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There were not many reviews of the course so my experience may be unusual. My playing partner has played this a few times before and it was always in impeccable shape. Our experience was far from it. Apparently they had an issue with the irrigation, and that resulted in it being far from lush, with significant dry spots and greens heavily sanded, although there was no mention or indication that they had recently been aerated. Some greens were borderline unplayable. When we mentioned the course conditions to the gentleman in the pro shop after the round he seemed unconcerned and dismissive, a very un-Troon like response.

That said, if the course was in the shape we expected, it would be a very good find. I don't know if we paid full fare to play it or if rates were discounted to reflect the conditions, but if the course was in good shape it'd be worth up to $100, maybe more. It's about a half hour drive from Kaanapali so it's a little out of the way, but would be worth the drive. Closer courses are closer to $200, and from the looks of things are probably not as nice as Kahili. The layout is interesting, with no houses anywhere near the course. POP was not a problem, perhaps due to the conditions.

I'd consider playing it again, but would call ahead to see what shape it's in before deciding to play.
Hmmm. No reviews? This course gets a lot of play and I figure quite a few SoCalers would have played here, but I guess not. I've played here quite a few times over the years, including each of the last two.

This is a typical resort course. Great conditions, very scenic, and good service. Many holes lined by homes, but most fairways are wide enough to use driver. Has a more interesting layout than many resort courses I've played. It's pricey, and discounts are scarce during high season, but it appears to be fairly priced.
I played this course earlier this month while on vacation in Sunriver. The resort courses at Sunriver are a bit pricey so I came to Quail Run because it was quite a bit cheaper. The course is in good shape and was uncrowded the day we were there. Nice layout, but a bit narrow for my taste. I left the driver in the bag on many holes, but because I wasn't hitting it well that day, I couldn't keep it in play anyway. That said, it still seemed to play more difficult than its slope rating. I don't recall a marshal or snack cart making the rounds, but POP was pretty good so the marshal wasn't needed. Not resort quality services (cart paths are gravel), but if you hit the ball straight you will probably enjoy the course.
First time back here since about 2010. Same nice course, great scenery, POP not a problem. Got my first ever hole in one here earlier this month, so it's now my favorite course. Conditions were terrific, and it's fairly priced. A bit of a drive from Sunriver (45 mins) and Bend (half an hour), but worth the drive.
I played this course for the second year in a row on the way to Sunriver. I really like this course. Conditions were well above average both times I played, and it's very scenic. It seems to have a lot of long uphill and downhill holes, which places a premium on club selection. POP not a problem midweek. Priced a little on the high side,. But I'd say generally that it's priced fairly. Has a grass driving range a huge putting green.
I play here regularly in the men's club and realized I haven't submitted a review in awhile. The course is almost always in good shape, and the last few weeks are no exception. A few of the bunkers have been replaced with grass and others are being freshened up. Best to play in the morning before the wind picks up if you're looking to score well. The Palm Card is steal, which averages out to a little over $35 a round, weekdays.
I played here Monday, Feb. 11. Wow, was I disappointed. The course charges a premium but is not up to snuff. Yes, we've had a lot of rain so conditions weren't expected to be pristine, but Monarch Beach and Arrowood are in far superior condition. The greens were generally fine, although a few had dead spots. Plus, they remove circular plugs of grass about 6 or so inches in diameter on the edge of the green, sometimes with a long row of 10 or more on a green. That makes putting through it from the fringe a non-starter. You might expect to see this at a muni, but not at these prices.

The fairways were in very rough shape, with very few spots where grass is growing normally. Fortunately the sample size is small, but the bunkers I were in seemed fine and well drained. Much of the deep rough was in very poor condition. The trees and brush lining the fairways had a lot of trash in it that just sending out the ground screw to clean up would make the course more appealing.

I don't know if the course was just more impacted than all the rain than other course I play, but it was not at all an upscale experience. Very disappointing.
I played this course on a 4-round golf trip to Denver. I've played a lot of courses, but I never really "got" how the design mattered. This course was an eye-opener because I understood what the designer was trying to accomplish. I'm an 11 index, and on most courses I don't have the risk reward choices because I can't hit the ball far enough to matter. Most course seem to be designed for golfers who can hit it 280 and have some control over where the ball goes. I can't go for greens in two either.

