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Went to Mesquite/St. George for a two day golf trip with my brother and a couple of 1st timers to the area. This was the 2nd time my brother and I played this course. 1st time was over 10 years ago. This is consistently ranked #1 golf course in Utah.

This was course #2 on our trip. We played Friday, 3/17 at 9:27 am.

The course was packed. They had some amateur tournament plus resort guests, plus regular guests. Check in was efficient. We got charged tax on our green fees, so 7.5% on top of posted green fee. Restaurant had specular views of the course. Greens were super soft and running at 9/10. Fairways had great coverage, but tons of that foam in the early am made it tricky to find ball. Back 9 had the most scenic and dramatic holes. 1st 9 layout is pretty flat with large views of some of the red rock and boulders and homes. The sand traps were filled with fluffy wet red sand. If you get into fairway bunkers here, it's pretty much a layup like the coffin bunkers in Scotland/Ireland. Large amounts of construction on the back 9 (last 4 holes). They are building a lot of holes in this area and the resort has turned into a multi-activity destination. Really enjoyed the day here but POP was 5 hours and 40 minutes. Will probably try other courses in this area next time around. If you have not played this, it worth 1 visit.
Went to Mesquite/St. George for a two day golf trip with my brother and a couple of 1st timers to the area. This was the 2nd time my brother and I played this course. 1st time was over 10 years ago.

We played Wolf Creek at 12 pm on Thursday 2/16. Rack rate is $330! They give you a $15 credit towards food and any purchase throughout facility . Proshop was loaded with goodies. The course did not seem very busy although the tee sheet was packed. Restaurant had a decent menu and got busy around lunch time. Cart staff was excellent with these crazy gas power carts.

The course is in great shape. The greens were running around 10. Sand traps had bright white sand, however, we could not see a single rake on the entire golf course. Weird. The course drained well despite some rain the previous few days.

Navigating this course is dangerous. Keep your foot on the brakes and keep them limbs inside the cart. Every hole is a post card. Each new hole keeps you guessing if it can outdo the previous hole. There was very little rough. If you miss the fairway, your ball is off the cliff. If you try to hunt for it, you might fall off the cliff. Some of the holes you just need to play conservative and hit the ball where u can see it. Once you start cutting off doglegs and try to carry get yourself in lots of trouble......

Put it on your bucket list. You have to try it once. You will either love it...or hate it...there is really no in between. For me, it's a Top 5 of all time course.
Made our annual trek out to the Desert to play peak season golf.

We had to choose two courses to play, so why not choose golf courses that support!

We played Desert Willows - FireCliff Course as our 2nd course on SAT 1/28 at 8:10 and 8:20 am.

Despite a 30 minute frost delay, operations run smooth as they always have here. The wonderful staff was well equipped to handle the large volume of patrons at this course. A busy morning with lines of happy patrons waiting to pay and shop inside a super well stocked pro shop. They were running at 30% off apparel special! I bought a hat and a shirt! They also had a large volume of women's clothing and hats which was nice to see.

The course is in really good shape despite a packed tee sheet during peak season. Fairways were very lush and well maintained. The sand traps were raked and maintained. The golf carts were super nice with quilted seats. Nicer than my car! Greens were the highlight of the course running smooth and firm and fast at 11/12 with some diabolical complexes. Watch your speed as it is a challenge just to two putt. The rough could be problematic if you are really crooked. Tee boxes on some of the par 3 had some divot damage. Throw some sand on it players! The bottle are in your carts for a reason. On the par 4 and 5, the tee boxes were level and just fine. The layout at extremely challenging and the marshal keep things moving along. We finished in 4 hours and 15 minutes. We encountered the pleasant cart gals numerous time. The carts were well stocked and prices were reasonable. The bathrooms here are also very clean and have ice and water and cups!

After the round, we had lunch at their beautiful patio. The food was fresh, reasonably priced and prepared promptly. The staff was efficient and the Arnold Palmers were promptly refilled. They have a really cool bar that overlooks Holes 9 and 18. There was plenty of staff ready and willing to help. You can see a lot of non-golfing patrons that come here for casual and business lunches.

