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Played today, 12:40 tee time, great weather. It’s been a while since I last played here. Lots of cosmetic improvements around the clubhouse in progress. It’s going to be very nice when it’s completed.

We played the orange tees, 6588 yds., which seemed like a good amount of golf for me; maybe a little on the short side for the bombers in our group. Pace was a bit slow early on but improved on the back nine. It was around five hours total.

This course is almost all kikuyu grass, except for the greens. I believe the greens are bent grass. There were huge aprons/collars reminiscent of Rustic Canyon. They rolled fast and true and were fairly soft. Only drawback was a lot of ball marks to fix, especially Hole 18 approach apron. Tees were all good with lots of level ground and good turf conditions. Fairways looked great. Good turf coverage everywhere and mowed tight enough to give some roll. It was nice to hit from. Rough was mostly good but got sketchy the further off line you got. Bunkers were very nice with plenty of soft, white sand. There were rakes as well, so that’s good.

Kudos to the grounds crew and maintenance superintendent as the overall course conditions are very good. Additionally, this course sits on a very nice piece of real estate with sweeping mountain vistas from most anywhere on property. The Ojai Valley is a beautiful place and having played here both early and late in the day I’m always impressed. On a side note, the bar (temporarily relocated to the banquet room) had a good selection of beers.

Big thanks to Johnny and Soule Park GC for a great time. I will be back and highly recommend this course.
I played here yesterday with my daughter and her boyfriend (both beginning golfers). The course is pretty much how kassper7 described it from last year. Overall, the course is in poor-to-fair shape. The rough is deep in many areas and you could easily lose a ball or two. Water hazards do come in to play if you are not straight. It was not a good ball striking day for me and I suffered some penalties. Tees and greens were okay; the greens rolled nicely, but there were a lot of ball marks and infiltrated weeds and kikuyu grass. The bunkers looked nice, but the sand was hard packed and not very playable. I made an online reservation for a twosome, thinking we'd be able to have an observer, but when I called I was denied. My bad. I made another online reservation for three later in the day, but could not get a refund on the first reservation. Oh well. I ended up playing two rounds (minus a few holes) early and then another round later with my daughter and her boyfriend. This is the course to bring beginning golfers. Unlike nearby Vista Valencia GC, this course was wide open on a Sunday. Three hours for the three of us; earlier it was about 1.5 hours per round for me alone. I had to skip around on the second round to make it. I cold have avoided all that if the pro shop just told me how empty the course was. I would have paid the extra green fee up front. The person I spoke to made it seem like the course would be busy and no room to add an observer or extra golfer. That was bad info.
Played in an annual City of Santa Clarita tournament here today. Fun times. Overall conditions here seem to be improving. It has been many months since I last played here.

Greens: Running medium fast. They were very soft and there were a few ball marks that I repaired. Not a crazy amount, though. Most of the players here this morning only golf once a year and probably were not hitting the greens hard enough to leave a mark. I'm not sure what the weekend crowd will do.

Fairways and rough: Again, it is notable how much the grass is growing in. I guess I'm not used to seeing this much green here, but with the additional watering, it's getting more lush. And with that additional water comes the associated wet and muddy areas.

Tees: We played the white tees. All were level. Some needed a little more mowing. Off day for those tees? The ones that were mowed were good.

Bunkers: They looked good. They had ample amounts of brownish sand and were recently groomed with the sand pro. Rakes were available and I didn't see very many footprints.

For the right price, maybe late afternoon, I'd play here even if it's a par 60.
I played here yesterday with Johnny, Ron, and Matt. Thanks to Johnny for setting up this Guru round. The course is in good overall condition. Pace of play was about four to four and a half hours.

Greens were running smooth and at a medium fast speed. They all had a great look to them; no excessive damage, consistent roll, and they held shots very well.

Fairways and rough were mostly good. There were few, if any bare areas in either the fairways or rough. I never had a really bad lie, but there are areas beyond the rough throughout the course that are either not watered and have wood chip mulch or is just dirt.

