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I haven't been to Chester Washington for a number of years. Pre-Covid, the course let out fivesomes and I never had a single tee time that went out within thirty minutes of the booked time. I returned today with a 6:50 a.m. tee time and having heard that groups were limited to foursomes.

With some early morning fog and a few earlier tee times that booked a time in the dark but wanted to wait for some light, we got off about 15 minutes late. After the first two holes though, we had no POP issues and we got through in 3:50. This course does tend to get more novice and casual golfers though, and it seemed like the POP may have slowed down for the groups behind us.

Greens appear to have been recently aerated and are healing, but not to the point they have been rolled yet. Everything seemed to be slow, bumpy, and straight. The greens themselves are relatively small which is one of the few challenging things about this course.

Fairways were sufficiently lush by LA County standards, with occasional dry parts.

Rough was definitely thick and uneven.

As the most recent review indicated, the tee boxes were in bad shape. In many instances, the course had three sets of tees all playing from the same spot. While that may help with POP, it means that they get extremely beat up because novices and more experienced players are all hitting from the same spot.

It was fun to come back to CW after not having been here for a few years, but I won't be rushing back. This is a great course for the novice golfer who wants to play a full course or for someone who just wants a casual game with friends and does not care if the course is rough around the edges.
Played here on Saturday, 11/11/17 visiting a friend who lives in Colorado. We had the second tee time of the day at 7:30 a.m. but everyone was pushed back due to frost on the course (a first for this Southern California native). Sent out as a twosome following another twosome who were locals and regulars.

Course was in good shape given the time of year. With the cold weather and hard ground, everything rolled more than usual, as you might expect. Greens were in good shape and were really fast, but again, that's probably due to the colder weather. I stayed out of the sand all day, but traps generally appeared to be maintained and in good shape.

Not the most difficult course. Fairly flat and straight with trees running the length of many fairways, though not surprisingly, the trees had long since dropped most of their leaves.

Staff at the course was great and very good with communicating regarding the frost delay. My friend and I ended up enjoying the delay by catching up over breakfast at the clubhouse which was great.

Certainly playing as a twosome and being the second group out on the day helped, but we got a full round in under 3 hours, which was fantastic. I'd definitely recommend for anyone looking for a low-key round in Denver.
Listing 1 to 2 of 63,367 Course Reviews
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