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Time for an update for Bay View. Played yesterday afternoon behind a tournament which made things slow but not too bad. Conditions remain consistent at Bay View with everything being in the acceptable range. Greens rolled very smooth and held approach shots well. They seemed to roll a bit faster than normal as they can be on the slow side here. Whereas most putts rolled at a medium pace, uphill putts were really slow.

Fairways were a little thin but certainly playable and provided a reliable hitting surface. Bunkers and tee boxes were both ok. Again, nothing spectacular but definitely in the acceptable range. Golf carts have GPS and customer service is always great here. The remodel on the restaurant and pro shop is complete so gone are the portable toilets in the parking lot and temp pro shop set up. Everything is back to normal. They are still working on the range. Range is open as they are working on the landing area not the hitting end of the range. However I think the range is closed a couple hours a day during construction but I’m not sure.

Usually i can find a nice window for a fast POP but today it was at 4 hrs which wasn’t too bad considering we were behind a tournament. Given the conditions, cost to play and (usually) fast POP, this has become my go to course in the South/East Bay Area.
Played Spanish Bay this morning at 9:30 and a couple weeks ago with a mid afternoon tee time. For the most part the course remains in great shape except for the sand traps. The greens are rolling very nice. Today they rolled at the perfect medium-fast pace. Last time they seemed a bit slower but that could have just been because the round was sandwiched between two rounds at Spyglass which has wicked fast greens. Greens at Spanish Bay today were a tad firm. Oddly enough pitch shots would check up but approach shots were 50/50.

Fairways are excellent. Given it’s in the heart of summer, the fairways are lush throughout and present a perfect combination of roll out and a great hitting surface.

The weak point of the course are the greenside bunkers. The sand is wet, thin and firm throughout. I was in six alone today and only one was nice. The others ranged from poor to manageable. No problem with the tee boxes. Level and lush.

POP is always in the 4.5 hour range. Even though my play was less than stellar it was a picture perfect day without a breath of wind and the ocean was flat as can be.
Where to begin? I’ll start by saying that this was the first time playing this course for both me and my buddy. Whereas the conditions were average (at best) and the course is completely flat (very walkable) it does have some charm! I don’t know why but I really liked this layout. The holes were fun and unique with multiple dog leg variations with holes turning left, right, Par 5 “S” shape, a horse shoe Par 4, some water hazards, including a little lake with sailboats and forced carries over barranca. I don’t know who designed the course but they got creative and did a great job!

As for the conditions, well…. Did I mention it was a great layout! lol, Conditions were all over the place. the greens looked like a gravel pit but surprisingly rolled very smooth at a medium fast pace. I wish I could blame the lack of a birdie on the greens but sadly it was all me in the form of miss reads or just bad putts. The greens held approach shots well. I will say the front nine seemed firmer than the back nine. Most of the greens were single tier with modest slope but there were a few double tiered greens that made it difficult if you were on the wrong level.

Fairways were a bit of a disappointment and easily the weak link of the course. Numerous brown, dead, and thin areas throughout the entire course. Rough was more of just patchy un-mowed grass that with a good lie was a pleasure to hit from and in the dirt sucked!

Bunkers were one or the other. The first two were super nice with a plethora of fluffy sand (albeit not raked from the morning golfers) and then the last two were hard pan dirt.

Tee boxes were level with decent enough coverage.

I don’t know what the POP was as we were talking shop and just enjoying the day. We waited on every tee shot but that was mainly due to my buddy being a long hitter (300 yard drive range).

So the big question is if I’d recommend this track? I guess it all depends on the circumstances. For me, I’ll definitely play it again just because I liked the layout. If you only have one round in the area, there are better options.
Played Laguna Seca yesterday afternoon on what was naturally and expected a busy holiday weekend round. Conditions have declined slightly but still overall not bad and much better than years past when everything was hit and miss. Greens actually rolled fairly smooth. Given it was an afternoon round finishing up at 6:30 PM the greens held up well (3 birdies on the day helps with the ratings). Greens rolled at a medium pace that I suspect wasn’t as slow as they seemed. But after playing Spyglass twice last week everything feels slow. Greens were a bit firm but held well struck approach shots.

Fairways remain consistent. Think of a typical average (but decent) muni course and that’s what the fairways are here. In fact the entire course could be considered your average muni course. Most of the fairways had decent lush coverage. Only a few thin spots here and there.

Rough seems to be growing in, as in narrowing the fairways. Not sure if it’s my imagination or if they are getting ready for a tournament. Anyway, the rough isn’t too bad. Only about 1-1.5 inches thick and the ball sits up pretty well. Only real downside is lack of roll out if you hit the rough.

Sand boxes were decent enough. In fact I played Spanish Bay last weekend and the bunkers at Laguna Seca were in better shape. Main issue was players not raking them. I was in three or four bunkers and all had multiple footprints. There are plenty of rakes for each bunker so please start using them folks.

