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I didn't play the course, but stopped by yesterday 5/6 to use the driving range and wanted to confirm the current notification on GK. The greens are as heavily sanded as you can get, including the practice greens. All you could see was sand and none of the grass beneath. Near the edge of one practice green, I could see traces of the punch holes. What amazed me was a fairly steady stream of golfers teeing off.
Having just played Balboa last Sunday I wasn't expecting to be at this complex so soon, but I scored a rare single spot on Friday 4/16 at 3:35 on about a days notice. I had taken note of the GK aeration notification of about nine days previous, but decided to go anyway and work on other aspects of my game. So there I was teeing of on Encino with another single and twosome. In short, it was better than expected. The teeing grounds were all level and in good shape with more than adequate coverage. Fairways were a step up from Balboa. The grass was more consistent as to type and coverage, offering better, not so tight lies as Balboa and an overall healthier look. Still some decent runout. Rough was more distinct from the fairway here although most of the time not punitive. I was in one fairway bunker on the corner of #14 and found it in good, playable condition. The green side areas were in decent shape and reasonably consistent for short game. The greens themselves were a pleasant surprise. Yes, the waffle pattern of sand filled holes was still evident, but the pace was a good medium, the lines were surprisingly true and there were few instances of any hops in the rolls. I was prepared to bang away on velcro and instead found the surface playable and consistent and had a pretty good putting day. I'd play them again tomorrow, but give them a week and they should be very nice even if there are still visual traces.

The group was very pleasant socially and with similar playing skills. The group and course pace moved along well at just a little over four hours and we finished 18 as the light and depth perception were fading. Encino is the bigger brother of the two courses with a few hundred more yards of length. Per my recent review, Balboa is definitely playable, but Encino generally seems to be the better maintained of the two, particularly as to the fairways. Both are generally flat and very walkable. With the qualifier that the greens are recovering, I still recommend the course as in good shape.

While it had no impact on my review, I just remembered and had to mention I got out walking for a Senior Twilight rate of $12.50. A ridiculous deal.
Teed off at 3:20 Sunday as a foursome playing the whites on a nice afternoon. This was the first time I've played Balboa in a good many years with the exception of 13 holes of twilight back in January 2020. Quintessential muni golf, the conditions were not in any way plush, but generally serviceable with some high points. Teeing grounds were large and predominantly well covered — also as consistently level as any I've played in a long time which I really appreciated. The fairways were a tight, mottled combination of grasses that provided a lot of rollout. If you take a lot of divot or need a fluffy lie, you are going to experience them as problematically tight. I don't, and generally found the hitting surface pretty satisfactory all day. Even with the general tightness, there were few actual bare or hardpan areas in the fairways. I had good results and enjoyed them for what they were. The rough was frequently only a little thicker than the fairways and no penalty from which to play. Managed to avoid the bunkers but they seemed reasonably playable, albeit with footprints to consider. The greenside areas were more tight than lush on average, mostly set up well, but pitching/chipping up from the fairways was tight. The greens were pretty good and had a nice pace — a medium on the quick side and true with not a lot of pitch marks. They were nothing like the heavier/slower practice green, but pretty consistent on the course.

Since they were playing competitively and yapping excessively, my playing companions' pace was a bit more sluggish than I would have liked, but so was the course, so we were never too far behind. We just finished 18 in the gloom of last light and the glow of the driving range. The tree-lined course is pretty straight forward and flat for walking, has some length and generally wide fairways, the latter encouraging you to unclench and swing a little more freely. Not a destination course or a first choice, but I wouldn't avoid it. Nothing too tricky, so a good course when you have group of varying abilities. The driving range is fully functioning and the the short game practice areas are back in play. I admit I was generally striking it well and had a good time. I will eventually return.
Got a 12:00 start as a single joining a twosome and another single on Wednesday, 4/7. One of the conspicuous improvements is the repaving of the driving range with a concrete pad. There is still some tilt to the place but it's better. It is a much overdue improvement and looks much sharper. Once again, I hadn't checked GK and walked on to course that had punched the greens a little over a week before, but I was OK with that. The greens ran a faster and truer than they looked liked they should — about medium fast — but I would suggest giving them another week to 10 days. At that point, even if there is still the ghost of a pattern, they should perform quite well. The rest of the course is in pretty good shape as far as generally green and decent lies. For example, I notice the second tee box was considerably more greened up from the slab of dirt it has been in the past. Fairways had some runout, but with the angles around this course control is everything, so that is not always a plus. Otherwise the coverage was good, without some of the thinner hardpan and chewed up areas I've seen in the past. The rough was not long on average, but grabby as to impeding a ball on the roll. I missed the bunkers and can't address the conditions there. Not being in them, I just didn't notice. Green-side areas were in good shape for chipping.

