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Played here yesterday (2/1) on a warm but beautiful start to February as part of the Gold Coast Golf Association non-tournament outing. Garth, the club president, was able to reserve a slot of primer tee times for a very reasonable and discounted price and we were able to get around in a shade over 4 hours, making for a very enjoyable round. Third time playing here and I am starting to really enjoy the short, but fun layout. Conditions were great and I highly recommend anyone who hasn't been here to come on out.

Tee boxes: Perhaps the weakest part of the conditions today, however they were still more than manageable. It was really a handful of tees were chewed up, but I believe that to be due to so many people playing the tips here.

Fairways: Excellent condition with no bad lies for me. The grass was cut nice enough to both allow the ball to sit up on occasion, and get a good amount of roll (especially as the day progressed and temps soared).

Rough: There were areas (#7 greenside) that were as bad as Torrey with same grass type and length. My partner spent countless minutes looking for errant shots and I could see why. The other native areas are just as bad, but the traditional rough killed today.

Bunkers: Was only in one but I was able to get out okay so that tells me there was enough sand. The sand here is very fine but not the pearly white fluff in every bunker. Finely manicured and plenty of rakes.

Greens: Devilishly fast. Putts were hard to sink all day as the greens were rolled to mirror the felt on a pool table. Many breaks were impossible to read and even with smaller greens, they were challenging. Few visible divots added to the enjoyment.

ETC: Staff here is always friendly from valets to all the workers you see being shuttled back and forth. Layout as mentioned is short but don't let that fool you. The areas around the 10th and 13th tee boxes are beautiful with guests walking the grounds and serving as an audience surrounded by large trees and fire pits around. The ONLY real sad part of the day is that the 18th hole has again been shorted to less than 300 yards after the main back tees have permanently been shut down and the what was the old white tee boxes abandoned with the renovation/greater use of the farmhouse for events (it did/does get peppered regularly by errant drives) but it really makes for a sad ending as it turns the hole from a crafty two shot-er to a benign little driveable par 4 with almost no challenge. Still recommend!
Played here yesterday (1/26) with my partner's family on a beautiful Southern California day on a 9:20AM tee time. This was my second time playing the course and once again, I believe it to be one of the better deals in all the state with good conditions and affordable green fees, even on a Sunday. The layout here is fun and even in winter conditions, it is worth a visit if you are in Ventura County.

Tees: The tee boxes were a bit chewed up (we played Orange) and some were actually located on un-level ground (the turf where the #16 tees were placed was actually downhill). This may have been the weakest part of the course but even then we aren't talking detrimental.

Fairways: Good shape overall, not as green as it was last time I played here but where it counted was in the condition of the grass. Not ever a bad lie and roll was pretty fair. Grass was cut to a good length and divots were filled for the most part.

Rough: A mixed bag as a few areas (that probably weren't meant to be traditional "rough") were as deep as Torrey and the more immediate rough far less penal. The areas outside the stakes was deadly for errant shots.

Bunkers: Was in two and they both played very fair. The sand here appears to be in far better shape than say Sterling Hills and there are some massive bunkers on the course, all in good shape. Good consistency of sand and plenty of rakes.

Greens: Very nice and a pleasure to test your skills on. Some of the green complexes at Soule Park are huge and a bit complex to read, but in the fun not sadistic way. The speed was just about perfect; speedy but not insane with a good roll to just about every putt. A tip of the hat to the greenskeepers here!

ETC: Friendly staff at check in and bar. Cart attendant came out but literally only had liquor and minimal non-alcoholic choices, no food/snacks. Carts are basic and could stand to have a tune-up or to be replaced all together (no GPS). Lots of walkers here so rounds can run heavy on POP (sorry my serious walk-only golfers, the guys here are walking third behind socializing and golfing in that order) though today even with waiting everywhere, it was about 4.75 hours. Good food at the restaurant after the round. Recommend!
Played in the first of two groups out for the GK Final along with Matt P., Kevin V., and Robert B. on what started as a blistery but warmer day (10:38am original tee time). I won't go too crazy with the conditions as the previous two reviews do a fine job of describing them. Sterling is now the closest public course to my new home and I will say the layout suits my eye and the greens here (as advertised) are what keep golfers coming back. A bit of a different review this time for those unfamiliar.

