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Early out at Montebello this morning playing the Blue Tee’s. Table set up at the main walking entrance confirming tee times. Everyone wearing masks prior to teeing off. CC only no cash. From what I was told the course re-opened last Saturday and was walking only. Today they allowed carts as single riders. Carts are standard as they don’t have GPS. Range and practice greens are also closed. They did have pre-packed food for purchase although I did not see what was available.

As for the course, well overall pretty disappointing. Tee boxes were mostly dirt with a mix of dead grass. Fairways were the same a lot of dirt patches mixed with dead grass and patches of green grass. There was some rough which was inconsistent, they also had old clippings which made things worse if you were there. Greens were ok albeit really slow. I was not in any bunkers but was told everyone plays them as a free drop. Not sure of the accuracy of that, did not affect me as I wasn’t in any of them today. I can say that the few I looked at had zero sand and looked like concrete.

Additionally they have flipped 9’s. The old 18 plays 430 yards up a slight incline so it was a good finishing hole. Now 18 is a P3 from about 100 yards. I did throw a SW in there to about 6 inches which was a decent way to end the round.

If it wasn’t for the fact I was playing with some buddies I would be mad getting up that early for the course conditions. Nevertheless I hope they figure things out and make the necessary corrections. POP was 3.5 hours.
Afternoon tee time on the Babe. Not much more to add from the review earlier this week. Check in was swift, no waiting. Course is green and is a good challenge. Tee boxes were green and level. Fairways were also green and lush, rough was not bad at worse 1 inch. The greens were hammered with divot marks. Amazes me how ignorant some people are, I personally fixed 5 per each green. Otherwise the greens were a little shaggy and slow for my liking. As previously mentioned the bunkers are horrible. Crab grass growing and the sand was crusty. I sort or get it but at the same time disappointed.

POP was just shy of 4 hours.
Another round this morning on the South course. Can’t beat a free round w/ cart using my LS Players card. There were a couple of small changes since I was here a few weeks ago.

All CV19 tactics are the same as other courses. Course was extremely wet from the morning dew and course watering. Maintenance were out working on the course and raking the bunkers. Tee boxes were green and level for the most part. Fairways were green and had nice coverage expect for #16. Not sure what happened but the fairway is chewed up, areas of dirt and dead grass. Just something you dont expect here. The rough is now non existent, some spots less than an inch. The greens were still nice although I had a few rooster tail putts with the morning dew. Back 9 was better as the sun was out. I was not in any of the bunkers but they looked heavy and wet on the few I walked by.

I personally like playing the south because of the 6 Par 5’s. POP was less than 2 hours. Cant get any better than that.
Man I really enjoy playing up at the Hill. Resort feel in the middle of town. CV19 tactics standard as most courses. Security confirms reservations at the shack bottom of the hill. Pro shop check in fast with proper spacing and precautions. Side note they have you share a common pen to sign your receipt. Hand sanitizer close by but saw some not use any. Single riders, no rakes, carts had divot mix, i asked about them and was told they are cleaned after every round. Range and practice greens are closed.

The Ike was green, you could see the fairway and rough cut and it looked real nice. Tee boxes were green with lush. Fairways were good, most of the time the ball sat up like it was on carpet. There were a few spots that were a little thin. Rough on average was about 2 inches. Pin placements today were a good challenge, a lot of tucked or sucker pins. Hit the middle and two putt then move on to the next. I thought the greens were medium speed, they definitely have been faster. But add the pin placements and it created some havoc with a couple of 3 putts. Fairway bunkers were hardpan. Green side had ample sand although it was wet.

Facilities on course were open. Snack shack was open, didnt stop but was told it was pre made
food. POP was a tick over 4 hours. We would have been less than 4 hours but the group in front of us were playing the Blues and should have been playing the White Tees.

Will be back next week to play the Babe.
Another early tee time, 6:40. Front 9 was overcast and the sun was out for the back nine. Typical CV19 protocol, staff at the gate to verify times. Then check in and head to the tee box within the 15 minute window.

