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A couple of days ago I got out at 2:30 as a single. Eaton is usually a little rough around the edges on a good day and with winter conditions on top of it, conditions were more on the ragged side. Tee boxes generally OK, some a little bumpy and/or with a touch of angle to them. The coverage was spotty and mixed, but you are using a tee and I was able to find enough grass to launch from on the par-3's. Fairways really a mixed bag, generally thinner and firmer grass with rollout and the usual Eaton bare areas scattered about. The rough covered the gamut from dirt to thick patches — again, typical here. Areas around the greens were generally green grass but varied from lumpy and firm to slightly fuller, good chipping lies. The greens were decent and like many this time of year are running a good medium quick and firm, although there was a lot of detritus on them due to wind.

It was a very windy afternoon, which made it all a bit more challenging but also stimulating. It's not the worst conditioned course I've played on recently and the layout is interesting, but you'll enjoy it more if your expectations are modest. It's a place to play when you need a fix and you are not overly fussy. One of the main reasons I even bothered to give it a write up is that it is one of the few courses around that I could get a tee time on relatively short notice, having made the rez that morning. These days that counts for something.

It is what it is and I got my fix. No regrets.
I got out with another single yesterday, 1/5/21 with a 12:50 start. I'm going to do a complete cheat and refer you to GDR23's review since i found the conditions pretty much exactly the same, right down to surprisingly mild day with minimal to no wind. Really very enjoyable conditions. Unfortunately, i also found the course pretty busy and slow. I've found good pace, despite the crowds, has been more the norm lately at other locations, so only finishing 15 holes with a 12:50 start was unexpected and disappointing.

Make sure you give yourself time to finish, but otherwise recommended.
Got out with a buddy who found out about the opportunity to play as a non-member. A showcase day or something. Bring a donated toy and the greens fee was $40. Pretty good price to play an actual country club and it included a box lunch and some cookies. I had played the course once before and remembered very little of it. I did remember it was punishing with a lot of altitude changes.

As far as conditions, wintery, but pretty good. Tees boxes were thin and frequently more sandy than grassy, but level and not a problem. Fairways were seasonally tight and multicolored, but a minimum of actual bare spots — really pretty decent for this time of year and with the expected rollout. The rough can be anything from wild grasses to even and playable. it's a hilly area so consistency is not expected. Greenside areas were a little mixed, from tight to more forgiving chipping lies, to lumpy. Some wet, muddy ground around the 8th green, but that was atypical. Bunkers were pretty good. Some were a bit heavier with moisture but most were not and they were groomed. The greens were fast, firm and clean, barely giving up pitch marks.

I really had no complaints about conditions. The course itself is its own worst enemy. For those of you familiar with DeBell, it is almost the same yardage and a very similar, demanding experience as by product of being shoehorned into a hillside. Given the opportunity, I might come by here once a year or so to take up the challenge. But I couldn't imagine wanting to play it regularly, much less as a member. I do have to mention that it was a classic, clear SoCal winter day and the views from most points on the course were amazing and it is worth playing there at least once just for that.
This is late and will be short. I played Thursady 12/3, paired up with another single for the front and finished the back nine alone. Teeing grounds are fine. Fairways are wintery — multicolored, tight lies and a good amount of rollout. I don't recall actual hard pan areas, so they were decent. I was in one bunker and sand was in good shape if not completely smoothed out. Around the greens was inconsistent — chipping from the fairways was tight and green-side areas could be anything from a nice lie to lumpy grass and bare spots. The greens were not pristine to look at, but actually performed well and were very fast and firm — as in scary fast, as in if you are above the hole, it just might not stop.

There was no range available but you could use the hole-less putting green.Teed off around 1:10 and was one of the last to finish with enough light, so the timing was perfect. It was a gorgeous, slightly cool day with light winds. Course conditions were less than perfect, but not a reason to stay away, and probably very appropriate for this time of year. I had a horrible score and it was because of me, not the course. After some range time, I'd love to try it again.
Needed a central playing spot to meet a buddy from Beaumont area and scheduled a tee time at JHCC for Saturday 11.21 at 12:45. We went out on time joined by a single to form a threesome. I had never seen/played JHCC before and the only info I had on it was what I gleaned from GK reviews. Actually playing it, I was very pleasantly surprised, but with some stipulations, so first the conditions. I found the teeing grounds to be better than average: consistently level with good size tee boxes, and grass coverage that was more than adequate, if mixed. I was quite content with them all day. With what I call wintery conditions, the fairways were generally tight with reasonable-to-decent playability and a lot of rollout. There were a fair amount of dried out hardpan areas in the mix, many marked as GUR, and at least one extreme case. The par-5 15th was a tight valley of a dogleg left. The stretch leading up the the bend was decent fairway, but once you hit the bend it was bowling alley of hard ground for a good stretch of the way to the green. The center of the fairway was marked GUR, but the immediate areas of relief were no better. So in the course of the round were you going to have a couple of shots with testy conditions. I have a shallow swing but good luck if you area heavy divot taker. The rough was generally playable, it was the trees that would make the recovery tricky. I don't recall being in a bunker all day so I can't comment. The green surrounds tended to have good but tight coverage that was consistent with the fairways, so you needed a to have some control of the strike in your short game. The greens were very good. They were definitely quick, firm, and pretty clean with some subtle breaks — a nice challenge.

