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I played with Kevin (t8fish) and his buddies Pete and Nathan last Friday afternoon. Good walking rate of $32. No putting greens were open and no cash or AMEX card accepted at check in; IMO this is bs, but that's another story. All in all, a really nice afternoon of golf and we finished about 30 minutes before it got dark. Pace was all on us as we did not wait on any shots.

Greens: 6/10: The greens rolled medium fast with some perceptible bumpiness only occasionally. They were fairly firm and there were very few ball marks to be repaired. I found that you had to be careful with your chips and pitches to keep the ball on the dance floor.

Fairways and rough: 6/10: Good rollout on the short grass and decent lies all around. The grass coverage was good and mowed to a consistent height. Not wet at all and really easy to hit from.

Tees: 6/10: They were level and had ample amounts of turf coverage. We played the white tees and they were in good condition; from my recollection, I saw no issues with the other tees.

Bunkers: 6/10: I was in at least one bunker and it appeared to have decent sand; it was fairly easy to hit from despite it really having a hard pan under and inch and a half of loose sand. No rakes, so finding an area that did not have footprints was just a matter of luck.

Overall, I like this course; I have many good memories here. I haven't played here since August 2018, so it was nice to come back. I can recommend it.
Great course conditions at the Wolf on Saturday. It was a little cold, though, and golfing with a windbreaker is not my forte. When the wind wasn't blowing, it was quite pleasant and felt somewhat warm. Spectacular views of the snow on the nearby mountains and the clouds gave the sky a wonderful palette of textures.

Enough about the weather; on to the course conditions:

Greens: 9.9/10; I can seriously say that these greens were in top-notch condition. There were a few shallow ball marks here and there that were easily fixed. Smooth and fast, just how I like them. I found it no too terribly hard to hold the greens when I did hit them on approach, and I don't have a lot of spin on my shots.

Fairways: 9.5/10; Great turf coverage all around and a nice roll out on most shots. I hit low drives anyway, so it was a benefit to me when I did hit the fairway. I never had a real tight lie and only chili dipped a good lie once. A couple of popular lay up areas had a number of divots to be filled (most were) but nothing too terrible. In fact, I can say these were the best fairways I have hit from since Pebble Beach.

Rough: 9/10; Great coverage and I did not see any poor or thin areas. We were given a tip to play the ball back in your stance because the rough will grab your club. That was good advice and it helped me a few times when I could execute it properly. The rough was not too deep and my ball sat up nearly every time.

Tees: 9/10; We played the Yellow tees and they were excellent without a lot of divots or unevenness. It was easy to find a level spot to place a tee.

Bunkers: 8/10; No rakes, so there were a few footprints to deal with but overall the bunker sand was great. It was a very light, white color and of medium density. I found it fairly easy to hit from; unfortunately, my bunker play has deteriorated over the years. That's on me. All the turf surrounding the bunkers was mowed and trimmed nicely. No grass or debris in the bunkers; no issues of any kind. If there were rakes and everyone raked their footprints, then I would be giving them a 9.9/10. That's how good they were.

My overall impression is that this is the best desert golf course that I have played ever. Course conditions, customer service, the layout and views are par excellence. I hope to return here this year and play all three courses. The only drawback is I really don't like having to pay a non-resident premium. The website tee times are $99 non-resident and $65 for Clark County residents; ouch! Maybe I will move here, lol.

Thank you Johnny GK and Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort. It was a good day of golf and I really enjoyed the time spent with my fellow GKers.
What a great golf course! Really nice conditions throughout the course. As you drive up the entrance road you will catch glimpses of the Mountain View course. It’s a carpet of lush, green turf. The Firecliff course was just as lush and green. POP was right at 4.5 hours.

The greens were on the smaller side but really good. Lots of undulations, smooth surfaces, no ball marks. They rolled true and ran fairly fast at about 10-11. They were on the firm side, so you really had to hit good shots in or land short of the pin and allow for some release. These are the best greens I have played in a while.

Fairways and rough were just as lush and green. I never had a tight or thin lie. There’s a really good mat of turf to hit from. Not as wide as I would like, but generous enough for most golfers.

