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Overseeding was completed in September and the course is now in wonderful shape! The rough has now been pared down and is easily playable, the bunkers are fine and fairways sweet. Best course in/around Vegas for moderate money- and a fantastic treat if you get on their mailing list and can score a "Residents Special". We drive 60 miles round trip from West Las Vegas to play here anytime we can get a special because the course is so aesthetically pleasing, usually in wonderful condition and just an absolute joy to play- and I have 10 decent to nice courses I can play within 15 minutes of my house on the West side. Don't miss it- especially now when the winter grass has grown in to perfection. Not the most "challenging" course around, so if you're a low hdcp you might find it too simple as there's only a few really tough holes when there's no wind. #9 & #18 especially require some better ability, #16 needs a great drive, miss the green on the short par-3 17th and it can bite. But for us average Joes (I'm currently a 10 hdcp- my friends are bogie and higher) it's a pure delight. I always take my out-of-town friends there to play and they all ask to play it again next time they come in.
The greens have been slow this month, but they're not bumpy. So be ready to rap 'n roll rather than execute a silky, smooth putt. That's the ONLY criticism I can come up with besides the usual par-3 tee box divots that lazy players don't ever fill- but hey, that's NOT the course's fault.
Played twice there this month already and looking forward to going back on 10/31 for more!
Played 5/30/2019
Course is in excellent shape (as usual!) with the only very minor drawback being that the fairways having been crosscut recently for pre-summer maintenance, so we just added a little bump here and there to get the ball back to level if it ended up sitting in a groove. The wind was howling (20-25 mph and higher gusts) and we had to quit after 9 holes because the nearby dark clouds started dropping a few lightning bolts this day, but the course was wonderful, As local golfers we know it's seldom totally calm here, so we can't wait to get back and do it again as soon as we can catch a little less formidable weather.
It's always a joy to play at Paiute and I've never seen any of the three courses in bad shape. The greens were much faster than at any Las Vegas course I've played recently, but that made it so nice to actually always get to "putt" the ball instead of having to"hit" the ball, even on 50 footers. You can't go wrong playing golf here- love this place!
Best course for the money in Las Vegas. Conditions are almost always superb. Greens may be a little slow, but comfortable- smooth enough and not very difficult. The rough can be penal- thick, juicy and difficult to get good contact out of for most. But the fairways are nice, the sand well maintained and the course aesthetics are beautiful, making it always fun to play. Normal round a neat 4- 4 1/4 hours in duration. Not a particularly difficult track, most single-digit handicappers would be pressed to find much challenge, but for the rest of us- it's a very pretty course that's both interesting and pleasant to play.
Listing 1 to 3 of 62,482 Course Reviews
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