I brought 6 newbies to this golf course and they quickly added this course to their "must play" list amongst their golf groups.

Cannot wait to come back here again. Thank you Desert Willows for a fantastic round!
Made our annual trek out to the Desert to play peak season golf.

We had to choose two courses to play, so why not choose golf courses that support!

We played Classic Club on Friday 1/27. We had two tee times at 12:10 am 12:20. Larry Q and myself were the only ones that have played this course before so we brought 6 new fans. We arrived early to take advantage of their expansive practice facility. The range was well stocked with premium Titliest practice balls and there is a large sand trap chipping area along with a large practice green. We checked into pleasant staff at the pro shop with well stocked gear. The large clubhouse was grand and you could tell they use to host a PGA tour event here with pride. The green fees including a towel and a $25 food and beverage voucher. The food was promptly prepared and delicious. The staff at the grill was super pleasant and accommodating as with all the other staff we interacted with.

The Course:

The course was super green, and in super shape. We lucked out with the winds as the day before the marshall said it was blowing pretty hard. Greens were smooth, super firm and running between 11/12. Fairways were like pool table felt. Rough and sand traps were well maintained. Pace of Play was 4.20 minutes even though the front nine took 2 hrs and 15 minutes. Tee boxes were level and maybe tee options for various handicaps. The back nine had some spectacular holes with water features including 11 and 12.

My friends could not believe how immaculate the course was. We joked how our next round in Los Angeles after this trip was going to be a letdown no matter what.

We enjoyed our day and it was treat to play at such a well run and beautiful course.
Able to snag a last minute cancellation at Navy Destroyer for our foursome.

Ventured out at 12 pm yesterday. Greens have recovered nicely from the well issues. In fact, some of the dried out lakes have water in them including Hole #7 and Hole #13 (both beautiful holes). Greens running at 10/11. Fairway was lush, a little soft (watch the turf interaction on soggy soil with wedges). Tee boxes fine and wind was blowing 10 to 15 all day long. POP was slow because of the wind. Sand was wet and damp. Clubhouse was packed with patrons with great food and beverage prices. Hit a monster drive on 18 from the whites (285) and was still 35 yards behind the Tiger Tree from the tips.
Monterey Golf Trip: 10/6 to 10/8 Day #1 - Course #4 - Pacific Grove

This was the last golf course of our trip. We played at 8:30 am on SAT 10/8. It was a super foggy start to the day. Front 9 is what it is. Greens were wet and damp. Running at 8/9. Fairways had absolutely no roll and sand was wet and compact. Tee boxes were a little beat up. Back 9, the greens dried out and firmed up. Ocean views amazing on the back 9. A super busy restaurant and bar here. Lots of locals just come here for the food. Large marshmallow chocolate chip cookies at the turn were amazing. We saw more wildlife here than at the Pebble Beach courses. A great way to finish our golf trip!
Monterey Golf Trip: 10/6 to 10/8 Day #2 - Course #3 - Spyglass Hill

The highlight of our trip was to play this course. After a full on steak lunch and bottle of wine at The Tap Room, we had a 1:50 pm tee time at Spyglass Hills. We warmed up at their range and spent tons of money in their pro shop. Green fees, plus caddie fee plus caddie tip made this round $$$$. Again, we were concerned about finishing as others have warned us about POP at 5 plus hours because how hard the course was. We finished in 4:40, which is amazing. It helps that two of the guys in our group had rounds of their lives. Course was properly named #10 on Golf Digest Best 100 Public Courses. A lot of history on each hole as it relates to the Robert Stevenson's Treasure Island book. We splurged and had single bag caddies. I recommend single bag caddies every time you can. You pay and tip more, but you get the true personal caddie experience. My guy Dalton was excellent with his green reads, course management and gave me plenty of cool historical tidbits. Again, given this course is cart path only, there was tons of unfilled fairway divots with a later afternoon tee time. Greens were diabolical. It felt like all the long par 4 were uphill and all the short par 3's were downhill. Either way, a true test of all your clubs. Sand traps were well maintained. Layout was incredible and the shot value was incredible. Definitely in my Top 10 played courses of all time.
Monterey Golf Trip: 10/6 to 10/8 Day #2 - Course #2 - The Hay