Layout: A fair mix of holes, with plenty of length if that is what you desire. The par 3's can play long in the winds similar to what we had early today. Only one par 5 in the front as my playing partner mpisarski pointed out to me, but the lack of a second on the front is negated with longer par 4's. Doglegs of both directions and some holes are just grip it and rip it. No one hole is overly penal and there is even water present on a handful of holes; worth a try.

Customer Service: I have never been treated badly here and the fact Johnny held the final here must really speak to how much they appreciate GK. From what I hear the new owner has gone to great lengths to make sure the greens are always great here and has invested lots of money to try and slowly bring this course from near death not that long ago. Starter and cart attendant were friendly and I have yet to have an issue with anyone working here.

ETC: Even with houses all around, you never feel them come into play to the point it affects your game. I enjoy that this place is always a step above most municipal courses in just about every aspect. The prices here are never out of this world and there are enough discounts offered online (most include lunch) that you can tolerate conditions not being as nice as their next door neighbor Spanish Hills CC. Worth a visit.
Played here yesterday (1.16.20) with the Gold Coast Golf Association for the annual Shamble tournament on a cool day with threat of rain that thankfully didn't arrive during our round. This was my first time playing Buena and I had heard mixed things about it. For what it is, it's not a bad course; sure it's a muni-style course that can't even touch 6000 yards from the tips, but there is a good mix of holes and even some water comes into play more than once. Conditions today were pretty decent, especially the greens so on to more detail.

Tee boxes: Nothing major to report here. For the amount of play I'm certain this place gets, they were about average; no major damage or un-level turf. I have a suspicion most guys try and max out the yardage from black, but for this tournament and my review, I am speaking about the blue tee boxes.

Fairways: Perhaps not the prettiest visually, but I don't remember a bad lie all day. The ball doesn't necessarily sit up for you on perfect blades of grass, but the fairways also aren't minefields so you can drive with confidence knowing a good one will get rewarded fairly. I also felt that roll was more than adequate here today.

Rough: I can't distinctly remember it being overly penal, but perhaps that's because our team played well today. It does play like your average muni in that respect (much like Balboa) and can hide your ball, however the trees seem to play a much bigger factor than the length of rough does.

Sand: Was only in one bunker (that I actually had to hit out of) all day and it had more than enough fluffy sand, and it most have been in good shape as I managed a great shot out of there. They were fairly well raked in most cases, although I do remember seeing only one where the under-layer material (burlap-like) was making it's way through the sparse sand.

Greens: The highlight of the round for me. They seemed to be running at slower to medium speeds. I don't remember a single putt running well past the hole. Some tricky green complexes, especially on the par 3's! They held shots well and played fairly. A handful of the fringe/aprons around certain greens weren't as smooth, as my playing partner Charlie had two putts from just off the green pop up into the air.

ETC: Everything about this property is no frills. Carts basic with no GPS (though I understand why you don't need it here). Routing can be a bit tricky if not careful in this parkland-style course; follow the signs with caution as many holes seems to intersect. Staff was friendly and I did see the cart attendant and her helper once during the round; great customer service from them. Had our banquet after the round at the hall and again, very basic no frills building/amenities. Conditions are probably never country club here, but worth a visit if around and can land a deal for less than $50.
Played here 12/28 with my partner's father on a visit to Northern Arizona. This was one of the only golf courses in the immediate area of his home so we took a chance on a 36 degree day and made a 9:30 tee-time (I believe the earliest they let people out is 9AM). We showed up at 9AM and were sent out right away so that allowed us to finish in less than 3.5 hours going at our own pace and letting a single pass us early on. This place gets A LOT of singles so if you visit, be prepared to let them through as they all play insanely fast, and anyone who knows or has played me knows I am Lee Treviño-quick out there. I wasn't sure what to expect knowing the cold weather, previous snow/rain days before, lack of real investment in the course, etc. and I was somewhat surprised to see it green out there and playable. This course will not blow you away and they are very casual/bare bones in some aspects but it may be worth a visit whether you are sixpez or not.