Tees were good, although there were some areas on the par 3’s with a fair amount of divots, mostly on the Purple tees. Like many of the greens, the tee boxes tended to be on the smaller side.

Bunkers were plentiful and in great condition. They all have rakes and the sand is light and easy to hit from.

There’s a lot of great holes and good chances to score well; unfortunately, I didn’t. Anyway, I had fun and got to golf with a good group of guys. Customer service was amazing and the course is in prime shape.
I played here Friday, going as a single, played the Mountain and Valley nines. 8:00 a.m. The starter said there were foursomes ahead and behind me and the course looked pretty busy despite what looked like a pretty open online tee sheet the night before. $55 to ride as a senior. POP was about 3:45, with a little waiting on the last three holes.

Currently, I would rate the course as fair conditions. It's in the middle of winter now and of course the Bermuda is dormant. There is still a pale green color to the turf, but some areas seemed dry and there was the occasional tight lie with little to no turf under your ball. Be careful walking around because there are many uneven areas where burrowing animals (ground squirrels, likely) are wreaking havoc. I did not see any traps set, but this course could employ someone full time just to kill rodents.

Greens: They were a bit bumpy on the first few holes of the Mountain Course, my front nine. A maintenance guy came around by hole 6, working his way back, rolling the greens with a brand new roller (I did have a conversation with Rafael, the maintenance Superintendent the day before on something unrelated and he showed me a picture of his new machine). After that the greens seemed smoother and faster. There were many unrepaired or poorly repaired ball marks that I did my best to fix as many as I saw. At least one green had a ground squirrel digging in it (Valley Hole 7) and there was another green with some diseased turf ( I thing it was Valley Hole 6). Overall, the greens were mostly good; I would rate a 7/10.

Fairways and rough: Lots of good lies in most places. Some areas were a little thin and dry. As you get further from the center of the fairways it gets worse. The rough was a mixed bag of thick and thin turf. Some dormant Bermuda and some fescue or winter ryegrass.

Tees: I found them to be mostly level (I played the blue tees) and the few that were not just right had only slight deviations from level. There were no issues finding a good place to tee up and swing away. A couple of the par threes were a little beat up. Valley Hole 7 tee was moved back to the blacks (Yikes) for a nice 200+ yard downhill shot; I assume it's to allow some time for the blue teeing ground to heal.

Bunkers: The sand looked good around the greens and actually seemed okay in the fairway bunkers as well. No rakes (another dumb Covid idea) in any of the bunkers.

My overall impression is that this course is likely worth the $55 I paid and probably not much more. The tee times are sort of weird to me, but I guess that's probably a thing when you have 3 nines to rotate golfers on. Sunrise to about 8:20 starts on all three, then new times starting around 11:10. You would think that 10 minute tee times would be enough to keep the pace good, but there's always folks who just want to maximize their time out there without actually paying for and playing a second round. Like I said, my pace was great (and I was taking my time) until I got to the last three holes. I think the course could be in better shape, but at what cost to the golfing public?
Yes! I finally got out here! Thank you, Johnny and Classic Club for having a Guru outing. This is probably the best course I have played here in the low desert. Current conditions are outstanding.

Greens: Fast paced and receptive of most shots. I liked that they were undulating and the pins were in tricky locations. It was certainly challenging.

Fairways: They were visually stunning and mostly wide and forgiving. However, there were a couple that were insidiously challenging. I'm especially looking at you, Hole 7! I hit a low drive to the middle, only to have it turn left and roll down a slope into the lake. LOL! Same thing happened later on Hole 17 where a good drive rolled to the right and leaked into the lake. I won't be making that mistake next time!

Rough: I had really good lies most of the time and only once or twice did I have trouble hitting from the rough. Hole 18 had some very thick rough along the left side of the fairway about 150 yards out from the green and I did pay a hefty price for not getting the club on the ball there.

Sand: Very nice, white and fluffy (to borrow abbacat's description). I was in one bunker but I bladed the ball when I tried to hit the classic explosion shot. My club bounced against the sand and I launched one 30 yards over the green!

Tees: All were level and had great turf coverage.

