Hunter Ranch Golf Course

4041 E Highway 46
Paso Robles, CA 93446 • (805) 237-7444

Paso Robles, CA (93446)
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Humidity: 53%
Wind: CALM

Sunset: 7:17 pm
green Sunrise: 6:59 am


1. rgm2525
Posted: 02/18/24 6:54p
Member Since: Jan 24, 2005
From: chatsworth
Played 2-14-24 early morning riding as a single and finishing in around 2 1/2 hours. Tee boxes were in okay shape, most had decent coverage, but some of them could use some leveling out. Fairways were... Continue »
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2. rgm2525
Posted: 10/09/23 4:36p
Member Since: Jan 24, 2005
From: chatsworth
Played last week first out walking joined by a riding twosome, finishing in a little under four hours with nobody behind us for a couple of holes. Overall course conditions are very nice. Tee boxes we... Continue »
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Member Since: Aug 11, 2007
Depending on the height and length of your driver, chew off as much over the trees on the right as you can off the tee. Only the longest players are going to have a shot at the green in 2, so if you are medium or short off the tee, do not even challenge going over the trees off the tee. Setting up a position layup over the lateral hazard that runs across the fairway but well short of the green side bunkers will be most players goal in 2 shots. Stay far enough back and left to make sure you do not block out yourself on your approach shot with the trees on the right. Approach shots need to be the correct distance as the green is a 3 putt waiting to happen if on the wrong level, it breaks severely from many angles on different pin positions.
Member Since: Aug 11, 2007
Huge fairway, so grip it and rip it! Left or left center of the fairway is usually the best angle to come into most pin locations. Frequently plays into the wind, so hit enough club to reach a back pin!