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Played this course on a beautiful Tuesday in early October. The course was in pretty good condition. The fairways and greens were in very good. The tee boxes needed some work, at least the from the white tees. Some were flat, while others were not.

As others have reported, this course demands and rewards accuracy. Consider taking an iron off the tees of some of the shorter par fours. Also, take a look at each hole and figure out where you can miss your shot and still be okay, and where you will suffer. Many of the fairways slope from one side to the other, and you will want to hit you shot into the slope, so that the ball will release into the fairway.

The greens are tough to read and putt. Some are almost flat, while others have a pronounced slope. Some greens such as hole two, nine, eleven, and twelve will severely penalize a mi sh-t putt or chip.

The course was uncrowded the day I played. On the whole, it was a very pleasant experience. Service in the pro shop and Grille was excellent. Paid $44 with a cart for a senior rate. I would definitely return.
I've played here twice, once on warm, windless midsummer day and once when it was cool and the wind was blowing. The course is short and there isn't really very much trouble, although they have some fairly unusual OB markers along fairways inside the course. The course is pretty easy without the wind. With the wind, you'll need to adjust by taking probably two more clubs more or less than normal. I was amazed when a ball hit downwind with a 9-iron flew over the green from 150 yards out. The course is short with an unusual par 36-34 format for 18. The greens and sand traps were in good shape. Be aware that power lines run above the course in spots, although they really don't come into play. Holes #11, a short par 4 over a lake, and #18, another short par 4 where you need to approach the green from the left side of the fairway, are about the only hole where you need to think a little.

Poplar Creek Golf Course Review
San Mateo California Golf Course Reviews
First, this is a private course, so unless you know a member or play here in a charity event, you won't be able to get on. I am not a member, but one of my best friends just moved into the country club development and became a member automatically. The greens, fairways, sand traps, and tee boxes are all in excellent condition. I would rate the condition of this course as better than any of high end daily fee courses I regularly play in the Bay Area, such as the Bridges, Wente, and Rancho Solano. Also, because it is a private course, the amount of play it gets is less than the others that have to generate greens fee revenues to balance the books. Accordingly, the pace of play is fast, at least during the week, especially on the back nine, where only the hardy dare to venture. I have played the course several times during the week as a twosome, and always finish in about 4:15, but that's because we walk and we're going as fast as we can on the rugged back nine.
The course starts out with a flat, waterless par 4 that doglegs right with a wide lush fairway. This is nothing like the rest of the course. The second hole gives you an idea of what is to come. All you can see off the tee is a fairway bunker as the fairway disappears up the hill to the right. Even with a good tee shot, your second shot will be 100-150 yards to a green that rises about 70-80 feet from the fairway. The third hole (#1 hcp) requires a drive of 225 yards or so to see the green about 70-80 feet below you, with no room for error in any direction. #4 is a short par dogleg right that drops to the hitting area and then rises to the green. #5 is a short par 3 with a large green from an elevated tee. #6 is a relatively flat dogleg left around a beautiful willow tree and enormous fairway bunker put there to deter the bold player. #6 is a flat par 3 (requiring a short to mid-iron depending on the pin position)with a lake (which the scorecard says can be played as a lateral hazard) along the left side. #8 is a short par 4 that is just plain hard. The green is very narrow, only about 30 feet at it's widest on the right side. The left side is narrower, only about 15 feet, and guarded by two traps, one in front and one behind. The right side is guarded by a willow tree, unless you've driven far enough to take it out of play. And the entire front of the green is guarded by a 15 yard wide creek, so don't try to drive your ball too far. And don't hit your second shot too far or you'll be OB in the street. It is, however, one of the few flat holes on the course. #9 is a par 5 dogleg right and uphill to a well-trapped green. #9 has a lake and traps on the right side and a creek on the left side that can come into play on your second and third shots. And this is the easy nine.
#10 is about 150 par 3 across a creek to a wide but narrow green. #11 is a short par 4 but it's all uphill. Take two extra clubs and aim to the left side of the green on your second shot. If you walk, as I do, you'll be huffing a puffing by the time you get to the green. The #12 tee is quite some distance. If you look up and to your left as you're walking on the cart path, you may be able to see where the #12 tee has been established on a shoulder of the hillside. When you're standing on the tee, all you can see is an aiming post stuck in the middle of the fairway about 70-80 feet above your feet. Aim to the left of it. If you can hit your driver around 225-250 yards, you will likely find yourself at or behind the 150 marker on hole that measure just 342 yards from the white tees. From there you can see the green. After the tee shot and the climb to claim your ball, the green looks about the same elevation as your ball. It isn't. You're still going uphill. Take a least one more club and aim to the left. Also, beware the green is long, narrow and has multiple tiers. Everything breaks away from the hill and the speed is very fat going downhill. Hands down, this is the toughest hole on the course. #13 is a relatively easy par 5 that goes downhill and is relatively straight. #14 is another short par 5 that parallels #13. It has a beautiful buckeye tree is the middle of the fairway. Your best bet is to stay to the right all the way to the green, which is well trapped and has two tiers where the upper tier is quite a bit higher than the lower tier. I think it would be difficult to stop the ball on the green if putting from the upper tier to the lower. #15 is a 180 yard par three that drops about 100 feet. Err on right side. The left side is not fun. #16 is a relatively short par 4 dogleg left somewhat downhill. Missing to the left equals OB. Missing your tee shot to the right will mean a second shot where the ball is severely above your feet. The green is probably the
smallest on the course, long and narrow. #17 is a beautiful hole. It's about 170 yards and about 70 feet downhill. But the green is situated on the crown of a hillock, and is well trapped. The green is relatively wide in the front and narrow in the back. Unlike most of the other holes on the course, if the wind is blowing it can affect your shot as well. #18 is the longest par 5 on the course. It has water on both sides of the fairway and a creek in front of the green to dissuade long hitter from trying to reach it in two. The green is also enormous and well-trapped. Although you tee off from an elevated tee, the hole is otherwise flat, one of only two (along with #10) on the back nine.
If you get a chance to play here and you walk, you'll be reaching for the ibuprofen along with your beverage of choice after the round. If you ride a cart, you'll enjoy the great work that the staff does in keeping the course in great shape, the challenge of the holes, and the pace of play. (at least if you play during the week)

