Vista Valencia Golf Course

24700 West Trevino Drive
Valencia, CA 91355 • (661) 253-1870

Valencia, CA (91355)
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Humidity: 15%
Wind: CALM

Sunset: 7:08 pm
green Sunrise: 6:50 am


ALERT: Aeration
Aeration of the greens 4/5 & 4/6.
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1. kviser
Posted: 10/31/20 10:34a
Member Since: Feb 4, 2005
From: Saugus, CA
Played yesterday, Friday at 7:20. Walked for $24.50. POP 3 hours. The course continues to make small strides towards better conditions. General maintenance in progress with lots of watering and debris... Continue »
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2. kviser
Posted: 10/02/20 12:59p
Member Since: Feb 4, 2005
From: Saugus, CA
Played today, second group out. $37 to ride. Our tee time was 7:00 , but the starter doesn't open up until 7:00 apparently. No cash transactions at the proshop, btw. They are really watering the cours... Continue »
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Topic: The Best Executive Course in the LA Area
Posted: Dec 5, 2015
I guess Tony's idea of the "L.A. area" is a little more widespread than the average guy's. Sure, it's about 35 minutes north of downtown, but I would venture to say it is a pretty good executive course inside of 40 minutes of downtown. I usually don't waste my time on executive courses, but sometime...
Topic: The Best Executive Course in the LA Area
Posted: Oct 21, 2015
Sorry, Valencia is not in the "LA area" just because it's in Southern California!!!! LOL
Member Since: Feb 4, 2005
The most difficult hole and, in my opinion, the most interesting. Long par 4 with a creek crossing way out there. The best tee shots will work a little left to right. Hit towards the 150 marker in between the fairway bunkers. It's downhill from there to the creek. Really long hitters can reach the hazard with a fair amount of roll out, so be careful. This fairway tends to be on the dry side and in winter it is thin. While your tee shot favors a fade, the approach favors a slight draw. Play for the front half of the green to avoid going through. The green is well protected with bunkers front left and back right, so watch your yardage and any wind. Good luck.
Member Since: Jul 30, 2010
222/ 200. To carry the ravine from the wt. plates it takes approxamently 165 yards to clear I think. Usually plays into the wind. Take an extra club. Be carefull hitting the ball to the right. Just to the right of the cart path over the ditch, is the back half of the driving range, and it can be hard to locate your ball. If you hit the ball to the left, pay attention to the 3rd tee box, as it is reachable. One bunker on the right, 2 on the left, these usually contain sand, unlike most of the bunkers on the course. Rated the 5th most difficult hole on the course, and hardest par 3

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