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Played here for the first time with a friend on Wednesday (18 Holes) and was not disappointed. We teamed up with another couple and had a really nice time playing together.

It was quite challenging but was very enjoyable. This is course is not meant for beginners in my opinion. The furthest hole I've ever played was on Hole 1 with over 600+ yards (from the Black Tees).

I was up for the challenge and had an amazing time. The pace was great and a lot of scenery that surrounds each hole as you play. A lot of hills and slopes are on this course but can be in your favor at times. The course was in great condition and properly maintained.

I see myself coming back here soon!
Haven't played here since 2012, the course hasn't changed at all. The only thing that's changed is the golf carts with brand new Touch Screen Display in the center of the golf cart (next to the driving wheel in the center). There are quite similar to the Touch Screens from North Ranch. Today I played the Front 9.

Several holes (such as 2 & 3) are quite easy to lose your ball if you hit towards the right side from the Tee Box. The Greens tend to go all over the place, but depending on where you land on the Green, you can make a lucky putt with the curves/hills that work in your favor.

I really like Hole 6 (Par 3) where you hit from the top of the hill (looks over the freeway and the Oaks Mall from the left side) and lands all the way down below to the hole.

The rest of the holes were very nice to play on and had no problems with in general. Some sand traps (such as Hole 4) had one of the deepest sand traps I've ever seen. It is definitely worth playing at when wanting to switch up golf courses in the area.
I have been going here for almost 10 years off and on. Throughout the years, they have always been improving the golf course.

The cart are always clean and taken care of and the same goes for the grass throughout the course.

The greens on certain holes are often a hit or miss as greens go very fast or slow and even curve dramatically. The course is nicely built and the fact that they have enough Par 3 and Par 5 holes for the front 9 & back 9 is fantastic.

Since COVID-19, the course has respectfully been doing everything they can to make sure golfers are comfortable to play golf on the course or at the driving range.

The driving range throughout the years have changed. A few years ago, they added colorful flags to focus on different targets when practicing on the range. They also recently changed their practice golf balls to brand new ones for the range.

Be aware of the geese when your at certain holes. Just the other week, my ball landed near a group of them and they began to hiss at me for approaching my ball lol.

This course is definitely a great place to play a round of golf at and the Marshals at this course are friendly and wave before I even wave to them. The scenery and atmosphere at Westlake is amazing. It's definitely worth going to if you are visiting the area or happen to drive by from the freeway.

I look forward to coming back to this course each time to beat my PB.
This is my 3rd time playing golf at North Ranch.

I last time I played here was this previous Saturday and had an amazing time!

The last time I played prior to last week was in March (the day before North Ranch and many other courses closed due to COVID-19). I wasn't able to get a cart then, so I brought my own push cart and walked 18 holes on the Valley and the Oaks Course. It was an enjoyable experience and had a great workout from the two courses.

This time, I was able to use their golf carts and they are a complete life changer from any other golf carts I've used elsewhere. The carts come with a small drink cooler with two waters and ice, a ball cleaner, club cleaner, extra space for storage inside the ceiling of the golf cart, and (last but not least) a touchscreen display in the upper center of the golf cart.

The display screen is equipped with GPS for the hole you are playing on, an electronic scorecard that you can send to your email, message the club if you need anything or help, tells you the distance from what tee you shot off of, and so much more! It's a complete game changer having that screen in the golf cart.

Again, I played the Valley and then the Oaks from the Black Tees. Both courses, were very clean and very well maintained. The sand traps are a bit challenging, but can be quite easy to get out of. The green is very smooth and my golf ball goes at ease (without going too fast). The rough is not very rough like other courses are and there was no wait time for me at any hole when I played.

The scenery around the courses are breath-taking, it feels like I am on vacation. I didn't see one piece of trash or any big marks on the course. The marks that are there, were all covered up with the mix you use from the golf cart and are maintained.

I do have to say that this course (combined with the two courses) are 5300+ yards (Yellow Tee) to 6700+ yards (Black Tees) for 18 holes. This by far is the longest course I've ever played on. If your a beginner, I recommend having a lot of experience and practice before playing here. These courses (compared to other ones nearby) are much further and more challenging, so it's best to have some prior experience before you play here.

I really can't get over how amazing and beautiful this course really is! I cannot wait to come back to this course real soon to play another round and give the Lakes a shot.
This was the first golf course I ever played growing up and as the years gone by, I would come back every some often and frequently just to play.

In the early 2010s, the course was probably at its highest peak at the time with the course being frequently taken care of. As of the last few years up until now, the course has gone downhill.

Sure, some holes (1-3) are pretty clean and maintained, but other holes (4-5), are not as maintained as the other holes are as well as a lot of hills and uneven levels or grass.

Holes 7-9 are well maintained and are very nice to play on. They recently in the past 2-3 years or so built a pond on hole 8 that takes up a majority of the left-hand side.

The only downside of holes 7-9 are having to cross the street to get to them. I will drive by that street and golfers will always jaywalk across instead of using the crosswalk. I prefer the crosswalk (even if it's inconvenient to me).

Overall, it's a course I grew up playing on and has changed from time to time, but still a nice course to practice your Par 3s on!
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