It was a nice day for golf with the weather warm but not oppressive and light winds. I wanted to get over here to support DeBell since they support GK, as well as get my semi-annual butt kicking from this course. The front nine was the exercise in abuse I expected, but I actually was four over on the back, so maybe there is hope. DeBell is not to everyone's liking, but if it meets your criteria for challenge and/or enjoyment, it's in pretty good shape and I recommend it. Just give it a little more time to heal. If you've never been here, you should play it. The clubhouse is nice and the upstairs dining and deck are one of the nicer post-round facilities to hang out. The course is not your typical experience and it's a worth a go to see if you might love it, hate it, or both.
Got invited to be part of a foursome to tee off at San Dimas today (Fri. 3/26) at 2:50. The first and last time I played SD was also the first time I met johnny GK and played in a GK "event" (a couple of foursomes) back in 2009. Just never got back here until now. I should have come back sooner. The course conditions overall were as good as I've seen for this time of year. Teeing grounds were generally nicely level with good coverage. A couple were uneven in that they were crowned, but you could find the top of that crown to average out a level lie. Fairways were consistently green, somewhat tight with good rollout, and nice to play from. Rough was mostly green and not really punitive. Bunker sand was nice if you managed to avoid the many footprints and got a clean spot. The green surrounds were in good shape for pitching/chipping. There is a yellow aeration notice up on GK for the greens. You can see the remains of he pattern but there is no remaining effect evident. The greens are in good shape, running a brisk medium quick and ran true. They have some contour and slope going on so they can be tricky. Really pretty nice overall and the alert should be reverted to green.

We just got the 18 in and were the last group to do so with something just over a 4 hr round. Service was good and the course is in a scenic stretch of the foothills. There are a couple of quirky holes but generally it's a nice layout. I will be back a lot sooner next time. Recommended.
Hit Woodley with another single starting at 3:20 on Friday. Overall conditions were OK. Tee boxes were level with good coverage. The fairways are really unsightly to look at — a patchwork of colors and grasses — but the recent rains gave the grass a little boost and made the turf a bit softer than the hardpan it could have been and the lies were mostly pretty decent as winter lies go. I was surprised at the significant amount of rollout I was getting. There were areas of fairways and rough that had been aerated with big plugs laying about, but they generally didn't impact anything other than clearing some aside on a couple of occasions in the rough. Rough was fairly consistent and only a little more grown in than the fairway — very playable. Missed the bunkers entirely but they looked fairy clean and firm. Areas surrounding the greens were on the tight side, pretty consistent and encouraged putting from just off. Greens were pretty clean and running at a medium pace that felt slower only because the greens here are huge and the putts were frequently from another area code.

The course is level with generous fairways and is good for pulling out driver often. I drove it well and struck my irons well enough to break 80 if I hadn't had one of my worst putting days in a long time. Too many looong first putts leaving too much second putt added up to seven three-putts. The size of the greens is a factor unto itself but i failed to adjust. The pace was very good and we got in 18 with a couple of holes worth of light to spare — a cautiously hoped for bonus. Not the most visually interesting course, but as a Hail Mary tee time, it fit the bill and I enjoyed it.
Looking at the past reviews you would think this is my private course even though I really don't play here that often. Dashed out late last Friday to take advantage of the time change and because I could grab a tee time here, but didn't note the GK alert. Yes, punched with the big holes, sanded and putting like velco. I am OK with that as it was my bad not checking, and the greens will heal. But honestly, the rest of the course has generally degenerated to dog track quality. Nailed my first drive dead center and when I arrive at the ball mid-fairway, it is sitting in a dirt depression — not a divot — bigger. And so on. I've been happy to come by here for practice rounds in the past, but even when the greens heal, the overall quality of the lies are so random that I think I am swearing off Eaton for the foreseeable future. Not that it seems like anyone else from GK ever stops by here, but you now have it on the record.
My last review of Jurupa was extensive, this will be brief. Played with a buddy today and two singles getting off around 12:15, and all playing the whites. The course plays firm and fast with a lot of rollout. There are some areas in the course that are very tight, dry and even hardpan, but most of it has decent and playable coverage. No problems with the tee boxes, rough was playable with trees or dirt lies being the more punishing aspects, and chipping was tight. Missed the bunkers so no comment. The greens were mostly pretty quick and in good shape with some tricky nuances to them. The glaring exception was that about four holes were fully punched and sanded. I was remiss in checking GK before booking, but when i came home and checked, there was nothing here that would have tipped me off, so I'm off to the aeration thread to report. Pace was sluggish but steady at something around 4.75 hours. It was beautiful warm day, I like the layout and had a nice time and enjoyed the course. Essentially in the same shape as the last time I played it except for the punched greens.
Got out at 1:40 on 2/23 as a single joining another single and an elderly couple. I just so happen to have been paired up with the couple the last time I was out at Roosevelt. Conditions here are good. Second and seventh tee boxes are moved forward but otherwise most are level, some with thinner coverage than others – no real issues. They keep the fairway grass here a little fuller and the underlying base has more unevenness to it than most places, but not in a problematic way. At this time of year it seems lush compared to the harder, winter thin fairways that are the norm. Rough here is not overly punitive but generally longer than the fairways so you don't get off scot free. Missed the bunkers so can't address them, but they can be a mixed bag here. Chipping areas were OK but on the nappy side, so some variance on how well the ball will sit up. The greens are firm, fairly quick and reasonably clean.

