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DeepSea14 and I played out GK Cup match at Rancho Solano. This is a really nice course. Sure the weather was perfect when we played on Tuesday afternoon and with prime spring conditions, most courses are in good shape right now, but Rancho Solano seems to be in this nice condition every time we play here. Country Club conditions with Muni course prices? Yep, that about sums it up.

The course is hilly and has a handful of water hazards so you already know it has a big plus in my book. Fairways are fairly wide. Definitely room to get a little loose with a drive but there are plenty of trees lining the edges that you are doomed if you get wild. Fairways were in great shape and had the perfect blend of lushness with roll. The rough was thick and penal. Only about 2”-2.5” tall but the ball would often sit down and make it tough to get a quality shot.

As mentioned before, the greens are huge here and have several undulations. The rolled smooth at a great pace. Wicked fast downhill but otherwise manageable.

I don’t remember being in any of the bunkers (probably why I won the match). Tee boxes were level and lush. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable layout with good conditions. We stuck around and had a burger in the clubhouse afterwards. It’s nothing fancy, but has that locals feeling. Plenty of folks in there enjoying a meal/drink which is always good to see.
I played here yesterday and a couple weeks ago. Course is in almost identical condition as my last review. About the only thing I’d say was different was that the greens rolled a bit slower (medium) pace and the traps weren’t in as good of shape. Still a fun and challenging course that can reward you with some good birdie chances as well as put up a triple on the scorecard.

Being a weekend, yesterday’s round was about 4.5 hours which is still better than the mid week 5+ hour round at nearby Callippe Preserve.
I’m happy to report that conditions continue to remain steady at Laguna Seca. As I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely love this layout, but conditions have always been so so (at best). Lately, the conditions have been very solid. Not Pebble Beach/Quail Lodge great but definitely on the acceptable level and overall much much better than usual here.

Yesterday I played in early afternoon on a glorious peninsula day. Sun was out and very little wind. Fairways continue to remain in good shape with ample lush coverage throughout. Fairways, weren’t quite as nice as reported in my last review but they were close to it. There weren’t any set/soggy areas so the course has drained well this winter.

Green rolled on the slower side (medium-slow pace) but rolled smooth. Tee boxes were fine. A couple of the shorter Par 3 boxes had a lot of divots but the rest were fine and all were level.

Sand traps were the weak areas. Several had either standing water or mud at the bottom from recent rain/puddles. It also appears that everyone has stopped raking the bunkers here. Not sure if it’s because of the wet sand or what but it was annoying.

There isn’t really any rough at Laguna Seca. There’s a small area of slightly longer grass adjacent to the fairway but nothing penal. After that it usually no man’s land.

Pop was right at about 4 hours. Conditions are now starting to catch up to the price tag putting this fun filled track on the recommendation list for peninsula courses.
I flipped a coin to decide between golf and a bike ride. Golf won out and I chose Crazy Horse since I hadn’t been there in probably 9-10 months. This place always has good conditions and great customer service. today was no exception. Greens are on the smaller side here. Not as small as Pacific Grove or Del Monte, but close. Greens are mainly single tier. they rolled smooth at a medium fast pace. Greens were a bit on the firm side.

Like most Nor Cal courses, the fairways were damp but decent enough. No complaints on the fairways. Once they dry out completely they will jump up from a 7 rating to an 8 or 9 with no problem. Tee boxes were a bit thin and damp but not too bad. Sand traps were excellent. Nice white fluffy sand. bunkers aren’t very deep do they are pretty easy to escape from given the nice quality sand. rough is about 3” tall and semi-thick but playable.

Carts were 90 degrees and pop was 3 hours which seemed slow being we zipped around the front 9 in just over an hour and then got backed up on hole 10.

Crazy Horse is a great option to play when in the Peninsula.
I played here a couple days ago joining a threesome if locals. It’s been a few months since I’ve played this course and not much has changed since the last time. And that’s a good thing! Naturally with all the rain it was CPO and the fairways weee a bit damp. Nothing too bad but certainly wet enough to keep carts off and effect roll out. The rest of the course was in really nice shape. Traffic got backed up at the turn so we opted to play the front nine twice Greens were a bit bumpy in the late hours of sunlight but that’s to be expected. Other than that they rolled fine.

It’s a hilly and challenging course that’s fun to play.
Played on 1/30 before the mass rains hit NorCal. Course was CPO from prior rain. Due to the severe slopes of the fairways I can totally understand why they don’t want carts out on the wet grass. Having said that, I was impressed with the overall conditions of the fairways. Good lush coverage throughout with most fairways being dry or at least mostly dry. There were a few wet/ soggy areas here and there throughout the course but nothing too bad.

Greens were probably in the best shape I’ve ever seen them. They rolled smooth at a medium to medium-fast pace. Tee boxes had decent coverage for the most part with only one par 3 box being heavily riddled with divots.

I avoided traps all day so I can’t comment on the bunkers.

Bay View is a unique and challenging layout that has some nice views of the bay (hence the name) with a reasonable price.
Played Saturday wit a 10AM tee time. In short, Stay away for a couple of weeks. Course is super super soggy. First the good. Greens are super nice right now. They rolled at a nice medium fast pace and were very smooth. Greens held approach shots well and were very predictable on pitch shots. Greens at Del Monte are small and appear “easy” but they have more break to them than you think.

Now the bad. Fairways were more water and mud than grass. If they hadn’t been so wet the fairways would be nice and lush. Unfortunately they were super soggy and just a quagmire the entire day. Most tee shots pugged on the landing and walking the fairways was like walking in a swamp. Not sure what the issue is as we haven’t had that much rain lately. This had to be a watering system error in combination with the recent rains. Once it dries out the fairways will be great as they had plenty of coverage.

