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Played here yesterday with fellow GKer, S_Smith. We used a couple of Underpar deals for about $50/player. Our foursome went off on time at 2:12, each player in their own cart. My first time here and it's very hilly. They have a nice patio area and the facilities look nice. Friendly service from all the course personnel. We finished right at sundown, so no extra holes for us.

Tees were mostly level and easy to find a spot to hit from. A couple of tees are tucked into the hillside and there is limited room to hit from.

Fairways looked great. There was good turf to hit from and it seemed like there were no issues.

Rough was cut nicely and very consistent throughout the course. There were a few thin or bare areas, but mostly it was no problem.

Bunkers looked fine. I did not get into any, but I saw my playing partners were able to hit from them without any problems.

Greens were very nice. Somewhat soft, there were ample ball marks to fix. They held most any good shot. They did roll nice and smooth with a medium fast pace.

Overall impression is that they like to get a premium price for playing here; good for them, but I would prefer to not pay the regular rate. I just don't think this is an $89 weekend course. They do have specials if you are signed up for the EZ Links 805 club. The course is a little quirky in places and it's tight with lots of hazards abounding. A little course knowledge is key here as well. I don't dislike the course and it's tucked away just off the 101 freeway in a nice part of the state.
I played here today with my buddy and old GKer, kilt1iron, who I am trying to get to post more here. We had a 6:50 tee time; senior rate is $55 to ride. Must make time online. Covid protocols: No touch check in, no flags on practice putting green, for some reason there were no flags or decent targets on the range, Styrofoam in cups, etc... We got off on time, but had to wait on two or three slower groups right in front of us. POP was just about 4:15.

Mower was making its way towards us, so the first two greens were not mowed before we played them. It should have been nice after that, but the greens were so soft and the mower seemed to be leaving some debris behind; not much, but it should have been better.

The course is definitely bracing itself for the impending heat wave this holiday weekend and there was a lot of surface water on several fairways. A couple of areas were roped off GUR and there was some spot aeration on a few fairways. Fairly lush conditions on the fairways and rough, so there was not a lot of run out on most shots. That's a good thing here as you could find a good shot going bad real quick because of all the native areas adjacent to each hole.

I have been playing here for decades and it seems despite the new ownership and the ample amounts of water they are putting into it, things are not improving as much as I'd hoped. I was told there was a fungus problem a week or two ago on a couple of greens and you could see some residual damage here and there. Hole nine has some obvious signs of attempted repair. Overall, the greens looked okay and rolled okay, but that's it. I am old enough to remember when their slogan was, "Fastest greens in the west!" Ah, the good old days!

I want to really love this course. There are plans for a resort, similar to Ojai Valley Inn. It looks like it would be good for the area; especially since there is a nearby development project with commercial, residential, and a transportation hub. Overall, right now, I could say it's almost worth the $55, but not much more.
Played Friday, August 7, 2020. $47 riding (senior rate) at 9:20. As a twosome, we were waiting on most every shot. Despite the 10 minute tee times, there were many groups who just seemed very slow. Course conditions were not as good as the last time I played here.

Greens: They putted at a medium, fast speed; possibly slower than I remember them. They were also quite soft and there were plenty of ball marks to fix and a lot of poorly repaired ball marks that may never heal without some effort. I fixed a couple by pulling out the dead grass and knitting the edges into the center. Other than that, they did look lush, there were no badly damaged areas, and they rolled predictably.

Fairways and rough: Lots of good turf to hit from everywhere. Easy to take a huge divot, if that's your usual shot. However, many areas were a little too wet. Most likely the course is trying to stay ahead of any hot weather that could hit. The rough was not too penal and it was fairly easy to hit from it. Lots of undulating terrain usually left you with a ball above or below your feet.

Bunkers: There was plentiful, light-colored sand in all the bunkers. It was fairly easy to hit from the one I was in on Hole 13 greenside.

Tees: They all looked nice and level (we played the blue tees). Easy to place a tee in the ground and not too many divots.

Range: We shared a small bucket ($4) of balls. It's an all grass range and the area in which the teeing ground was set up was beat down pretty bad. Might have been nice to get some good turf, but I used a tee for most of my shots anyway.