This course is different. It's designed to provide options for golfers who drive it 230 (provided you play the appropriate tees). Several of the par fives I could have reached with two really good shots. I didn't ever do it, but at least I had a chance. The green complexes were wonderfully challenging, with the good shot being rewarded and the not so good shot penalized. I'd like to see more courses designed for the average golfer As this one clearly is.

Service here was above average, and the conditions superb. It was a good 7-10 degrees cooler here than in Denver which was nice because it was pretty hot in the lowlands. Overall, it was unanimous among us on the trip that Bear Dance was hands down the best among it, Fossil Trace, Arrowhead, and Omni Interlocken.
I played this course during a 4-course golf tripnot Denver. I don't know if it was the heat--upper 90s--but none in our group were impressed. The course winds through an industrial park, and there was quite a bit of construction going on, which detracted from any solitude.
We did play all 27 holes.

Course conditions were above average, with fairways, greens, bunkers, and tee boxes in good shape. None of the holes seem particularly memorable, and we played only two days ago. Service seemed about average, but since it's a golf resort one would expect service to be high end.

Overall it wasn't a bad experience, but not especially memorable, which is what you want on a golf trip. There are better courses to play, and if you're taking a golf trip there, I'd look elsewhere.
I played this course during a 4-course golf trip to Denver. This iconic course has a terrific setting, but it could be somuch better. I noticed that many of the tee boxes weren't level, complicating getting a good stance. Also, bunker maintenance could be improved. At this price point one would think that the traps would be raked daily, but many were crusty from not having been raked and evened in a while, and in some instances was like hard pan. Fairways and greens were in great shape.

Service was only average, and I expected better. We waited a good half hour to get a sandwich while waiting for our tee time, which was simply unacceptable. The range is short and does not allow anything other than irons.

It was fun hitting shots in and around the rock formations and with large elevation changes on the holes. One or two blind shots off the tee is fine, but this course has quite a few, and when you don't know the course--which applies to a high proportion of the golfers there--it can be a frustration.

Overall, I was disappointed because it could be a lot better than it is. In speaking to golfers at other courses I heard it described as overrated. I agree, and probably would not play it again, but it was worth playing once.
I'm a member of the Men's Club at Arrowood and play here once or twice a week. I noticed that I haven't reviewed it in a while so I'll write one now.

This is a pretty interesting layout, with multiple options on numerous holes. It also has a couple of drivable par 4s. Well, drivable for some golfers. There are houses on the course, but set so far back that only the most errant of shots cause you to notice them. Although it's in a housing development, many of the fairways are lined by natural areas which house coyotes, rabbits, and other wildlife, so there's quite a penalty if you don't hit the ball reasonably straight. I say "reasonably" because the fairways are pretty wide. This is not really target golf. The last three holes are all challenging, with 16 being about the toughest par of any course I normally play, particularly when the wind is in your face.

The greens were aerated in March and the fairways were in the process of being aerated when I played two days ago. The fairways are typical bermuda (I think) with lots of tight lies and a lot of roll, a few thin spots, but no bare spots, as I recall. The tee boxes were in decent shape, and the greens were in very good condition. A few of the bunkers have been refurbished with deep white sand, which is much different from the harder-packed brown sand in most of the bunkers. The white sand is a little too deep right now, with plugged lies common and difficult to hit out of, but over time it will get better.

The service is pretty good. Friendly people in the pro shop and the beverage cart makes regular rounds. POP is not generally a problem, but I don't play on the weekends. Arrowood is a little out of the way, and it's green fees are very competitive, particularly with the Palm Card. $45 for you and your playing partners on weekdays is a very good price. Overall, a nice, interesting course and a good value.
I played here yesterday, teeing off at 11:30. It was cold and quite windy, which did not lend itself to low scores. Fairways and rough had bare spots, brown spots, and multiple varieties of grass, similar to what you see at a muni. The bunkers were in pretty good shape, as were the tee boxes.

Half of each green had been aerated no more than the week before, so it was difficult to judge speed when putting from the punched half to the un-punched half. Green fees should have been discounted for the conditions, but were not.

The grounds crew seemed oblivious to us, in one instance mowing the collar of a par three while we teed off, without a thought of pausing or getting out of the way. The course is badly in need of maintenance, but for the greens fees I would have expected better service.

Overall, the conditions were below the normal standards of the course. But even in the best of times I wouldn't expect it to be on anyone's "must play" list. The layout is odd. Why someone decided to put a golf course on this particular piece of land is a mystery to me. There are many better courses within a half hour drive that are much more interesting and better conditioned for the same or lower price.
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