Rough was deeper than I’ve ever seen it. Rough was 3 plus inches tall and usually It’s only about an inch at best. Rough was a serious challenge today. Sand traps were ok. A little thin on the bottom but overall not bad. Tee boxes were in great shape. pace of play was at 5 hours but somehow didn’t seem that slow. Unlike the previous day at Spanish Bay which was 5 hours but seemed like 6. go figure.

For weekend rack rate, I would be very upset at the conditions. For my rate (it was comped) it was manageable, but I’d wait a few weeks before playing it.
Being that last round of 2023 was at Pebble Beach, it only made sense that my first round of 2024 was at Spanish Bay. Finally got out yesterday on a perfect golf weather day. Spanish Bay should get an award for the most consistent conditions over the last 18 months. We had our usual 9am (ish) tee time but went off early as there was hardly anyone around and only one group in front of us.

Even with the recent rains the course remains very nice and playable. The fairways were just short of perfect with the only downside being they were very soft and did not offer much roll out. Other than that, the fairways were a pleasure to hit from.

Greens overall were a bit slower than usual. I would imagine this is due to not being mowed and rolled every day over the past few days. 17 of the greens rolled super smooth, but one was a bit bumpy. MY guess is that one was missed somewhere along the lines when they rolled the greens. Greens were soft and receptive to approach shots.

I was only in one sand trap and it was fine. A little damp but still very playable. Surfers were out but not the birdie chain. All in all just a great walk with a little golf in between.
Ended the year with a round at Pebble Beach. After last week’s dismal performance at Spyglass Hill, I wasn’t expecting much. Somehow I managed to find an 8 hole stretch of 3 over which included a double bogey. With recent rains the course was wet and the fairways offered little rollout. Fairways were super lush without a brown spot to be found anywhere on the entries course. As mentioned before the fairways were wet thus offered little rollout

Rough was thick and penal. First cut was manageable but the second cut swallowed up a few balls from our group. I somehow managed to finish with the same ball I started with but others in our group weren’t as fortunate.

Greens were nice and smooth at a medium fast pace. I will say that the greens last week even in the rain were faster at Spyglass than at Pebble. Greens held well struck approach shots.

Bunkers and tee boxes were all flawless. We were the third group out and finished in a blistering (For PB) pace of about 4 hr 20 mins. I had a near Ace on #7 for a tap in birdie to go along with 6 pars that was a great way to end the year.

It’s always a treat to play Pebble Beach and with little wind and huge crashing waves to set the background, this outing was just as memorable as the first time.
I played Tehama yesterday morning with SDF and some family members. With the threat of rain we weren’t sure how much golf we would get in but in the end it was great weather (short sleeves half the round and no wind).

I only get to play here a couple times a year (none during Covid) and it’s always a treat to play
“The Clint” The place screams Uber lush CC from the moment you enter through the gated entrance and drive up the hill then park underground in the tiled floor parking garage. The Course is set on a hilltop with some views of the Monterey Bay and various canyons. It is either perfectly situated in the hillside or I have just been extremely lucky as I have never played here with any hint of wind.

Course conditions are awesome as you would expect from a high end private country club. Greens at Tehama are the fastest I’ve played anywhere. Yesterday they were a tad bit better with at least uphill putts being very fast while downhill putts remained wickedly fast. Greens have multiple tiers and undulations making them super tricky and challenging. But once you get the hang of the speed they are a lot of fun. Most greens have a false front and it’s quite common to have a ball roll off the front.

Fairways are excellent. Lush and a nice emerald green. Perfect combination of offering some roll out (if downhill) and presenting a great hitting surface. Tee boxes were perfect. Level, lush, and void of any divots.

Sand traps were good to great. The course also has a great balance between fun, scenic, challenging and scoreable. The restaurant is just as fantastic as the golf course. Anytime you can order halibut and octopus at a golf course restaurant you know you are in a good place.

Customer service is excellent as you would expect at a place like this.
Played Spanish Bay Saturday morning with the Nor Cal Birdie Chain on the line. We were first group out on what turned out to be an absolutely glorious morning and day. We had actually canceled Spyglass for the previous day due to pending weather. Once we saw it was going to be clear, quickly booked us at Spanish. In short, the course is in phenomenal shape tee to green.

Greens were rolling nice and fast (probably more like medium-fast but I’ve been playing slower greens lately). Greens held approach shots if they were decently struck. If not, the ball would roll out a ton. As I’ve mentioned before, the greens have multiple tiers and breaks.

Fairways were phenomenal. I rated the fairways at a 9 but they could easily have been rated a 10. Tee boxes were a 10. Perfectly manicured. Bunkers were also in excellent condition.

We set the pace and at one point were 2 holes ahead of the group behind us. Then I sucked it up bad on the back nine and our pace slowed a bit. We finished in about 4.25 hours and a full hole ahead of the group behind us. I may have had a horrible back nine but certainly didn’t have horrible time. I’ll get in as many rounds here as possible before the remodel starts.
I played early this morning as a single and was the 3rd group out. Conditions are trending in the right direction. About 3/4 of the greens had tiny aeration holes that only occasionally affected the ball. Give the greens a week or two and they will probably be better than ever. Meanwhile the fairways have definitely show improvements the last couple
Times out compared to August and September

Tee boxes were the week link of the course. Some were thin and the par 3’s were heavily riddled with divots. Finally had a decent POP finishing in 2.5 hours. Fun layout when you’re in the area
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