Hansen Dam Golf Course

10400 Glenoaks Blvd
Pacoima, CA 91331 • (818) 899-2200

Pacoima, CA (91331)
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1. hugepark
Posted: 06/25/22 10:58a
Member Since: Apr 24, 2008
From: south pas
Just wanting to provide a quick update since no one has submitted a review since my last one. I just played this morning on Sat June 25. The course is back in great shape now (for an LA City course)... Continue »
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2. hugepark
Posted: 05/02/22 9:02a
Member Since: Apr 24, 2008
From: south pas
Played Hansen on Sunday 5/1, because I love this course and wanted to see how the greens are healing after aeration about 25 days ago. Unfortunately the greens are not that great right now. It's pla... Continue »
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Topic: Course Information Needs Update
Posted: Nov 19, 2010
Scorecard Updated - Will work on captions and tips.
Topic: Course Information Needs Update
Posted: Nov 13, 2010
We can update all that. Looks like the scorecard on the Hansen Dam website has not been updated. Can you take a look at the card on the Hansen Dam site and tell me if its as simple as flipping the nines. Is hole 9 now a par 3? Odd because the scorecard says par 4 but the layout view looks like a par...
Member Since: Apr 24, 2008
For clarity, this tip is for the #1 hole (in 2022) as it has been for several years now. For a time, they had flipped the nines and this was playing as hole #10, but they went back to this layout which I prefer very much. This is my favorite starting tee shot of all the LA City courses -- a downhill driver hole to a wide fairway. The hole measures about 385 from the tips, and about 375 from the blues. I find that a tee shot that favors the left-center of the fairway is ideal. You don't want to be on the right side with the trees, and be hitting out of the rough with tree trouble and the bunker on the right challenging your approach. Left side, even in the rough, gives you a better angle to the green. I've even been in the trees on the left and found that the approach is manageable. Once you've handled the tee shot, the approach is fairly straightforward. Just make sure to carry the bunker -- don't flare it right. The green is very large, so you want to play the full yardage when the pin is back. The putting surface looks pretty flat, but it's actually got some subtle breaks and a ridge that runs through the middle. It's a tough putt to start out with, especially when the pin is in the back, and I often find myself with tricky putts to save par. When you start out with a made par putt on #1 here, it builds great momentum into an easy par-5 #2. Conversely when you 3-putt on #1, it's a tough wake up call.
Member Since: Jan 31, 2006
I suppose some could actually go for the green, but for most of us it's a dogleg left. A straight shot about a 200 yds out to the middle of the bowl at the end of the fairway puts you on a fairly flat lie for your second shot up the hill to the green. Don't be too ambitious with your drive or you'll go too far and have an awkward lie with the ball above your feet. From down in the valley, the green looks a bit closer to the edge than it really is and clubbing up one seems like the play. A lot of approaches end up short of the green on the uphill. To get solidly on the green, I recommend clubbing up two, make a nice smooth swing, but don't be shy.

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