Overall impression: Great course and visually stunning from the moment you arrive at the property. With all the water features, pine trees, and undulating topography you are hard pressed to think of this as a desert course. Great work and kudos to the grounds crew keeping the course in such a pristine condition.
Got out on Saturday with dbldya, RDDenn, and abbacat. Good overall course conditions in this tight, residential-centric trio of courses. We played the Royal and Mountain nines in about 4 hours, letting one twosome pass us on the second nine.

Greens: The greens had a good pace and were very receptive on most any kind of shot. Medium fast in pace and very few ball marks to repair.

Fairways and rough: The fairways are somewhat narrow, but the course doesn't play all that long. All the turf seemed to be in decent condition. Good coverage and the rough was not too penal. I may have found one or two tight lies in the fairway, but it wasn't bad by any means.

Sand: I can't remember if I was in a bunker, but my recollection is that they were decent.

Tees: They all looked level and had good grass coverage. What more can you ask?

My overall impression is that the course is a great place to just hone your hit-it-straight game. It's very narrow and you could easily hit someone's property or even fly one over a house. Keep it down the middle and all is well. The greens complexes are pretty good and offer a challenge to your short game. This course gets some online discounts and my buddy lives here, so it's a fair bet I will be back.
I played in the recent event, first group out with Alex, Bob, and Ron. Great customer service as always. The course itself was not as nice as I remember it, but still very nice. Also, no chance of using their patio afterwards due to newer Covid restrictions on social gatherings, but blame the government not the golf course.

Greens: Initial impression is that the greens were mowed tight and were very tender. Someone had heavy feet and left cleat marks all over the place (practice putting green and all the greens in front of us). I tapped them down when I found them. The greens were running very pure, fast, and were receptive of most shots. I fixed quite a few ball marks here and there. No issues as far as quality of the turf here.

Fairways: There were a few areas that were somewhat thin, but overall it was great to hit from and there was good roll out. A couple areas had roped off GUR. One big plus is the fairways here are generous. It's almost all fairway in some areas.

Rough: Mostly good coverage and not too penal as it was all nicely mowed (at least in the areas I found). I almost always had a good lie.

Bunkers: The bunkers looked great; I did find one on the last hole as what I thought was a decent drive rolled out and to the right only to find a deep, sandy grave. The sand was a nice, light color and was of medium, fine consistency.

Tees: We played the blues and I did not notice anything other than great turf to hit from; level and good coverage.

I love the course; the layout and scenery is fantastic. Customer service is among the best anywhere. The food is really good. I would come back more if not for the 4-hour one way drive. Add in the really steep green fees and this becomes a once-a-year outing at best for me; however, as part of a big weekend of golf it's well worth it.
Played yesterday with the GK groups. We were in the second group out, playing the Creekside and then the Ridgeline nines. Really nice course conditions. The greens, like GDR mentioned, were the nicest I have played all year; maybe the nicest I have played in a few years. Very difficult pin positions on many holes. You do not want to be putting downhill or chipping on from the short side. Will they keep it like that? Who knows? There were also many areas of the greens that had some repairs made recently; they were mostly healed in and pins were not located near those areas.

POP was abysmal; I love those guys, but c'mon man! At over 2 hours and 35 minutes to finish the front nine I assumed we would finish in the dark, but the guys picked up the pace slightly and we got through the back nine in just about 2 hours. Yeah, it was annoying to see the red message on the GPS telling us we were behind. Within the first couple of holes it said we were 2 minutes behind pace and it never got better. Really, if you are behind, you have no business looking for lost balls in those hazards unless you are waiting for groups ahead of you to clear.

Greens: 9/10. They were really fast and so soft they held almost any kind of shot. Balls rolled very smoothly, despite the numerous poorly repaired ball marks on some greens. At least one green had ball marks repaired with green sand. I guess when they mow the greens so tight, they are more easily damaged. It's a fine dance.

Fairways: 7/10. Really nice coverage overall. They had a nice medium green color and mostly a lush condition to hit from. The cut was half away and half toward, giving the appearance of light and dark with the dividing line right down the middle. Some areas were a little tight, especially near the green approaches.

Rough: 7/10. Mostly lush, semi-dormant Bermudagrass. There were areas that were so deep, you could easily lose a ball. Hitting out of it was a crap shoot. Mostly, though, it was quite manageable near the fairways.

