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Played on Saturday 2/8, greens were in pretty good shape, a couple had some ball mark damage but not really in play for the pin we had. Tee boxes are kind of uneven, lot of par 3s and short par 4s so it’s kind of hard to avoid that. Always a fun track, not a bad price especially during the week days
Played here for the first time in almost a year. $25 to walk on a Tuesday around 11. They paired me with one other single. Greens still a little bumpy from the aeration a couple months back but not bad, they still played fairly quick. Round took about 3 1/2 hours, had to wait on a coupe holes but not too long. Its a fun track, goes up and down, not too unique but has its challenges. I play here more often because its closer to my house but I do recommend it for the right price.
Played on 2/24 at 8:30. Got out a few minutes early. Not too many on the course which was a little surprising. Greens were pretty fast, tee boxes were ok, fairways were thin. Good customer service (especially at the snack bar). Challenging for a 5600 yard course but if you stay in the fairway and hit your approach shots well, you can easily shoot a low round. A few some greens and has a couple hard pin placements but it’s usually a fun course barring slow play
Played for the first time in months, got out as a single w/o a tee time with no issue. Cold and windy but still a fun round. Always a fun course and worth the green fee. Solid practice facility too.
Played here yesterday for the first time in about 9 months. After it rained heavily over the weekend I expected that it was going to be soggy but it was great. The course is in very good shape for the amount of people who play on it. It wasn't very busy and I got out right away. The customer service here is some of the best I have ever had. Go play this course, sign up for their weekly emails and you might be able to get some good deals. They also consistently have good deals on GolfNow. It is also a really good course to play a 3 club challenge if you're up for it
Played today around 2 after not playing for about 6 months, wasn't too busy, they have new carts, awesome food and staff. I expected it to be a little chewed up, which it was at parts but all together I thought the course was in good shape. Only had to pay $21 with a cart. Go out and play this course! It's short enough for the shorter hitters but still brings a good challenge despite being only 5500 yards. Tough par 3s, short par 4s that make you think, alot of hills/slopes, and my favorite finishing hole I've played.
Par-62, fun golf course. Greens are in great shape. 3rd green is a little chewed up in front but other than that, they are some of the best greens around. The tee boxes are just about done being repaired. The sand is great, soft but not to deep. Fairways are pretty good, same as the rough. A lot of mud hens and ducks around the water, so you'll be around some droppings around those holes. Practice area is great, the greens are always kept nice, both grass and mat surfaces on the range, better than most grass ranges I've been on which are like hitting out of sand traps with sod. They take great care of the range. The snack bar/restaurant is great. good food and good service. The GM and the other pro shop employees are awesome as well. Its a great course the play, get out and play it, especially on a weekday when the always have good deals going.
Ive been playing here about once a week for a month or two. They just got new sand in the traps. the only bad green is the 12th where they have mower scrapes from back to front, not too big of a deal. The employees are great, from the pro shop to the snack bar, they do a great job, and give great service and good food. The range is just mats but they do have a good chipping green in the practice area. I haven't played on a weekend here in a while but the pace of play is good, might clog a little bit on the par-3's like every course but not bad. Go play here, its only a 5600 yard course but its tough for the length. Plus if you walk, its a great workout. I hope to see you guys out there.
Played 2/27/16. Customer service was friendly. Wildlife everywhere, pretty much saw deer in every direction. Very hilly. The greens were pretty nice, but they were crazy, if you missed a put to the side, it would most likely roll an extra 15ft. The fairways, tee boxes, and rough were fair. Alot of the views were pretty cool, a few tee shots would have a cool background after you hit. Pretty good place to play for the price. So go play it!
Played today(8/7/15) at 3pm, not too busy. I've played this course too many times to count, and this was the best I've seen it. I've played some nice courses and the greens here were the best I've seen. They have a new greens keeper. Come play this course, its cheap and more than worth the time. I usually play about 3 hours so its not going to take too much of the day. Get to this course! It's awesome!
Went out today around 9:45, had good service, we were paired with some awesome people, good pace of play, didn't really have to wait. The course was awesome, i might have found my new favorite course that doesn't cost me a weeks worth of work, haha. If you can, go play 'Big Rec' because you will not be disapointed.
David L Baker is one of my favorite courses. You can your on the short game, shoot a decent score, drive a couple par 4's and enjoy good food. The service is awesome, they always have good deals and its not too challenging. The only bad thing I can think of is that it can get pretty busy sometimes but for weekdays you can't go wrong with David L Baker
Listing 1 to 12 of 63,128 Course Reviews
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