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somehow snagged a last minute time for saturday at 10:30. arrived about an hour prior and warmed up at the 2-story range. then onto the large practice green before walking over to the first tee. Was paired with 3 great gentlemen and we walked the course and I was glad i did as it was such a beautiful day and it was great getting to know my playing partners better.

since it was my first time playing it was great to have course knowledge but it's a funny thing about not having the baggage of prior rounds and just being able to swing freely. probably had my best day ever driving the ball! and since i found myself in the fairway all day i can note that i was hitting off good lies. the course seems to have benefited from the recent wet weather. the course itself is fairly straightforward and forgiving with minimal trouble, though on this day the greens were fast fast. definitely a challenge.

there is also a snack shop on the course that is in the middle of a few holes that has a good selection of refreshments.

the other interesting thing to note were the black/blue/white tees were all grouped together. I believe the course ultimately played as a combo between white and blues but it seems like they're letting the tee boxes heal.

the one downside would be the pace was brutal. wound up about a 5.5 hour round! still, the course and the surrounding griffith park scenery makes this a course i'd definitely like to play again
Played here Sat 1/28 with two other singles. Had an 11:30 tee time but the tee box got a little backed up and we wound up getting out around 20 minutes late. A sign of things to come on this day as the POP was about as bad as I'd experienced, with us barely finishing before sunset. In total a 3 hour front and 2.5 hour back. Pretty brutal.

Other than that, to piggyback on t8fish's review, the course is actually in pretty good shape. Tee boxes can be a little thin but in general the fairways had good coverage and I didn't find myself with a bad/thin lie all day which is a rarity there. Greens were firm so approaches tended to come in hot and bound off the greens. Sand was generally coarse and thin but playable. In spite of waiting around a lot, it was a beautiful southern california day and the views of the san gabriel mountains reminded me that things could always be a lot worse.

Definitely recommend giving this track a try while it's still in pretty good shape
Played Sunday 1/22 in the Malbon tournament. First time making the trek to Borego and it was most definitely worth the drive. Just an incredible setting for a golf course, absolutely nothing but desert and beautiful mountainous backdrops.

Teed off at 12:20 shotgun with probably a 10-15mph wind that died down later in the round. Playing downwind you can really get some distance off the tee especially if you hit the fairways because you'll get lots of rollout if you hit the slopes just right. Every tee box was perfect and level, just about every fairway was nice and green (there were some GUR areas but honestly I hardly noticed and never hit near them), rough was medium and fairly easy to hit from. If you can keep your ball in play (not spraying it into the desert/brush) you should find yourself with an excellent lie. Lots of bunkers of course but they all had beautiful fluffy sand in them. Greens are super tough. Big with tiers and undulation. Gotta hit approaches to the right spots or else it'll be easy to 3 putt. Some holes also have water which adds another element to the fun. Just an all around wonderful golf experience in a pretty special location. Would definitely head back out there and stay nearby to play multiple times
Played here for the first time Saturday 10/8 at 1:20 as part of a foursome. They've got a Trackman setup on the range but you need a member key to utilize. There's also a restaurant/bar that's got some good lunch options if you want to get a pre/post round meal. Pace of play was pretty good, seemed we were consistently right behind the group ahead, no big slowdowns but still wound up a 4:45 round.

Course was in fair to average condition, but honestly a little disappointed in the condition based on the really good reviews I'd read and when you factor the value proposition ($80 w/ cart) it seems a tad overpriced. A good number of overly watered areas (some sand traps had standing water) and thin spots on fairways. I found myself hitting off more than my share of hardpan lies, but there were also good lies, just not consistent. Greens had been punched a couple of weeks ago and are still recovering. Very bumpy, with lots of pitch marks.

I will say that I liked the layout, and there's enough length to make it a challenge. There are some nice holes, I appreciated the water features and I would definitely play again but maybe at a discounted rate.

Oh, and for those that like to walk the course there are a good number of holes where the green to tee is a serious trek.
Had the opportunity to snag a twilight time on 10/1. Paired with another single and a twosome (son & mom). They were all good players but the two guys who were in their 20s looked like college players and were really striping it. Fun to watch.

Course is in good shape overall, greens looked like they'd been punched recently and were running a tad slower than expected. Fairway lies were all very good and rough was thick in certain spots especially around greens. Bunkers all had really nice soft powdery sand. It's a fun course for sure and generally how you do off the tee will dictate your round. Wound up pulling/hooking a few too many OB but you do have to hit a poor shot to go out. A couple of holes are narrow but for the most part it's a fun fair layout.

Carts are very nice, pro shop and starter service all very good and there's cart service as well. also a number of water coolers out there to refill your bottles.