I've gone on in more depth about this course in earlier reviews so flip back if you are curious. In my relatively short experience with it, I've found the scene, the conditions and the layout consistently enjoyable and this outing was the same. There is also something quintessentially LA about the place — reinforced by the fact that on one hole the aiming point is LA city hall and on another the Griffith Observatory. How iconic can you get?
Got out Friday 2/19 with a 12:40 start as a foursome playing the whites, with the first green cleared by the time we actually teed off. I was pretty pleased with the conditions. I don't recall any issues with any tee boxes as to being level or finding a green spot to peg it, and the coverage was short and tight. Similarly, the fairways had pretty good coverage and lies as winter goes, and there was the commensurate seasonal roll out. On the whole the rough was well covered, not long, and very playable. If you got too far off line, you were more likely to have problems with location (trees, etc.) than lie. The greens' surrounds were occasionally a bit lumpy but the ball sat up more than down on the springy grass, while occasionally it was tighter. I found good results pitching and chipping with the one really bad chip being pilot error. I passed through at least one bunker but never ended up there. They looked OK as to sand quantity and firmness, and my playing partners seemed to have decent results from them. The greens were quick, firm, usually with a slope element in play, and I enjoyed the challenge and pace. Of course on a muni, it's the straight putts that will break your heart. Regardless of how well it seems to be tracking, you never know if the putt will hold the line until the actual hole-out but really, they were pretty clean.

I'd guess the pace was something around 4.25 hours. Catching one of the few days this past week that wasn't blustery, the weather was perfect — sunny, shorts-warm, no more than a one-club breeze at most all day, and no wind by the last few holes. I got up early nine days in advance to get the booking and the group that finally assembled was excellent company. I checked my ScoreTracker to find i hadn't played here since late 2019. I like the course and enjoyed getting back to it. Thanks to Kevin (kviser), Pete and Nathan for their company. It was good day.
Got out as a single joining a threesome of two men and a woman, teeing off at 1:30. Was actually called up earlier and given the opportunity to get out a few groups ahead, but had most of a bucket in front of me on the range and wanted to finish my warm up.

I thought the overall winter conditions were good. Teeing grounds here are generally level and usually had more than adequate, tight coverage. The fairways were visually mottled but with decent coverage and hitting surface. More rollout than summer but not as much as tighter fairways I've seen on some other courses. I was fine with them. The rough in grassy areas was playable and not particularly long. There are areas that range from dirt to brush if you get a little further off the fairway. Chipping areas were more on the tight side with some opportunities to go Texas wedge. I was in a couple of bunkers and they were on the firm side, but with enough softness to the top layer be really playable. It helped that they were clean, fairly resistant to footprints of any impactful depth, and the ball sat up. The greens were pretty good. They rolled well and quickly for here. I liked the speed and while you won't find "potato chip" contours here, most of the greens have some slope and nuance to them to add challenge.

Starting at 1:30, I was hoping to play 18 but not counting on it. The pace was a little sluggish and had me thinking the chances were diminishing. But the conga line started picking pace up at the 11th hole and suddenly we couldn't keep up with the group in front. Still, dusk was encroaching by the 14th green and the threesome made apologies about their "senor vision" as things got gloomier, and they took their leave. At that point we had caught up with the groups ahead. As I continued alone and finished 15, the traffic ahead seemed to pick up the pace. I did manage to get through as the last person finishing 18 — playing the final hole in "if I find it where I think I hit it, I'll keep playing" mode. I finished around 6:45 for a pace of 4.25 hours, so the net pace was much better than it felt. I like Hansen as a course and other than the quality of my play, I was quite happy with the course conditions for this time of year, the greens in particular. Good times.
Got out as a single with an elderly couple last Monday afternoon. Overall conditions were pretty decent. In the main, the teeing grounds are pretty level here with variance as to coverage. The back tee boxes were closed and/or the tees pushed up on holes 2, 3, 5, and 6 for turf recovery. The fairways were firmer with the season but with generally good coverage — little to none of the bare spots found on most courses this time of year. I avoided any bunkers and the areas around the greens were inconsistent as to chipping — sometimes a bit lush and others firm and tight. The greens were pretty good, and quick.

It was a very nice and invigorating day out; cool, gusty with a couple of smatterings of rain drops. The pace was good, with some waiting on holes six and seven. It's a nice little course with some interesting and challenging holes. It was good to get out and it was over too quickly.
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