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Good times today with Solinari619. The course is in good shape. The starting hole is now what used to be the 17th. It got messed up for some reason, but I recovered and made up for it. Everything seems to be great on the course. For $165/player, it should be.

Greens: Medium fast. I could not hit a good putt all day, but they all seemed to roll great.

Fairways and rough: There's not a lot of rough, but good grass coverage was to be had everywhere. I never had a bad lie.

Bunkers: Nice sand; soft and light. Good bunker conditions.

Tees: We played the White tees. All were level and had great turf.

Overall: The course is as nice as I remember it; just way more expensive.
I played here twice in the last two weeks. Conditions are vastly improved from my past experiences here. There is a new management team and it appears that maintenance has been stepped up.

Greens: medium speed and soft. There has been a lot of ball marks, but most are easily fixed. Greens roll true.

Fairways: Good coverage overall. Some areas receiving supplemental water during the morning.

Rough: Slightly taller than the fairways, but a noticeable cut. Not too penal.

Bunkers: All looked decently groomed and had good sand.

Tees: Level and not too many divots.

Overall: this course plays slow for the yardage. Not unusual as it is an executive size course in a dense suburban neighborhood with not many other options nearby. The price is right, especially for walkers.
I don't have much to add to roarksown1's review/rating for last Friday, June 7. This facility has two courses and sees a lot of play. There's a huge parking lot, parkland adjacent, large practice area, and an old-school vibe that screams MUNI GOLF! Feels like going back in time. The proshop and cafe looks like your typical 60's high school single-story brick building. The restroom indicates "Men's/Women's locker room" but is nothing more than a restroom with no hot water or towels. Like the Woodley Lakes course nearby the two courses here are more or less flat. Lots of huge trees line every fairway and offer great shade during the heat of summer. If you like shade, just stay out of the fairways!

Good times to be had here and the price is right.
This is a bit overdue as I also played in the GolfMoose/GK outing a week ago Monday. The course was in great condition and I really enjoyed my round here, despite loosing three points in my GK Cup match with mpisarski. There's not much to add to the previous review as everything was pretty much covered. Pace of play was good enough for an event of this type. The greens rolled slower than I had anticipated. Fast enough, but they could trick it out with a tighter cut; best not to do that on a public play day.

The course is definitely tricky enough with some knowledge of the landing areas. Poor tee shots will be certain death to your score. Knowing where to lay up is equally important.

The tees could have been mowed as they were on the shaggy side. The snack bar was not prepared for business during the round as they had one employee and service was slow.

All in all, it was a great day with lots of beautiful sunshine and great company.

Many thanks to The Oaks Club Valencia, JohnnyGK, Golf Moose, and Vivid Golf.
Played yesterday in the GK/Golf Moose private club event. Check in with Johnny and Ron was quick and easy. Nice CC atmosphere, pleasant weather, and great course conditions. Shotgun start at 10 am.

Greens: Fast and smooth. They held shots, but you had to have some spin and elevation on those approaches.

Fairways: Great runout and very pristine conditions.

Rough: It was thick in places, but not unmowed. I was lucky enough to not have too many penal lies. Mostly, my ball sat up. No bare areas that I saw.

Bunkers: All were great; raked smooth (I did have a small footprint that did not get raked on one hole) and groomed very nice.

Tees: The three sets of markers were, for the most part, placed onto one long box with a total of about 250 yards difference over 18 holes.

Overall condition of the course was great. Customer service was excellent, and the food was good. If you get a chance to play here, take it.
Played today in a small tournament, teeing off around 10:40. The course is in very good condition, lots of good turf and fast greens. The range and putting green are on the small side, but most everyone was able to practice if they wanted.

Greens were great. Fast and smooth. We had difficulty getting used to the speed today. It was also difficult to get an approach shot to stick. It was challenging.

Fairways were good. Lots of coverage and very few bad lies. Lots of roll out on most shots.

Rough was fairly good. Some sporadic bare areas and some perpetual problems that will never grow in, especially around the many eucalyptus trees. Deep enough in most areas to catch your ball but not too penal.

Bunkers were very good. A couple had standing water but most were nicely groomed with good beach sand.

Tees (we played the Blues) were level except for a few holes on the back. Good grass coverage and not too many divots on the par threes.

Overall I thought the course was in pretty good condition. I have not been here in a while and my recollection of the course was it can be in rough condition at times but not today. Too bad my game wasn’t up to speed. I will recommend playing here.
Played today, fourth group out. Chilly weather around 45 degrees, slight breeze that picked up by the 12th hole. Really good conditions today. Greens were fast; however; they’re getting punched on Monday/Tuesday.

Greens: Rolling fast and true. Firm conditions, hard to hold a shot. Breaks away from the ridge to the south, down towards the middle of the desert.

Fairways: Great rollout and coverage.

Rough: Not too penal.

Bunkers: Good white sand. Perfect conditions and raked nicely.

Tee boxes: We played the Blues. Mostly level. Some were hard.