The main downside to the course is the kikuyu grass surrounding the greens. It’s hard to be consistent with your short game trying to navigate this stuff. POP was just over 4.5 hours which actually isn’t bad for a holiday weekend. I walked and this is a stern walk for sure. Doable for anyone in shape but definitely a no go for those with knee problems, etc.

Laguna Seca has always been one of my favorite layouts and with the new owners the conditions match the price point.
A co-worker invited me to join him and his buddies here yesterday. Ever to try a new course, I accepted the invite. This is basically your average muni course, albeit with slightly higher prices. The course sits at the bottom (canyon) of two ridge lines so it’s pretty much dead flat the entire way. I walked and this is a super easy course to walk as the transfers are very short in addition to it being flat.

Layout was ok. A few creative holes to make you think, along with some straightforward holes. It’s fairly tight off the tee for the most part with thick forest and vegetation areas boarding the outside of the exterior fairways. There was a couple of creeks that ran the inside of a handful of fairways to also tighten things up.

Greens were bumpy and rolled on the slower side of medium. Most greens were single tier with a traditional back to front slope. A couple were tricked out with multiple undulations. Fairways were in decent shape and I expect that this is the best they’ve been in for a while. Enough rain during the winter to thoroughly water them and they haven’t dried out from the summer heat yet. Tee boxes were all level but the par 3’s were beat up pretty bad. Looked like the tee markers hadn’t been moved in a couple weeks. I somehow avoided all bunkers. There weren’t any fairway bunkers and only 1-2 smallish greenside bunkers

POP was super slow (5.5 hrs). But as the kid in the pro shop said this was the busiest day he’s ever seen in 3 years. My buddies cousin who joined us said he’s been playing Redwood Canyon for 20 years and never seen it that busy. He said he frequently would go out mid week after work and have the place to himself.

Customer service was excellent. Kid in the pro shop was very friendly and helpful. An interesting tidbit is the driving range in which you hit into a pond/lake. I was told they have floating golf balls but I think that’s hogwash. I didn’t see any floating around and the range was busy. The balls felt normal so my guess is they drag the bottom twice a week to retrieve the balls. Curious if anyone else has seen or heard of this?

Would I recommend this course? If I’m invited to play here again, I’ll go. Otherwise I will book elsewhere when in the area.
Played Torrey North on Wednesday as the last round of the San Diego swing. Overall the conditions are pretty good. Fairways are great. Nice and lush throughout without any thin or brown areas that I saw. Greens, were flowering but still rolled fairly smooth albeit at a much slower pace than Aviara. Not sure if Aviara greens were that fast or Torrey was that slow but a huge difference between the two. Tee boxes were level with ample coverage. Bunkers were also great as you would expect from a course of this quality. Rough was absolutely BRUTAL! Not that deep but super sticky and would grab your club.

I’m not a huge fan of the layout as there are only a few interesting holes. Most are just dead straight with little to no trouble. I get the no trees between the fairways as it keeps the view opened up to enjoy the scenic ocean below. But some dog legs here and there would hurt. Put in a water hazard on the par 5’s for a forced carry on second shot? Something to make you think. Just my opinion is all.
No trip to San Diego is complete without a round at Aviara. Tee’d off at 8AM in the thick overcast marina layer which never lifted all day. As anyone who has read my reviews, knows, I absolutely love Aviara and it’s a top 10 personal course. Course layout is challenging yet fun. Full of beauty with great conditions to back it up. Today was no exception. The course is just short of perfection.

Greens which are large in size, rolled perfectly smooth at a nice fast pace. Greens held well struck approach shots well. Fairways were super lush and a nice deep emerald green throughout. Because fairways were wet from the morning dew and watering, they didn’t offer superior roll out but enough.

Tee boxes were laser level with perfectly mowed lush grass. Sand traps had ample sand that was a bit wet early on then dried out nicely, presenting a perfect bunker shot opportunity.

Initial rough was decent enough but about a foot in it got a bit patchy. The one blemish on the course. Customer service is always top notch at Aviara.

I can’t wait to play it again soon!
Yesterday’s afternoon round was at Coronado. In two words LOVED IT! I’ve had this course on my to Play list for a few years now and I finally got out yesterday afternoon. The course did not disappoint. The views are awesome. Starting off on the first few holes with the Coronado Bridge in the background as well as the Naval ships. From there you continue through the flat, easily walkable parkland style layout that has some water hazards mixed in to keep the aesthetics flying while navigating mostly straight forward holes until you get to the back nine which has a couple of strategic holes including the horseshoe par 5 which even though I took the long way around on the outside, I nearly claimed the OGBC back from Long4par!! But not to be this time. From there you circle back to the bay and follow the water (as in the water is 10’ from the edge of the fairway) back in to the clubhouse. Views of the marina are plenty full.

Condition wise, the course is in excellent shape tee to green. Greens are modest in size and undulations. Enough to keep things from being boring, but mild enough to let beginners have a fair shot at a two putt. They rolled very smooth at a medium to medium fast pace.

