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Red Rock Arroyo is dependably in good condition, and even more so now (4/15/21) as I think this is as good as I've ever seen it! The layout is enjoyable, interesting, and on occasion, scenic as well. Use of the range is included, has good balls and you warm up hitting on grass. Nice! It's quite a drive to it from the clubhouse and also to the 1st tee, though, so allow a little more time for your prep.
The fairways are plenty wide enough and always green (except during overseeding, of course), and today was no exception. The rough is thick and lush, about 2 1/2 inches long, which means the ball will sit down but good contact and some extra distance allowance will still give decent results to us intermediate golfers with average swing speeds. Sometimes it gets longer and then we can have a difficult time finding our balls in it and it becomes a hack and slash to get out- but not today. Somewhat penal, especially when chipping around the green, but by no means unfairly so.
Tee boxes were fine and the greens were really, really nice. Typically, Red Rock Arroyo is pretty fast and it's difficult to hole out because shorter putts will easily wander offline on the subtle slopes and imperfections around the holes, but I think the medium speed we mere mortals encountered today was a delight. I never had anything veer offline and our regular group didn't have to putt as defensively as usual. The usual ball marks pepper the greens, as they're nice and responsive to approach shots- but they exist from uncaring players, not an uncaring staff. I'll try to fix a few when I'm waiting to putt.
All the bunkers we were in had been recently dragged and filtered and were in very good condition with the exception of the greenside one at #18 which is still full of rocks and pebbles. Probably they just haven't got to that one yet...
It was a very enjoyable round, which we completed in 4 1/2 hours- and that was only because we had a cart die out and had to wait for a replacement- we still only had to let one group go through as the response to our call in was quick and we were on our way again in short order.
Nice course, near perfect conditions, great staff- very highly recommended!
Nice that on their website they announce a drive to collect donations for autism!
Poor that they don't say anywhere that they just punched the greens and they're bumpy, sandy and so full of deep aeration holes that you can't see the bottoms of them still a week after they did them. After playing there yesterday (4/12/21) I looked here and had noted it- my fault for not checking first!
LVGC is an inexpensive, flat, enjoyable casual round with wide enough fairways and big enough greens that the only penalties are being caught in the rough behind trees or going OB over the border fences. Lots of room to roam. Favoring one side or the other you can usually stay out of trouble. It's also one of the very few courses in Las Vegas that allows walking, and although that can slow things up a tad, we still completed our round in just under 4 1/2 hours.
Fairways were decent and easily playable. Rough consists of two kinds of grasses- small clumps of thick, lush green grass interspersed with low, flat dormant ones, so shots into the rough invariably end up cupped between the clumps. Better players without wayward shots should have no problems (we're not them, lol). Sand traps are difficult with hard-packed crusty areas, unraked divots, pits, footprints and also some reasonably playable areas. We just defaulted to totally improper "lift and place" in them to give ourselves a chance. Can't fault the course as with COVID everyone knows bunker bottoms are mostly this way everywhere since no raking or maintenance is done this last year. Tee boxes were OK, flat with the usual unfilled divots on par-3s, but wide enough to easily find a good area to tee it up.
Recommendation? Wait a couple of weeks for the aeration effects to stabilize and then enjoy it at the end of April throughout the Summer.
Always enjoy my round at Arroyo- the conditions are dependably nice and the layout and aesthetics are enjoyable. The first tee is a long ways from the clubhouse and the practice area is a little remote, so allow a little extra time for your pre-game warmup. But you get to hit off of grass, the balls are complimentary, and normally they're in decent shape. The staff is always helpful, professional and friendly, too.
The fairways are well-maintained with just the right amount of generosity. The rough is lush and dense, and has been cut back to a good length. Still not always easy, but playable, with some difficult areas here and there. I hope they keep it this way. There were times in the past when play would slow because of the ball-searching and "hack it out" conditions of the Arroyo rough.
The greens are receptive enough and quick and challenging without being unfair. You may find an occasional putt that will break off within the last 6 inches of the hole (because of the "volcano effect" of the morning crew pulling the plug out and not tamping the surrounding ground back down?) so the holes do play a little smaller if you're one who likes to "die" it in (like me *groan*). But they never place them in penal locations where 3-footers break a foot and a half, or misses roll back to your feet or keep trickling forever until they're 9 feet past.
