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Played Riverwalk Wed 8/25. Walked out as a single, 11:00am & was paired with a volunteer Marshall, nice lady. later joined by another single.

POP was nice. Tee boxes are fine. Fairways are mostly good, although they were re-sodding parts of a few. Rough was mix of long grass & some bare areas. Typical muni in that respect. Greens were good, rolled well, med speed. Bunkers were mix of some really nice new looking sand & some harder packed dirt/sand.
Overall very playable for a decent rate (senior 60!) Lots of water keeps it interesting. I rode, but it is walkable. Now 18 holes, last time played a few years ago was 27 holes.

I recommend, it was fun.
Played Legends on Friday 8/21. Overall the conditions are great.

Tee boxes level & good turf.

Fairways; Plush, plush, plush! Sweet to play on.

Rough; is not killer penal unless way out, then could be really tough.

Bunkers; only blemish, are mostly hard with too little sand.

Greens; medium fast & beautiful. Held well hit irons. putted perfectly.
Collar areas also nice.

Customer service is great. La Costa is running things the way they should be.

Drink cart out & about. Resort has great food & drink.

I recommend this course. Lots of fun!
Played Thur 8/19. Aviara is one of my favorite courses. But it is in DISMAL condition.

Tee boxes area fine.

Fairways have numerous thin & bare areas, not what is expected on a 5* course.

Rough; Terrible. Dead grass, torn up dirt areas. Unacceptable, especially from this course.

Greens; Hit & miss. The good ones are fast, but many have a fungus causing bare spots. Some Greens have partial aeration. Areas around the Greens were dead too.

POP; was decent, 4:15. Drink Cart out & about.

Customer Service is still great. Restaurant is open, we had 1 beer & left for more reasonably priced eats.

The other 3 players with me are probably soured for good, too bad for what should be a great course. Can't recommend in this crappy condition at nearly $200 fee.
Played Tierra Rejada on Wed 7/21. Nice 55 & over discount $45.
The course is in great shape! Beautiful day for Golf, Tee time 8*20 as a 3some.

Carts, no GPS although they have an app you can use with the phone. I used my own.

Tee Boxes never an issue, good coverage, pretty level.

Fairways are really nice, low cut. Drives run well. Divot mix on carts.

Greens are med fast. Very few ball marks. Undulating & fun to play.

Bunkers are best I've seen recently. Good sand with rakes.

The rough longer & tougher in some areas. Good coverage through out.

The Bar & Grill was open & doing good biz. Good service through out the facility.

POP was just under 4 hours.

Some peeps just don't like the course, it is a bit billy goatish, especially front 9. That said I like it alot & highly recommend it. Wonderful condition!
Played Balboa 7/13, 8*00am Tee Time. LA City still using 10 min tee times, works out beautifully! Easy check in, got out on time.

Last time I played here, year or so ago, it was bad. Much improved.

Tee Boxes were in poor condition overall. Need leveling.

Fairways were ok, mostly lush with some bare or dry spots. Much better than last time out.

Rough is not great, lot of dirt/weed/hardpan/gopher damaged ground, especially further from the fairway. Still playable.

Greens are BIG. They are the highlight of the course. Med speed, mostly flat but decent roll.

Areas around the green are mostly Kikuyu grass. Very sticky stuff. Chips don't get through it. Shaved areas can be putted through. Thick stuff like a bunker shot. Very good condition.

POP was 3:45. 4some following 3 2somes, best pace ever on a City course.

No refreshment cart. Restaurant is open, I didn't use it.

Overall, it was fun to play this less challenging course. Nice day on the links, close to home.
Wouldn't drive far to play it, but glad it's here.
Played Porter Valley CC on Friday 6/25 as a guest of a Member. I know the course well as I was a Member years ago.
Although I don't love the shorter, hilly course it was a good time visiting.

The course is in FANTASTIC condition. Best ever that I can recall.

Tee boxes, although small are in good condition. Fairways awesome, a pleasure to hit from. Rough great condition until you get to the hillside areas (my bad!) Greens not as fast as I recall, but are in great shape. Very few ball marks. Pace of Play was excellent, less than 4 hours.

The staff here is friendly & efficient. Restaurant is under needed renovation. It's open, but construction noise makes it tough to hang out.

A very good time on a course in Prime condition. If you have the chance, play it.
I played Rancho on Sat morning, 8*10 Tee off. A rare weekend tee time here & 2 weeks ago on Wilson tells me the crush for reservations is lessening...

Rancho is still a great course in my opinion. Less tree's & trouble than 20 years ago, but the heart is still there.

The Greens; Unbelievable for the amount of play. Soft enough to receive most shots. Med speed, but great condition.

Fairways; Really good, occasional thin areas, but overall good.

Rough; mixed bag of slightly thicker than fairway to very thick. Some bare areas, with weeds.

Tee boxes are mostly level & in good condition.

Bunkers; Very nice, good sand coverage with rakes.

POP; Still 10 min tee times, so POP was great at 4*20.

I just wish I could get early tee times more often, cool weather (compared to my home in SFV.)

Restaurant closed, they had a food truck & full bar set up outside. 2 levels of driving range.
The staff is pleasant & efficient. Carts have "The Shark" GPS & Blue tooth speakers.

