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Out to Goose Creek yesterday at 11:00 am. Considering it is a dry winter, the course is in great shape. The highlights were the greens. Smooth and running around 10/11. Fairways had great coverage and rough was not too penal. Sand traps had semi-firm sand. White tee boxes were level and in good shape. Some flags were in some tucked positions. POP was 4.15 minutes with a packed tee sheet obviously. We realized the more we play here the settle bumps and undulations of the greens. Snack shop was open (please tip generously) and cart girl was making rounds. Customer service was fine. Starter was pretty useless and not up to par with rest of staff. I let Goose Creek know in their post round survey. Also want to mention again the great practice facility here. Looking forward to returning!
Out to Los Serranos - South course with some buddies at 10:58 am. It has been over 10 years since I played the South Course. 1/3 of the parking lot was yellow roped off was the bad news trying to find a parking space. The good news is that a delivery of new fleet of golf carts was coming with the Shark Experience in them. (Hence 1/3 of parking lot yellow roped off). Apparently, their carts have been dying quite a bit. It was a welcoming sight to know that our carts were the new ones.

Check in was super crowded between two courses, a Titleist fitting day, and a packed range. You pay, you wait and when it's your turn to get in your cart, you go! Check in, sign for cart and off you go.

The course is tough test even from the white tees. A great mix of elevation changes and variety of holes. The rough was very spotty mix of dirt and weeds. They just gave up on watering the rough. The fairways were fair shape. The greens were the best part of the course, running at 9/9.5. The sand traps traps were fair and rake less. The 2nd best part of the day was POP at 4 hr 10 minutes! I would not have imagined that after seeing the clubhouse staging area packed with golfers.

The snack shop was open. The routing of this course is confusing. They need more signs. Many times, we just guessed and we were wrong!

I enjoyed our day out....what made it special was my brother Tony made an ALBATROSS on hole 16. The hole was par 5 (481 yard). He hit driver and 5 iron. The 5 iron flew into the rolling bounces....AMAZING!!!!! Chances of ALBATROSS is 1 in 16 million chances...vs Hole in 1...which is 1 in 12,000 chances.

Will return at some point hopefully!
Out to Oak Quarry yesterday with a few buddies. The high Santa Ana winds scared off a ton of golfers. POP was 4 hours 15 minutes. It didn't help that half way through the round, there was a huge brush fire about 10 miles east of the course. We could see the black smoke for 6 holes. There was a few tense moments where we thought we had to evacuate. Luckily, they put out the fires in about 2 hours.

The wind was blowing a consistent 20 mph with gust up to 50 plus mph. For example, the par 3 Hole # 12 was 185 yards. I nutted a 3 wood (about 220 carry) to the middle of the green. That's a 3 club wind!! The course is in good shape. The highlights were the greens. They were soft, a few bumps, but ran around 10 on the imaginery stimpmeter. Remember the general pull of putts will be towards the huge granite quarry Southeast direction. New fleet of golf carts, which was a nice touch. They have updated the scorecards to start on the old Hole #17.

The fairways were the weak part of the course. They were a mix of hard pan, dried out grass and some spots of nice grass. The aprons around the greens were immaculate. The traps were raked and above average. The views and layout are a treat and huge reason to play here. We had a drink in their patio after the round. The proshop was well stocked and open. Please support their retail business too. Cart gals made her rounds on this slow day.

I wish they had combo tees as the blues played at 6,600 and whites at 6,000. Blues played too long for our group, but whites seemed a little short. Do not know who to make that suggestion to.

Will return again!
Played San Dimas yesterday with fellow GK'er larryq2001 at 10:00 am. This was a delayed round to celebrate Larry's birthday so we ventured out to San Dimas. We originally wanted to go to Riverside, but most places are no longer allowing single carts or want to upcharge you like Goose Creek, Oak Quarry, Dos Lagos, Glen Ivy, and Eagle Glen.

Course was very organized from the check in, to the snack shop, to the starter. Plenty of single riding carts, but a lot of folks are walking this course.

Both regular and senior rates available. Greens were in great shape! Smooth, running around 9 to 10. Some tricky breaks...but I think the general break is away from the mountains. The course is in good fall shape despite a very busy tee sheet. Pace of play was 4 hours. (usually a weak point of playing here!). Fairways had plenty of coverage. The only weak spot was the sand traps (no rakes so understandable) and the tee boxes. The snack shop is open and they have a nice large patio area you can order food/drinks to enjoy overlooking #1 tee and #9 green. We had a great time and I look forward to coming back! Great job San Dimas!
Out with clients at Rio Hondo yesterday at 10:40 am. Check in has been moved inside with one door to go in and one door to go out. Snack shop was open with plenty of food and drink specials.

Course is recovering nicely from aeration almost 6 weeks ago. There are some greens like #2 that still show small holes. Greens were a little bumpy, but much better than two weeks ago when I played running around 8 or 9. Fairways has nice coverage and rough was not penal at all. POP was 4 hours. Single carts available and course was very busy. Range is open, but putting green is still closed.

This course is a no brainer must play compared to Los Amigos and Montebello in the area. If you are in the area, play this one and skip the other two if you can get a tee time.
Navy finally reopened last week (closed since end of March) so I was able to secure a civilian tee time for yesterday at 10:10.