Bunkers: 7/10. Good, light colored sand. It was, for the most part, soft and finely graded. I was in a few bunkers and the sand coverage was a little inconsistent. There were a few bunkers with light coverage of fine sand over hard pan, but many had ample amounts of deep sand. Unfortunately, despite there being rakes on most of the bunkers, many had deep footprints that previous golfers just left there. Inconsiderate, if you ask me.

Tees: 8/10. I played the white tees and they were almost all great. No issues placing a tee and only one or two were slightly unlevel.

Overall impression is this is a wonderful gem of a course in a nice area of So Cal. It's not too far from me so I think I will have to come back here as often as I can afford it. I have many good memories here from past GK events and yesterday's round is no different. My sincere thanks to Johnny and Moorpark CC for a great afternoon!
I got the chance to play here yesterday morning. I had a 7:16 a.m. tee time. Let me preface this review with this statement: This kind of green fee is not something in my usual wheelhouse.

As a hotel guest, they did not offer any kind of discount, so I paid $233. So, for the money, I expected a great experience, from course conditions to scenery, neither disappointed.

I got placed with three locals and we were given a chance to go early. It was nice to have their perspective on each hole.

The front few holes are right next to a popular public park and jogging trail. Despite it being 7:00 in the morning and about 42 degrees, there were many of Orange County's finest and most beautiful people out and about. You have to love the resort nature of this part of the course.

Heading into the back nine, it's more of a peaceful, golf-like setting.

Beautiful golf holes and great conditions throughout. Sure, the front nine has some unusual holes. Holes 3 and 4 are the only oceanside holes and they are short. Hole 3 plays as a sharp, short dogleg par 4 with lots of undulation and bunkering. Going long into the ocean is a definite possibility here off the tee (I opted for a 7-iron and wedge to the green). Hole 4, a par 3, plays uphill back to the tunnel, so you might as well turn around a get a closeup of the ocean because it's going to be a few holes before you can see it in the distance.

Greens: They were fast, smooth, and had very few ball marks (however, I found a few poor repairs that I fixed). I was able to judge the speed on most greens rather well and it was consistent throughout the course. If I had to emulate Gary, then they were 9/10.

Fairways: Mostly good to great lies; however, there were a few isolated areas that were rather tight lies. I also saw some weeds on Hole 2 at the bottom of the hill; that should not be acceptable in a resort costing this much; however, that was the only spot on the whole course that was not perfect. Some of the slopes approaching the front of the greens were very tight lies. I found myself using putter from the fringe or approaches of many greens. It was nice to look at the pretty cut on the fairways, I just wish they were wider, 8/10.

Rough: It was a good day in the rough for me. My ball sat up for the most part and the rough was very consistent, cut to about 2". Some areas were deep Bermuda and if your ball sat down then there could be issues. It's a great challenge, but I'm glad I didn't see a lot of that. On the bright side, the rough stopped my ball from going out of play more often than not, 7/10.

Bunkers: My playing partners were in plenty and it looked like they were struggling. I only found two bunkers, both on Hole 15 (OUCH). That sand was nice and soft, but only a thin layer on hard pan. Overall, the bunkers looked great with fine, white sand but they did not play as well as they looked. Either that, or we all sucked at our sand game, 7/10.

Tee boxes: We played up at the Gold Tees (5612 yds.). Well, the two younger guys did and their older friend played the Platinum Tees (5050 yds.). All the tees were level, fairly lush, and easy enough to place a tee in. No issues there, 9/10.

Overall opinion of the course is that it's expensive. I guess it keeps it exclusive and more of a bucket list course for most working people. I was able to put this on our room and utilize some hotel credit to offset the cost. I'm not sure I'd pay $233 straight up for this.
Played yesterday, Friday at 7:20. Walked for $24.50. POP 3 hours. The course continues to make small strides towards better conditions. General maintenance in progress with lots of watering and debris cleanup. Usually, this time of the year has a lot of litter on the ground from the many eucalyptus and pine trees combined with Santa Ana winds; however, it's looking fairly clean throughout the course. Unfortunately, there are many over-watered areas and some areas where natural drainage has been impeded creating some very soggy conditions in some fairways. Speaking of drainage, they are in the process of filling in the large drainage channel that runs through the course. It's still mostly dirt, but some grass is starting to grow in. I'm not confident that this will all survive the winter rains, but I guess we'll see.