Pace of play: It was right at 4 hours after skipping a slow group at Hole 8. Almost two groups per tee by the time we got to Hole 2. We ended up skipping Holes 7 and 8 ( a short par 3 and a short par 4). From Hole 7 tee, I could see the group on 8 tee was super slow; despite having an open hole ahead of them they were just talking and not teeing off. The pace did pick up a little for us after we skipped ahead to Hole 9. As we were coming down 18 fairway, we could see the groups behind just teeing off on 17. They combined themselves into a large group of six. Ugh! That would have been horrible to be behind that! My guess is that it would have been closer to 5 hours had we not skipped two holes.

Overall, the starter and course personnel were friendly and the check in process was quick and easy. We were able to get breakfast burritos (about $10/each) from the snack bar before our round. They were large and we could have split one. They have a good salsa to go with it. Kudos to the cart barn, as I left my shoes in the back of the cart (Jeez, senior moment). Came back the next day and got them from the proshop lost and found.
I played here last Saturday with fellow GKer, DKnight. We had a 1:30 time, but got out about 10-15 minutes early. POP on that nine was 1.25 hrs. We had to wait for the second go-around and we were told that we could go at 3:30; right after he checked in two groups (3:00 and 3:15). Those groups were a little on the slow side. It took them 2.5 hrs to finish in front of us. The shop pro was apologetic and offered us a couple of beers when we finished. Thanks, Bob!

Course conditions were excellent. The scenery is just magnificent. The course is situated at the south side of town and is exposed to the sun, more so than Sierra Star. It almost seems like a links style course, in that there was a distinct lack of big trees and a steady wind. We had good weather with a steady 15 mile per hour breeze out of the west.

Greens: They were undulating, somewhat large and rolled nice. Speed was medium fast, maybe around an 11 or 12.

Fairways: Great turf throughout. Cut nicely and had good roll. A nice mat of turf to hit from; way nicer than the rough.

Rough: Super-lush and thick. Most areas were deep enough to make finding your ball a challenge. So thick, it was hard to advance your ball. Penal? Yeah, you might say so.

Sand: Most of the bunkers were okay, but some had hard pan under a thin layer of nice sand. At least one bunker had standing water. Not terrible by any means, though.

Overall, we had a great time here. It can be slow as we discovered; we could have stopped at 9 holes, but we prepaid for 18. Great location for summer golf in the mountains. Customer service was excellent and all COVID-19 precautions were adhered to.
Played this afternoon; 2:30 tee time was made online by my playing partner. It was $17 to walk. 3.5 hr. pace due to a slow threesome a couple groups ahead of us. It seemed wide open up until 2:00 when several groups showed up at the same time.

As far as course conditions go, this is as good as I have seen it. It has been almost a year since I last played here. The creek that used to run through the course is now filled in and is just a graded dirt area that is roped off. I believe they installed a drain pipe and covered it up. I suppose they could grow grass over it now. Who knows?

Tees: We played the white tees and they were almost all level with the exception of only a couple. Good grass coverage and easy to find a good place to hit from. The course is mostly par 3's, so a lot of the teeing ground can be chewed up with divots. Due to COVID-19, there are no sand bottles or buckets to fill in anything.

Fairways and rough: Good grass coverage almost everywhere. Lush conditions all over the course. There were a few areas that were overly wet and could have used some ropes to keep carts out.

Sand: Ample sand, but not well maintained and also no rakes.

Greens: Soft and smooth. A good medium-fast pace for this little muni that sees a lot of beginner golfers. I fixed many a ball mark today.

Overall impression: It's a decent value and a golfer could really get in some practice hitting every iron in the bag. A few par 4's where you could use driver, but it's not necessary. I like the turf conditions right now; it's never been better.
I played today with a buddy and his pals; 6:20 tee time. It was a great pace of play, and we beat the heat of the day starting early. The first two holes are brutal tee shots into the rising sun, though. Good conditions throughout the course from tee to green. Due to the current Covid 19 hysteria, check in was on the slow side so give yourself extra time for that. Social distancing, wear a mask when interacting, blah, blah, blah.

Tees: We played the blues. All were level and had good coverage of turf (mostly kikuyu grass). One tee box looked like the markers were not moved in a day or so, but there was ample room to tee from good grass. The other tees looked the same.

Fairways and rough: Great roll on most drives. The rough was not too penal for the most part. I never had a tight lie, but early on there were a couple of wet areas as the course was watering in preparation for the coming heat wave.

Greens: They were really nice; soft with a medium fast speed. No bumpiness. There were quite a few ball marks to fix. Would have been nice if golfers ahead gave a little bit of a $hit.