Tees (we played the Blue tees) were very level and had good grass coverage. It's mostly kikuyu grass and sometimes you needed a very long tee to penetrate through the turf. I never had an issue with uneven ground or poor coverage.

Bunkers were all in decent condition with lots of good quality sand. There were rakes available, although a couple of bunkers had footprints that weren't raked.

This course has an interesting layout and there are several elevation changes that will have you second guessing club selection. Nice customer service and everyone seemed pretty laid back. Beers in the snack bar were good, but a bit pricey. No cart service on the course. It's definitely not a stuffy atmosphere. For what it's worth, I can recommend this course.
First time here yesterday; It's a nice layout and fairly wide open with the exception of a couple of wash areas running the length of the course. This is probably one of the closest courses to the LA area; it's basically just east of Escena and across the I-10 from Desert Dunes. Great customer service and it's a really laid back atmosphere.

Practice area includes a large putting green and a nice, all-grass range. Range balls are not included, so be sure to purchase in the proshop if you want to hit.

Greens: I thought they ran fairly fast and smooth. I did fix a few ball marks here and there, but overall, these greens were very nice. Most of them were large but some angles to them could see you miss if you are not accurate and are trying to pin hunt rather than shoot for the fat part of the green.

Fairways and rough: Good grass coverage throughout; however, some of the fairways had some thin hot spots. It was not bad by any means and since there was good roll out on fairway shots I found it unlikely that balls would just come to rest on any of those areas.

Bunkers: We played the Boulder Course, but there were many pebbles and rocks in the otherwise well-maintained bunkers. Most guys had no issues hitting out of them.

Tees: I played the Combo tees (blue/white) then the white tees for my second round. All were good and tightly mowed.

Native areas: The course appears to be built within the flood plain of Whitewater creek and it's no wonder that there has been some flood damage in the past.

POP was about 3 hrs. per round and that's really good for me. When it gets hot in the desert afternoon rounds can be brutal; luckily for us it was a fine day and temps barely got above 100 by late in the second round.

Overall, I like the course and will most likely return here in the future!
Played today with the GK outing, second group out. POP at about 5 hrs. which is typical here on a Sunday. Overall course conditions are great. Lots of great turf coverage everywhere and nice greens with some very tricky pin positions today on many of the holes.

Greens rolled smooth and medium fast. They were somewhat soft and held most any decently struck approach. I did fix quite a few ball marks, though.

Fairways were really nice with ample turf to hit from and very few areas in distress, if any.

Rough was very nice, but the farther you got from the fairway it could get dicey. The areas of deep kikuyu have been pared back quite a bit from days of old. However, there are lots of native areas which will swallow your ball and if you're luck enough to find it, then it will be a task to hit out of.

Bunkers looked good and there were rakes available; if only folks started using them again, LOL.

Tees were level and had good grass coverage so no issues there.

Overall, I think this is one of the best courses around; it has lots of character and presents a good challenge for most any golfer. I look forward to coming back here soon.
I played here last Sunday, 6:40 tee time; $78 riding; POP 4:15. The last time I played here it was with a GK event 5 years ago. I recall somewhat better conditions then, but it's not bad now. Mostly good, playable conditions throughout the course. It was somewhat firm most everywhere, except for the greens, which tells me that they probably need to dial in that irrigation better.

Greens: The greens were receptive to most shots and I had no problem getting balls to stick. I fixed quite a number of ball marks all day so, although a bit disappointing, it tells me that they were well moisturized. They were quick and had subtle breaks that I failed to read properly many times.

Fairways and rough: Well, I did not find too many fairways, but my shots tended to roll through with a lot of momentum. They were firm and straw-color to light green in most areas exposed to the sun; other areas through the trees tended to be a bit greener/lusher. The rough was about 1.5" and was not very penal.

Bunkers: No rakes were seen. I was not in any, but the sand was nice, light-colored, and seemed easy enough for my playing partners to hit from.

Tees: We played the White tees. They all were level and it was easy to find a place to hit from.