Greens: Running medium fast. They were very soft with plenty of ball marks to be repaired.

Fairways and rough: It is notable how much the grass is growing in. The entire course has at times been kind of thin coverage, but with the additional watering, it's getting more lush. Three are now problem areas that should be addressed as there are now areas of standing water and deep mud, particularly on Holes 4, 9, and 10.

Tees: All tees were being top dressed and were GUR with markers moved up to the front. It should help with the turf conditions and I expect it to be good within a few weeks.

Bunkers: They looked to have ample amounts of brownish sand and were recently groomed with the sand pro. Unfortunately, the edges were growing in and need to be trimmed.

Can I recommend this course? Not really, but it's practically the only public course around less than $30 walking.
Back again today; first group out. Senior rate $55. I played the Valley and Desert nines. Overall, fairly lush conditions; the further out in the rough, it does get sketchy and quickly you could find some dirt or native areas. On the bright side, there is a noticeable difference between the fairway cut and the rough. Pace was great on the front at an hour and twenty minutes. We hit a shotgun tournament on the third hole of the back nine and then it was a long morning after that, finishing that back nine in twice the time it took for the front.

Greens: The Valley nine greens ran smooth and medium fast. No bad areas, a little soft and very receptive to most shots. The Desert nine greens were a little bumpier, but not bad and the speed was the same.

Fairways: It looked like they could use a mower, but it was nice overall. There may have been a few areas marked GUR, but those were not usually in play. Great lies throughout all the fairways. Carts did have bottles of sand/seed/mulch, which I used quite a lot; I even grabbed two more between Holes 4 and 5 where they have a stockpile by the restroom. Mostly, I used them on tee boxes and a few areas in the fairways.

Rough: It's getting thick out here. Some areas I had trouble locating my ball, it was that deep. Like 3" and lush.

Bunkers: All the bunkers had good amounts of soft sand. No rakes, though.

Tees: We played the blues; they were mostly level except for Desert 1 and 9, but even those two were not terrible.

It seems that the course is really coming together. Personally, I would like to see more grass and less native areas. It can be done. I think the course could be better if it were a little more forgiving. I guess I'm gettng old and soft. It's definitely worth the $55.
Played today, second group out. $37 to ride. Our tee time was 7:00 , but the starter doesn't open up until 7:00 apparently. No cash transactions at the proshop, btw. They are really watering the course. It's very green and lush, but overly wet in many areas. You should not have too much trouble with the wet areas unless you are not striking it well. Greens were soft and medium fast, but there were a lot of ball marks. Originally we were the first group, but since we were a foursome, we let a faster threesome ahead of us on the first tee. Good pace of play at around 3:15. There is talk of turning this course into a regulation-length course by eliminating the short Chica course, although I'm not sure how they can route it to get ten more strokes.

Greens: Medium fast, soft, and lots of old ball marks to get your fix on. Bring your favorite repair tool! No bad areas, though; I found the greens looked and rolled nice despite the ball marks.

Fairways and rough: Better grass coverage than this course has had in the past. Some areas are roped off with new sod and the old drainage barranca that crosses the course is now filled in and roped off as Ground Under Repair. There is also a discernable cut between the rough and fairways.

Tees: Mostly level, some of the blue markers were not yet set out, so I took some liberties and made some placements as I saw fit. The turf on most of the teeing ground is really beat up. Many looked like they had some large hole aerification within the last couple of weeks. Hole 15 tees were fully under GUR and roped off; hitting from the front of the reds gives you about 250 to the green, so it's currently a drivable par 4.

Sand: Bunkers were decent. Some were a little damp, but the sand was plentiful and soft.

Overall: It's good right now, but aerification is apparently coming up next week, so we will see how it goes. It's probably not really worth the $37 riding, but walking should be around $25 and I know they usually have deals on several third party discount websites. I hope they do revise the course and try to make it into a regulation length course. I'd like to see that.
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