The bunkers are a little inconsistent, but they do play OK in general. There are some patches of hardness with no "give" here and there, which is a common horror here in Vegas when the winds have scoured out a trap. There are, however, many that are littered with rocks and patches where the filter cloth in the bottom is sticking out of the sand. I was told there was a rumor that they will re-do them this year. If so, that would push The Arroyo from "nice" into "superb" territory. It's still a top-notch facility and a pleasure to play just the way it is.
All in all, The Arroyo has always been one of my "go-to" places to play for a good, solid round of golf. Very much recommended.
Nice grassy area to hit from on the range, putting green was representative of the course conditions and there was a good-looking chipping area there also. Practice balls were in very good shape.
Fairways were quite nice- easy to hit from with just a nice little "fluff" to the lie.
Greens had some scruffy patches at times, but very consistent speed from hole to hole and putted medium/slow. Fairly level, very firm surfaces without many undulations made for easy alignment and very few ball marks were seen.

$5 for 25 warmup balls is about double the price of anywhere else that charges for them.
Tacked on "convenience fee" to make tee time reservations is unheard of elsewhere.
Site says "under OB Sports management", but no points were added to my card and no discount was offered anywhere, unlike every other OB Sports venue.
Rough is tight, firm and not extensive- miss the fairway and there's a good chance you're going to end up on dirt, gravel, or both.
The few greens perched near water might as well have the lake right up against them as any miss on or close to the edge of the green on the water side will not stop rolling all the way down into the hazard- which is hidden on #10. I landed a shot inside the right edge of the #9 green that trickled off and down into a sand trap- and then kept rolling all the way THROUGH the sand trap for another 30 feet or so until it went into the lake on the far right.
And those "sand traps"...
There aren't any. They're true hazards. Bunkers have hard, baked bottoms with even patches of dried, cracked mud in some. No sand. Weeds and grass are growing in some. Seems like there's been no maintenance or upkeep whatsoever for some time and they've just been left to erode and decay.
SLOW PLAY?! Either they allow 6-somes at Stallion Mountain or they don't, but there's no marshal to find and ask. No other course in Las Vegas even allows 5 people, but we caught up to a group of six on the back-9 (we believe the 2 groups that were ahead of us got tired of waiting on them, too, and passed them up) and our last 7 holes for the two of us was nearly 2 1/2 hours of waiting and waiting...and waiting....
Liked the fairways and the greens were good enough, but... no, can't recommend this track. It's a shame- the potential is there.
Haven't played Palm Valley for awhile and it's currently very different from what I remember. Instead of the typical U.S. style course, it's gotten an interesting facelift this Winter. Almost British links-style, firm, fast, tight yellow/brown fairways- not the same as before, but very, very playable.
The greens appear to have been completely reseeded with a new grass that rolls nice and smooth, but seemed inconsistent on speed- I had some downhill putts from distance go well past the hole and a couple of 7-footers that looked terrifyingly quick come up a foot short. This is a course I have played nearly 100 times over the years and with the exception of the one gentleman in our foursome that announced he plays there nearly every day, we all had trouble with our putting distances. But again, the roll was nice and smooth. Hmmm... maybe there is now a grain effect I don't recognize? Whatever, I loved the surface, just disappointed in my inability to read it.
There is one issue. The course was designed as kind of a a parkland layout, with dips, hills, runoffs and collection areas surrounding the greens. Now with the tight, firm conditions chipping the ball is extremely difficult as there is no tolerance at all and the ball would often come to rest in small, cuppy lies. We ended up mostly resorting to putting from off the green. However with different little grass clumps invading the areas immediately adjacent to the greens and little ridges and dips bordering them, the "Texas wedge" approach gets your ball bouncing before the putting surface and nearly impossible to control. Despite that one drawback, I enjoyed the course enough to go right back the next day and play it again.
I like the change overall. It's certainly different from the other courses I've been playing in town, but other than the chipping woes the play was really nice- firm and fast everywhere- and the new sand is absolutely wonderful, maybe the best in the valley. Every bunker shot I had came out just the way it should over both days (even my bad ones, lol).
I'll be back!
Surprise! I didn't expect such a nice course to be found in Laughlin, but Mojave Resort exceeded my expectations in every way. Conditions were superb and the greens fees were very affordable for us Southern Nevadans.
