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I was invited by a retired Navy vet to play yesterday, Wed 1/13, and I'm so glad I took the day off from the office to go play. Beautiful day and a very fun course!!! If you ever get a chance, do it!! Played with Lou(Navy vet, Bill and John. Great guys!!

Normal Covid restrictions in place and strictly enforced. masks in and around the proshop. Snack bar on 12 was open. No drink cart, but I BYOB regardless with a cooler built into my bag.

Didn't hit the range nor the practice putting green, we were running a little late so went straight to the first tee at 7:30am. POP was incredible at less than 4hrs and we waited a little bit on a few shots. So I was back at my car at the main gate parking lot by 11:30am, scooted over to Coronado GC to walk another 18!!

I walked and everyone else had single carts. $33 to walk is a steal!!! Played white tees as I didn't want to be the only one from the blues. Seemed to play a lot longer than the 5900yds on the card, ocean air seemed thick, so took an extra club or two to get it pin high. Everything was above average in condition. Teeboxes were great, all level with little divot damage. Fairways were in great shape, perfect cushion with plenty of coverage, they did spray with fertilizer, so there was those white foam globs all over the place that show the macine operator what path they have already covered. Made finding your ball in the fairways very challenging on the front nine, it dicapated by the back. Greens were excellent!! Super fast, watch out!!! They held shots very well, too!! Tough to read, but local knowledge will help. Traps were pretty good (I found two), they raked them in the morning so you had a good lie, but they were a little firm underneath, could've been a little softer. No rough to speak of right now, but I hear in the spring and Summer it gets brutal.

Views are outstanding and so awesome to have the planes and helocopters all around. Very noisy, but it's the great sound of freedom!! Get out there if you have a chance.
I was able to get out as a walk on single again on Saturday, 1/9. I showed up around 10:15am and was off by 10:50. So happy they were able to work me in. I love Dennis in the starter booth. Such a great attitude and all around good guy. Most everyone I've encountered in the starter booth is great. $43 to walk is well worth it.

Conditions were about the same as last week, although the fairways seemed a little nicer. The greens were still very difficult to read. They were playing fast and had a few bumps here and there, but they were very receptive to shots and I can't complain. I just can't putt!!

Teeboxes were level and had some divot damage, but for the most part, nothing to cry about. Sand Traps were still hit and miss. I played out of the one that I was in on number 5, but for the most part, they were still loaded with footprints. So play it GUR or whatever you'd think is fair.

Saw the beverage cart a few times and she was great. Service is always nice here. POP has been great lately. POP at 4.25hrs, which is great for this course. Usual wait for the first 5 holes and then it seems to really open up. Get on out there if you can!!!
It was indeed a lucky Sunday morning for me yesterday. Walked on around 9am and got out by 9:30 as a single. Joined up with three nice guys and had about as quick of a round at Coronado that I've ever had. First 5 holes were normal slow pace, but then it really opened up. Total POP was at 4hrs!! Remarkable. Covid has the restaurant and bar shut down, but snack bar is open and beverage cart out and about, no problem.

Teeboxes were just fine, no issues. All level with minimal divot damage.

Fairways were a mixed bag. Fairly good lies all day with good cushion and decent roll out, but quite a few unfilled divots, which is expected with a lot of walkers on this course and the last day of a long holiday weekend. I found two divots in the middle of fairways, oh well, no big deal, just make sure you hit down on the ball and hit it perfectly.

Sand traps were awful. Once again, a sign from the long holiday weekend with lots of traffic and no rakes. Do what you want with em, take the ball out or give yourself relief from the millions of footprints. I found two bunkers, one was unplayable and the second was playable with decent sand.

Not much rough at all, don't even worry about it. I missed two fairways and was just fine.

Greens were a little bumpy. They were fast and held shots very well, but I couldn't read them all day. 44putts to start my year, not the best way to begin 2021.

