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I played here on Sunday, August 14, as part of a small tournament. Good overall conditions and wonderful weather. Add in the early afternoon breeze and it almost felt a little cool with low 70 temps. There's not a lot to add to Gary's review as conditions remain very good. There were some areas of the fairways that seemed to be overly wet, but most likely it was due to overnight irrigation as we were off early in the morning.

Greens: Smooth and rolling at a medium pace, but picking up pace later in the round. Occasional ball marks, most notably on the front half of Hole 7. The greens were soft and fixing ball marks was very easy; I'm just not sure why some people just don't seem to bother.

Fairways: Good amount of roll, but still very lush. There were a couple of areas that were roped off and the occasional thin area. It was fairly easy to take a divot and I did fill many with the sand bottle provided on the cart.

Rough: There's not a lot of rough. Mostly you will find a small amount of rough, then immediately it changes to deep, unmowed, "natural" areas. It ranged from 1"-2" where it was mowed to deep and forget about finding your ball in the unmowed areas. Once you get into the "natural" areas it was really a crap shoot. You might find your ball and it might have a good lie or be completely unplayable. Good times, right? You can only blame yourself if you end up there. There are a couple of dried up lakes that you could play out of if you find your ball, so that can be nice.

Tees: We played the white tees and they all were level and lush. Par threes had a fair amount of divots, but the teeing ground is rather large so it was easy to find a good place to tee up.

Sand: Good overall sand quality. There were some damp areas but they remained playable.

Olivas is always a good choice in the summer to escape the inland heat. I really like the layout of the course and people here are friendly.
Played here yesterday with Nickesquire. I would like to start out by giving Simi Hills a big thank you for customer service! First, we had a 6:40 am tee time, but Nick was going to be late. The starter, Jack, was very accommodating and gave me an option of sending me out as a single or seeing if another twosome at 7:30 would like to switch. We made the switch, and everything worked out there. Later, on the 10th tee, we were approached by staff who asked if anybody lost a phone. I had no idea that I dropped my phone, and this really was super helpful! He waited to see me open it up to verify it was mine.

I really like Simi Hills as there are a variety of holes with elevation changes, medium fast undulating greens, and an interesting layout. Overall conditions were probably a 7/10. We played the Gold Tees, walking for $28 Senior rate.

Greens: Medium fast and soft enough to hold most any good shot. Not many ball marks, but I fixed a few here and there.

Fairways and rough: A good mix of Bermuda/kikuyu. Cut enough on the fairways to get you some roll and just thick and long enough in the rough to make it interesting. There are some areas that are not irrigated any more or have little coverage so expect to see some bare ground if you are hitting wild shots.

Tees: We played the Gold tees. They were fairly level and had good coverage of turf.

Bunkers: We found a few and they all had good sand which was well groomed. It was easy to hit from them.

Cart service began sometime after 9:00 on a Friday, so that's a plus. Being less than an hour drive from my house, and offering senior rates on a Friday will get me back out here soon.
I played yesterday in the GK outing. Big thanks to Johnny GK and Olivas Links for a wonderful outing in the relatively cool coastal climate of Ventura, CA. I'll take 75 degrees over the inland heat any day this summer. Additional thanks to Linksoul and OnCore Golf; Johnny, I really appreciate all the Linksoul clothes I have received over the years! The OnCore golf balls (I got the Vero X1) were pretty nice as well. I will most likely get myself some. Appreciate the discount through GK! I also want to give a shout out to Mary, the beer cart attendant, who comped me a beer when I was out of cash! Unfortunately, she does not take credit cards at this time.

Olivas Links is in good condition. True, there were a couple of areas that looked like it had stressed turfgrass; maybe due to heat or inadequate sprinkler coverage. However, those areas were few and far between. Overall very nice conditions from tee to green. I saw a couple of the iconic wind-blown pine trees have bitten the dust. Too bad, but the skeletal remains indicate what once was.

Greens: 8/10 Good roll with an occasional spot that needed some love. They were soft and running on the medium fast side. The softness did necessitate the fixing of the occasional ball mark. These greens are very nice. Lots of undulations provide good challenges for your green reading skills.

Fairways and rough: 7/10 There were occasional areas that needed some attention, but overall the course plays great. Good turf grass coverage and root zone to take a divot, if that's your thing. Nice roll on many drives; several of my topped tee shots ran out way further than I expected. The rough is great as well. I'm talking about the rough that sees a mower. Anything outside the mowed areas are hit and miss. If you end up in the deep kikuyu grass, you might miss finding it. They can call it an ESA, or Environmental Area, or Natural Area, but I would rather they made it all turf grass and hit it with a mower. The game is slow enough without a bunch of us traipsing around looking for errant shots.

Tees: 8/10 We played the Club tees (Wendy on the Players). All seemed very level and lush. No complaints there.