Overall: Great customer service and the course is playing great right now. Too bad they are aerating on Monday!
I played here yesterday with a small tournament of just three foursomes. First group out at 9 AM. POP was about four hours. If you want to hit balls, you have to stand in line and wait for a station as the range is small. One of the two putting greens was open. The course itself is in great shape with lots of good grass coverage most everywhere. It was cart path only on a couple of holes and all the par 3's.

Greens here are relatively small. They were medium fast and looked great. Lots of subtle breaks and somewhat challenging.

Tees (we played the white tees) were decent. Good grass coverage and mostly level.

Fairways were very nice with the exception of the first hole. There's a large area that is low lying and had standing water and no grass. Lay up, then hit over this mess! Other than that, the rest of the course was great.

Rough was very playable; deep and penal at times, but almost no problem finding your ball.

There are many bunkers on this course, and they looked to be in good condition. The sand was not too deep, maybe a couple of inches over hard pan. They all appeared to be raked nicely.

We went into the bar area afterwards and the food/beverage service looked nice. It's a fun course and I would like to play here again.
I played here again last Friday, 2/16/24. We played the Valley/Desert nines. It seems the course conditions are somewhat deteriorating overall. Most of the grass here is dormant Bermuda. There are areas of dirt where there should be grass growing; mostly in the rough, but many areas of the fairways. We played the Blue tees and they seemed to be beat up. Some tees needed mowing. Despite all the recent rain, there are areas of the course that seemed very dry. It would have been nice if the course had overseeded last fall. It could have been stunning by now.

Other than all that negativity, there are some redeeming qualities to consider. It was only $40 Senior rate with a cart in the afternoon. There were two friendly cart girls that were very easy on the eyes. Finally, the greens seemed to be in decent condition; rolling true and few ball marks or other damage.

I like playing here because it is close to home; however, I think I may be looking for other venues until the summer when things green up around here.
I played the Valley/Desert combination last Friday. The tee time was 12:35 and we got out about 10 minutes late due to the cluster f... of carts and golfers trying to make the afternoon discount rates. What a disorganized mess trying to get a cart assignment. I did not know if the starter who was assigning carts had my name or even if I had to check in with him. Once we got our carts it was all good. Play was a little on the slow side, but it was the Friday before New Years weekend, so I expected a lot of golfers.

The course was in mediocre shape. Fairways looked a bit dry and maybe needed an overseed for the winter. It was playable and there was mostly good coverage of dormant turf. We played the Blue tees and they were fine. Good coverage and somewhat level. Okay, so you do have to pick a spot. The rough at this course is mostly nonexistent, so if you hit one past the fairway, it could go off into the native areas. I was in three bunkers and the sand was very deep in two of them. It had a nice brown color and a medium texture. Both bunkers had a lot of deep footprints and were unraked. That was two of the bunkers. The third bunker I was in (Hole 15/Desert #6, Par 4) behind the green, had no sand at all; just the white fabric liner. That was easy to slide my club under the ball and make a save there. The greens rolled fine. They had a good speed; not super fast but just enough to keep you from having to hammer any putts.

All in all, it was fun. My buddy and I finished with another twosome in the dark. We had a couple of glow balls, so that made it a little better. There was a great sunset to look at on 18 Tee as we waited for the group ahead of us to move off. The overall conditions of the course seemed to be somewhat on the poor side, though. I had hoped there would have been more some improvement since my last visit, but it hasn't happened yet. I'm still hopeful. For $40 senior rate after 12, it was good.
Played in the GK Year-end event on Saturday. Good times at a great course. I arrived early, had a decent breakfast at the club. The practice area was in good shape. Lots of really nice Callaway range balls to hit and chip. Everyone at the course was friendly and helpful. This was probably my third- or fourth-time golfing here and it has been a favorite of mine for a while.

Greens were nice, firm, and medium fast. The pin placements were on the challenging side. At least the speed was not crazy fast or there could have been trouble. I would say in general, don't be above the hole. I fixed a few ball marks, but mostly the firmness of the greens prevented too many ball marks.

Fairways and rough were nearly perfect. Good coverage on the overseeding and I never had a bad lie.

We played the White tees and they were a mixed bag with some that needed leveling. It was not terrible, and we all found decent spots to hit from on most of the tees. Many of the tee shots favor a left-to-right ball flight and that helps with most golfers.

The bunkers were very nice looking, but I did have some issues with my play from the few I was in. Great looking fine white sand on the surface, but it seemed a little firm underneath. I payed the price for not executing a couple of times.

Overall, I find the course to be fun and challenging. Many of the holes are unique and it is visually very scenic. The beverage cart came around several times and we remained well hydrated throughout the round.

Big thanks to Johnny for the event, Linksoul for the prizes, and Desert Willow for the course conditions and event space!
Good times last Sunday, playing with fellow GKer, danoemi. The course was coming off the City championship and was in very good shape. Greens were medium fast and soft with few ball marks. The fairways and rough were in good condition. Not many divots and some good coverage throughout the course. Sand was decent and fairly easy to hit from. Tees were nice and level. I recommend playing here. Of note: coming in from the Valley side the access is now from the southeast, coming off of Zoo Drive. I tried to enter from the Forest Lawn side on the north only to find a locked gate.
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