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One of our favorites to go during spring break. Nice relaxing round with views to boot. Conditions were not as pristine as it should be but we still had a good time playing.

The last few times we have been here, the greens have been unusually slower than norm. Given some of the greens have a lot of acreage, picking the right spot to hit the approach shots determine if you get a par or birdie.

Carts are very comfortable and staff always treat their customers right. Driving range today was mats but previously was off the grass. Decent range and practice greens to warm up but unfortunately, no short game area. I think they have one but is reserved for lessons.

This is where my son had his first birdie a few years back and have been a destination for us to unwind. Certainly will be back.

Another note. South is being aerated and have dropped their green fee to $129 so if you dont care about the greens, great time to enjoy the scenery.
Junior event last Sunday. Dont get why they would aerate the greens before a tournament but they did.

Other than the greens, everything else was fine.
Played here on Sunday with Stew, Kevin and Eric. Fun day despite the wet and muddy course. I did not rate the course as it was just after 2 days of rain and conditions were not the normal they usually have here. Agree with the previous reviews and greens are slower than usual due to the rain. Finished in under 4 hours with very relaxed pace.
Course is an easy walk (except for a few on the back9) and no hole is the same. I usually take my junior golfers here and Alhambra is quite kid friendly. Bev and snacks available for purchase at the turn. Overall, a fun course and will be back.
Played 1/6 for 1st round of the year. Was told they are under new management. Retained old personnel (which was good to hear).

Course was in decent shape considering it rained the previous day. Except for the on going bird/duck poop all over the 1st and 9th holes, it was an enjoyable walk. Greens were soft and medium fast. Still hoping people will repair their ball marks. Bunkers were a bit thin. But for $21 - certainly worth the green fee.
They have dramatically improved the conditions since last time i was here. Greens are great, fast and smooth. No ball marks as the members do take care of their course.
Fairways are ok. Some areas have bare spots but overall, good coverage. Bunkers could use some sand as the one we were in did not have enough.

This is course is a bit funky. Not your typical course as it is tight and unforgiving. Bring lots of balls. Few interesting holes that will tickle your fancy and give you something to talk about.

Certainly not the best in the area but then again it is not that bad considering the pace of play and conditions, i wouldnt mind playing here.

They have a warm up cage, a chipping area and a nice putting green. NO GPS on the carts.
Food is decent.
Arnold Palmer course in Palm Springs that is a must play when in town. Played last weekend in 104 degrees temp. It was actually a comfortable round. Not a lot of people playing so there was no waiting and we finished as a 2some in under 3 hours. Carts had ice chest/coolers with 2 bottles of water which was nice.

Had purchased the underpar voucher but there are deals available. Even their website had rates ranging from $58 to $85 (depending on what time).

We had time to hit the expansive driving range. Lots of open stalls.

Course was in great shape. Tee to green - lush and very good condition. Greens rolled true and was quite fun to putt. They were firm but fair. GPS on the carts were great. We had some issues with our handheld GPS though - i suspect probably from the rerouting done with the course. The 16th 180y par 3 was highlight on the back 9. I thought the 18th was anticlimactic.

Staff was excellent. From the proshop to the people in the grill. Food was decent.

Right now would be the best time to go before they do maintenance end of the month and temps are still bearable.
One course that I have been eyeing for awhile but last week had the chance to visit. And I must say, this is one of the finest local courses ever visited. Hidden in the canyons off the 134 and 210, a neighbor of Scholl Canyon you might say.

As we walked thru the vintage walkway thru the locker rooms and on to the pro shop, the excitement starts to build up. Staff was very friendly. Driving range and practice green were a few feet from the 1st tee so it was super convenient to warm up before the round.

You will notice lots of bunkering but not overly done. Greens are medium speed, remarkably smooth and quite fun to roll the ball.

They have a well stocked snack bar near the proshop and a self serve beverage station near #5

Highly recommended course.
Aerated the practice green recently.

Course is in decent playing condition. Not as visually appealing as a month after the last GK plays but still very playable.

Greens are firm but slower than usual.

Customer service great as usual. Bev cart went around a few times.

LaCosta had the golfboards now available and those who did use them seem to be really happy with them.
Weekend round for the junior championships. Greens are better than when we came beginning of the week.

Still lots of bare spots on teeing ground.

For the price and the view, it is not a bad spot to go play. Will be back soon.
Played here in preparation with my son's junior championship. While we enjoyed playing here, conditions are less than ideal.

Tee boxes are bare and no grass coverage. And greens look weird with some other plant growth all over. Bunkers could use more sand in them as well.

POP was decent except for the bottleneck on #6.

Fun to play as all the holes vary in looks and design. Just dont expect prestine conditions on the course.

Side note. Dont go this weekend as they have city junior championships so the place will be packed.
After the last GK event, we had to go back. Weather was very nice (mid 70s) and just perfect day for golf.

As usual, staff was outstanding in taking care of us. Bags were taken from our vehicle and promptly loaded to our golf carts.

Teed off on time. Course was packed due to the Legends being closed for over seeding. Still, the pace was decent at 4 1/2 hours. Saw the bev cart a few times.

Conditions were a bit better than last outing. Greens were medium fast and decent roll. Certainly less damage than last time. Still had some unrepaired ball marks but not as many as last time. Fairways were much greener and lush. Rough were a bit more penal also. Some areas on the the fairways were over watered and quite saturated.

We totally enjoyed the layout and had a great time. Definitely a 'must play' course and will certainly return.
It was a fun day indeed. Thanks Johnny.

Agree with a lot of the reviews.

A lot of the greens have too many potholes and it is something not expected from a highly regarded course such as La Costa. While receptive and still fun to roll, it is quite annoying to see that much damage to the nice green complex.

Fairway is lush and quite enjoyable to hit from.

Bunkers were a hit or miss. Was in some with lots of sand to blast out of, and then there were also some with absolutely nothing and it is like hitting from a hard pan. This was such a disappointment given the reputation of this course.

Enjoyed the layout and quite fun to play.

Customer service was excellent. And despite the large number of golfers, staff handled it professionally. Beverage carts rolled thru a few times. Drinks were quite expensive ($4 for gatorade). Plenty of water stations and halfway house also provided some relief from the heat with beverage and ice.

Carts have a nice GPS. Could have used a cooler though.

Pace was pretty good for a shotgun and not having to wait too much. Finished in about 4 1/2.

Certainly, worthy course to play when in the area as long as you can get a discount from the regular rate.
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