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Played 9/13, off at 9:00 with a large group of friends. Used to play here every Tuesday, but not playing too much right now. Been nine months. Tees were very playable. Fairways were green, cut thin and ran well. Rough was barely there through the fairways, but decent around the greens. They have elected to stop watering the large mounds that make this course such a bear when you hit a bad shot and your ball can roll quite a ways if you're on the wrong side. 17 of the 18 greens were very nice and would have been great had everybody fixed their ball marks. 16 is a mess. It's like somebody spread a bunch of brillo pads around the green and you get to putt over or around. We hit a couple extra putts and it was kind of fun to try to bank it off one of the pads. I think it's kikuya that has grown out in patches throughout the green. It's a short hole, so get it close. The sand was just not very good. Very inconsistent. I played the white tees for the first time and what a difference, even from the greens. Sometimes it's only ten yards difference from the greens, but seems to result in 30 more yards off the tee. Had a lot of fun and for 30-45 this is a good value in my book.
Played Oceanside muni 12/22 with a 9:00 tee time. Have never played here so was excited to play. Proshop was super; got us out a little early. Wasn't really sure where O'side muni was and was surprised it' so close to Arrowood and JUST south of Pendleton GC. Tees were ok, mostly green, quite a few divots, but finding a nice place to hit from was not a chore. Fairways were mostly dormant and thin with a typical muni mix, some bermuda, a little rye, kikuya on the back, but not weedy at all. Rough was the victim of a water reduction program that has left large dirt areas where there was once rough. Overall this helped me immensely as I rarely hit it squarely or in the fairway, so a lot of roll that would eventually find an open area to hit from. Greens were surprisingly the best part of the course, fast and firm and holding shots. Bunkers were Covid-maintained (probably raked daily) but not high quality sand. Areas around greens were thin and uneven with the same muni mix of grasses as the fairway. I was pleasantly surprised by the layout. A decent mix of interesting holes and a few fillers. Mostly flat, but quite a few doglegs to keep it interesting. This course abutts the south end of Pendleton so there are very few houses in view. I really like Arrowwood, but I'd play here again for the greens-price-walkability-scenery factor maybe one out of three times. Our round seemed slow, but were done in 4.25 hours. Didn't see a snack cart out.
Drove down to Rams Hill with Minneapolis Joel 10/28 for 36. Played with Pat and Mark, friends from SD who drove down also. In talking to the front desk, this is an early opening for them and it did show, slightly. Prepaid for a 727 time and all was smooth and pleasant as usual. Tee boxes were almost too nice, about a half inch of thick carpet. Bring long tees. There were a very few areas where the grass around the fairway hadn't completely grown in. In the middle, it was perfect. A week should take care of that. Rough had the same slight issues. For most courses I wouldn't even mention these areas, but it's a drive out there and usually this place is as close to flawless as I've played. Sand was outstanding. No rakes in the bunkers, but when we came around again in the PM they had raked behind us. Nice. The greens were nicely covered and held well-struck shots, except on 6 with a pin in the front behind the trap. But they were slow and it definitely affected the play here. They weren't get-the-dynamite slow, but slow to the point where being above the hole was not a factor and there are a lot of shots here where normally that's imperative for par. Of the 30 or so uphill putts of 30 feet or more we had as a group, not one was long and most were three putts. Glad we went out, but felt let down by the speed on the greens. It was listed as 9.5, just as a guide. I'm sure it won't be too long before they're back to normal, but if I was going again, I'd ask about 'em.
Played Barona on 10/21 with Joel, out from Minneapolis. We'd played Mt. Woodson and Maderas. $80 weekday late rate that starts at 1:00 was a good deal. Pro shop was welcoming and efficient. Grass range, putting green and chipping area were all excellent. No balls around the chipping area, though. Tees were overseeded and above average, but not great. No overseeding on the fairways so bermuda was brown with a lot of run and thinner lies, but easy to hit from. Rough was non-existent until you got to the native brush and then good luck. No rakes in sand traps. They had been cared for around the greens especially and were fun to hit from. Greens and surrounding areas were just beautiful. Putts rolled true and fast. Don't get above the hole. Joel said this was his favorite course to play so far. Called three days before and got 1:00 for the late rate. Unlike most of the courses in SD they didn't seem too crowded other that the SDSU golf team getting ready to go out behind us. Fun day.
Played 10/11 with Joel, Dan and Dave. Had booked a time through Maderas website for 2:20, but proshop didn't have us listed. No problem, time was still there and rate. There was a "Poway City water tax" and "Covid fee" of about $10. Hmmm? They got us off at 1:40 and good thing. We finished about ten minutes before DARK. 4 hour 20 minute round. The range was off mats as they had just reseeded and wanted the grass to set. Short game area was not quite as nice as in the past but still outstanding. The course was as good as I've seen it from tee boxes to greens. Rakes in sand traps with beautiful sand. Greens, as usual, were on the slower side but rolled true. $90 late rate on Sunday was very fair.
Played 9/5 as a 3ball. Off at 7:10, right on time. The small staff at Crosscreek are accommodating efficient and friendly, from the front desk to the starter and especially Leslie, in the snack bar. Lots of water on the course. Tees were a little beat up in a few spots, but overall fine. Fairways had good coverage. Rough in some areas was REALLY enjoying the watering. Greens were in very good shape at medium speed and seemed faster on north-to-south putts. All the grapes are in filling in the open areas on the first nine and it looks great. The GK coupon was a steal with a very nice bonus burger at the finish. I'll be back soon.
