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Local "Munish" course in pretty darn good shape. Scenic central coast mountain setting on a very hilly piece of property. $25 after 2PM, was well worth it, however I think they charge just as much for the cart. After walking it I think they could charge even more, LOL. It is quite a workout. Course is pretty lush right now, ball sat up nice and I had no bad lies. I wasn't in an... » More
Good times today with Solinari619. The course is in good shape. The starting hole is now what used to be the 17th. It got messed up for some reason, but I recovered and made up for it. Everything seems to be great on the course. For $165/player, it should be.

Greens: Medium fast. I could not hit a good putt all day, but they all seemed to roll great.

Fairway... » More
I played here twice in the last two weeks. Conditions are vastly improved from my past experiences here. There is a new management team and it appears that maintenance has been stepped up.

Greens: medium speed and soft. There has been a lot of ball marks, but most are easily fixed. Greens roll true.

Fairways: Good coverage overall. Some areas receiving suppl... » More
Little bit of a late post...

Played Paiute Wolf 2 days in a row over the weekend. First time here and in one word Amazing!!! Course was pristine from tee to green. Not one negative thing to say here. Saturday was some of the best conditions you can have weather wise here. No wind and a nice 95 degrees, no problem. Sunday was a different story. That pesky wind crept ... » More
This is my 4th time playing it since it's reopening. Course overall is nice. This golf course is pretty straight forward. If you're spraying the ball it will get really tough due to all the trees. You will find some iffy lies at times, even on the fairways. Bunkers are full and have great sand coverage. Tee boxes are level and not chewed up. Greens are pretty good in my opinion... » More