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This was Cheeseburger's "return to Southern California" for the first time in many moons. As has been noted before, this course was known as Robinson Ranch the last time I played it.

A friend of mine made the starting time for our foursome ... no problem two-week in advance for 7:57 a.m. on a Saturday. I must say that for whatever reason, we were charged $53.00 for 18 holes, including golf cart. I don't know if this is the regular rack-rate, butI felt that it was most reasonable. Almost Salt Lake City prices!

We played the Mountain and the Desert nines. Plenty of variety. For my game, every tee shot made me think. From tee to green, the course condition was surprisingly outstanding, based on what I have heard or read here in the recent past.

The tee boxes were level and not too carved up. The fairway grass was evenly trimmed and very lush, with very few areas under repair or dirt/thin. The rough was very lush and punitive. About 2-2.5" average. Made me want to stay in the short grass to be sure!

The greens were the best part! They seemed to hold all shots well, and were rolling very true both uphill and downhill. The best part was the consistency. No variation between greens or between nines.

There was a very large shotgun start tournament happening in the middle of our round. We hardly notice that they were there. Kudos to the staff for making this happen.

Pace of play was fine at 4.5 hours. We rarely saw the group in front of us and felt no pressure from the group behind us.

Based on what I have heard, it seems that Sand Canyon Country Club has tackled the problem they were having with the water. Cheeseburger says go and play this course with confidence! I thoroughly enjoyed my morning there.
Okay, fellow GK'ers. It's "Father Cheeseburger" from Salt Lake City! Spring has officially sprung along the Wasatch Front!

Today it actually felt more like summer. We had a high of 88° F. and it was a little breezy. $45 including the cart at straight up 10 a.m. I went out as a single following another single. He got out in front of me and I never saw him and I never saw anybody behind me for the entire front nine. It was like a giant ghost town. Which is really sad, because the golf course is in outstanding condition!

Stonebridge Golf Course is an interesting place, because there are three nine-hole sides. You never know what you're going to get on any given day. Today, I played the Sunrise 9 to the Sagebrush 9!

Sunrise is the toughest of the three sides. Holes number eight and nine are really brutal. I would hate to have a match on the line coming into those two holes as finishers.

Overall, I would rate the condition of the course as outstanding! We had some thunder showers in the past seven or eight days, so things are really greening up nicely. The greens are quite frankly, spectacular! They hold the ball well. They putt true. My advice to anybody playing Stonebridge is that if you think there's a break, don't play much of one. Most putts from no matter where you are are pretty much straight. Nothing tricky unless it's a green with multiple levels!

The fairways are trimmed even on every hole. Perhaps a little long and needing to be mowed, but that's probably because we had rain just yesterday. The rough on most holes is about 1.5 inches and just long enough that you definitely want to keep your ball in the fairway.

I saw crews out on the course filling divot holes and working on tee boxes. Which is nice. They definitely take good care of Stonebridge. The golf carts are gas powered and plenty powerful to get around and up and down the small moguls and hills around the course.

I played the front side in under 2 hours. Making the turn at the clubhouse to head out to the Sagebrush 9, there was a pretty strong smell. For those of you who live around Southern California, you might recognize the smell is being something like red tide. Or sewer. It seemed to be emanating from the large lake along the left side of hole number one on Sagebrush! It didn't detract from my round of golf. But it really did stink! I'm sure they're doing something about it. The water was about to color of chocolate milk!

The Sagebrush side is not as difficult as Sunrise. There are a couple of short par-4's and the par-3s are only tricky depending on the pin position. The number 9 Hole, or number 18 if you finish on Sagebrush, is a par 5 and It's tricky. There is water to the right of the green and a little bit in front. It's all about the second shot for position!

I didn't see another golfer until I had three holes to play. Like I said, the place was empty. The parking lot was only 25% full. I'm really surprised that it was so empty on the Friday of the Memorial Day weekend!

There are some great public golf courses in the Salt Lake Valley. But I always seem to gravitate back to Stonebridge. For $45, you will definitely get your money's worth. There are Black Championship tees, Blue tees, White tees (My choice...68.7/121), Gold tees, and Red tees. Something for everybody!
It was a little early in the season to truly enjoy Cedar Ridge. It's a great layout. Not the type of golf course you can just pull out your driver and whack away. It makes you think. Unfortunately, and this is no fault of the golf course or the staff, it's still winter in Cedar City, Utah. I think we jumped the gun a little bit.

First of all, a weather report. I am from Southern California, and I have played golf in some fairly cold weather out at Goose Creek or other golf courses in the Inland Empire in the winter time. Prior to this round, the coldest golf I ever played was out in Las Vegas at Angel Park. This round at Cedar Ridge is now in first place for the all time freezing temperatures and high wind! To put it into perspective, my playing partner only made it to the 7th hole before he sat in the cart shivering, while I was able to finish 9 holes and call it a day!