We missed Tiger by one day! He played this course the day after we played it. You can see videos online. The Hay was immaculate because we were the 2nd group out at 9:10 am. Greens were perfect, smooth and running at 10 and each hole was named after a Pebble Beach golfing icon. There were plenty of well raked sand traps. We had to tee off of mats this day; maybe they already knew the Big Cat was coming in the next day! Full Mexican restaurant onsite with 9 hole putting course for fun. Views were tremendous and a great little pitch and putt to start off your day.
Monterey Golf Trip: 10/6 to 10/8 Day #1 - Course #1 - Links at Spanish Bay.

We played Links at Spanish when we arrived on Thursday 10/6. We were able to take advantage of the practice facility at Pebble Beach and even stuck in brunch at Stillwater Grill. We had a 1:50 pm tee time. It was the 1st NGTF (Not Guaranteed to Finish) tee time. We were able to snag the tee time even though we did not stay at the resort. Sundown was 6:40 pm. We finished in 4:40 at 6:30 pm with about 30 minutes of sunlight left. Tee boxes in great shape. Fairways were in good shape; I just wished they would put divot mixes in the carts. Our forecaddie said they fill in the fairway divots nightly. Does not make sense to me especially if most groups have caddies. Was able to take carts on the fairway this day. This is my 2nd time playing this course. Views were tremendous and greens were running quick at 10 on my imaginary stimpmeter. Sand traps were well maintained. Customer service was excellent. The price including green fees, cart fees, forecaddie fees was quite steep, but u got to do it. Had drinks and appetizers afterwards at the fire pits outside the hotel lobby. A great start to our golf trip.
With cooler temps, we trekked out to Industry Hills IKE.

With discounted rate of $64 on the Babe, less folks were playing on IKE at $84.

POP was 4 hrs 15 minutes. Course is in decent shape. Greens were running at 9/10. The fairways had good coverage, but a little damp. The sand traps were terrible. Some of them had grass growing in them. I did see crews out trimming and doing maintenance. Snack shop and cart gals were pleasant. Layout is awesome here. If you bring out of towners here, they cannot tell they are in Los Angeles county. Check was efficient. Will return again soon!
Played at Trump National yesterday to escape the heat. Unfortunately, at 87 degrees and humid, we were still melting.

Played here before, so knew what to expect. Views were tremendous. Customer Service was good. Restaurant/19th hole is closed Monday/Tuesday. Also, no valet services. Course is in great shape. Greens were smooth and fast at 11. Fairways had plenty of coverage. Tee boxes in good shape. Sand traps were the weak spot of the round. This course is target golf and none of the holes are easy as there is lots of hazards everywhere. Most tee shots required 100% focus. The greens have crazy undulations. Watch them downhillers towards to the ocean.

Beverage cart made their rounds and the grill was open. Lots of goodies in the well stock pro shop. However, if you get politically bent out of shape by Trump, I would avoid pro shop because there was MAGA hats on full display.
Brave enough to venture out to Angeles National yesterday at 105 degrees at 12 pm.

Restaurant is closed upstairs as they are renovating the bar. Remember when they just had a trailer!

Snack shop was open and pro shop was well stocked and staff was pleasant. There was a big ice bucket for communal use and 2 bottles of free water per cart. POP was 3.15 hrs!!! Course was very dry, but despite water restrictions, the course did a good job of maintaining the fairways and greens. There is several holes where the blue and black tee boxes were being worked on and roped off, hence the tees all moved up. This was disclosed with signs. Greens were smooth and firm, running at 10/11. Fairways were dry, but had good coverage with tons of roll. Sand traps were in good shape and some temporary tee boxes were shaggy. Overall, a solid day despite the crazy heat.

Will return in the future with a discounted tee time.
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