Tee boxes: Somewhat better than good. The grass here was cut fairly level and the ground was also level for the most part. I had no issues driving my tee into the turf even as the ground was a degree or two from frozen.

Fairways: Take a look at the photos; they had good color and decent coverage. The grass was cut short and roll was abundant as the surface was slick and quick. I don't remember too many bad lies, however it was winter and we did play lift, clean, replace on the areas where the water had abused the land.

Rough: Not overly penal, in fact I can't really remember having any issues with it. The natural land around the red steaks were far more penal, although even those weren't terrible and you could potentially hit out of them when needed as the banks were dry.

Bunkers: I rated them good but I actually wasn't in one all day amazingly. I don't recall seeing very many of them so I don't think they are a big factor out there. My playing partner was in one and he hit well out of it.

Greens: Good and quick to start with speeds minimizing as the sun and winds appeared towards the turn. The turf on the greens seemed good as roll was devoid of bumps or divots, however I am curious how they would play in good weather.

ETC: Staff was very friendly, from pro shop to snack bar. No starter, cart attendant, or marshal; as I mentioned this place is bare bones. Pace was insanely quick and could have been quicker, of course most of that is due to season and weather. Layout was good, however I am not a fan of holes where you are forced to lay up no matter what club you have in your bag or shot in your arsenal. A fair amount of water in play including my favorite #10. Views here are fantastic from the south as well as the red rocks to the north. This is not a destination course by any means and you are probably better off driving a bit further north to Sedona, but if you are around Cornville (yes that's really the name of the town), stop on by and check it out on a good deal.
Played here yesterday (12/19) with the Gold Coast Golf Association of Ventura County. Johnny GK made a very special appearance and was recognized by the GCGA president Garth and may have been one of the most popular people out there as plenty of other players and few GK members said hello to him. It was a full field with two teams on every hole of this 10AM shotgun start on one of the most perfect days (weather-wise) I have ever seen in some time; almost no wind, a nice low to mid 60 degree temperature, and bright sunny skies. Shotgun ran well as it was nicely organized and players seemed to do a good job of keeping up (including our group) and pace was right around 4.75 hours with zero waiting. On to conditions...

Tee boxes: Perhaps the weakest feature today, and that's not a detrimental knock on Sandpiper as everything today was well above average. However, knowing that, a handful of tee boxes were not level and a bit chewed up. This very well may have been that it was a shotgun start with most everyone playing the silver today at some point.

Fairways: Cut tight and offering a fair amount of roll. Didn't end up in any divots so people were doing a good job of filling them. Had great lies all day to mess up my shots and the fairways today were particularly sparking and visually pleasing.

Rough: In some areas, the nasty fescue grasses were punishing (I believe 16 was one where we spent some time looking for TWO lost balls in the group). The more traditional rough was still quite penal at times, not insanely long, but I am certain it humbled quite a few people today.

Bunkers: Was only in one bunker today (amazingly) and it had ample sand, that was closer to beach sand than the stuff you see on the Tour. One member in our group was practically living in the stuff and he had no issues getting out, so I use that to gauge conditions and consistency. Rakes were lacking at times.

Greens: The highlight of the round. Everyone at warm-up was chit chatting about them and saying "quick as glass", "crazy breaks". I must not have listened as I had 40 putts today, including a comical adventure on #11 where the pin was placed in one of the most ridiculous placements I have ever seen. Suffice to say it wasn't the only crazy pin placement today; it was truly bordering on unfair with the speeds of those greens. Quick greens are one thing, but pin placements where you tap the ball and it run 60 feet past is just silly. I know some guys are glutton for punishment but not a 14 handicap like me.

