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I've played Madera about 4-5 times in the last couple of months. Course remains in decent overall shape with nice greens. Fairways are a bit thin, especially yesterday and last week. They are starting to show sings of the triple digit heat effecting them. But the fairways still present a decent hitting surface and overall not too bad, especially given the tradeoff of extra roll out.

Greens are in really nice shape. Seemed like they rolled a bit slower yesterday, but that could just be because I was coming from the peninsula greens which roll much faster in general. .

We played mid day and naturally the course was fairly quiet. I have a cycling client who is now taking up the sport so it was perfect for him to drop extra balls and hit multiple shots as we didn't have anyone behind us until the 16th.

Good solid customer service. Layout is pretty basic flat parkland setup which is perfect for a beginner.

They have also added some "new" carts. They are still basic carts but in a lot better condition than the old ones!
Played yesterday and was impressed with the overall conditions given the drought and it’s mid summer. The fairways were just short of perfection. Only a couple of small areas on the entire course where it was a little thin. The hotel is back in full action which helps with the water supply given the course uses reclaimed water from the hotel.

Greens were rolling smooth at a fast pace. Greens were a bit on the firm side so approach shots need to be well struck in order to get them to stick.

Tee boxes were all in excellent shape as was the one sand trap I was in. POP was right at 5 hours which I expected being a weekend with gorgeous weather and we didn’t have a tee time until 11 AM

Customer service is always excellent.

I was curious to see what the course conditions were like in mid summer and I’m pleased to say that the entire course is in excellent shape!
Course is just in way too nice of shape not to play. Played early morning last week and again in late afternoon yesterday. As mentioned in my last review, the course is in great shape. The fairways have lost a tiny bit of their perfect emerald green coloring but are still in fantastic shape. Super lush and offer a good balance between carpet like hitting surface and offering a good amount of roll.

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but most fairways have a small crest in them that if you can carry it you'll catch the small but definitive "speed slot" and get an extra 20+ yards on your drive. Being a flat course it was nice for the designer to put these speed slots in to help with roll given the super lush fairways.

Greens are always in top shape at Ridge Creek and the last two weeks were no exception. The late afternoon round will be prone to footprints leaving indentations but that's normal for most courses. I will say that the greens are trickier than they look at Ridge Creek. Initial observations leaving you thinking they are flat and docile, but almost all have subtle multiple tiers. Just enough to make you pay attention and enough to fool you to prevent a sub 80 round :( Needed another birdie on one of the last 3 holes and had 3 chances in the 12'-15' range. I under read the first one, over read the 2nd and left the third short! arrrgggh!

Tee boxes are level and lush with good coverage throughout, even on the short par 3's.

Sand traps are in need of attention. They are thin at best and just short of hardpacked dirt.

Customer service is Excellent. POP- Last week in the morning it was at around 4 hrs and yesterday it was under 3 hrs. as I only encountered one group that took me 1 hole to get around. it also helped that I hit every fairway(ish) and the one that did miss was on the cart path which is about the only place you can find a stray drive at Ridge Creek .

Highly recommended to say the least.
This is just a quick update on conditions out at Eagle Springs. The summer heat is starting to show it's teeth as most of the fairways now have some brown spots. Fairways are still super lush throughout (including the brown areas). Greens rolled nice and smooth at a medium fast pace and easily held well struck shots.

A couple of the tee boxes were a bit lumpy but nothing major. I somehow avoided all traps today. Customer service was fantastic as was the pace of play (I finished in the 3 hr mark).

A highly recommended play when in the Fresno area.
Needed to challenge my putting skills and there’s no better place like BlackHorse. We had a late morning tee time. We went down to the range and it was packed with handful of people waiting for a space to open. When I drove in I noticed the course didn’t look too busy so we ended up jumping out about 20-30 minutes early. We had clear sailing until about the 7th hole when we got up to the twosome in front of us. They weren’t the problem. The problem was the foursome in front of them which we waited on every shot thereafter for the remainder of the day.

Green are always tough at Blackhorse with the numerous undulations. They are also hard so getting shots to stay on the green are difficult. We had more than our share of solid approach shots that landed in the middle of the green but rolled off the back. Greens rolled at a medium-fast pace.

Fairways at Blackhorse will always present a tight lie. Today was no exception. In addition to that there are a few brown areas from cutting back water. Which as we all know will be a common occurrence in California the rest of the summer.

