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Played the Black tees with 3 buddies on Nov. 12th '23. We teed off at 11:30am and got absolutely perfect weather, a sunny 70 degrees with hardly a breeze throughout the afternoon. The course is a fun journey with considerable elevation changes up and over the hills of Livermore. The conditions aren't immaculate, but they were good especially where they needed to be. I am usually most critical on greens and bunkers, in which case this course showcased very well. We expected slow greens after reading a few of the earlier reviews here, and we were surprised to find lush/fairly firm greens that were rolling very smooth (at least 10.5). Pitch marks were minimal and approaches and wedges held well although some wedges were hard to check due to the speeds. Bunkers were all very playable and consistent and considerably better than most public courses I play for $100. I was unfortunately in 7 of them throughout the round so quite the sample size. There were certainly some bare spots around the fairways and rough but once winter comes around I'm sure it'll fill back in. Our whole group was pleasantly surprised with how fun the design is and the variety of clubs we used in our bag. It's a very gettable course if you want to score and are hitting fairways but poor shots are certainly punished. Definitely would be open to playing again.
Played on Nov 11th '23 for our first of 36 holes that day. Teed off at 7:20am to a very energetic marshal who got us fired up for our round (sorry to forget his name). We started off in the dew and ended up getting insane weather. There was hardly a breeze and by 11am the course was cooked, with the greens rolling so firm and fast that they were shining like a major championship course and had zero pitch marks from our approaches. The layout of this course is very fun, mostly because of the green complexes and bunkering. Bunkers were all in great shape and were fair to play out off, as opposed to the many public courses I play with hardly any sand and large pebbles in the traps. It's as walkable as it gets and a couple of my buddies who live in the area said it usually gets quite windy and that we lucked out with our conditions. 10-13 is a very tough stretch of holes, especially playing from the back like we did. Overall, it's an impressive municipal course and I'm sure it'll only get better. Kudos to the greenskeeper, the greens were unbelievable for a public track with that much play. At least an 11.5/12 and so firm that pitch marks were non-existent from our group, and we are all single digit hdcps.
Played on the Friday afternoon of 8/25 teeing off at 2:50. I called around lunch and they were able to get my buddy and I on which was pretty lucky given how busy this course usually is. Great service, twilight rates, and complimentary push carts. Course was in great shape. While the fairways are very wide, there is a nice first cut of rough about 1.5-2in with thick native areas where you are likely to lose your ball. Bunkers were in good shape and definitely better than most public courses in the SB/Ventura area. Greens are also good but rolling slow as usual. They are undulating complexes in which the pins are usually placed in tough areas. Wish they would get the greens rolling here one day because it would be a lot more fun. While there is pitch mark damage on most, it’s not significantly bad given how much play the course gets. The tougher holes barely have any. It’s a fun layout with hazards and holes requiring different clubs and distance control. In the afternoons you’d be lucky to play in a breeze under 15mph. We walked the Tour tees and soared through our round, only waiting for the group in front on a hole or two. Played in about 4 hr 15min
The most under appreciated course in California. Last weekend (3/26) was my second time playing Spanish and it was almost as special as the first time. The 22-23 winter season has been a historic one for California and we came only a couple days after another large storm. We played Pebble two days prior and Pasatiempo the day before. While Pebble was in amazing shape (surprisingly after a couple inches of rain the day before), Pasatiempo was terrible with the greens shaggy, slow and soft even though they still charged their full rate. Spanish was as close to perfect as you can get, especially during such a stormy winter. Yes, it was better than Pebble but only noticeable if you’re as critical like I am. The greens were firm and rolling at 10.5/11 with minimal pitch marks. Rough and fairways were beautiful and sand was in perfect shape to play out of. I personally love the design of the course. It’s an adventure throughout with very memorable holes that require a versatile game and experience with every club in the bag. The balance between coastal and forest holes is terrific and requires a dialed game tee to green. While the tips aren’t quite 7000 yards on the scorecard, 14-18 can play extremely difficult when it’s windy. As you’d expect, we caught gale force winds the last several holes where it was blowing a steady 35-45mph after getting away with only moderate winds the first part of the round. We laughed off the finish as our whole group took about 4 extra clubs on 16. It’s almost always going to be windy and challenging at a course this exposed and there is no reason to shame it for the weather. It says a lot about a course when an entire group who brought their C game at best (including myself) can finish up the round in smiles and walk off raving about the experience. Spanish has certainly solidified itself as one of my all time favorites and the best value I’ve played anywhere with respect to the upper end price tags ($300+).