ETC: The staff out here was great. Welcomed at the parking lot and clubs carried to my cart. Well organized outing due in part because the staff worked hard to get everything right. Cart attendant came around a handful of times during the round. Stopped at grill during the turn, however they were quite backed up. Still managed to get some small items; fairly priced for the area. Carts were basic with no cooler or GPS. Facilities on the course could use some TLC, but functional. Layout is fantastic with the ocean holes rivaling Torrey in terms of panoramic views. Amazing rate today of $89 for a wonderful course. Conditions are great if you can make it out!
Played here with the fellow Gurus; Gary, Jim, and Johnny in a great day for golf. Having played Riverwalk close to 20 times, I knew what to expect and I must say they are certainly making some improvements to what is now their 18 routing of Mission-Presidio. A wonderful time today even if my game was M.I.A.

Tee boxes: Okay condition on most of the blue tee boxes. The course itself was still quite wet in most areas and the tee boxes were no expectation. On more than a few holes, the markers had been bunched together and moved to an extreme side of the box, so we had to place them where we thought they should go.

Fairways: A marked improvement from my last time here. As Johnny indicated to us, they are over seeding for the first time in years and making a transition in grasses (to rye I believe) so the course isn’t quite where it wants to be, but hone are the days it was nothing but dirt. As Gary mentioned in his accurate review, a few arreas roped off (1 and 3 on Mission, as well as Presidio. Fair roll otherwise and good lies on the over seeded parts.

Rough: Varied, but some areas had some seriously sticky and thick rough. Humbling length on missed or errant drives. The reeds on the river have been trimmed and more than a few of the overgrown brush and trees trimmed.

Sand: Good condition though the bunkers on Mission 2 were Augusta National-white, the rest were beach sand brown; very odd.

Greens: The highlight for me; ran both quick and slow depending on the time of day and green complex. Loved the surface and some of the breaks were mighty tricky to read.

ETC: Carts are basic with basic color GPS. Saw the cart attendant a few times. Staff at pro shop were nice. Didn’t use the range but offers what you need. Layout is fun but not overly challenging. Conditions impressed me for what I expected so will visit again when I’m home!
Played here yesterday (11/27) again with my partner's father as the second leg of our golf adventures in Sedona. As neither of us had ever played here before, we weren't sure going in what to expect, except for the fact the course was only yards away from the iconic red rocks and that it would be cold. The course met my relatively low expectations and them some in terms of conditions and views. We had what was originally a 1PM tee time that may not have allowed us to finish, but we called ahead that morning and they let us out at 11:40 with an amazing 3.25 hour round. As for conditions:

Tees: Good condition overall. This place isn't Seven Canyons so don't expect finely manicured tee boxes with perfectly mowed grass. It seems they get A LOT of play from the surrounding community as a lot of people just walk the course. With that being said, the turf was a bit chewed up from the tips. Nothing too crazy that would force you to move up to the next markers but good not great conditions.

Fairways: Excellent shape. They were a beautiful hunter green color and offered lies that seems to push the ball up just the right amount (at least for my awkward swing). Roll was more than fair and everyone did a marvelous job of filling divots with excellent mix.

Rough: A good mix of penal but not punishing. There is rough everywhere in this parkland-style course, though even more penal than the rough are all the other OB/red stake areas that come into play, including a good handful of water holes.

Sand: Was in two bunkers today and as the last course I played in Sedona, some bunkers are red rock sand that is still somewhat soft, other bunkers are the more traditional pearl color sand with some fluff. No lack of sand or rakes today. There were some that had plenty of rocks, but the course does address this on the scorecard by designating those rocks as movable objects.

Greens: Deceptive is the best way to describe them. Conditions were overall great; not many divot, clean roll, but the speed fooled me all day. Despite the natural slope and undulation of all the greens, the enormous red rock cliffs do play tricks with you. The greens were QUICK and they didn't slow at all during the day. The breaks weren't insane but the speed just got me scratching my head all day.