About the course. There's a lot of Maintenance going on and a lot of bare spots both on the fairways and in the rough. This is probably because I think the snow just melted last week. There was a bit of heavy equipment and a few landscapers dressed in snowsuits out on the course fixing a variety of sprinkler and other issues. Amazingly enough, the greens were almost in perfect condition. I don't know what condition the sand traps are normally in, but they were filled with red dirt, and not really sand. Overall, the turf grass was spotty at best.

I noticed that the tea boxes were not very level. I'm not usually picky about the condition of tea boxes because, well, I use a tee! But for some reason I could not find a flat spot to hit off of.

Kudos to the Pro Shop staff for giving us a coupon good for one year for 9 holes of golf! I will be back when the course is in better shape and I won't be freezing my ass off!
We had some really late snows this winter, so it's been a while since anybody's been able to go out and play any of the local golf courses. Stonebridge boasts 3 different 9-hole sides. On Wednesday of this week, I played the Creekside and Sagebrush nines.

I was unsure of the conditions I was going to find, due to some recent scattered rain showers, but overall I was pleasantly surprised. The fairways were not as lush and green as they will be later in the spring, but they were very serviceable and evenly cut so that a lie in the fairway was generally a good one.

The rough was not overly long, maybe 2.5 in. The grass in the rough was thick and a little damp so it definitely pays to stay in the fairway. The greens were in excellent shape overall, rolled very true and consistent on both Creekside and Sagebrush!

I went out as a single and did not catch the group in front of me until the 8th hole. As I made the turn, that group dropped out, and another group of walking ladies cut in front of me. I played my 10th hole four times so I wouldn't catch them. I still caught them in two holes. Joined up with another nice gentleman and we stayed a comfortable distance behind them until the final hole. My God they were slow!

The hallmark of this course is the fact that they have plenty of different tee locations for every ability. I played the white tees. They were plenty for me as a 20 handicap.

Always a good choice. Always call ahead to make sure there are no tournaments because this is a very popular golf course with people who run local tournaments. I will definitely be back.
Nibley Park Golf Course is the oldest public golf course in Utah. Not just in Salt Lake City. All of Utah. I probably drive by this course 10 times per week. Always wanted to play it cuz it always looks like it's in really good shape. In a lot of ways it is just a typical Municipal Golf Course. Nine holes. Most people just play once around. The Price is Right to walk. $14.00. In some ways the course is very easy to play. Opens with a nice dogleg left par-4. From the blue tees, it has some honest par fours. It has a nice interesting mix of par threes. The final hole, number 9, plays over a beautiful little lake. The suggested time to finish 9 holes his two hours and 15 minutes. Which is exactly where we finished. But it felt quite slow. A very leisurely outing. People like to take their time out there because it's such an enjoyable little course. It's interesting, see how this is Utah, how many empty beer cans there were in all of the trash receptacles. Like I said, people like to have a good time. Even though we had a lot of snow and even some recent rain, the greens were very hard and did not hold very well, but they we're very easy to putt on. The fairways were recently plugged and drilled so there were a lot of trunks of dirt scattered around. There aren't very many tricky brakes to these greens, and they roll true. The putts seem to break away from the Wasatch Mountains. I guess the best thing I can say about Nibley Park is that I will be back. Often. Really good for your game. And by the way, I had my first eagle in very many years today!
Hello my fellow GKers. It's Father Cheeseburger from Sunny Salt Lake City. Let's do this review the old-fashioned way. Let me tackle The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

First of all, the good. The price was outstanding. $33 including cart. They are having a cold weather change of seasons special right now and that is as good a price as you were going to find. Another good thing, the pace of play. Four of us old Duffer's finished the round in 3 hours and 58 minutes. You can't beat that.

Now the bad. This is my home course. At least it is the first course I played in Utah and where I keep my handicap. A lot of changes have going on since I first started playing here. The LDS church owns the land where the driving range used to be, and they have built a large office building. The construction has taken away the driving range and the construction debris has flowed like a river across the golf course and completely bisects the 10th Fairway. Not very aesthetic.

Another bad thing is simply that. There is no practice area. There's a practice putting green, but no place to warm up. I understand that this is going to change on April 15th, when the new driving range will be open. But the new driving range is clear on the other side of the course so I'm not sure how this is going to work. I'm not happy about it.

Hopefully the ugly part of this review will not last very long. We were told that the greens were plugged and sanded 5 days ago. I'm used to the kind of sand that is used in California. This was more like crushed pebbles. The greens were horriffic. As bad as greens can get. Very disappointing. But there was no maintenance alert so I did not know before I went.

The snow just melted so I guess I can give them a pass on the maintenance on the fairways and the rough. But the rough is very uneven and super long. Easy to lose a ball right off of the fairway.

