do about the loose impediment. These are some of the questions AND answers our very own Etiquette Nerds, Jeff and Amy of SwingPointMedia are here to answer in this great video. More...
Etiquette Moments: The Provisional Ball
Written by Etiquette Nerds
A short but very informative video that helps all understand the role a provisional ball plays in the game from your friends at SwingPointMedia and the Etiquette Nerds. More...
FlatJohnny Project: Bringing Back the Fun for Golf and Golfers Alike
Written by Ringworld
Similar to Flat Stanley, download, print, decorate and show-off Flat Johnny! The Flat Johnny Project is aimed at golfers who want to show off where they have played. Join us in the many adventures of FlatJohnny as grows! More...

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