Very late review for the Omni La Costa course played in the GK event on 7-13. Played with Johnny, Moose and Andy, a foursome in search of some fun. The foursome was great to play with, enjoying each others good shots as well as their own and not letting the bad ones ruin a beautiful day. Having not played La Costa in over 30 years and always thinking it was a bit over-rated, I was pleasantly surprised by the redesign. Loved the front nine and the back didn't disappoint either. I agree with the comments on the practice range. My local par 3 has a better range. If I have to hit off carpet, at least make it nice carpet at a resort like this. The layout usually influences my reviews more than the conditions. I thought the greens were very good, quick but not DON'T GET ABOVE THE HOLE exasperating. The traps had decent sand with no gravel, but needed a deep raking. I didn't have a bad lie in the fairway all day. Rough was as expected this time of year, thin where there's no water, and thicker where there is. Not that keen on riding unless I have to, and you wouldn't have to here, though I didn't see anybody walking -I can't see why they wouldn't allow it. Others mentioned the carts going into reverse-only mode if you entered the fairway on some holes.
There was no warning to stay on the path in advance. The alarm would go off after you were 25 yards into the forbidden garden and you'd have to back out. Everybody hates getting punished for something you didn't know you weren't supposed to do. Overall had a lot of fun and will be looking to return with the Costco-GM deal.
Played 11/2 at 9:30 with Malcolm and Murph. Got us out right on time. Didn't see anybody in front until 18 and though our buddies teed off right behind us, didn't see them again until the bar. Just sporadic play on that Friday; always a group or two around, but lots of open holes. Pro shop was friendly and helpful. Tee boxes were fine. Fairways were good, as was the rough. Collars and aprons were better than I've seen them in a while with overseeded areas coming in nicely, but still some bare spots around the greens. Bunkers had decent sand but were inconsistent: some packed, some fluffy. Greens were very good, much harder than they looked and rolling medium fast. I haven't played here in a couple years and it seemed they've removed a few traps, but it still plays plenty tough. The greens did not hold especially well and most shots ran to the back of the green or off the back. While the santa ana breeze may have contributed some, those greens definitely run away from you, so be forewarned. If you've enjoyed this course in the past it is a great time to do so again.
Played 5/6 with Dan and Maya at 3:40. Had an email confirmed 3:20 tee time that was not on their sheet, but they got us out at 3:40 and we were able to finish despite the snail's pace. Tees were good. Fairways were wide and in excellent shape. Rough was lost-ball deep and long in many areas. Most traps had very nice sand but found a greenside bunker with small rocks, odd for a course that charges $81 for a twilight round and 130 otherwise. The greens were also a sore point. They were to be punched the following day and it seemed they have let them go for a while. They were cut thin and had a lot of sand on them just to even them out. I can't say they putted terribly, but there were a few unexpected turns and for a higher-end course I expected much more. It was a nice layout and very green with lots of trees, bunkers and some water. Played the Members tees at 6300 and there were quite a few short holes that tempted you. Next time I won't be so easily seduced. Some elevation changes and very scenic. This just wasn't what I expected in a Texas golf course and was very pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the place was. It's about 30 mins. east of Austin at a Hyatt resort with not much around and had the greens been in better shape, I'd have highly recommended it, but maybe a month from now.
Played 3/20 at 7:30 in my usual 4some. The golf course just finished hosting a Canadian Qualifier, so it was about as good as it has been in a while. Tee boxes were pretty well covered, but several remain uneven. Fairways were cut and rolled well, very few bare spots. Greens rolled well at medium speed. Aprons and collars looked great on several holes and not so great on others. There has been a major effort to sift the rocks and pebbles on greenside bunkers especially. I'd like to thank the grounds crew for doing a nice job. There are still a few fairway bunkers with some gravel in them. The waste bunkers are still not maintained as waste bunkers anymore and I don't believe they will be again. If you like this course, it's in the best shape it's been in since last years second flood and there may be some deals out there. I had a lot of fun today. If you don't like it, playing it now will not change your mind.
Played 1/16 as a walk-on at 1 pm. Kiana, the starter/cart attendant/chief financial analyst and only one working within a mile of the pro shop, was just great. "Thanks for coming out. . ." Made me feel welcome. She checked with the twosome on the tee and told me I could go out in front of them if I liked. Wanted to get in a quick round, so thanked them and hit away. It's a links-style course, no trees in play, but quite a bit of up and down on the front 9. This one does run through a housing development, but even I had a hard time hitting any of them. Wide open fairways with a real nice mix of challenging and opportunity holes. Tee boxes were good, well covered but not lush. Fairways were tight and green. They had some rain a couple days before and there were some lingering damp areas. Sand in the traps was nice, though the traps could have used some raking. Greens were very much links style, a ways from pristine, but fair, with some tricky breaks. Complexes were well cared for with nice collars and aprons. There are beautiful views from most holes and you get to leave your cart and walk on 16 and 17, which was very enjoyable.
Played 8/31 11:15 start. Seemed very SLOW, but 4.5 hour round. Tees looked good. Fairways were decent where it counted; a couple bare spots where you shouldn't hit it. Greens were very good, quick but holding extremely well. Traps were well above average. Rough could be wicked if you got around a water source; that kikuyu can be wicked. Good definition around the the greens with a first and second cut. If you haven't played here, there a couple of just plain goofy holes, but the views from 10, 12, 14 ,16 and 17 more than make up for them. Stop by Tobey's and have a beer on the patio if it's a clear day.
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