Overall a great experience here. I hit balls at the range and practiced putting on the very large and undulating PPG. There are additional chipping areas including another green with a bunker to practice from. The course can get very busy and despite 10 minute tee time intervals, it still took nearly 5 hours to complete the round. Keep that in mind if you come out on a Sunday afternoon.
I played here today with the GK/GolfMoose event. Not a lot to add to the previous reviews. Mostly great conditions from tee to green. We played the Silver/Medal tees, all level and lush. Fairways and rough in great shape with good thick turf. Bunkers were just okay with footprints and thin, damp sand. Greens were very nice. There was one small area on one of the greens that looked like there was a problem, but it was nowhere near the pin placement. I had a great time today and I enjoyed the group I was placed with.
I played here last Thursday; the going rate for resort guests is $150 for 18 holes. I played the Kings and Lakes nines, first out at 7:00 a.m. POP was about 3 hours. The course is in pretty good condition from tee to green. No bare areas were seen. Sand looked decent and groomed. Greens ran faster than the ones at Makani. There is a nice practice area: all grass range and a small chipping green with a bunker.

There is a replay rate at $69, but I was not able to take advantage of it due to my back got a spasm on the second hole and did not get much better as the round progressed. It is nice to be out first thing in the morning at this course because there are a lot of golfers who look like they have never played golf before. I think it is weird, but it's their money.
I played here last Tuesday, first out; paid about $129 with range balls. They would not let me out until at least 7 a.m. The starter was nice, but in no hurry. I got out ahead of the other golfers as a single around 7:10 and finished at 10:15.

The course is amazing and in good shape right now. I played the Member tees: 6012 yds, 69.4/132. All good conditions with level tees, good grass coverage tee to green, and easy pin locations. The greens ran slow with a lot of grain. I had a one-foot putt that turned left and missed, lol!

Overall, I liked the course and the layout. I might have gone back, but one week of vacation did not allow the time to really golf a lot. I did see some discounted tee times on and was very tempted to return here for about half of what I paid, but it would be later in the morning and very likely a much slower pace of play.

I recommend this course and it has some very nice scenery for the west side of the island, as it is more tropical in appearance than the resorts down on the beach (I stayed at Waikoloa Beach Golf Resort). It's also a little bit cooler in temperature so that's a plus.
I played here last Wednesday evening, teeing off around 5:05 pm with a buddy from work and one of his pals. Overall, the course looks pretty nice. It is fairly lush from tee to green. That's something I haven't seen at this course in years. The greens ran on the slow side; you have to really hit firm putts, especially uphill. Fairways and rough were all in as good as condition as I can recall. Hole 9 fairway used to be a wasteland, but it's coming around. The barranca that bisected the hole has been filled in and no longer much of an issue, although still a marked hazard. Tees were almost all level and lush. Lots of divots as this course is mostly par 3s. Sand was plentiful, but bunkers needed some TLC, as the few I was in were crusty and had unraked footprints. Not bad for the $25 I paid to ride. A slower walking twosome on the back nine prevented us from finishing and that was a little bit of a bummer.
I played Friday afternoon, riding as a single, 2:15 tee time. No wind at all on this day; it is a factor as it does get windy here. I paired myself up with another single at Tee 1 and we played at a good pace until hitting a backup on Hole 3. One group of three let up pass, but the real backup was three groups ahead of those guys there was a fivesome of local yahoos dragging ass. Amazingly, I was not at all upset with the situation. My playing partner called the starter and we ran some ideas around. The course was just crowded and skipping ahead wasn't an option. We got our change to pass the fivesome at Hole 14 tee. Overall POP was 3:45.

Overall course conditions were lush. The weather is getting hotter and they are watering a lot. There were some overly wet areas and those were not clearly marked, so there was some cart damage in a couple of spots. However, it was minor.

Greens: The ran fast and smooth.

Fairways and rough: Good rollout and great turf under my ball in almost all cases. Some areas of rough were very lush around the back of some greens.

Tees: We played the blue tees and all were level with the exception of Hole 7 which was slightly tilted to the left side.

Sand: All the bunkers appeared to have a nice layer of white sand. I was in three, and had no trouble hitting out.

Great local hangout for a relaxed round of golf. The starter is very relaxed about afternoon golf times. If it is not busy, you could just go. The bar and restaurant seem very busy so that is usually a good sign of decent food/service. They have a great selection of beers on tap as well. It looks like I'm going to be coming back here more often as the days get longer.
I played today in the SCGA event, sponsored by Woodford Reserve. We did receive a comp drink in the morning and there was another Woodford cocktail later at the turn for $5; Not bad.

I have always liked this course. I find it exciting and difficult. Many of the holes proceed up and down a mountainous/canyon terrain and it is like an adventure because of all the blind shots.