While one could be reasonably critical of the conditions in spots, I mostly didn't have a lot of issue with them. Maybe I am just enough of a golf slut that I take the challenge of a course as I find it. The course has a lot of contour that I find visually interesting and fun to play. Reminded me bit of Knollwood and Roosevelt. After a few holes I was pleased with my choice. You don't get a view of many holes until you get to the tee box so there is a sense of the course revealing itself as you go along vs. a back and forth parkland style course. Walking for $27 on a weekend seemed like a great deal to me. The pace was consistent and a bit over 4 hours. Our timing was just about perfect and we finished with enough light to spare. It is hilly, so it is not necessarily a walking course for some, but I always try to walk, was up for it, and enjoyed the workout.

For me the course is too remote to play except if I happen to be in the area or have a special reason to make the trip as I did on the day. But I definitely enjoyed myself and at a time of year when the course had a little edge of severity to it. So my endorsement comes with a caution to calibrate your expectations and you'll have a good time. If it was convenient I would do it again. With the softening of the conditions that would come at other times of the year, I can envision giving an unreserved recommendation. I'll keep an eye out on the reports down the line.
Out as a threesome for a 2:00 Friday start and got 15 holes in before dark. Most noteworthy was the overseeding of the tees. Blues were usually set at the front of that box, sometimes the whites joining them, but usually the whites and reds somewhere at the front of the next box up — the main portions of the teeing areas being taped off. Otherwise fairways with a lot of runout, a dose of thin and bare patches, but mainly decent playable shape. There were some heavy areas scattered around, probably from some local overwatering, that resulted in occasional soft soil, muddy patches, and areas of cart tracks. We all seemed to catch at least one heavy, muddy, dying shot in the course of the round. In a word — wintery. Rough is mixed, from hard pan to playable grass. Missed the bunkers so no first hand report. Green surrounds were in good shape, although kikuyu, so be prepared for interesting bounces. Greens were a bit marked up but a frisky medium-quick with some subtle breaks on top of the obvious ones that can make them tricky — marks aside, actually pretty fun to putt on at a good speed. Course is not in prime condition but it is still generally well kept and quite playable. The staff here is always welcoming. Any roughness around the edges aside, we all enjoyed the round.
Went out Friday with a 1:50 start joined by a buddy and another twosome. The range was active, with mats, and no chipping or putting. Tees were generally flat, generous and had good coverage — no problems there at all. Fairways were classic muni in that they are nothing special to look at, but had predominantly good or functional turf on the tight side with a good bit of rollout. There were areas of rough that could impact your play, but most of it really didn't cost you a shot. I was in one bunker where I settled in a smooth stretch. The sand was a little on the firm side with my ball perched on top, but decent to play out of. The green-side areas were generally grown in and well mowed with putter frequently an option from off the green. The greens were lush and soft, leaving big pitch marks (I plugged my approach on 18) and running a sticky medium to medium slow.

The feel of the course is flat and expansive. Large teeing grounds, generally wide fairways with non-punitive rough to make them wider, trees only occasionally a factor strategically or otherwise, and large greens, usually with some elevation on them. If you want to whale away with driver, or any other club for that matter, you can do it here — usually with fewer consequences other than being short. That said, I still didn't score very well, mostly by not having the short game dialed in. The pace was good at about 3.75 hrs and it was a nice time of day to finish up with a gorgeous moon rising over the driving range in the target position. Based on my score tracker, I hadn't been here in about eight years. There is a visual and strategic monotony to this course that keeps it low on my playing list relative to all my other choices. Still, when I haven't played a course in a long time, I get curious to revisit it and, being that this course is more available than others in the city system currently, I just felt it was time to get back and check it out. Getting on as a senior for $12 walking doesn't hurt. Feeling the need to improve on a poor score on a gettable course would be my main motivation to come back here — pride basically. As described, the conditions good to OK all around, and I recommend playing it at least once to form your own opinion about it. It's golf, and I had good time, but it will continue to reside deep on my list as a playing choice.
Nothing new or different about the conditions or experience from the last few reviews except the back tees have been moved forward to varying degrees for maintenance on six of the nine holes. Got out Sunday 10/18 at 2:20 with another single, got around at a good pace and had a very nice time.
Went out walking as a single yesterday, late Sunday afternoon around 4:45 to a pretty open course. I was last here in early September and conditions are very similar to my last visit — surprisingly. After my recent negative experience at Altadena, Eaton's sister course, I was wondering if Eaton had fallen into a similar level of disrepair. It hasn't. As before, Eaton was greener in the key areas than I thought it would be. While always rough around the edges, this course looked good by comparison. Many holes do have bare, hard areas from in front of the tee boxes leading out to the start of the fairway, usually 50 to 100 yards — generally not landing areas. Fairways can get lumpy in spots. The tee boxes generally had coverage and a level spot to tee it up. The rough is a mixed bag from hard pan to thicker grass. Avoided the bunkers so no comment. Greens were pretty decent — receptive and running at a medium pace. GK has an aeration alert for 10/5 and 10/6 and I saw no indications of any aeration having taken place. Whether that will happen, I have no idea.