My overall experience was good. I arrived early enough to hit some range balls. We were hitting from the grass and there were a handful of targets to hit to. The starter at Hole 1/Range was friendly and helpful. For $78 I kind of thought overall conditions would be better; I don't know if it's really worth it. Maybe I thought it would be nicer. I did see the beverage cart once, but we did start early. Also, the POP was not all that good considering it was virtually the crack of dawn. I'm told that it's often like that here.
Played yesterday afternoon, match play with roarksown1, teeing off at 1:50 p.m. I have not played here for at least a few years, but I do believe that course conditions here have not changed considerably. Lots of roll on thin fairways, not too deep rough, and relatively slow greens. POP was about 4.5 hours. This is one of the flattest courses around and is conducive to walking, although we rode in a shared cart. I picked up a Senior Players Card for $25 and the riding rate was $33. The carts do have a decent GPS showing a color map where you can touch to see yardages; the green/approach view only gives you front, middle, back. No ice chest (there was a hook for one) and no sand bottles.

Tees: We played the blue tees, 6564 yards, but who's counting? All tees here are fairly generous and flat. No issues and finding a decent spot to tee from is easy.

Fairways and rough: There is a slight difference in the height of the cuts, but not too much. If you hit a fairway, count on some decent rollout. The rough will slow the roll a bit but it's not very penal unless you get unlucky. Your ball will be sitting up much of the time. There are a number of large trees that could block a second or third shot on most holes. Mostly, it is not a problem.

Bunkers: No rakes, but it appears that the bunkers had been groomed. The sand looked fairly hard and crusty. A couple were wet at the low ends.

Greens: They were mostly slow. Uphill putts really needed some effort and leaving a downhill putt short was a good possibility, too. I think Hole 9 was noticeably faster and looked better that the other greens. Robert said he thinks it's because it is near to and within visual range of the clubhouse. I tend to agree with that. There were only a couple of ball marks that needed fixing here and there but they looked fresh and were easy to repair.

Overall, it was nice. The pace was a little slow for my liking, but that's what you get late in the day at a LA City muni. No rakes, no sand bottles, or divot mix on the par 3 tees, no ball washers. The grass is mostly kikuyu and Bermuda, except for the bentgrass greens. Get used to a dull green to brownish color everywhere. A few spots are bare ground, but there's not too much of that. It is hard to lose a ball here and we both played the course using one ball each. LA City has multiple choices and this course is likely to be my number 5 or 6 choice. If you need to get your game back on track, this is the number one place to do it.
Match play last Tuesday afternoon with PokerGuy0826. Took advantage of a senior replay at $19 riding. Probably the deal of the year right there. The course is as nice as I remember it. The greens were medium fast to fast, especially downhill putts. They did hold most shots but were firm enough to not leave a lot of ball marks. The ones I did fix were shallow. Fairways and rough almost always gave me a good lie with plenty of turf under my ball (except that one time I was in a divot in the rough). The sand seemed plentiful enough, although it seemed like they all had a layer of crust. Even though there were rakes (I was told they just put them out that day) many bunkers had unraked footprints. We all played the Gold tees and they were fine with no issues finding a level place to tee off from. Good times, not too far from my house, and a nice rate. I guess I will have to make time to come back soon.
Great day on Saturday with GK, playing one of my favorite courses in the desert. Great practice area and a very nice clubhouse facility with great customer service from all staff. I was in the last group with Nick, Jay, and Joe.

The course is currently in great shape. You could see the Bermuda grass beginning to pop up in the greens, but they rolled true and fast. The greens were firm and there were few ball marks to fix.

The fairways and rough were in excellent shape. I did not see any thin areas and it looked pristine from tee to green. The rough was not penal at all; that's a plus in my book. Fairways were generous with great landing areas and good roll.

Tees were great as well. I played the Purple/Lavender combo. All were level and had nice grass to hit from; maybe a little beat up on the par 3's but that's to be expected.

Bunkers were all good. I think Nick and I had several sand saves between us on the front nine alone. It was nice to have rakes available for use. Not used to seeing that recently.