Tee boxes were level with good coverage throughout. Rough was about 2-3 inches thick but not nearly as penal as yesterday at Spyglass Hill. Sand traps were ok. A couple of them were a little thin but all in all decent.

I love the layout at Blackhorse and always will. For the Mon-Wed price it’s a great track, if you’re paying weekend prime rack rate…. It’s 50/50. If you want a tough challenging track with ocean views (assuming the fog doesn’t roll in like it did most of today for us) then yes I suppose it’s worth the price of admission.
Seeing MichaelKo’s recent post made me eager to get out to the Glass. Went out and played Spyglass Hill this morning with a slightly earlier tee time (8:30) than normal. Course is in excellent shape as expected. Fairways were a perfect ten. Just slightly better than Ridge Creek which I played again yesterday. Greens had been recently punched with the tiny holes and light sanding. Didn’t greens still rolled smooth at a very fast pace. They said they were rolling at an 11 but they had to be closer to a 13. The tiny holes didn’t affect putts at all.

Tee boxes are always spectacular at The Glass and overall are probably the best in the business on a continuous basis.

Sand traps were disappointing. I was in SEVERAL bunkers and there were a handful that were damp with compact sand. Not the worst thing but not what you would expect from a track like this.

Rough…. OMG was it brutal!! Only about 3” thick but like Velcro. Very penal.
POP was right at 4-4 ¼ hours. We waited early on the twosome in front of us then their caddie got them moving along at a nice pace. We never saw the group behind us after the second hole when we were waiting on the third tee box.

COVID – back to normal. Cups at normal depth, rakes in the bunkers, caddies available and beverage cart out and about.

Spyglass Hill is a great walk (CPO if you take a cart) and always recommended.
I played Valley Oaks this afternoon playing the Lakes/Valley combo. In short the conditions are almost identical to my last review. Even when I played here a couple of time in May the course was in similar condition, so kudos to the maintenance crew for keeping things consistent throughout the year.

Greens rolled smooth and easily held well struck shots.

Fairways offer a decent lie but aren't the prettiest to look at. Where as they have an overall brownish tint to them, they offer good roll out and a solid hitting surface. Fairways to have some thin spots here and there.

Sand traps... Here I go again. Rakes are back in the bunkers but NO ONE is using them!! If it's a genuine COVID concern then use a rag to grab the rake, but please rake footsteps.

Other than that it was a good day out on the course with moderate temperature (high 90's) for the valley.
I’m going to start off this review with a big shout out to the customer service at Ridge Creek. They continue to impress me more and more every time I play there. I had to cancel my early morning tee time yesterday due to work and then showed up 8 hours later and they happily accommodated me with no issues at all. They are a super friendly staff.

Next, the course conditions. In short, FANTASTIC! I challenge you to find a better conditioned course at a better rate.

I’ll start with the greens. Being that they recently aerated them, it’s no surprise that they were rolling super smooth and super fast. Greens are soft and easily held well struck approach shots. Heck, I even got back spin on a 4-iron. I played in the late afternoon and didn’t see too many unrepaired ball marks so that’s a good thing. One of my “criticisms” in the past here was that you would encounter a ton of unrepaired pitch marks. That seems to have changed. Greens are fully recovered from the recent aeration.

Fairways were absolutely immaculate. Easily a 9.5, Super lush with 100% coverage and just the most beautiful emerald green color. Tee boxes were great as well. Not quite the same as the fairways but not far behind.

Bunkers were the only thing that needs some love and attention. Most were mainly hard pack with only a sprinkle of loose sand.

Also, all of the tall (12” plus) fescue grass on the edge of the bunkers and fairways are grown in and now it’s pretty much an automatic lost ball. Had one that hit 4-5 feet in the fairway and trickled to the edge. Lost ball. Another one was 3” off the fairway and I was very lucky to find it on the third attempt.

Ridge Creek is always a fun track and the excellent conditions make it a no brainer right now. In fact I was intending on playing here again today but opted to get caught up on rest.
Played Tulare GC early morning being the first group out. This is only my third or fourth time playing here. I had heard from others that some work was being done on the course so I wanted to see what the chatter was about. For 6:15AM the place was busy. With triple digit heat in the valley it’s not a surprise that everyone wanted to tee off early. I went out in the first group.