This is a course that doesn't merit a special trip and is best for a discount casual or practice round. While the conditions are always far from pristine, it does have interesting layout, views, and enough green to get around. If you overlaid the conditions of a course like Roosevelt on to this layout, it would be a gem of a nine-holes.
Our threesome plus a single got out on time for a 10:20 tee off Friday, 10/9 on an overcast, but surprisingly humid morning. Overall conditions were pretty good as far as general playability, but several commented that the course could be in better shape overall. A bit of the wear and tear one probably expects from a heavily trafficked muni, I had no serious issues with it. Teeing grounds were generally level with appropriate coverage. Fairways served well, some had their share of browned, drier patches more than others, but I don't recall having issues with my fairway lies. Rough varied and there were thinner and dirt areas in the mix which is not uncommon, but in the extensive areas where it was grown in, the rough was usually not overly punitive and offered decent lies. I never hit a bunker so I can't comment there. The areas surrounding the greens were probably the most notable for inconsistencies in conditioning — mostly fine for chipping, less often thatchy, and occasionally problematical to the point of dirt. The greens were good — pretty clean, soft and receptive, and rolling at a medium quick pace that was surprising, relative to the softness.

This is the second time I've been to Rancho this year, the previous visit was the first time in well over 20 years. I think it is a pretty cool, tree-lined, classic course with a good amount of contour and visual interest to the layout. Having a congenial, easy going group certainly added to the experience. Consistently busy, and probably the most popular reservation in the city system, you have to be on top of your booking game to secure a tee time. That said, I got the benefit of a senior discount, and the current 10-minute spacing of tee times has done a world of good for the historically crappy pace here. We got around in about 4.25 hrs. It did not feel overcrowded out on the course. While a bit out of my way, I appreciate the course much more these days. Warts and all, it's a classic LA golf experience and I recommend it.
Went out Friday 9/18 as a two-some. I've written some full descriptions, as have others, that are still accurate so I will address the anomalies here. They are doing some maintenance in the form of green punching and letting some tee boxes grow out. The greens look to have been punched with tines leaving small holes I would guess to be about 1/16" with no sign of sanding. Their impact on putting is minimal, if at all, and the greens ran at a nice medium quick speed with a firm surface. The back tee boxes for holes six and eight were roped off so as to grow out and let the grass re-establish itself. Otherwise the conditions were very nice and as previously reported. It was surprisingly mellow for a Friday afternoon. We went off as a two-some following a two-some, who ended up joining the group in front of them and let us play through on the third hole. It was also the first time I've been there and no wait, much less the usual backup, on the sixth hole. While not currently available anyway, I observed the practice greens have been sanded. Nothing going on here that I would say impacts the overall experience and I enjoyed the round. Now you know before you go, but still definitely recommended.
Played in the outing on Sunday and another extended review would be coals to Newcastle at this point. So in summary:

Overall very nice course conditions on an attractively landscaped layout with lots of tee options to make it accessible. Fairways and rough were well groomed and very consistent. Without rakes, the bunkers were cleaner than expected, although my ball managed to find the footprints in one. I foot-smoothed it before replacing and playing my ball. I remember one green with some dirt issues along the edge but that was the exception. The rest were in nice shape and, while I would describe them as medium quick, that seemed slower than probably expected for many — not a difficult adjustment and I enjoyed putting on them.

Thanks to the well organized staff who were friendly and adjusted to traffic/scheduling issues well on the fly. I was lucky to play with Keith, Nick, and Daniel who are all good company. And of course big thanks to Johnny, without whom the community, much less the event, would not even exist.
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