My final comment has nothing to do with the golf course itself. But the area around Thanksgiving Point and this area we call Point of the Mountain. Too much building has gone on and the traffic is abominable. If you leave the golf course any time around the rush hour heading North toward Salt Lake City, be ready to sit in gridlock traffic for at least a half an hour. What a mess. Come to think of it, I don't think this is my home course anymore. There are much better choices out here.
I always find it tough to write a review on a golf course that kicked my ass! Seriously! I have been playing fairly well lately, and then I walked onto The Ranches in the West Valley of Salt Lake City. It's a very nice looking track. Very green from the recent spring and early summer rains we have had here in Northern Utah.

I am NOT an expert on turf grass, but I can tell you this... The rough was punishing and extremely hard to extricate myself from! It was like hitting out of a head of lettuce if the ball was sitting down. I don't know if the course was preparing for some sort of local tournament, but the rough was pretty long all the way around the course.

I don't like to use the word too often, but the fairways were immaculate! Perfectly green and lush and just a pleasure to hit the ball off of. Some, not all of the bunkers were a tragedy. A lot of the rocks and aggregate below the surface of the sand was not only peeking out, it was exposed in quite a few places. Took a good chunk out of the bottom of my sand wedge getting out of one of them on the back nine. Not cool!

Now let's talk about the greens. They were faster than Teflon on goose poop. OMG! There were so many putts that ended up 20 feet below the hole that I just barely got rolling from the top edge. Bordering on ridiculous. All of a sudden, three-putts were good scores! And I'm not joking! The clubhouse is nothing to write home about. It's sort of a glorified double wide trailer. The course is very targetey and the greens are very well guarded by bunkers and deep rough. Thank goodness there are a number of tee box selections so you can choose your poison. We played from the silver tees, which is the regular mens white tees at most other courses.

Will I go back? The price on a Sunday with my Utah Golf Association card including the cart was $28. Yes, I think I can suffer through another round at The Ranches! Two thumbs up!
Located in the mostly industrial section of the west Salt Lake City Valley, The Ridge is an interesting golf course. I don't know the complete history, but I understand that it used to be a nice little 9 hole course, and they expanded it to 18. The design is ok, a little confusing in the layout and you need to pay attention to the signs that direct you to the next tee and green.

The area where is the golf course is located is not the most scenic, that's to be sure! Littered generously with industrial complexes and high tension wires, as long as you don't look outside of the grounds, it's a very nice-looking course. Very few trees and plain vanilla hole designs, but a very very enjoyable place to play a round of golf! This seems to be a course where a good golfer could easily break par. My game sucks, so I was happy to break 90.

Overall the fairways are fairly lush, a little thin in spots, nothing I would call hardpan, but some tight lies, to be sure! 90% of the greens are very nice and very fast, watch out on the downhill putts, you can end up ten feet below the hole just by getting the ball rolling!

The rough is not very long at all, I had some great lies just off the fairway. No complaints there! The clubhouse is nothing to write home about, but the staff is super friendly and I will definitely make this part of my rotation! There are better golf courses in Salt Lake City, but if you need a tune up for your game, you cannot go wrong here!
The older I get, the more I understand that golf is a social game. My fraternity brother that I had not seen in 35 + years and I put it on the calendar and made it happen. I drove four and a half hours from Salt Lake City, and he drove four and a half hours from Durango, Colorado. The drive is pleasant enough, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was Redlands Mesa Golf Course in Grand Junction!

I understand they used to charge more during the week, but they recently have lowered their weekday price - $50 per player, including cart and range balls. I understand from various reviews, that Redlands Mesa is the number 1 public golf course in all of Colorado. From my experience, I can now see why.

From tee to green on every hole, all I could think of was how beautiful the setting is, and the condition of the golf course was just short of spectacular. Surrounded by red rocks, the verdant fairways and greens are a beautiful contrast.  Definitely a golf course to take your camera to!

I believe that the golf course is best played from the blue tees, but if you are not a long hitter or if you have problems with your accuracy, its going to be a very long day. Choose your tees wisely and enjoy this incredible course. The greens were as nice as any I have seen, although a couple did have some fungus and also there are invasive grasses that are taking over in a few spots. Other than that, these are some of the best greens I have played in several years.

The fairways are lush and people seem to be religious about fixing their divots, which is a great thing! The rough was long and punitive, but overall the way the course is designed really rewards good shots. Just a beautiful golf experience, all the way around! I plan to go back, as it was certainly worth the drive! The club house, the grounds, the staff, are all reminiscent of some of the best private clubs I have ever played.