Tee boxes were good, no problem finding a spot to hit from. Fairways were pretty good. Didnt have a bad lie today. The front 9 was soaked from watering so no roll out. Greens were good although a little slow from what I remember. I wasnt in any bunkers so no comment, but from what I could see very little to no sand in most. On course facilities were open. No cart service. POP was less than 4 hours which was outstanding.
Check in at the Pro Shop was quick and efficient, all proper tactics for covid. So off we went. 6:58 Tee Time and they were already a group behind.
Going to be brief, Tee boxes/fairways/greens were in very good condition. Everything was green and lush. The greens were great, running fast and held the lines.

The bad, the course was packed. How are you already 1 time behind before 7AM? We had to wait on every shot. It was over a 5.5 hour round. The waiting took its toll on the back 9 as my game fell apart.

They will be reopening the driving range this coming Monday.
Played this morning for $22 walking only. Had a 6:50 time but let us get out at 6:15. No greeter at the gate. There was an employee as you walk into the Pro Shop directing people. The range was open, every other mat. The practice green was closed. All employees were wearing masks. After paying I asked the employee outside the Pro Shop why some people were not wearing their masks and he said its not mandatory on the course. Its up to the individual discretion.

As I mentioned walking only, no rakes, trash cans, or scorecards. There were no standard pins, they use what looks to be like maintenance flags, approximately 1 foot high.

For those not aware this is a pitch n putt course, Par 59. Good place to work on your short irons and short game. Tee boxes were a mixed bag. Some of them were very thin and some had decent coverage. It appears they have done recent work around alot of the greens, new sod.

Fairways were few as there are only 5 Par 4’s. 6th hole and 9th hole run parallel and had pretty good fairways the ball sat up well. These 2 holes share the common rough which looked to be a few inches. On the back 9 holes 13/17/18’s fairways were very thin with a lot of run.

I was in a few of the greenside bunkers, and while the sand was wet there was good sand overall. I was able to get up/down with no problem.

Now the greens, overall I was a little disappointed. First off they looked like they had not been cut or rolled in a few days. Nevertheless they rolled medium speed. My biggest complaint is all the lazy golfers who dont fix their ball marks, come on man. It takes a few seconds, every hole we fixed 3 to 5 ball marks.

Overall I maybe back, it was a swift round 2 hours and 10 minutes and for $22 not that bad. Good thing we finished early, the sun was getting hot and it started to cook.
Played Los Serranos North Saturday with a 7:02 tee time. Check in the Pro Shop was easy, doors were kept open and the floor was properly spaced for social distance. Masks are required as we all know. Paid, cc only no cash being taken. Check in with the starter was easy and on time. We played the blues and had 4 solo carts. I did see people walking.

Course was packed. Tee boxes were good, fairways were plush. Rough was tough on average 2 to 4 inches, there were grass shavings left from a recent cut which made it more difficult so put it back in play and take your medicine. The greens had full coverage and overall rolled good. They were a little slower than normal but still rolled true. Also the few green side bunkers I was in had good sand/coverage as I was able to get up/down w/o problems.

Snack shacks were closed so bring your own beverages to stay hydrated in the heat. Overall a very good day although a little slow as we finished in 4 hours and 40 minutes.
1st day back in operation. They had someone at the gate verifying tee times to restrict entrance and unnecessary gathering. Check in at outside table was easy. Everyone wearing masks. The range and practice area is currently closed. Walkers allowed along with solo cart riding.

Tee boxes/fairways/rough were great all around. Greens were 50/50 still recovering from maintenance. Greens were bumpy and slow. No pins, the cups were all put in the center of the greens.

Marshals were out monitoring play, handing out water and saw them rake some of the bunkers.

Cant really complain it was nice to be out again. Finished in about 3.5 hours.

The starter did mentioned they are booked solid until middle of next week.
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