Fairways were great. Lush and green throughout along with offering good roll out on drives. Bunkers had plenty of sand in them and tee boxes were nice and level.

Price was very reasonable especially given the location, views, and playing conditions. I will definitely play this course again!! I took plenty of pictures which I will upload in a day or two!!
Played Riverwalk this morning with a 7:30 AM tee time. This was my first time playing here and the short version is, the course is ok but I don’t know if I’d play it again. Not because the course was that bad condition or layout wise, it’s just that it was average all around and for my once a year trip to San Diego, there are better courses at similar price points that I’d rather play.

Greens are fine. They rolled smooth at a medium pace. I had a completely different experience with the fairways than Long4par. Most of the fairway areas I was in were thin and patchy. Layout wise, the course had a number of water features and forced carries so that was good. Again. If I lived in the area, I’d put it in the rotation but for me, it’ll be a few years before I play it again
I played Lake Chabot yesterday morning with an 8AM tee time on what was probably the best day for weather. I’ve been wanting to play this course and experience the infamous Par 6 hole. More on that later. In general it was a fun course with decent conditions at a reasonable price. As far as the overall condition of the course go, it was better than I expected. I was fearful that the fairways would be thin and bare. To contrary they were green with decent coverage throughout. Greens rolled smooth at a medium pace. Just a tad slower than I prefer, but in the acceptable range. Most greens are single tier with a traditional back to front slope. Greens are small here. And when I say small, I mean they make the greens at Del Monte look like Rancho Solano greens! Greens were receptive to approach shots and held well struck shots. I wasn’t in any bunkers and this course is light on bunkers. Tee boxes were flat with good coverage albeit with funky grass. Not an issue if using a driver with the ball tee’d up but could cause issues with an iron.

Now for the course layout. It sits on top of a hill so there are tons of elevation changes throughout. Course plays short so you will have a lot of short irons and wedges into the greens. Holes 14-16 have views of the SF bay, the City and the Bay Bridge so that was cool.

The oddest thing about the course is that the entrance road goes right through the middle of Holes 2-6. On an early weekday morning with little golfers out it wasn’t an issue but come prime time weekend, I see a lot of cars being hit with golf balls. Very odd! Speaking of elevation changes, I’m not sure if it was because I had a headache or if it was an optical illusion but most of the holes looked way longer than they actually were. Trust your numbers on you range finder, scorecard, GPS app etc.

Now for the infamous Par 6. It plays extremely downhill and really should just bee a par 5. I played two balls and one I hit into the right rough and had to punch out. Even with a couple poor shots I still had a 5’ putt to save “Par”. The second ball was a fantastic tee shot (that was probably in the top 5 of tee shots for me in the last 3 years). I followed that with a solid 4 iron for a second shot and had all of 80 yards left to the green for my 3rd. Still it was a lot of fun.

In fact i enjoyed the course as a whole. As I mentioned before, given the playing conditions, course layout and price, it gets a thumbs up from me.
Just a quick update since I mentioned the greens had tiny holes in my last review. Played in the afternoon on 5/23 and greens are in fantastic condition. Rolling perfectly smooth at a medium fast pace along with being receptive to approach shots. Rest of the course is in great shape as always.

Also, I believe they are allowing carts ( 90 degree rule ) out on most fairways. Always an enjoyable walk though.
After a couple month hiatus from Spanish Bay, I was back out yesterday with some good friends, including DeepSea14. Whereas the course is in great shape overall, I will say it is a notch below its usual fantastic condition. I may be a tough critic as I have a lot of samples to draw against. We tee’d off just before Noon in cool but not cold weather. I was in short sleeve for 17 1/2 holes so no complaints. We had a modest 1 club wind most of the day. For the afternoon, it was definitely acceptable.

Greens had recently been punched with tiny holes that were mainly filled in and hardly noticeable. In fact the ball rolled very true at an acceptable medium fast pace. Aside from the aesthetics of the greens they were in actually nice shape. I did notice that on Hole 12 there was a brown streak running across the green. It was in a perfect straight line so my guess is it followed the drainage pipe under the green and had something to do with that. My 7 rating for the greens is probably a bit harsh but oh well.

As for the fairways, I’m happy to say I got to actually experience all of the fairways this time! Again, overall the fairways were lush and a nice emerald green. I knocked the rating down to an 8 just because as I mentioned before, I’ve seen them in better shape. Tee boxes were excellent. No issues there. I was in two green side bunkers and they were fine. I was also in my share of fairway bunkers which I was quite upset about. It’s just wrong to punish a player for hitting it straight!! I propose a new rule. No fairway bunkers in the MIDDLE of the fairway!! Anyway, they were in excellent shape. We had a big gap in front of us so no issue with the POP.

I love this course with its scenic views and solid playing conditions. Course layout offers a great variety of holes with a handful of forced carries to really keep you on your toes. the greens are tricky to say the least, but other than that it’s a double thumbs up in my book.
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