This is a great course overall for appearance and it just fits my eye for my game. Carts are very comfortable and have a really nice GPS screen. The staff is attentive and super helpful. The beverage cart came by often and there is water and ice available at the restrooms. All in all a great course and I hope to make it back here often.
I played late yesterday (Valley-Desert nines). Currently, they are offering something new: 2:00 p.m. shotgun, $45 riding, for all times between 2:00 and 4:20ish. I was given the option of going out a little earlier on the Mountain-Desert routing, but it looked like there were quite a few groups on that route. The starter got me out at 2:00 on Valley Hole 2 and it was wide open with no waiting for me until I got to my last hole. POP at just about 2.5 hours. I played multiple shots during the round, keeping score with my first shot (good, bad, and ugly).

Greens: 6/10: While the PPG was noticeable bumpy (poa), the rest of the greens were a little better. It appeared that new holes were not cut today and they all appeared somewhat shaggy. Not a lot of ball marks (kind of firm) and they rolled medium-slow to medium-fast. If I had to guess, maybe 8.5'-9.0'.

Fairways and rough: 5/10: Conditions of the fairways was just okay. There were the occasional areas of wetness and some areas that were dry and bare. Mostly, though, there was decent coverage and I did not always have poor lies. Good roll on most of my shots, although I only hit a couple of fairways. The rough could be better, but the further you get from the center of the fairway the worse conditions get. Your ball might end up on wood chips, dirt, or in the desert scrub, so try to keep it down the middle, okay!

Tees: 4/10: I played the blue tees but all were in need of mowing. The grass was very deep and the ground was a little uneven on many tees. I would say it was not good at all; playable, but not what you would expect on a course with "Country Club" in the name.

Bunkers: 6/10: I was in a couple greenside bunkers on Hole 3, Valley, and they were great to hit from. The sand appeared a little wet, but it was not hard packed and I found it fairly easy to hit the ball. Maybe too easy as I went bunker to bunker there.

All told, I could see myself playing here often in the late afternoon for the $45 M-Th or $55 on Fridays. I wish they would step up the maintenance and expand the landing areas. It's a tough landscape and very challenging for the average golfer with many forced carries and hazards. Club selection, course management, and hitting your targets are key to scoring well here. With the owner wanting to build a resort and related hotel facilities, he's going to want to have a bigger draw than just a mediocre golf course. Sand Canyon is close to being a really great course once again, I just think the maintenance needs to pick up a bit.
Played here Friday, 4/2/21, walking for $40 at 9:30. Paired up with a couple of brothers who rode in separate carts. POP was about 4:10 as we followed the groups ahead. No real backups at any time, although it seemed we waited at times on the foursome ahead to hit our tee shots.

Course conditions were okay; I haven't played here since February 2019. I don't recall if that's before American Golf took over, but it definitely is not the same caliber of course maintenance now. Lots of winter dormancy and most everything was just a pale green. It's not that conditions are bad, they are just not as good as I remember.

Greens: 6/10: A little slower (I forgot to check if the starter shack had the old chalkboard telling the current speed that the greens were cut to). I would say they rolled nicely and were not overly quick. If I had to guess a speed, probably around an 8 or 9. It made it easier to be more aggressive on putts without having to worry about running way past the hole. Also, notably, the greens and aprons were quite a bit greener than the surrounding grass.

Fairways and rough: 6/10: There were areas where the grass was coming back, and I never really had a bad lie. Lots of good rollout on tee shots, though. There's turf, but it's not yet greening up. As the weather gets warmer, I'm sure it will look very nice. Right now it's just barely greening up. The rough was probably a half inch longer on the cut than the fairways, so it was not penal.

Tees: 6/10: We played the white tees. The teeing ground here is rather large and the markers were placed about 20' apart on most tees so there was ample room to pick a spot to hit from. All were mostly level with no real deep divots.

Bunkers: 6/10: I was in 5 bunkers; three greenside and two fairway. They were all a little wet, except the greenside bunker left of 5 green. All had decent sand which was plentiful and soft. I had no problems hitting out and made one of three sand saves.

It has been a while since playing here and I do look forward to more rounds later this year as the inland heat sets in. I am curious as to what this once top-notch muni looks like under American Golf management during the height of summer.
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