Bunkers: Most were groomed with a machine. No rakes, obviously. I was in a few and I struggled. There was ample sand, but I could not get a hang of the wetness and the heaviness of it. I left all my sand shots short and a couple were left in the bunkers. Others in my group had issues as well, and they thinned their bunker shots long, so no winning there.

All in all, I liked going out early. It made for a great pace of play. Overall, it's better to golf the LA City courses early. We paid somewhere in the low $30 range to walk, so that was nice as well. It has been a while since I played here and I do like the mature trees and park-like setting. Good times with good people.
Back out again today. It's good to see that they continue to maintain the course despite the imminent closure on Sept. 7, 2020. DKnight and I played from the white tees with another twosome. We arrived a little late and were sent out right away and caught our group on 3 tee. Check in was slow. We each received a cart and the senior discount. Calling the course is also quite the challenge. Several of my calls were routed through some outside service.

Everything is green here: tees, fairways, rough, greens. It's pretty much every bit the muni course it has always been, with kikuyu grass/Bermuda grass fairways and rough. Greens are bent/poa with occasional bits of Bermuda grass or kikuyu encroaching in from the edges. They rolled true and were soft enough to hold any kind of shot. Speed was medium-I would venture to guess around a 9. I wasn't in any bunkers, but Dean was in a couple. One was dry and soft. The other was wet and firm.

Good times today, although I did not play well. Pace of play was just over 4 hours. We did wait a little at times, but it seemed like a decent pace. Due to COVID 19, there are no rakes, sand bottles, or water jugs. Wear the mask when interacting with staff. You know the drill. I do plan to come back as often as possible before closing, so look for more reviews from me.
Played here today with my buddy, Dean. The course looked to be in good shape. Everything was mowed and it looked like there was no debris under the trees; I don't think I have ever seen the course so manicured. A couple of fairways had irrigation running in some hot spots, but mostly it was not a problem. The check in process was typical C-19 protocols; maybe a little over the top with the signage requiring masks, no cash, no sharing of carts-no exceptions (we shared a cart). I had a confirmation from for a 10:10 tee time, but he did not have me down. In fact, that foursome was booked; however, the starter got us out in an earlier group so kudos to him.

Greens: running medium fast, no bumpiness, and nothing unusual happening there. I would say it probably doesn't get too much better for a muni.

Fairways and rough: They were mowed and you could see a discernible difference in height between the two. Great roll out in the lower cut of the fairways. The rough was not too penal either.

Tees: We played the white tees and I did notice that many were very firm and sometimes it was difficult to stick a tee in. For the most part, it was all very level across the board from black to blue and white.

Bunkers: I visited a couple. No issues with the conditions. They both had ample sand; maybe a little firm, but easy enough to hit from. No rakes, obviously, but there were not many footprints to be seen.

I can honestly say that for the money we paid, it was worth it. I would prefer to walk, but my buddy wanted to ride since he sold his Clicgear about two years ago when he was not golfing. The power carts here have a decent gps with hole maps, so it was a benefit to ride. I think the rate is $29 to walk and $47 to ride. We did see a lot of walkers in when we got there, but as the morning went on it became mostly riders. Pace of play was just okay; we finished in 4.5 hours, but the front nine was agonizingly slow at about 2.5 hours.
I played here last Saturday. Course personnel were all wearing masks and gloves. No real requirement for golfers. That was nice. My brother and I each paid about $30 to ride at 6:20 a.m. tee time. Great pace of play and we finished in about just under four hours.

Overall course conditions are on the dry side. Decent grass coverage most everywhere. It appeared that they recently aerated the fairways. I only hit a couple of fairways and I can say the rough was not too penal and I was able to hit decent shots from it. The ball will roll out no matter where you hit it. I saw a few balls motor through the rough, into, and out of bunkers. Even mediocre shots could run out to a decent yardage.

The tee boxes were nice and level. We played the Gold tees, but they all looked good.

The greens were nice. They rolled smooth and true. It did take me some time to hit it firm enough as they were on the slow, grainy side. I fixed a number of ball marks, but it was not terrible.

Sand looked decent and we were able to hit good shots from it. Not too many footprints at the early hour and there were no rakes.

For the $30 rate and good pace of play, I'd do this again. We did see the beverage cart attendant several times and I have to say that the prices were on the high side. A small bottle of water was $3; domestic beer was $6. Ouch! You should definitely bring your own water as all the water stations are down for COVID.
Played here today with roarksown1 as part of the GK Cup 15. Check in was quick and easy. We both used the driving range. Not a lot to add to the previous review. Good overall conditions. Mostly lush grass everywhere with a few exceptions in the rough and beyond.