Moraga Country Club Review
Northern California Golf Course Reviews
Played midweek on a beautiful day. Course was not crowded. Played as a twosome and never had to wait or even see anyone in front of us after we played through a foursome that had stopped to get a bite to eat after finishing the front nine. Greens were very fast and not holding shots well, and they had some bare spots. The fairways and the rough were very good, although the rough tended to "grab" your ball if you ventured in. Sand traps were also quite good. Tee boxes were a little uneven in places.
Staff was very courteous and friendly. Senior rate was $65, not $55 as listed on this site. However, if you live nearby and like to go wine tasting, you can get a "passport" good for a $25 off coupon if you taste at three of the four Wente tasting rooms.
This course has some interesting holes such as #'s 1, 2, 8, 12 & 18. Some holes, however, are just bizarre. The sixth hole (260 yards) goes straight up a hill with the green near the ridge. The landing area for the tee shot is about 130 to 180 yards from the tee, requiring a mid iron. The fairway then pretty much disappears, and you second shot has around a 40 foot elevation gain to the green. The thirteenth hole requires a downhill tee shot to a fairway that makes close to a 90 degree turn to reach the green. If you try to cut the dogleg you may end up in the vineyard, which is OB.
The 19th hole is in a great location just off the 18th green, you can watch everyone struggle with the split fairway as you sip a glass of chardonnay.

Wente Vineyards Golf Club Review
Livermore California Golf Course Reviews
Played midweek on a beautiful summer day. Most holes are relatively straight, but are lined by LOTS of trees. If you venture off the fairway, you're in jail, and your only choices are to chip back into the fairway or try to thread a shot around the tree trunks. Even then, you're unlikely to get on in regulation. Not much water. The greens and sand traps are in great shape, but the fairways have some thin spots. The pace of play was pretty slow, however.

I played with friends who live nearby and paid an unbelievable senior rate of $18 to walk. This is probably the best deal in the Bay Area as long as you don't mind waiting to hit most of your shots.

Bennett Valley Golf Course Review
Northern California Golf Course Reviews
Played on a warm summer day. Course is in a beautiful location adjacent to a reservoir in Marin County, although the reservoir only comes into play (barely) on one hole. Fairways and rough were in very good condition. Greens were very slow and some were bumpy as well. Some tee boxes were at little uneven, though others were fine. The course has a great variety of holes, a fact that has kept me coming back since I played here as a kid in the mid-60's. The course is much improved from then, though the layout is the same. Trees figure prominently with stately oaks in the middle of several fairways. The back nine is particularly hilly, with the World War 2 army elevator taking you from the 13th green to the 14th tee if you walk. Despite the other comments, I didn't find the pin positions especially troubling. Also, I have never known wind to be a significant factor, even when using the elevated tees.
Two things bothered me, although I may be quibbling. First, a maintenance man was watering the around third green as we made our approach shots. My playing companion hit a nice shot which rolled on the green with enough speed to get to the back of the green, where the pin was. When we reached the green we discovered the ball about a foot on the other side of a hose that was stretched across the green, about 30 feet from the hole. It seems like it hit the hose and stopped. the guy saw us coming but kept on watering with the hose strung across the green.
Second, we played the first nine holes behind a very slow threesome that quit after 10 holes (??) We were a foursome of bogey golfers with two of us walking and two riding. A few holes later the marshall started following us and later told us that the back nine was backed up behind us. We finished in a little over 4 hours, so I don't understand what the problem was.
Again, these are quibbles that are fresh in my mind. The course will make you think, even though it is on the short side. It will also reward your eyes.