Staff was the usual great attitude. and the scenery for such a beautiful day couldn't be beat. $43 to walk on a Sunday is a great value, can't complain. Get out there if you can!!
Played the Vineyard/Canyon nines. Teetime of 1:09 on Saturday 12/5, but didn't get out until 1:30 because they were out of carts, so we didn't finished. Played 16holes, last two holes were pretty much in the dark. Course was very busy, the staff did the best they could and kept calm, which was nice. In fact, the staff was very helpful when I made the teetime on the previous Thursday, they were having a brush fire out there and their power was shutoff. So I didn't get a confirmation and couldn't call the proshop. I emailed and they responded very quickly. Hats off to the staff!! They gave me the 1:09 teetime over the phone on Friday morning. $65 for county resident twilight, well worth it, just wish we could've finished 18. Oh well.

Course is in it's normal great shape. Mostly dormant Bermuda, so it's a little on the brown side visually, but everything played very well. Never had a bad lie in the fairways, had some good roll and perfect cushion. Greens held shots very well, not too many ball marks and putted very fast and smooth. very nice greens!! Teeboxes no complaints at all. very level and never any problem. I didn't find any bunkers, but without the rakes, I heard they were brutal from my playing partners. Pretty much should play them GUR during this Covid mess. Covid rules were normal, masks were worn inside and they had pool noodles in the cups. Shared carts, no problem. Beautiful course and beautiful day, always an easy recommend.
Well, we went and gave this place a shot yesterday, Monday 10/26. Place had a few groups out there, the group in front of us was slow, which was fine, because my wife and her friend really like to take their time anyway. Green fees were about $46 with a cart. Way overpriced for the conditions. They are finally trying to work on this course and it's getting back to playable shape, but that's about as far as it goes. Most of the greens were pretty awful, still had some fungus going on and dead spots throughout. They held shots well, as they were soaking them, making for huge ball marks. But putting was definitely a challenge. The fairways were actually quite nice, definitely the best part of the course. Bunkers were unmaintained completely, take a drop. Teeboxes were pretty much awful for the most part, a couple of them were ok. They were very unlevel and mostly dormant Bermuda or dirt, at least the blue tees were. The white and red tees looked a little better.

Very friendly check in, proshop was closed, but they had the register at the threshold of the proshop entrance. Snack bar looked open, but we ate before we went so we didn't use it. No beverage cart so we BYOB, which is fine with me. Carts don't have GPS and my golfbuddy GPS was way off, so just use the yardage stakes on the course (100, 150, 200 and 250), some sprinklers were marked, too. I hope they can bring this course back to life. It's an awesome layout in my opinion. It's very tight and demanding, especially the back nine. They are building some incredible homes in the hills, so maybe that's a good sign.
Played yesterday, Sunday at 2:04 teetime that my friend arranged on their website, $42 to walk on a Sunday isn't too bad a price. However, conditions with the whole course were definitely lacking, so I feel it wasn't a very good deal. POP was great at 4hrs, we played as a twosome and took our time, never waited on anyone. Covid: no flags on practice green, but holes were cut. masks in proshop and snack bar. wood blocks in the holes on the course. driving range looked open without any problems

Teeboxes were a mixed bag. Some were good and level, but most needed some leveling and had some divot damage. They were about the best part of the course, 4/10.

Fairways were just ok. I never had too many bad lies in the fairway (2 poor lies), but they were a little shaggy, offered little to no roll and were a mixture of grasses, all different colors with some new sod being laid down. 4/10

Bunkers were the best part of the course!! Nice sand and clean. Finally they put some rakes out. 8/10.

Rough was fairly non-existent. It was only about 1inch longer than the fairways, easy to hit from and thin in many areas. 4/10

Greens were deplorable!!! Worst part of the course. They were very soft, so they held shots well. But they were incredibly long and shaggy. Bumpy and loaded with ball marks. Had some dead parts around the perimiters. Temp green on 14, so it plays as a par 3 at 204yds. Automatic 2putt if you find the green, becuase it's just dirt painted green. Total joke. All greens super slow and very dissappointing. 2/10

I love the layout of the course, it's a tough walk, but totally doable, just two hills to really climb. I like the layout of Willow better than Oak, for some reason. But conditions will keep me away for awhile.
Wish I could've joined the Gker crew in the desert. I had a buddy who wanted to play for his bday yesterday and we were on time constraints.

Course was very busy. Paid the rack rate $75, which seems a bit over priced for Serranos, but it's one of my favorite courses in SoCal, so it was worth it. POP was deplorable. 3hrs front nine and then it picked up on the back and was 2.25hrs. Total 5.25hrs, waiting most every shot and long waits on the par3's.