Played here on Tuesday after my buddy had found a voucher for us for about $180 per player. This is a phenomenal property in general, let alone to spend 18 holes on. Decided to play from the Black tees to challenge my game and it was certainly one of the tougher layouts I’ve played recently. In terms of design, the holes are tight and have a lot of areas to miss with chaparral and other thick shrubs. Some fairways aren’t more than 20 yards wide with maybe 5-7 yards of rough on either side (30yd landing area total). With some of the forced carries from the tips being over 220 yards long (and sometimes blind with trees blocking the view of the fairway), it required full focus off the tee. #5 had about a 250 yd forced carry into the wind. There were a couple water hazards as well but luckily never was tested by those. Although I enjoyed the Pete Dye design, it’s not my favorite since sometimes an unlucky bounce could get you in unnecessary trouble where you’d have to drop. It didn’t feel like there were many ‘good’ places to miss other than strategizing on what tier to be on the green. Felt like most of my misses resulted in a dropped shot and I only had a handful of poor shots all round. Conditions were very good but definitely what I would at least expect for a course of that price. We were stoked on our deal but rates being $350-$500 is hefty. That’s heftier than Spanish Bay for example which is an ocean course that far surpasses this. Greens were surprisingly soft and receptive, not rolling faster than a 10. We expected them to be very fast. However, they did roll well other than the many pitch marks on some holes that gave way to some wiggle and bounce on our lines. There was consistent 1/1.5 in rough around the fairway. Slight bare spots here and there but nothing to criticize. Fairways and bunkers were excellent. Overall experience was great. Carts were very nice and provided GPS/ yardage/water bottles. Pace of play was perfect (Tue afternoon). Weather was 75 degrees with a 5-10mph breeze all day after the morning marine layer burned off. Def would play here again (for under $250).
Played this course for the fifth time a few days ago, having not played it for several months, and it was in surprisingly good shape. Since it’s fescue grass on the fairways, the course will never be super green and luscious. However, it is currently in really good shape and they have even grown out an improved 2in cut of fescue rough in key areas. One of my few issues with this course in the past was that the ideal lines on some holes involved bringing water and bunkered areas into play, and even if you hit good tee shots it would roll into them if you didn’t get much spin. Now with there being a consistent cut of rough around the course will play more fair and fun. Otherwise, this is a fun, engaging design that tests every part of your game. It is usually windy there after mid morning too providing an added challenge. Greens were in really good shape a few days ago, very green and rolling medium speed with enough firmness that there were hardly any pitch marks or other markings. Bunkers/waste areas are in good shape and won’t totally wreck your clubs like some of my home courses that have large pebbles in the sand. All water areas are completely full. For paying over $100 to walk on a weekend, the course is in shape it should be in but anything less would be frustrating. Grill has solid food and a mean pulled pork! Would highly recommend this course for anyone looking for a slightly different type of golf design than usual California courses.
This has been one of my local courses for a few years now and I made this account only to say GREAT WORK GUYS! I have never played this course in as good of condition as I did today. The team at LP has worked hard to restore most of the bunkers as well as manicure a consistent 2in cut of rough throughout the course. Greens were excellent, not rolling faster than about 10 but very smooth with minimal pitch marks given their firmness. I’ve always respected the design of this course and I’d certainly consider it a championship track that is a fair test of golf, although very difficult, especially with windy conditions year round. The only thing I’d say is that the amount of sand in the new bunkers is extensive and the chances of fried egg are high if the ball carries directly into it. I’m sure that will improve over time as the sand settles in during the winter though. Unfortunately, today was one of the worst scoring rounds I’ve ever had here (from the Black tees) but just have to shrug it off and get back out asap before aerification. Again, great work team just an amazing improvement from what was already a good course!
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