ETC: Carts had a nice Google GPS on the drivers side windshield. Staff was very friendly and the pro shop seemed to have everything one could need. Didn't eat here but they had a nice sized restaurant right next door. Layout here is flat, parkland-style, but the views are breathtaking, especially if you have never seen the red rocks of Sedona up close before. Even on a 50 degree day that was overcast we got some amazing shots. Enjoyed this course and would come again for a good price.

Edit: Upon closer inspection a lot of the wonderful course photos posted by a GK user in 2009 show the ORIGINAL layout; as of 2019 the course flipped the nines and you know start out play on what WAS 10 years ago!
Played here today (11/26) with my partner's father during a visit to their AZ home. Called the course Sunday and booked a 12:35PM tee time for ~$100. The course is situated in a Hilton resort property so I had an idea as to what to expect and it was about that, with a few small let downs. The views here are what really sell the experience, but the course was no slouch. As for the conditions...

Tee boxes: Perhaps the weakest part of the round as more than a few were wet bordering on sloppy. There was one (#11) that I stepped on and nearly sank into the ground. Others were fine but very inconsistent (from the blue markers). I do love the fact they have enough tee options as to offer a fun time for any skill level, including the "family" markers at roughly 3,000 yards total.

Fairways: Good to excellent condition. The fairways here were aerated in late September and even in near freezing weather today, they were sparkling green albeit a bit wet in areas. Grass was cut well and not too short, roll was more than fair. Divot and some GUR were present but no more than any other course.

Rough: Penal in some areas. I distinctly remember some rough lining the fairways was nearly 5 inches deep as one of my drives simply disappeared.

Sand: Amazingly was not a single bunker out here, but the sand in most of them was white and semi-fluffy. Some bunkers did have your Sedona-style red dirt that didn't look all the fun to hit from.

Greens: The highlight today; they ran quicker than they looked, were very smooth with not a single bump in any putting line, and had some tricky breaks, though undulation wasn't nearly as challenging as say Journey.

ETC: Staff in pro shop was nice and allowed us to tee off closer to 12:05, maximizing the sunshine and light of the day. Pace was an amazing 3 hours and 50 minutes, though we did pass a few groups as a twosome. Carts had no GPS but good battery life. The layout was fun though some holes did seem to repeat (think shorter par 4). The 10th hole alone is worth the price in terms of views. The restrooms facilities although bountiful, smelled awful and looked like a municipal restroom at Balboa. All in all, for a resort course the conditions were almost to par with what one would expect from a Hilton, but could use some upgrading. Fun round overall.
Played here today with Perry, Mike, and Jerry as the third group off (10:31). Weather turned out to be hotter than predicted and even though things moved along incredibly well, the sun really sapped my energy quick out there. As for the course, I was very impressed! The conditions, the layout, the feel (aesthetically), there really was almost nothing to complain about. In fact, I liked this course better than Spanish Hills which I recently got the privilege to play. The first review is very spot on and I'm sure those that will follow will be, so I will just do my best not to reiterate the obvious.

Tee boxes: Some weren't level but that's nitpicking at this point as there are more than enough level boxes to make up for the one or two that weren't.

Fairways. Fresh off overseeding, they were spectacular. Visually pleasing to the eye, nice cushy ground to hit from, a fair amount of roll.

Rough: Not sure who found the rough more than me, but some of it was Torrey-like. It grabbed my club and reminded me that taking your medicine is excellent advice.

Sand: Speaking strictly for the greenside bunkers; nice white-ish sand, usually enough under your ball to be able to play good shots and try for sand saves. Good amount of rakes also.

Greens: The highlight on an outstanding course. Fast, tricky reads at times and pin placements that scream "try me, just try me". Very few marks on the turf, GK did a great job today in cleaning up the scene.