Course is in pretty good shape. Teeboxes were all pretty good. Couple of them were not level, but didn't pose too much of an issue. Fairways in the landing areas were all very good. They've done some "turf reduction" it seems and are letting some of the grass go dead in many areas that you shouldn't be in, anyway. I had good lies all day.

I didn't hit any bunkers, but they seemed playable. Never heard a complaint from the other members in our group. But they did place it a couple of times.

Greens were all very receptive of shots. Nice and soft. They putted well for the most part, but it really seemed like the grounds crew yanked on the hole a little too hard when they were making the cups. They all seemed to have a "crown" around them and the ball would break away from the cup at slow speed during the last 3-4 inches of the putt. Very frustrating, nobody made hardly any putts!!

Covid measures: masks in and around the clubhouse, pool noodles in the cups, no beverage cart and cash only at the snack bar.

Customer service was just fine and I just love this course, great layout and a good test from the blues (they didn't have the black tees out, I wouldn't have played them anyway, but wanted to make note).
Played yesterday, Labor Day. Teetime at 1:20 and went out about 10mins early. POP was actually great for this place, finished in 4hrs. Surprisingly not too busy for a holiday. $50 to ride and I walked for $36, not bad for a holiday. Have to book a foursome riding online and then they reimburse you if someone doesn't show or if you don't want the cart.

Conditions remain playable for this place. It doesn't ever seem to be outstanding, but it's not deplorable. Teeboxes had ok coverage, but some aren't very level. Fairly easy to find a decent place to tee it up. Fairways were rather long and "patchy", especially on the front nine. Back nine fairways were much nicer. Bunkers were in playable condition all around. Soft sand for the most part, so you were able to place it a decent spot if you were in a footprint or area that's normally raked. Greens were soft and held shots very well. They were a little bumpy and had tons of ball marks, but it wasn't a huge distraction and everyone made some nice putts. Didn't see the beverage cart, not sure if they have one here? Snack bar open at the turn, plus we brought our own beverages.

Covid precautions were weird. Masks at check in then not required elsewhere. They have a weird driving range system. You need to sign up online and pay $12 for unlimited balls. They have range "sessions" and the next one started at 1pm, so we didn't have time to hit balls. Very strange. Tons of people hanging outside the entrance to the bar, no social distancing or masks on. Just sitting there drinking beers and chatting it up.

Now the super strange part: we took my father along for the ride as this was literally my first round playing with my two older brothers (my oldest just started playing 6 months ago and he's a natural). Plus, we just buried my grandfather (my dad's dad) on Sunday, so we thought it would be a good destraction for my dad (he used to play a lot, but bad shoulders have sidelined him for a couple of years). So after playing the front nine without any problems, one of the staff (name withheld, not important here) came out to the tenth teebox to say my dad needed to leave immediately. The "manager" said it was due to their Covid restrictions and they didn't allow 5 people in the same group. We didn't put up much of a fight and I tried to reason with him about the passing of my grandfather, but it didn't help, so off my dad went, he drove separately and my parents live very close. So we were very bummed but didn't let it get us down. However, we come off the 16th green and I noticed 5 ladies playing in the same group coming off the 13th green. HMMM!! Seems to go against their 5 person policy? yet, the ladies were able to play as a fivesome. Very poor policy management system!! I've already written an email this morning to Meadowlark, haven't received a response yet, and I doubt I will. Enough of my rant, I will avoid this course if I can help it.
Played yesterday, Sunday. Online teetime $40, plus $12 for the cart. 1:20teetime. Younger guy in the proshop was all alone, crazy. He was staging carts, working the register and answering the phone. Hard working kid, wow. Had to wait a little bit for our cart, but no big deal. POP was about 4.5hrs. We waited quite a bit, especially on the back nine. But, overall, not too bad for a weekend.

Teeboxes remain an issue, just unlevel and bumpy. Tough to find a perfect spot, but they weren't a total disaster.

Found one bunker and it was just fine. Amazing they can keep these things in this condition without the rakes.

Fairways were still very good to excellent. There was some brown and dead patches occasionally, but 80% of the fairways were darn near perfect. I had a lot of great lies.

Rough is really not a problem here, easy to find your ball and advance. Otherwise it's in the dirt patches and turf reduction areas.