Tee boxes were in very nice shape. Level and neatly manicured with the grass being cut short. No divots to speak of and easy to get a tee in the ground. Fairways were 50/50. Most fairways had a ton of thin areas as well as flat out hardpan dirt. Grass was cut short but presented a decent enough hitting surface should you find a good area.

Most greens were in nice shape. They rolled surprisingly super smooth at a medium pace. No divots encountered and only one green had some major disease on half of it. The green complexes are interesting. Some are flat and fairly docile while others are amusement park wild rides with super steep slopes.

No real rough to speak of and the traps were ok. Most had a light amount of loose dirt on top of a hardpacked base. Not the best of the bunker world but predictable.

Layout it tight on the front nine and then it opens up a bit on the back. Maybe it was because I had the case of the lefts today but it seemed like the tee boxes were all jammed up on the extreme left side against the tree lined fairways. Track is completely flat, parkland style layout so it’s super easy to walk.

Customer service was great. It’s a family run business and it shows that they take pride in the course and their customers.
I just realized that I haven’t done a review of Laguna Seca in a while. This place as had it’s ups and downs over the last several months including an ownership change. During the winter the greens were so horrible that I didn’t bother taking a putter. I know I posted some photos on the GK app of the waffle like greens. Come spring, conditions started to improve and in May and June the course was looking nice. Fairways were filled in and greens were in decent condition after the spring aeration.

However, conditions are starting to slip again. Played yesterday afternoon on a typical Monterey afternoon, low 60’s dipping to about 58 degrees with a little wind. No issues with the tee boxes, including the short par 3’s which had appropriate covering.

Fairways are overall in good shape with every fairway mainly having good semi-lush conditions throughout. Most fairways have a few thin/brown areas but nothing too horrible. Outside of the fairway and it gets super thin to complete dirt. They are obviously saving water in these areas which is totally understandable.

Greens…. It’s a guessing game. Some where decent enough, others were borderline terrible in that they looked and rolled like cauliflower, and then the ones that seemed ok but had one or two bumps right in your line. Our group (which had 5 birdies despite the greens) had 3 birdie putts which were right on line until hitting a bump and taking a huge bounce off line. Frustrating.

But the most frustrating part of the course were the sand traps. They hadn’t been raked in weeks. I don’t get it, COVID restrictions have been lifted so there are rakes in the traps but neither the players nor the course are bothering to maintain the traps.

I will always love the layout at Laguna Seca and for that alone will recommend it (sort of) but being they charge a premium price (rack rate) and have substandard conditions, the recommendation comes with the “buyer beware” tag!
Eli1488 and I met up with Sbarajasjr, for a beautiful day at Seven Canyons. We teed off late morning and though it was warm out, it was very manageable. Customer service was excellent as you would expect at a high end resort like this.

Course layout it spectacular. Yes it is set in a high end gated housing community, but for the most part the houses don’t come into play and are completely out of sight. The red rock formations in the background throughout the entire course are just absolutely breathtaking. The scenery is one stunning setting after another.

Fairways are also lined with various pine trees to add to the scenery and the difficulty. Fairways range from tight to wide open and there are some definite strategic areas to land that I was glad I had Sal to help navigate us around.

Due to an injury my game suffered tremendously but I still highly enjoyed this course and took dozens of photos.

Greens were spot on rolling nice and smooth at a medium pace. 1 or 2 greens had some minor damage in the form of hydraulic fluid leaking and burning the grass. Other than that they were in very nice shape. Green complexes had some tricky hole locations that had more to do with angles of approach than the undulations themselves. Most greens had predictable and manageable undulations.

Fairways were about 90% near perfect with only a few thin spots here and there. Tee boxes were level with fluffy grass. Lush and easy to get a tee in but it was more consistent with a first cut of rough than a tee box. Not an issue just different is all.

Sand traps were ok. Enough sand to get a club under but not super fluffy white sand. First cut was only a couple of inches tall and manageable.

Again, Seven Canyons Golf Resort is a fantastic course and I’m glad I finally got to play in Sedona in general and here specifically.
Played here yesterday early afternoon trying to beat the holiday rush. Conditions have slipped quite a bit since playing here a little over a month ago. The big issue was the conditions of the greens. Almost all of them were shaggy and bumpy. A number of the greens had numerous dead areas that were just dirt. Fairways were ok, though a number of them had thin spots throughout.

Customer service was great. Based on the price and the views PG golf links is still a recommended play when here on the peninsula but don't expect top notch (or even average) conditions.
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