Thanks to JohnnyGK for the tip.  The only negatives I can think of are, for someone who is a bit gimpy because of my total hip replacement in 2014, some of the stairways up to the upper tee boxes were very uneven and a little scary to walk. Also, although we were warned, the back nine was infested with deer flies, and those little b*st%rd s bite!
The final round of our 2015 Reno tournament took us to the wonderful track called Wolf Run Golf Club. If ever there was a course where golfers need to pay attention to the tees they are playing from, this is it! Our final round was a scramble from the blue tees, so I did not have a choice. I did not have a very enjoyable day. But that's because the course is extra tough, very targety and favors the long hitter. For me, from the blue tees, the par 3's were just ridiculously long. But this part of my review should not take anything away from the fact that this is an outstanding golf course from tee number one to the green on number 18.

There are several places where ravine and valleys and creeks and other such things need to be crossed with shots of over 200 yards. I think you hear what I'm saying. This is a golf course for the big boys. At least from the blue tees! The conditions on the Sunday we played were quite excellent. The fairways were in excellent shape and the rough was long enough to be punitive. the greens were fairly fast and downhill putts could run a long way if you are not careful!

One of our members, and probably our best overall golfer in the group, had our groups very first hole in one on a 220 yard Par 3! Yes, you heard me right, a 220 yard Par 3!! We have been playing this tournament together for 22 years now, and we have never had a hole-in-one! I was lucky enough that this happened in my group, so I actually got to see it go in the hole! Pretty exciting! The course was nice enough to present our hole-in-one golfer a very nice flag with the University of Nevada logo on it take as a souvenir to frame.

The beverage cart seemed to be right there when we needed it. It just goes to show you that a group of guys who tip well usually get some pretty awesome service!

Our closing ceremonies for our tournament were at the clubhouse, and the food was really quite good and our waitress was a lot of fun, despite having to put up with 14 crazy guys ordering just about every type of liquor she could get her hands on! All of us enjoyed the course and the atmosphere very much and would not hesitate to go back to Wolf Run next time we are in the Reno Tahoe area!
The second round of our three day tournament in Reno took us to WildCreek. As we were driving up to the course, we could see bits of it from the road. I understand that my reaction was typical. The reactions from moat of our 14 players seemed to be all about the same. "Are you kidding me? Is this really where we're playing? It looks like a dog track!" Well, in this case first impressions we're not deceiving. Especially having played the wonderful Dayton Valley GC the very day before.

I have been writing my reviews on for almost thirteen years now. I always like to say that I am tough, but I am fair. I don't like to say negative things about golf courses unless they need to be said. With that introduction being said: This is not a very nice golf course.

I can tell that the owners are trying to make some changes. This is obvious because of the number of trucks and other assorted heavy equipment on the course. Couple this with the giant piles of dirt scattered around, there is obviously some serious work going on. This is a good thing. Because some serious work certainly needs to be done!

The grass in the fairways for the most part was very thin. There were many areas marked as ground under repair, but I think that the entire course could have been marked as under repair. The greens were actually serviceable and seem to putt true. I guess that the layout is not bad, it's just that the conditions made playing there not very much fun. From the driving range through the 18th hole, I could see no reason to ever go back.

Back in L.A. ... most of the local munis are better tracks. As a matter of fact...ALL of the local munis are better tracks than this!

I did not partake of the food from the snack shack or the bar area, but others in our group said that the food was quite awful. We might have stuck around and spent a lot of money at the bar, but it seemed like a good idea to just cut our losses and head back for our hotel in Sparks.

There are so many wonderful golf courses in and around the Reno and Lake Tahoe areas, I would not go out of my way to play this course.
Every year for the past 22 years, a group of us have played in a tournament that has taken us around the world. Scottsdale to Scotland. Santa Barbara to Myrtle Beach. Dallas to Ireland. This year, we returned to Reno Nevada. Our first course this year was Dayton Valley Golf Club. it was a bit of a drive for us from Reno, a little bit over 1 hour to the south. Some people complained about the distance, but once we arrived, I do believe that all complaining stopped.

The staff when we arrived could not have been more gracious and helpful. There were 14 of us, so for some golf courses, this can be a little unwieldy. Not for these guys. We were given our range balls and directions to the range and treated like royalty. We were given some tips about how the greens break and the danger of water on the course, but you really can't describe the course in those terms. I think this course is PGA quality all the way! They advertise that they have been a PGA qualifying site since 1996. I can believe it!

The fairways were lush and bright green, people actually fill their divots here, and the rough was plenty long so that it was a place that you want to stay out of! The greens were firm, and they ran true whether uphill or downhill. Downhill putts were very fast, so you learned quickly to keep the ball below the hole. It's a bit of a targety golf course, and I would dearly love the chance to play it again, because you learn so much the first time out. Just taking out your driver and whacking away is not the way to score at Dayton!

After our rounds the food was great, the accommodations were wonderful both inside and outside of the clubhouse on the patio. If you are planning a tournament in the Reno area, I would really suggest that you contact them. It's a great destination for any golfer. There is plenty to love here!
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