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I played Hansen Dam on Sunday 6/14, my first round since knee replacement in Feb. Needless to say, great to be back! Overall the course is in fine condition. We went off around 8am as a 3some (1 no-show wuss.) Due to Covid, single carts (we had 1 walker.) We played in 4 hours10 mins. The tee boxes are in good shape, the fairways as good as I've seen them over a 30 year period. Greens were really good, med speed, with a few too many pitch marks. No rakes in the bunkers, but they had been dragged, no issues there. Carts have GPS & speakers.

The Dam is an LA City muni. I think it's much more interesting than the other 3 SFV city courses with some elevation changes although uphill #10 is quirky.

A couple Covid notes, Reservations only, no wait list. I believe CC only. Many courses are not including divot fixer on the carts? WHY?? It ain't that hard to disinfect that little bottle when doing the rest of the cart! Recommended for a fun time.
Terrible!! I've ripped American Golf many times & here we are again. Start time 8*40ish, started just 10 minutes late. My buddy & I were put together with 3 others as a 5some. We waited on every hole, pretty much every shot. 3 hour front nine (shoulda bailed then,) 2hr 40 min back 9. No Marshall, no beverage cart. At the turn I asked why no drink cart & was told "only in the summer." It was 91 degrees!! The Course: Overall very dry. It's been hot & windy, but c'mon!. Tee boxes bad. Not level, torn up. Fairways some good areas, but many bad including some dirt & muddy areas, maybe leaking pipes? The rough is as bad as a course gets. Dead weeds, leaves, large branches, crap! Greens normally are good & fast, had some sanded areas, maybe a virus & were slow. Bunkers were decent, some nice sand over hard bottom. I played in a twilight summer league & the course was in good shape. The 5some thing ruins the course. If I ever play here again it will be in the first hour tee off. Don't waste your time!
Played TR on 10/3, 8am start. The service was good. The course is in great overall condition. If you haven't played it, it's a gem. Hilly with some really elevated tee shots & beautiful views. The tee boxes were fine. The fairways were mostly lush with a few odd small dirt patches. The rough was great, 3" or so, but the ball usually sat up. The greens were good, tad slow & showed some older punch marks, but they didn't effect putts much. The lone fail is the lack of sand in the bunkers. Hard packed, some wet & muddy. The cart girl came around on the back nine. This course is also a great value, for old guys like myself (over 55) M-F $39 including cart. Before 8*am same $$ for anyone. The 19th hole has good food & beer selection & bartender/server Holly is great!
Played here last Sat. Tee time just before 8am, finished in 4:20. Should be quicker that early, but the City won't pay for Marshall's... Now the course, really good overall shape, especially for end of summer. The tee boxes are fine. The fairways were great for a Muni course, good coverage mostly lush. The rough was mixed, some bare some overgrown, but mostly tough kikuya. The greens were medium speed, and rolled very well, except like seemingly all courses of late, ball marks were present. Hansen Dam is a great course to have some fun & smack it around. Some nice challenges (#9 is a great hole!) Easier to get on, due to the East Val location & usually better condition than the Encino/Balboa/Woodley courses. Play it & have some fun.
I player RR Victoria last Tuesday Aug 6th. I was curious after hearing 'the hated' American Golf has contracted to manage the courses. I really like both courses, especially in summer since I'm a 'valley boy'. I spoke with an employee, he said that the only changes so far are that they have slowed the Greens down & cut the rough lower to speed up play. My impressions are that so far the fairways are still looking good. The rough was still penal, but not lose your ball high stuff. Now the greens, most were good, slightly slower than I prefer, but not "slow." BUT, there were about 5 or six that looked like maybe a fungus had eaten into them. Sand was filling in the dead turf. I know that it happens, I hope they get it fixed up soon. The only really lame move, was putting the pin on 18 as far back as possible. It is a HUGE green. The only bad area of the green of course was the back. Obviously not a golf professional directing the pin placements. Overall I won't slay Amer Golf for ruining the course, but seems they are not off to the best start. A plus is that they are NOT sending out 5somes. I will play again. NOTE: with the Cowboys in town, last year the Vineyard course had cut down a par 5 to a par 3 & shortened up another hole. I didn't check if this was the case again. Overall still a pleasant experience!