Very much recommended. Overall really great day of Golf.
Played Soboba on Fri & Sat 6/11-12. A tale of 2 different experiences... Friday was perfect. Tee off at noon, 4 H 10 min round. Sat tournament, started 2 hours late due to some funny stuff by the course. They claimed that a tourney group that was supposed to tee of at 6:30 arrived late, pushing back all times. I call BULL sh-t ! Did they take a bunch of$$ to add a tourney in? Maybe. Or did they book 2 tourneys at the same time in error? Nobody knows, but their excuse was BS. Period. Sat tee off at 8*30 pushed to 10:30 (no notice), 5H 40 minute round.
Too the course: Grass Range. Newer comfortable carts, nice GPS.
Tee Boxes are good, pretty level with great grass coverage.
Fairways are great, plush, but still nice roll.
Rough was anywhere from 3" really tough to some dryer shorter stuff that was easier to hit from. Other than some Gophers, real good.
Bunkers nice soft white sand greenside. Fairways bunkers firmer but nice. Yes, I was in many...
Greens are great. Fast but still hold an iron shot. What I wish all greens could be.

It's in the middle of nowhere, but the newer Hotel/Casino is pretty cool.

I just described a course in great condition. It's not just a resort course, it has some bite. Water, deep bunkers, doglegs ect. Great course in my opinion. Will I go back after the crap on Sat? Depends on if they do something for me when I send in a complaint. Unfortunately doubtful.
Played Wilson at Griffith Park Sat 5/29. 8:25 Tee off was nice. Not crowded at all, Memorial weekend? 2some behind us. To the course;

Wilson one of my favorites, and it's in good condition. For the zillion rounds played on it, amazingly good shape.

Check in, they call you about 10-15 minutes before tee time. They don't want people crowding the tee boxes. 10 minute tee times. Hope they stick with this... All good. Carts decent GPS & Bluetooth speakers.

Tee boxes; Good coverage, pretty level.

Fairways are very good, occasional thin spots, but overall lush & great to hit from.

Rough a mixed bag, some gopher areas, some bare, some taller rough that was tough to hit from.

Greens; Fantastic. Med fast. Healed up from punching over a month ago.

POP; 4.15. Quickest round in memory up here. 10 minute Tee times work!!

Restaurant still closed, but have Food Truck & Tent. Halfway snack shop is open. No drink cart on this muni.

Overall, a great time on a wonderful track.

I'll be back!
Played on Sat 5/9 in a tournament, started at 8*00. Overall pretty good on a perfect Golf weather day. The entire crew are good folks & provide good service. Still on 10 minutes between times, which makes for a fast round. Rakes are back!

Tee boxes; decent coverage, could be flatter but always a level spot on the large tee boxes.

Fairways; Good coverage, not lush at all, but that's the way this course has always been.

Rough; really just a touch more grass & weeds. Not penal unless you get stuck behind a clump of weeds. Some bare areas, but ok.

Greens; Disappointing. Slow due to not being cut tight enough. Bumpy too. Was punched several weeks ago, the punch marks are gone, just not great. Workers have said that AG wants them slow to promote fast play & better scores among the higher handicappers.

POP; was a little over 4 hours, very good on a Sat. Marshalls out & about all morning.

Restaurant is open, but not until 8*am. Cart girl was out.

It's tough to screw up a golf course in a location like this. I plan on being back all summer. Yes, it could be better, especially the Greens, but still a fun course.
Played here Sat 4/17. WOW! My first time here, I will be back.

Check in was seamless, & the crew were all very attentive. Usual Covid precautions, divot fixer is on the carts.

Tee boxes; Grass coverage good, but nearly every hole searching for a level spot.

Fairways; Great coverage, very lush with great roll out on well hit balls. I believe the divot mix on board the carts helps here. Wonderful fairways.

Rough; near perfect coverage, not killer high, but high enough to want to stay in fairway. Really, really nice.

Greens; Great! Med fast, well hit balls would stop, but still kind of hard. A pleasure to putt on (& I didn't putt great, that was me!)

GPS on comfortable carts.

Cart girl was around at least 3 times. The snack shop was closed by 1:30 when we finished.

POP: was good, we finished in 4 hours on a full course.

Overall, this is a great course. Water features, tight fairways at times & wide open at others, just nice! I'll be back. Challenging & well run & in beautiful condition. Pricey (I believe $129 even with buddies "owner" discount,) but worth it to me.

Played here on Thur 4/15. The course in my opinion is not as attractive as the sister course (The Palm.) I do have a beef with the management, they had recently "fertilized" the greens. This entailed heavy use of sand, similar to aeration. No mention of this at check in or when we made Res & no price break. $100 course? That's up to the individual, but with sandy greens defiantly not worth it, especially with so many other targets nearby.

Check in was easy, usual Covid precautions. Divot fixer is on carts & I believe it's doing wonders.

Tee Boxes; As good as they get!

Fairways: Excellent also. Like i said above seeded divot mix made for a near perfect carpet out there. Still good runout, just great.

Rough; It's a resort course, so nothing too tough, but coverage near perfect.

Greens: Dismal! Sand covered "Fertilized" greens slowed putts way down.

GPS on carts.

9*30 start time, POP seemed really slow, but finished in about 4:30. No cart girl, or never saw one. Snack shack & seemingly entire course was closing at 2*pm.
We chose to hit up the Yardhouse instead, a really good choice.

Overall, not a really challenging course was dumbed down considerable because of the poor condition of the Greens. If your playing it soon, check on Greens first. If not for the Greens, nice enough resortish style course.

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