As to be expected, with less play, the course was in great shape. The greens were running around 9 to 10. Fairway was lush, green, and plenty of coverage. Rough was a little spotty. There were a few rough patches here and there, but overall, course is very nice shape. The sand was very playable and semi-fluffy. POP was 3 hrs and 45 minutes with plenty of walkers.

Keep in mind, this course is strict with COVID precautions. They will not even let you in the parking lot until 30 minutes before your time. Temperature checks at entrance to parking lot. Check in where the old lobby is. They set up hand washing and porta potties outside by the putting green. No food or beverage service as they just reopened last week. Mask not required on the actual course. They do encourage spacing and not trying to rush the group in front to maintain spacing.

Worth a trek, especially if you are retired/active military or DOD because you get to reserve tee times advance of 7 days like regular civilians.

They also have a new website for reservations.

Side Note:

Many times I play here before COVID, I get paired up with retired military golfers. Almost every time, I meet someone very cool with awesome war stories. Very proudly at the end of the round, I thank them not only for a pleasant 18 holes, but more importantly for their service to our country. A unique dynamic at this course.
Crazy enough to go out to Montebello yesterday in record heat around 10:50 am.

Outdoor tables set up with food and beer specials. Happy they are able to sell items to help with their revenue and golfers were responding by purchasing beers and food.

Mask in common areas and single carts available.

Greens were surprising the best part of this course yesterday. Because of heat, I dare say they were running around 8.5/9. I been playing Montebello for many years, and this is the fastest I have ever seen the greens. It was a pleasant surprise. The rest of the course is pretty beat up. Sand traps should be appropriately called traps...because there was no sand in them. What does not help is the maintenance crew using their blowers to blow sand out of the traps. Tee boxes were unlevel and not mowed. The fairways were a mixed patch of grass, weeds, and dirt. Layout and location to my house keeps me coming back.
Out yesterday at 1:40 pm with fellow GK'er LarryQ2001 and another buddy. The tee sheet was packed at this course. Played in 4 hours, waited on every hole, but pace was fine as we were sipping on adult beverages and breathing in semi-unhealthy air (much better than last week).

The greens were still recovering from aeration 3 weeks ago. Visible sanded holes made for a bumpy ride. I would wait a 3 more weeks for them to recover if you are super picky about greens. I, on the other hand, did not care as much as I enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon round. Snack shop was open and single carts were available despite full tee sheet and afternoon tee time. The course is well run by the staff. The rest of the course was in good Rio Hondo condition. Fairways had plenty of coverage and some spots were damp because of watering. Rough was not very thick and sand traps were well maintained. I wish they would have senior pricing here, but supply and demand says they are priced right for course and central location.

Always a favorite in my rotation!
Was in OC for my brother Tony's birthday and another clients 50th birthday yesterday. Because of the heat and smoke, we decided to stay local to where my clients lived for golf. I knew the rack rate of $135 was appalling, but given the circumstances and my client's 50th birthday, it was justified.

Conditions were in good shape. Because of the heat, the course was over watered and the temperature was overcast and much cooler yesterday so the course played pretty damp even at 1 pm. Cafe was closed. Food and drinks available inside of clubhouse. Single carts and range was open and packed.

Fairways and rough were in great summer shape and greens were damp running at 8.5. Traps where unraked, but had plenty of sand. I do not understand why they cannot handout sanitized divot mixes so we can do our part after shots.

Customer service was fine. Pointless paying a starter there to say "go to the tee and have a great day".

Will return again if the price is right.
Out today for buddies 55th bday so we ventured out of my muni bubble to play Oak Quarry. The course was packed. Outdoor dinning and check in. Single carts ok with no up charge. Free cookie still offered at check in. Service was pleasant with all folks encountered.

The course is in good summer shape. Greens were a little bumpy running at 9. Fairways were in pristine summery shape. Traps were fluffy but understandably unraked. Tee boxes had plenty of divot damage but level. Fires got close by (across from hole #2) 2 weeks ago. Enjoyed our round but make sure to download app to efficiently and economically book your tee time.
Out at Tustin Ranch yesterday with 3 buddies at 11:30 am. The only reason anyone I know plays Tustin Ranch is because of their superb birthday special. I am glad Clickitgolf provided me reasonable fee to play it the other 364 days of the year. Otherwise, this place is expensive given it's location in Orange County.

Course was in great shape. Greens were running smoothly at around 9.5. Fairways and rough in great summer shape. Several areas marked GUR that did not affect overall conditions of play. Sand traps were good shape and rakeless. Customer service was excellent from Jay in clubhouse to Art the starter to our waiter in the outdoor dinning after the round. The range was packed. Single riding carts enabled 3.45 hour round. A little too quick for my day off...but glad to be out.

Would return with a discount absolutely!
Was invited by buddy to walk Santa Anita yesterday @ 12:35 pm with his 2 other buddies. In 90 degree heat, it was a tough walk, but my lazy butt needed the exercise.

The course is only in fair shape. The mowers must of been smoking too much weed before they came to work as there is patches of rough in the middle of the fairway....tee boxes were unlevel and not mowed. The greens were slooow...running at 6 on my imaginary STIMPmeter. The rough was thick and lush in some parts. Jeff, the starter, cashier, bartender, and snack shop attendant is always a pleasure to deal with and super hard worker. Snack shop was open and bar was open for outdoor drinks. They seem very busy, which is great for the golf business in general.
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