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Played here yesterday, 2/16/16. Got a great deal with golf now. $25 including cart with a 12:14 tee time. I thought the course was good for that price. The drought has played its toll, but it was lush is some areas. Mixture of different grass on the tee boxes true, but come on, are we really worried about the tee boxes? Stick a tee in your pie, and shut it! Traps were well maintained. Rough was thicker in parts, but overall good. Greens were in good shape. Fairways were good as well, with some patchy areas for sure, but not horrible by any means. We're in a drought people, and El Niño is looking like my little cousin El Sid, who we play lego's with at Christmas time. I wouldn't want to pay over $40 to play this course, but $30 and under is fine. Hell, you'll pay close to that for 18 at Golf n stuff, so get your head out of the windmill. Overall, I felt for the price and conditions, it was a solid good experience. Oh, grabbed some grub too from the grill. Recommend the chicken Caesar wrap. Good stuff. Bathrooms were better too than my last trip. Golf on fellas!
Played here yesterday. First time playing this course. First time playing golf in almost a year, so it was tough. Can't let that happen again. I thought that the course was gorgeous. Greens were fast. Fairways were in great shape. The whole course was very lush and well maintained. Staff was friendly. I would love to play this course again in the future.
Played with Longball. Like he said, course is LUSH. Love this course during the summer months. Nice and cool. Yeah, breezy today. Slow round, but what do you expect after an OPEN.

Olivas Links Review
Ventura California Golf Course Reviews
Issues...issues...issues. Forget about bringing any type of coupon! That will be your first issue. As the club house guy said, "i hate coupons!" It was a 2 for 1. We played super twilight. It was myself,longball23 and rgm2525, along with a friend. We had to start from the back 9, which I hate due to a progression that a course has. I feel a course progresses better from the start. Anyways, then we were told we had to finish within 2 hours on the back 9 due to a shotgun tournie starting on the back 9. When the reservation was booked, that was not explained. We got through it, but it was always in the back of my mind. My back was killing me, so that didn't help. Ok,i know,stop b$tch ing! The course was in decent shape. A few t boxes have seen better days. I like the course layout though. My biggest problem are the restroom facilities. I know, go pee in a bush,but when a course is surrounded by houses, and I don't want to get arrested for exposing myself to some 5 year old playing in their backyard, one needs to use the facilities. You can smell the urine coming outside of the 19th grill, where the restrooms are.floor was covered in ants and piss.come on man! Take some pinesol every hour or so and clean up! Overall, for the price, it,was good. I wouldn't pay $50 or more to play this course though.

Sterling Hills Golf Club Course Review
Camarillo California Golf Course Reviews
Ditto on what the last 3 people reviewed about Rsutic. Played on Monday with Longball23, Robstretch, and friend. Course is in great overall shape, with the greens a little slow. That's ok with me. It gets harder when they are lighting fast. That can mean my ball goes lightning fast off the green! Pace was good, a little over 4 hours. Had some #$% (at) wads behind us who are still learning golf etiquette. They kept hitting up on us even while we were going at a good pace. When asked about why they were doing that by Longballs friend, they stated that they didn't realize they were hitting it so close to us. Give me a break! 4 or 5 times, their ball went in between us after we just hit our 2nd shot. Staff were nice as usual. Love the older gentleman who gives out the carts. Always nice, fills up your cooler with ice, has time for a chat and talk a little golf. For $32 bucks at 2:00pm including cart, playing at a gorgeous links is well worth my time and money. I love you Rustic!
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Played on Monday as well with the boys. Course was in great shape as mentioned by Johnny and Longball. Funny thing was the only negative was exactly what Johnny said about the 10th fairway. I think the Creature from the Black Lagoon lives there. It always seems to be swampy. I think that it has something to do with the water tank near the t-box. Anyways, staff is always extra kind at this course. Was windy that day, which it can be out in the Oxnard area. If that bothers you, check the weather conditions prior.
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Played the last two Monday's. Course is in excellent shape. The conditions were spectacular this past Monday. Course was packed, but pace was still good.This course is hard with a capital H.You can easily get frustrated, I always do, but the course makes you feel like you are on vacation somewhere far away. Great surrounding views, and lots of wildlife. Hide your goodies in the cart or the squirrels will get em. Yeah, yeah I know, it's a golf course, who cares about the scenery. But man, I tell you! There is something special at the "canyon". By the way, if you register on line, you can get a free round a week before or after your birthday (Monday through Friday). All you have to do is pay for the cart.
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Played there yesterday after not having played golf in almost a year. Wish they would have a driving range to warm up, but that's my own fault for not playuing in so long. Staff is very nice. Price was great with the Monday special. Course was in decent shape. Fairways have been better. No standing water after all the rains. Greens were a little grainy. I think this course will be in much better shape in Spring. Winds started howling on the back 9. Got kind of chilly, but it at least blew away some of that lovely dirty diaper smell you get when playing this course.
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Bring your jacket!!!Played here with some great guys the other day. Had a fun time, but man was it cold!!! Frosty the Snowman came out of the bushes on the 14th hole and asked me for a ride out of the links. I mean, it was cold. Should of walked my fat butt instead of riding and would of kept warmer. Anyways, the course is beautiful. Lush, lush, and more lush. Traps (unfortunatley found out) were well maintained. Fairways great. However, the greens were not in good shape today, but playable. Nice staff. Fast pace of play.
Played there today (4/17) Got out at 1:40. Twilight starts here after 1:00, so that's good. But man, everyone in Thousand Oaks got out early and decided to play golf. We had two guys from our group join their threesome buddies after the first hole in front. So basically, we had a fivesome in front, with a foursome of the walking dead in front of them. Slow paced play, but great when you have good company...(Yeah, you Longball23) The course is on ok shape. It's LR. It gets a lot of traffic. The greens were kind of bad. Very bumpy. Weird that I always have a soft spot for this course though.
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Played on Monday (4/13) during the mid-day. Course is in beautiful shape. Greens are what the guy we got paired up with said, "ARE OPTICAL ILLUSIONS!!!"Game pace was quick. Staff was great as usual. The club sandwich from the grill was delicious after the turn, but it killed my game! I was ready for a nap and not for smacking the ball around. Still had a great time. I fall in love with this course more and more every time I play.
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