ETC: No GPS on carts and today was CPO on the course which amazingly didn't make for a 5 hour round, fancy that. Staff encountered was great. No food and only a few water stations. For the price Johnny was able to get the Guru's today, I wouldn't hesitate to make it out here again.
Played here today (10/28) as the first outing with my new golf club, Gold Coast, on an extremely windy day with a 9AM shotgun start. Everyone I met today was very nice, both at the course and from the club. Today was no day to play golf as the wind for the first 6 holes was at times over 40MPH, but we did our best. The course was fun and even if it wasn't in tip-top shape, it was still worth the $85 price of admission.

Tee boxes: Good condition. Had to play white, although I would have loved to try and very reasonable tips here, and they were all in decent shape. Obviously with a lot of us playing white, they got a lot of play but rarely was there an uneven lie.

Fairways: Decent to good shape. They were starting to brown a bit and the heat/wind gave them a hard, crispy top surface. Run was obviously hard to control today and my group had a handful of drives skip right off the fairway into the hazards. Shots had good turf to hit from.

Rough: Varied, but certain (most) areas had thick stuff that grabbed your club. The natural landscape of the land really was more penal than the rough, but the rough around the greens was very sticky.

Bunkers: Was in two today and they were in good shape. The sand isn't my favorite (it was more throwing towards the dirt brown side) but the bunkers had a good amount of sand and ample rakes. People today really did a great job raking as well.

Greens: The highlight of the round. They were lightning fast; I would say the fastest greens I have played on this year and in a long time. The breaks at time were also very tricky, playing games with your mind. I didn't see many divot marks so the club members did a great job.

ETC: As mentioned, staff was very friendly, made you feel like a member. The facilities were more than ample; great range with Titleist balls, stocked pro shop, etc. Carts didn't have GPS sadly and could use them. We were provided a great lunch with our green fee and it was delicious. Layout was fun but not really my style as it was target golf, but managed to play well. Happy to have gotten to play today.
Played here 10/20 with my girlfriend's father on a GolfNow Hot Deal for ~$75 on what was originally a 12:50PM tee time. There was lots to unpack from this round which I will save for my ETC section. The review of the actual course is as follows:

Tee boxes: The weakest part of the course today and that's really not saying much as they were fairly playable, sans a couple of holes that were more than beat up. I imagine with this course being so short that the blue tee boxes get a massive amount of play and the latter tee times will always suffer. Outside of those that were mangled a bit, the rest had enough land to try and find good footing.

Fairways: Good shape. They were still green and had good coverage. I didn't find a single bad lie all day and the carts had a good amount of mix available so golfers must have been on it today. Roll was also more than fair since we played on a day where the sun baked the fairway turf quite a bit.

Rough: Pretty penal on certain holes. It was never Torrey length, but it had teeth. The natural landscape of the land certainly was more penal than the rough but you still had to be careful no to spray your drives.

Bunkers: Was in a handful today and they had enough sand (not pear white nor beach sand, something in between). People seemed to rake up and leave them in good shape, which would mean my bad sand play today was all on me.

Greens: The highlight of the round. They were green, fast, and had some tricky breaks to them. I distinctly remember the breaks on hole 8 really got me even when they didn't look at all complicated. A few ball marks left unrepaired by those ahead of us, but what can you do other than fix them.

ETC: Showed up to the course around 12:05PM and decided to skip the valet this time. This property (resort) really isn't set up for this so keep this in mind, as spots in the lot for non-valet are very limited. We also walked our clubs over to the golf shop as no carts stopped to offer us a ride, they seemed far more interested in shuttling employees (rightfully so) and other guests to/from. It's a haul if you aren't ready for it so also prepare for this. Once at the starter, around 12:20 he allowed us to tee off immediately, giving the impression the course was wide open, but this was far from true. In fact, the course was nothing but twosomes so I think the starter sent out anyone who showed up and said "go." Although the round was roughly 4.5 hours, it felt endless and we literally waited on every hole and nearly every shot. This made rhythm something hard to obtain. The cart attendant also never came around to our group. I'm not kidding when I say she looked over at us from the next hole and went around us! Layout is fun but also being so short, sets up for lots of holes with forced waits so be prepared for that. Overall, it is still a wonderful setting for golf and any price under $80 warrants a visit.
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