The greens were extremely hard (no ball marks all day!) and smooth. Quick enough to putt and not have to"hit",with a handful of tricky putts that were still by no means unfair- a better green reader might see the subtleties I didn't. I loved them even though I didn't make anything. *sigh*
The fairways were very nice, the Winter dormant bermuda was short in the rough and easily played. Sand traps were plentiful and strategically placed to add some needed analysis. It was typical desert "sand", unfortunately meaning a very hard surface and little give, so it's next to impossible to get a decent result from downhill lies. Wedges skip off of the surface rather than produce the usual explosion. Makes the fairway bunkers super easy to play out of, but the greenside ones all "drop-kicked" out and well over the green until we figured out to come down much steeper and that seemed to be the key to get results. Holes were a nice mix, some sweet par-3s, and I never felt I was playing the same hole twice. I would happily play there again.
Unfortunately there were no marshalls watching over the course so our day was less than enjoyable because the group behind us brought a boom box along and continually parked their carts a mere 15 feet off of the greens (!), relentlessly cranking out loud hip-hop every friggin hole to completely erase any serenity on the course or concentration for our tee shots even though we were 50 yards away from them. I don't understand when it became allowable for "golfers" to insist on converting golf courses into their own personal backyard Bar-B-Que party- and it's NEVER addressed. More and more I face this- even on the range, when you have to pick everything up and go to the other side to relax and practice because they get belligerent if you tell them playing their music out loud 10 feet away from you is distracting. C'mon, golf facilities- take a stand on this. Enforce using ear buds on those who just absolutely have to have their tunes. I love my music too, I just don't bring it to the golf course and inconsiderately impose it on others who gratefully get away from the relentless noise of today's life for a few hours of enjoying the quiet beauty that is so integral a part of this wonderful game.
Overseeding was completed in September and the course is now in wonderful shape! The rough has now been pared down and is easily playable, the bunkers are fine and fairways sweet. Best course in/around Vegas for moderate money- and a fantastic treat if you get on their mailing list and can score a "Residents Special". We drive 60 miles round trip from West Las Vegas to play here anytime we can get a special because the course is so aesthetically pleasing, usually in wonderful condition and just an absolute joy to play- and I have 10 decent to nice courses I can play within 15 minutes of my house on the West side. Don't miss it- especially now when the winter grass has grown in to perfection. Not the most "challenging" course around, so if you're a low hdcp you might find it too simple as there's only a few really tough holes when there's no wind. #9 & #18 especially require some better ability, #16 needs a great drive, miss the green on the short par-3 17th and it can bite. But for us average Joes (I'm currently a 10 hdcp- my friends are bogie and higher) it's a pure delight. I always take my out-of-town friends there to play and they all ask to play it again next time they come in.
The greens have been slow this month, but they're not bumpy. So be ready to rap 'n roll rather than execute a silky, smooth putt. That's the ONLY criticism I can come up with besides the usual par-3 tee box divots that lazy players don't ever fill- but hey, that's NOT the course's fault.
Played twice there this month already and looking forward to going back on 10/31 for more!
Played 5/30/2019
Course is in excellent shape (as usual!) with the only very minor drawback being that the fairways having been crosscut recently for pre-summer maintenance, so we just added a little bump here and there to get the ball back to level if it ended up sitting in a groove. The wind was howling (20-25 mph and higher gusts) and we had to quit after 9 holes because the nearby dark clouds started dropping a few lightning bolts this day, but the course was wonderful, As local golfers we know it's seldom totally calm here, so we can't wait to get back and do it again as soon as we can catch a little less formidable weather.
It's always a joy to play at Paiute and I've never seen any of the three courses in bad shape. The greens were much faster than at any Las Vegas course I've played recently, but that made it so nice to actually always get to "putt" the ball instead of having to"hit" the ball, even on 50 footers. You can't go wrong playing golf here- love this place!
Best course for the money in Las Vegas. Conditions are almost always superb. Greens may be a little slow, but comfortable- smooth enough and not very difficult. The rough can be penal- thick, juicy and difficult to get good contact out of for most. But the fairways are nice, the sand well maintained and the course aesthetics are beautiful, making it always fun to play. Normal round a neat 4- 4 1/4 hours in duration. Not a particularly difficult track, most single-digit handicappers would be pressed to find much challenge, but for the rest of us- it's a very pretty course that's both interesting and pleasant to play.
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