Angeles National Golf Club

9401 Foothill Blvd
Sunland, CA 91040 • (818) 951-8771

Sunland, CA (91040)
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Humidity: 16%
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Sunset: 7:08 pm
green Sunrise: 6:50 am


1. bmanmp
Posted: 10/20/21 2:20p
Member Since: Aug 31, 2003
From: Thousand Oaks
Played Monday 10/18 -

Had the 2nd tee time out as a 3-some and we never saw the first group. Pace of play was awesome. the starter said they were busy, then made a comment that they had something... Continue »
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2. cthuyen
Posted: 07/16/21 9:09a
Member Since: Aug 15, 2006
From: Los Angeles
Out to Angeles National yesterday afternoon. Discounted tee time made the round possible. We played in 3.5 hours taking our time behind a 4 some. The course is dry.....greens were rolling smooth ... Continue »
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Member Since: Dec 17, 2007
heres a short summary of angc. its an arizona desert style golf course with a links feel to it. prior to this year, the greens were right about a 13 on the stimp. now that the course is maturing alittle more the speed has gone down quite a bit. probably about a 10 now. ((slow mr. holley, get it back up to its original speed please!!)) you werent able to really go at pins in the past. you would have to play everything 10-15 yards short on some holes to get it the right distance. now, you can actually attack alot of the flags depending on its location. the other thing that is different now is the rough. holy moly that rough is thick in some areas. which is good because before your ball is gone like on hole #6 if you missed it right. now you can find it and chip it up there. it also helps out on tee shots. like #2, if you hit it too left your ball would run out of fairway. now its caught up in the thick stuff to save you a stroke, or not. watch that gps, it gives you yardages to almost everything. like on #1, t should show about 230 to carry from tees. that kind of info is good for the first timers out there. oh yeah, you first timers. take alot of golf balls cuz your gonna need it. if not, you can always go searching but they dont like it. usually the boys out there wont mind giving out some of the stash that they picked up in the morning. i know cuz i got fired from there doing that where others just got a slap on their hands......i just think one of the managers there where i wont name who that really shouldnt be working here in the US of A because he doesnt have the correct visa wanted me out of their. but all in all, its a fun course. tests you all the way. have fun out there and give my regards to jimmy, joey, james, martin, george and all the fun guys!!
Member Since: Dec 17, 2007
alright, your almost done. be mindfull of the water to the left. try and aim for that really nice looking house just above the driving range. if you dont know which house, aim at the last tree on the left passed the bunker. if you hit long enough, it will hit the hill and release out to the left towards the green and you wont really have to worry about the water. now if your tee shot makes it to the waters edge, you will have about 120 yards into the green. the green is hard to hold with a long iron so play alittle short and let it release. if the pin is in back location, aim more right and youll see that ball hit and take off towards the water. there is a low on the green on the right side. sometimes the pin is in that location so be aggresive and go at the pin. becarefull of the coot shits. its a mine field when those coots are there.

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