Indian Valley Golf Club Review
Novato California Golf Course Reviews
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This course presents many challenges, but the biggest challenge for me is that it is such a beautiful and well-maintained course that I love to be there, but it is so hard for a bogey golfer that if you're a little off you're going to shoot a big number. The fairways are lovely, but often you will find yourself with an uneven lie, so you'd better be able to play the ball above and below your feet. The rough is also beautiful, and it will catch you ball and sap your drive if you venture in. Beyond the cut rough are the uncut grass (about a foot high and nearly unplayable) and the scrub bushes and weeds. Beyond the bushes and weeds are the creeks, so be prepared to lose some balls. The greens are very fast and very few are relatively flat. Beware the side hill and downhill puts. I had a side hill put on 18 that must have broken 25 feet. The bunkers could use some fresh sand, but that was the only area where I could see room for improvement.

This course requires you to think, to hit the ball straight and in the air, and to leave the ball below the hole. If you can do that, you will love this course. Johnny Miller obviously designed this course for serious golfers, not hackers. I play to a 17 handicap, and I think my ability is right at the threshold to play this course. If your handicap is above that, you may just want to think about playing elsewhere.

Note that the 5th (par 3)and 6th (par 5) holes of old are now 17 and 18. Hole 15 (old 17) which crosses two creeks has been lengthened to 509 yards from the white tees, and may be the hardest hole on the course, although 14 (split fairway with a long uphill second shot, assuming you can't carry the creek, 250 yards on the fly, with your tee shot) is a close second). On 16 make sure you know where the flag is, because it could make a big difference in the club selection for the second shot.

The pace of play the day I played (the day after the U.S. Open finished) was slower than usual, but there was a group in front of us that clearly was in over their heads. The one marshal we saw all day told us that he advised them to play a scramble, but I don't think they took his advice. Our round took 5 hours, but 4:15 is more like it.

The Bridges Golf Club Course Review
San Ramon California Golf Course Reviews
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Played here just after a little rain the day before. The course is mostly flat with a one lake on the front and two on the back that come into play on a few holes. The greens were variable with some bare spots, but the ball rolled true. Interesting green designs in that everything didn't slope from back to front, so it took some thought to read. Because I played in the winter, some of the grass in the fairway that appeared to be dead may have just been dormant. There is major construction on the back nine as they are renovating a lake. (I assume it's a renovation because I hadn't played here before.) It got quite windy on the back nine in mid-afternoon. Beware of the OB on both sides of the 18th fairway. I ended up with a triple bogey after I noticed the white stakes when I pushed my first tee shot with a driver. Excellent pace of play (4 hours), but we teed off by ourselves at 12:30 on a Tuesday in February. The real drawback to the course is the ubiquitous goose poop. Nice staff in the pro shop. The two practice greens for chipping are nice features.

Shoreline Golf Links Review
Mountain View Golf Course Reviews
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Excellent municipal course in the hills north of Fairfield. The back nine is definitely more challenging than the front nine. The greens are huge and very challenging. My score skyrocketed with a couple of FOUR putt greens. Staying below the the hole is imperative, especially on #7, an otherwise relatively easy par 5 where I three putted from 10 feet for a very disappointing bogie. Most greens are elevated from the fairway and require an additional club or two, especially if the wind is blowing. Greens are fast to very fast and undulating. Fairways are beautiful. #11 requires a water carry of about 125 yards to the green, made more difficult if the wind is against you. Course is a great workout if you walk.

Rancho Solano Golf Course Review
Fairfield California Golf Course Reviews
I've played here off and on since I was a student at Cal 40 years ago. It is simply one of the most beautiful courses I know of. Pace was pretty good on a Wednesday afternoon, about 4.5 hours. The course was a little muddy in places after recent rains, especially the tee boxes. The greens were in good condition if a little slow. Fairways were in good shape. The redwood trees are beautiful, but they will catch the errant drive. Some holes like #1 demand raw power (I was short of the green after a good drive and a three wood.) Others like #12 require some thought and finesse. Hole #3, one of the prettiest on the course, was closed the day I played and they had jury-rigged a very short par three behind #2 to make up for it. It's a very good workout if you walk, and the price is great.
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