The course is in decent winter condition: dormant Bermuda fairways and a nicely overseeded rough that was mowed to a manageable 1"-2". The fairways had plenty of root zone although they were mowed very tight allowing for a lot of run out on most drives.

The bentgrass greens were great: fast, smooth, and very few ball marks to fix. It was difficult to hold shots from well off the green if you don't generate a lot of spin or come in with a high pitch. There were some difficult pin positions today and the greens are mostly large and undulating with all kinds of breaks.

Tee boxes were nice; we played the Silver (Medal) tees and it was plenty of golf at 6440 yards and a 72.1 rating/130 slope. Lots of forced carries over junk or valleys to the fairways. Many of the approach shots were to elevated greens.

Bunker sand was good. It was a nice, light colored, fine grain sand that was great to hit from, except for the greenside bunker at Hole 4, which was a little wet.

I arrived early enough to take advantage of the great practice area. Lots of room on the driving range, pyramids of balls, a sand/chipping green, and a large practice putting green.

Our group had a good time. It was nice to take a day off of work and it was an especially nice day weather wise. Being so close to home, I would say it was worth the $95.
Thanks to Johnny for the Guru round. Nice country club set in a very ritzy neighborhood surrounded by agricultural land. The clubhouse and pro shop were really nice. The course and personnel were all great: super friendly and professional. Members seemed nice as well. The practice area is small, but fun with an elevated range and ridiculously fast ppg. The greens on course were as fast.

Greens were very nice and very fast. Play way more break. If your speed is good you could drop some putts.

Fairways were very good. Looked like dormant Bermuda with dye or they might have been recently fertilized. Cut tight and expect lots of roll. There were many undulations and elevation changes, thankfully mostly downhill, making it harder to spot your ball from the cart path.

Rough was dormant Bermuda. It was varied from deep and thick to thin and bare in a few spots under the trees.

Bunkers were all very nice. Good amounts w light, soft sand.

Tees were mostly good. We played the white tees. A few were partially sanded and some of the par 3’s were a little beat up. Mostly good and fairly level considering it’s a very hilly course.

If you get a chance to play here, go for it.
I played in the GK event yesterday. This is one of my favorite courses and I have some fond memories playing here. It has a great vibe and a really cool western/mining theme to it. It kind of reminds me of the old Robinson Ranch here in Santa Clarita, only better. I had played here many times in the past; probably more than 10 years ago. It's still good.

Greens were rolling fast and true. To me, they seemed a little on the firm side, but my ball striking is not super crisp so it's most likely just me.

Fairways and rough were very nice. It has that cool winter contrast of overseeded fairways and dormant Bermuda rough. The rough had enough root zone and length to keep slightly errant shots in play for the most part. My problem was I could not keep many of my shots straight enough to do that.

Bunkers had some small pebbles in them, similar to Mojave Resort but not as bad. There was nice sand in the two bunkers at Hole 16, but that's it as far as I noticed. Still, not too bad to hit from.

Tees boxes were very nice. We played the Silver tees at about 6091 yards. It was a good distance given the extreme elevation changes and frequent forced carries.

The front nine plays down canyon toward the Colorado River, then back up to the clubhouse area. The back nine plays up toward the mountains and then back down to the clubhouse. It can get windy out here and many of the tees and greens on the back nine are a bit more exposed making for a real challenge if the wind is up.

Good customer service and good food and drink in the club house. It's a very nice venue and there were ample chairs and tables to accommodate our group inside. I hope to come back here more often.
GK event last Saturday. What a great day: beautiful weather and good course conditions. We were in the first group out and, due to some cancellations at the course prior to our event, we were sent out a little early. Nice winter conditions with overseeded fairways and dormant Bermuda rough making for a nice contrast of color.

We played the combo Gold/White tees. They were all level and had good coverage of overseeded Bermuda. Lush at times with occasional divots. I never had to search for a decent place to tee from.

The fairways were great to hit from except for the occasional tight lie. There were sand/seed bottles on the cart.

The rough was good to hit from as well. It was dormant Bermuda and although it appeared to be mown tight, there was a good root base to give some cushion.

The greens were very nice. They rolled quick and true. Not too fast but enough to keep you on your toes for those downhill putts. I thought the greens were on the firm side, but I did fix a few small ball marks here and there.

The bunkers looked nice; however, they almost all had small rocks in them. I swear they had someone pick up a load of sand from the Colorado river, lol. Maybe it's just the liners were worn out or non-existent. At any rate, I would say the bunkers were not as nice as they could be. The pebbles were small enough to not cause too many issues.

Overall, I thought the course was nice. The clubhouse is on the old side and feels dated. There's a nice wood deck patio outside that we enjoyed after the round. The course personnel were friendly and helpful. The golf carts had coolers and ice in them when we arrived, and the starter had our carts lined up and ready well in advance of our tee times.
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