Hunter Ranch Golf Course

4041 E Highway 46
Paso Robles, CA 93446 • (805) 237-7444

Paso Robles, CA (93446)
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Sunset: 7:17 pm
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1. Nickesquire
Posted: 07/06/20 6:01p
Member Since: Aug 11, 2007
From: Cambria, CA
Rode the Blues (6751/72.7/138) in slightly over 4.5H mid day on a GN "Hot Deal". Matched up with 3 nice guys, one was a novice. We let 2 groups play through, then caught a younger 4some on golf boards... Continue »
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2. Alex326
Posted: 06/03/20 4:50p
Member Since: Nov 20, 2015
From: Monterey, Ca
Went out and played Hunter Ranch mid morning with a couple of friends. Course remains in overall very nice condition. The greens were super smooth and rolling at a fast pace. Cups are also back do... Continue »
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Member Since: Aug 11, 2007
Everything off the tee will roll left off the hill, so aim farther right than you think you need to. The huge oak in the center of the fairway is a great aim point from the tee. If you are not going for the green in two, lay back far enough so that the trees pinching the fairway on both sides will not block you out. The green is very wide but not very deep.
Member Since: Aug 9, 2016
This par 5 looks daunting and can be, but just learn to take it at chunks at a time. A little trick I've learned over the years is to hit your ball to the far left of the big hill directly in front of you. If you play it right (about 240 from the blues) your ball will roll all the way down to the tree in the middle of the fairway. Pros of this is that you're in a better position to go for it in two, Cons are that you could get a bad roll and be too far under the tree for anything but a punch out. Another avenue is to take dead aim at the large tree at the base of the hill and play a the babiest of fades. If it works out correctly you'll find the small landing area just right of the tree. It takes some stones to play a draw over the water, but if you're comfortable with it then let it play and bring it back in front of the large tree. Anything in front of the tree in the fairway is green lighted to reach the hole in 2. Pay close attention to where the pin is. They like to put it on the far right side, and anything left of it will be a slippery putt.

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