I played Oceanside on 7/23. First time & it was an enjoyable round, made better by meeting a couple locals that went out of there way to make a visitor feel at home! The course is interesting with some up/down/doglegs & some good old straight ahead holes. Greens are fast & really great, especially for a muni course. Fairways were great too. The rough was so/so, some decent coverage some bare areas where the ball flew through. Tee boxes are sometimes not level, seems like they could be wider, but good turf. Play seemed slow on a warm humid day, but probably because we were a 3some. Played in 4:15. No bev cart on a weekday. The guy in the pro shop was fine & a nice girl tending bar. I would play again.
I played Morgan Run twice in the past week. Due to a club affiliation, I played for $25. I really like this course, (three 9's.) Wonderful configuration. That said it's in the worst shape ever, due to the greens being "burned up." The East 9 is closed, new greens going in. The South is the only survivor, the greens there being decent, but kind of slow. The North are very bad with long strips of new turf replacing the dirt/sand. Many areas had 2-5" bare spots in between puttable areas. Thursday there was one "temp" green, just a large cup with a 15' painted circle in front of the reg green. Enough on the Greens. The Fairways are Lush & as good as you get. Tee boxes are very good. The rough is also great shape, thick & tough but fair. The bunkers seemed hard under a thin layer of sand. All that said, this course will be back to great sooner rather than later. The girls in the Littler lounge are great with a good selection of food & drink. I'll be back.
Played Balboa 8*00 start on a Sat. Unlike 20 years ago when there would have been a hundred guys waiting around for a spot on one of the 2 courses, it was easy to sign in. We had a 3some, went out as the same. POP 4 hours 20 min, not bad for a Sat out here. The course is not in great shape, it probably never is. It's been a long time since I played here, same issues. LA City course, gets plenty of play, not enough maintenance. Greens were real nice, mid-fast, yet softened up by over night rain. Fairways very weak. Numerous GUR & many other bare spots, some really large, like 10' by 40 '. Thin grass at best, even in better fairways. Rough is ok, not crazy high, but tough enough to hit out of without being to penal. Mix of kikuyu, crabby grass & many others. Couple bunkers I was in were ok, firm but not rock hard. Tee boxes level. Overall it was fun morning, but just a so-so muni course. I will drive out of LA & spend more $$ rather than come back.
Rancho used to be a favorite of mine when I can score an early time. I have an LA City card that allows booking early weekend times once a month. NOT WORTH it anymore. The course over the years has been stripped of it's teeth, less trees, everything cut back, perhaps it helps speed up play (Needed there.) BUT, the course has never been in this POOR of condition. Fairways- huge bare spots, soggy in some areas, bone dry in others. Tee boxes dirt, chunky uneven dirt at that. Greens slow, although not as bad as the rest of the track. Bunkers hard, with yesterdays hack/footprints still in them. Nothing good to say, $58.50 to ride on weekend. It's very walkable except I have a bad knee can't walk it. No Blue flags for cart either; "out of them." The LA Open was played here in the 60's, it was the best City course in LA. The Seniors played here in the 80's. Very sad. GT
The course is in great shape with the exception of some GIR in #17, 18 fairways, which is one reason their closing for summer to do repair/upgrades. Back 9 is especially beautiful! In my opinion not as tough as it's brother course next door (The Dunes,) probably due to this previously was designed as the "Members Only" course, later flip flopped with the Citrus course which is Private. That said, a wonderful experience, well worth playing. The fairly new Tourney guy Robert, for PGA West & La Quinta does a great job. He "gets" it! Play it!!
Hansen Dam is a Very Nice Muni...Compared to the other Muni's in the area. Hansen is out of the way & therefore gets much less play then some of the other courses (such as Encino/Balboa/Woodley.) Fairways are sweet right now, rough is grown out. Greens have recovered from punching about a month ago. Pace of play early is good, on weekends I won't tee off after 8:00. 1/2 players can usually get out early without a res even on weekends. Sat 5-30, a beautiful day, a 2some was behind us and we tee'd off at 7:06!
Do they have a couple funky holes? Yes (#1), but it's still a fun track, very playable. Golf Now has specials for all the LA City courses (fairly new) so take advantage of it.
I played Camarillo mid-March and it is in wonderful condition. My group plays a Tournament at Camarillo every year and they always treat us well. Free range balls, organized staff and they get us out on time. I play the course 4-5 times a year (well worth the drive from the Valley) and it is lush and screaming "play me!"
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