Overall played a bad round but enjoyed the company and finished right as the twilight was running out. Can't wait to go back and take on this course again.
Had a 1:30p tee time Saturday 9/24. Paired with a twosome and single, all pretty good players. Started off on hole 10 due to a wedding, which, fine. Conditions were decent with the exceptions of the tee boxes. Just totally worn out, full of divots and in most cases very hard to find a level spot. Fairways and greens were in average/good shape, some bare spots, which was expected. Greens ran surprisingly faster than expected. Didn't see any construction going on on the course. Pace of play here always an issue due to its short length, finished at 4:40.
Carts always seem like they're gonna run out of steam going up any incline. Cart service came through a couple of times which was nice on a hot day. Pro shop check in and service was good. Overall, don't expect much here, but it is a good place to come if you a) wanna get real frustrated spraying balls into the canyon or b) try to work on your short iron target game.
Played 8/13 at 7:50am as a single paired with 3 other singles. Even in the middle of summer with a drought the course seemed to be in better shape than the last time i played it back in May. Noticeably the greens were much nicer than I remembered with fewer divot marks and rolled a lot better, about medium speed. Still a couple of par 3 greens that have a bit of wear but overall they were a bright spot. Tee boxes were generally all in very good and level condition and the fairways were in decent shape as well. The undulating nature of some of the fairways leaves some areas with dried out dirt patches but nothing too terrible. Bunkers seemed to be in good shape, nicely raked and with enough sand that you could actually splash a shot out. POP was adequate at 4 hours 20 minutes. Pro shop staff super friendly. Not an exceedingly challenging track but enough length on the par 3s to keep it interesting. If you can keep shots on the fairway and avoid tree trouble it's a place you can go low.
Hadn't played here in over 20 years but finally made the trip back up the coast for a Monday afternoon tee time. Turns out I remembered nothing about this course at all so it was like playing blind. Played as a single and paired up with two very nice ladies, also playing for the first time. Playing from the silver tees, noticed the tee boxes were in very good shape. Found the majority of fairways and found them all in good shape as well. Brown spots of course but the drought being what it is, not surprising. Still had very good lies to hit from. Greens looked like they'd been punched recently but they rolled well and fast. Bunkers were pretty poor; some areas were just mud, while others were thin. It was a beautiful day, winds were calm and the views of some of the holes were breathtaking. POP was about 4.5, cart girl came around a couple of times. No ball washers on the course. Carts themselves have a nice GPS system in them but some blind shots await you on the back with elevation and doglegs so it makes things interesting. Had a great time and definitely find Sandpiper a good value for a summer twilight round, especially on weekdays.
I essentially consider this my home course and play it regularly as it's a fun layout that a mid-handicapper should be able to post some low scores on while offering enough of a challenge to be repeatedly interesting. The main defense here are the trees so if you're straight off the tee you're gonna do great. Front 9 is especially easy with short par 4s and generally flat. Back 9 is my favorite as you'll get a little more elevation.

Played here Sunday 7/24, hoping to feel better about my game after a rough round the previous day. Noticed the course right now is still in good shape, especially the greens. They are soft and you won't get much roll out on approaches and you probably have to putt the ball harder than you think to get to the hole but roll pretty true. Fairways have their thin spots but mostly offering good lies right now. Tee boxes can be unlevel or divot-filled but aren't too much of an issue.

I always tell people how great this course is and maybe I'm biased but between the facilities being well kept and the service being very good, it really keeps me excited to go back.
Wow, the reviews are right, this is a gem of a course! Played here Saturday 7/23. Checked in about an hour before and used the grass range to warm up. Putting green can get a little tight with only a few holes but it was fine to get a little preview of the speed and undulation of the greens.
Course itself is really stunning. A pretty layout nestled into the hills. Conditions in most spots were very good, greens were slower than the putting green, but rolled well.
As a single I shared a cart with another single which wasn't an issue. The twosome we paired up with were great as well. The carts themselves are nice and have GPS and green heat maps.
Playing my first time it helped to be paired up with 3 folks that had a lot of course knowledge and it definitely comes in handy when standing on a tee box to know what lines to take. Didn't necessarily reflect in my score as some OB/waste areas definitely come into play on a few holes but you really need a mi sh-t to go out so I'd say the course is very fair. Wind wasn't much of an issue on this day although I'm sure it can wreck havoc when the Santa Anas blowing through.
The only downside of the round was the POP. Front 9 we went out in 2:10 but the back ground to a halt and took about 3. No marshalls out but the waiting on every hole definitely takes you out of the round a bit. I don't blame the course for being busy but a 5+ hour round is a bit much. There is also cart service which is nice for days when it's hot.
Honestly even with POP (and on weekends it's just become a fact of life it'll be slow) I can't wait to get back and play again!! This course will become addicting as you learn the nuances and angles and the conditions change, a great challenge and a very pretty, fun course. Well worth the trip up from LA and a tremendous value!
Hadn't played here in a while and got a decent deal so even though it was 100 degrees out. Check in was easy and courteous; no issues. Unfortunately their range machines are super finicky so i couldn't get a bucket because they went offline. Luckily there were enough random balls scattered around that I could still get a few warm up swings in. Joined a twosome and single on the first tee at our te time and watched the foursome in front of us have someone giving another person in their group lessons as if it was their first time playing golf. Realizing it was gonna be a 6 hour round we were able to start on the back. Fortunately pace of play was excellent with no one in front of us. At the turn (hole 1) we teed off behind a twosome but after a few holes we caught up to them on every tee. we could see that things were backing up ahead so nothing we could do. Another twosome caught up to us and mentioned that they were actually playing the front for the second time because the pace on the back was so brutal. Honestly the lack of a marshal on this course is a huge problem because there are a lot of folks taking way too long searching for their shots or not picking up when they should. Course was in good shape. Greens were in good condition, sand seemed mostly fluffy though a few were in bad shape. fairways were their usual thin/tight conditions; expect a good shot to roll out a good way. Overall, a good fun track even in heat. Just too expensive for what it is, but at this point it doesn't seem like management is at all interested in making improvements so if you can find a good deal I'd recommend
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