Greens were very receptive and soft. They putted well for the most part, but they were getting bumpy.

Saw beverage cart once.

Overall, had a great time. I thoroughly like this course layout and always have a good time at Oside.
Played Sunday, 8/16 used underpar, so $100 ea. Reasonable rate for the weekend. Tee off at 11:15. Service was great, they take your clubs down from the drop area. They let us take our coolers with adult beverages, maybe because there is no snack bar nor a beverage cart right now? We were with the wives again, so won't comment on POP, we were definitely the hold up, ugh!! Marshal was definitely on us the whole front nine. Not saying anything to upset us, just making his presence known and made my sister-in -law a little uncomfortable and rushed, but she does need to pick up the pace. Oh well.

Course in overall good to very good shape. Fairways were very nice!! Perfect cushion, nice roll out and bottles of sand on the cart, which helps. There were some brown thin areas, but not really where you should've been.

Traps were all very nice, actually. Since no rakes, they have them a little wet and a little firm, but easy to get out and you didn't leave huge footprints. They're doing a great job with these right now. Must be tough to maintain this way.

Greens were nice. Putted smooth with perfect speed. Held all shots very well, in fact you could really be agressive with the chips as they would bite very well.

Rough wasn't too bad, I hit a lot of fairways, so really didn't notice it too much. They have quite a bit of waste areas, now, so you might find some tough lies in those areas.

Teeboxes were just fine, no issues. Not perfect, but I didn't have any problems on the blue tees.

Service all around was great!! Cleaned your clubs after the round and took them up to the loading area while I brought the car around to pick everyone up. Great day and I'd recommend right now, especially if you can get a good deal. If it wasn't so hot, we would've tried to play at least another nine holes, it's unlimited with the underpar deal.
PLayed yesterday, 8/14 tee off at 1:20. $35 online rate and then an extra $12 ea for the cart. So $47 total. POP was just fine at 4.25hrs, we were a little on the slow side playing with the wives and all(they like to chat and take their time,ugh).

Course is in about as good of condition as I've ever seen it. About the only thing lacking was the teeboxes, they were a little uneven with divot damage so you needed to take and extra few seconds to fine a good spot.

Fairways were darn near perfect in all the areas that you should've been. They were soft and mowed perfectly, offering a an appropriate little roll out and great hitting surface to hit your next shot.

Greens were fabulous!! They were a little on the wet side, so they held shots very well (my brother's shot into 9 stuck in it's own pitch mark). Yet, they were still very quick and held perfect lines.

Rough is rather non existant any longer on most holes. It gets high on a few holes, but for the most part it's not a problem to hit from or you are in some dirt areas where they did the turf reduction.

Found one bunker and it was just fine. A little damp and compact, but no problem getting out.

Course is playing fantastic right now. They are fixing the teebox issues it looks like, so if they keep up the rest of the course in this condition, it should be playing very well for awhile. Get on out there!!!
Played yesterday, Sunday, with a group of 12 of us. Teetime was 10am, POP was 4.5hrs, quite a bit of waiting, course was pretty crowded.

Teeboxes were average, fairly level, but they had quite a bit of divot damage and a mixture of grasses running through them. Didn't have much issue finding a decent place to tee it up, but just took an extra minute here and there.

Fairways were not good at all. Most of the guys in my group would bump it in the fairway, I played it down and got burned a couple of times, but oh well. They were often wet, a lot of cart path only, and just had a lot of poor lies all day.

Rough wasn't very penal, I didn't find much of it all day, but I didn't have any problems with it.

Traps were just fine, I found two fairway bunkers. I didn't hit any greenside bunkers, so I can't speak on those. The fairway bukers were easy to hit from.

Greens were definitely the highlight. About the only thing on the course that didn't have any complaints. They were very receptive and rolled very well. Moderately fast, definitely watch out on the down hillers. A solid 8/10 on the greens for sure ,where everything else was just 5/10 at best.

Saw the beverage cart a few times. Snack bar open. Bar aread closed. $7.25 for a Sculpin can is a little steep, so beware.

We paid $65 with a cart through the golf group that I played with, I think they call themselves Mesa Golf Club? They have a game every two weeks, I will play with them more often for sure, great group of golfers and a pleasure to play with.
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