San Dimas Canyon Golf Course

2100 Terrebonne Ave
San Dimas, CA 91773 • (909) 599-2313

San Dimas, CA (91773)
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Sunset: 7:06 pm
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1. 24hourgolf
Posted: 03/20/24 2:48p
Member Since: Jun 6, 2011
From: San Marino
Played this morning. We had an 8:45 time and we had a POP of 4 H. And we thank the marshal who was out moving people along. Found the course in great condition. All good tee boxes. Traps were all play... Continue »
6.4 Conditions
2. michaelpop
Posted: 03/04/24 5:12p
Member Since: Jul 12, 2021
From: Los Angeles
Found a good deal here for 11am on Saturday 3/2 as a twosome going out with a single. Since rain was in the forecast the course was fairly empty, but busier than you'd think as it was the only one in ... Continue »
7.1 Conditions
Topic: Customer Service Oriented
Posted: Jan 26, 2010
I have to agree with you in the course conditions. But what good does it do to ask to many distracting questions if no much is going to be done about it. For example: " Did you tee off within 10 minutes?" I have played San Dimas about 25 times and only 4 or 5 where within the time specified.
Topic: Catering Information
Posted: Mar 5, 2009
If you wish to book an event with the San Dimas Canyon Golf Course, please contact Valerie Wilkinson Food & Beverage Director San Dimas Canyon Golf Course 2100 Terrebonne Avenue San Dimas, CA 91773 Ph: 909.599.7459 FAX: 909.599.6659 You can view pictures of our facility: [url:http://ww...
Member Since: Jun 11, 2018
This par 5 is not too difficult if you play it correctly. There are two options and one is not cutting the corner. You will be in a back yard of a house. Hit your 225 club straight down the middle with a slight draw if you can. This leaves longer hitters the option of going for the green or a nice easy lay up just right of the tree toward the green. The green has three tiers so be sure to look at where the pin is at. The middle placement is the toughest in my opinion. This a good birdie or par opportunity to finish the front nine.
Member Since: Jun 11, 2018
This hole appears to be easy, however there are a few things to consider before grabbing the driver. If the ground is hard and the fairways are running fast, do not use a driver unless you are sure that you can either keep it straight or on the right side of the fairway. Anything left with either roll out of bounds or in the left bunker which is totally dead. It's not a long hole, so a 200-220 shot in the middle is better than rolling out to the left. The approach is tricky. Stay below the hole and favor the center of the green. Do not go left or long.

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