POP was 4.5 hours. Great beverage cart service; we saw her a few times. I paid $24 to walk at 1:40 p.m.

Greens were medium fast. No a lot of ball marks. I liked them, but I was hitting good putts all day.

Fairways were lush, cut nicely, and had decent roll. I saw very few areas that had divots that needed filling. It's mostly kikuyu and Bermuda here, so it was a nice mat of turf to hit from.

Rough was very penal in some areas; if you were somewhat lucky, you had a good lie with your ball sitting up. Many times my ball seemed to sit down and it was a challenge to get good contact. Also, shots from the rough seemed to be under trees or had uneven lies which made it more difficult.

Tees were good. We played the Gold tees, similar to Blues at 6381 yards. No problems at all to find a level lie. Good turf coverage and not a lot of divots, even on the par 3's.

Bunkers needed some raking, but due to C19, we all have to deal with the footprints. I was in a couple and it wasn't bad. Mostly, I struggled due to my abilities to hit from the sand.

Overall, I like this course and now I know I can walk for $24, I think I will return soon.
I agree with and don’t have a lot to add to Gary’s review, but I’ll give it a try. I like the layout of the course and it was an easy walk today. The course does come close to a few houses at times. There’s room but an occasional errant shot could hit a house or back yard, so on there are times that you have to be aware. That’s all I have to say about that.

Greens are nice overall. I fixed quite a few ball marks though. These are fairly large greens with lots of undulations and subtle breaks. Speed was on the medium side, maybe running around a 9, if I had to guess. You will do yourself a favor by trying to hit the pin and not worry about going too long.

Tees were nice with good turf coverage. A couple had some minor issues with level but you could always find a good spot to hit from.

Fairways were a real treat. Great coverage of turf grass most everywhere. Lots of rollout on most drives. Lots of great landing areas that just beg for you to rip it. It looks like the fairways are recovering or fully recovered from a recent aerification.

Rough was decent. There were areas that you would wish were cut more, but nothing crazy. It’s mostly kikuyu with some Bermuda and ryegrass. I am usually about 35% on fairways so the rough can really make or break my score. Today it was nice.

Sand was nice in the one bunker that I was in. They all looked like they got a grooming from the sand pro and I didn’t see a lot of footprints.

We had a good walking pace at just under four and a half hours, waiting on a few shots here and there but falling off the pace on the final two holes. The parking lot looked pretty busy when I arrived at 12:15, and it appeared that they were busy, but really I had no issues with the pace. I’m learning to take it easy now.

Big thanks to Sterling Hills for opening up and having this nice venue. Also I thank Johnny for making this Guru outing available to us. Good times today with three great fellow golfers. I recommend this course and I look forward to coming back.
I played here again today. What a difference; sadly, the course is back to its somewhat good-to-mediocre standard. Too bad, it was really nice that last time here in mid March. The starter said they are about 50% staff, so no way will they be able to keep on double cutting greens or keep such a high level of maintenance. Folks showed up with masks, but nobody was required to wear one as everyone was basically more than 6 feet apart.

That said, it was all walking due to C19. This is definitely a course to walk, although the back nine has a little climbing from Hole 12 tee to 17 tee. Thankfully, they were doing a back nine start; my guess, most likely for that reason alone. Get the bigger climbs done before heading to the relatively flatter front nine.

Greens were decent. A little slow in the morning, but not really getting much quicker as the day progressed. They were definitely slower than usual. Maybe, if I had to guess, around an 8 or 9.

Fairways and rough were as green as can be. The fairways had great coverage and had a thick mat of turf in almost all areas of the course. The rough was somewhat penal. It was deep enough to lose site of your ball in some areas until you were upon it.

Bunkers were okay, considering there are no rakes. I did see a guy driving the sand pro around and some bunkers were nicely groomed. I hit into the bunker On Hole 13; it was groomed but was wet and hard.

We played the white tees; mostly they were directly in front of the blues on the same tee box. They were level for the most part and the ones that were not level were not overly so.

Overall, I think we paid a little too much. It was $50 to walk at 7:10 a.m. Unfortunately, the only times I could find the day before was on The course had nothing available and the phone system put me on hold for 15 minutes when I called the them on Thursday. On a more positive note, the beverage cart came around a few times and the nice, young lady was friendly and seemed to enjoy being out there. I might come back, but there are other options around now.
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