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Played here today, 4/19 at 10AM. Pace of play was great, we finished under 4 hours and the weather was perfect.

The course does have a driving range, you can hit off of grass or mats. There is a large putting area as well, that rolled true to the course. The clubhouse is not currently open, they do have the old proshop split into a temporary beverage area, along with the starter window.

The tee boxes were the best I have ever seen at this course, the tee boxes were all lush, not sloped and had no major divot damage. The fairways were also in better shape than expected, very lush with little to no bare spots and grass was good throughout. The rough was as expected, some bare spots, deer, deer poop and bugs. The greens were rolling really nice, very tricky to read but smooth throughout the course.

For the price, this is a good little course and I would say check it out if you've never played here; youll see deer, squirrels, birds, strange bugs and maybe even a bear (youll see a picture of the bear family in the proshop).
Played here on 4/17 at 11AM, weather was fantastic!

The driving range is fairly large; you hit off of mats. There is a large short game area and putting green. Range balls are average. I do like that the course has the stimp rating posted on the first tee, along with the flag position for the day.

The course was in great shape; they did punch the greens about 3 weeks or so ago, but the greens are almost completely healed. The greens still ran smooth, the local we played with said once they are healed another week or so, they will run much faster, so I guess they were slower than usual when I played. The tee boxes were all great, I was surprised none of them were sloped one way, like most public courses, however some did have divot damage that was not repaired (shame on those golfers). The fairways were nice and pure, no bad lies out there and the rough was thick and punishing.

The restaurant was open for dine-in and outside patio dining. The course does have a beverage girl that goes around, she is super awesome!

I would highly recommend playing here if you get the chance, well worth it.
Played here on 4/3/2021 around 11AM and finished just around the 4 1/2 hour mark, not bad for a weekend.

Facility: The restaurant is open for indoor and outdoor dining. The range is grass, however, not the largest range so if the course is busy, you might need to wait a bit for a stall to open. Large practice putting area and a second chipping area built near by as well.

Course: The tee boxes, fairways, rough and sand were in great shape. The greens were punched and sanded earlier this week and surprisingly they rolled pretty good. Speed was hard to judge because it seemed like the sand and punches did not really affect it, which was strange. Fairways were really pure this weekend.

Pace of play was fine, the marshals will expect a 4 hour round and if you fall behind, be aware they will keep up with you and make sure you get back on pace. This might bother some folks, so please be sure you are aware of this ahead of time.

Would highly recommend playing here.
I played here on 3/27/21 at 11:57am on the North/South combo.


There is a large grass driving range area, along with a short game section with bunkers available. Very large, open, practice putting green as well. Practice green speeds matched up well with the course. Range balls were above average quality too which was nice.


Overall, extremely fun course that can be challenging depending on your tees of choice that day. The tee boxes were nice and level on each hole, without much divot damage on the par 3's. On a few of the holes, the markers tricked you into a line that wasn't the best, but that is part of golf. The fairways were all magnificent, very pure with just a few spots of thin grass. not bad at all, considering this is a desert course. The rough, I spent part of my day there, was nice and thick too. A few areas of bare spots, but that is to be expected and some of the "rough" is actually desert landscape. The bunkers were pretty good, the sand for the most part was fluffy and played nicely. Greens were rolling smooth, there were a couple of holes with some bumpy/spotted areas but no big deal. Pin locations werent the most difficult, but a challenge none-the-less.


Was open for in-door dining and take out as well. Good choice of food for a reasonable price. Not a very large beer selection, only two items on tap and a few bottled options.

Definitely worth playing here once.
Played here 3/14 in the spectator group of the GK Cup. I had an absolute blast, this course is always pristine and worth the money+drive.

Facility: The bar and restaurant were open for in-door seating as well as outdoor. The range is sold by time only, not by bucket size; however it is included in your round as far as I know. You are hitting off of grass which is nice. There is a large putting and chipping green area.

Course: Simply put, this course was PURE. The fairways were lush and a beautiful green. I spent a lot of time in the rough and it was just as pure; surprisingly for a desert course the rough was nice and lush and not all that bad. Bunkers were full of sand that was inbetween fluff and compacted down; it was great. The greens were probably the only negative, they were extremely firm. I am a high ball hitter and an so used to finding my ball mark and fixing it, however on this day not once did I leave a ball mark which was odd. The greens were super fast and the style of play was definitely more on the defensive side. There was a cart girl who made her rounds and we saw her 3 or 4 times which was great. Water was available on the course near the bathrooms/rest areas.

All and all, I would highly recommend you check this place out.
Played today with a few fellow GK'ers at 9AM (9:15 because of frost).

Facility: The restaurant is open and was taking in-door seating. You are temperature checked before entering. The inside of the building was extremely clean and the staff were friendly. I didnt stick around for food, but the menu did look good, however items were $$$. The range was above average, you are hitting off of mats and unfortunately the sun rises towards the back of the range so seeing your ball land was almost impossible. Range balls were good quality. The chipping/short game area is where the facility really shines. The grass was well maintained and the bunkers around were pretty good. Nice to see a fully stocked practice area with enough balls for multiple people to practice. Water was provided as were bag tags, divot tools and ball markers. Staff was courteous and all around excellent.

Course: Fairways were dormant, but still played pure. You did catch a few thin lies, but it was still playing nicely. Almost like hitting off of a good mat at the range. The rough was lush and sometimes it was preferred depending on the next shot. Bunkers were good, not too fluffy, however, not compact either. Rakes were available (whether folks were using them is another story). There are some forced carry holes and a couple that are narrow, but if you can keep it in play off the tee you have a good chance of shooting a solid round. The greens were firm for the most part and fast, but rolled smooth. Pace of play was a little slow, however given it was the weekend I wont complain all that much about a 5 hour round.

I highly recommend playing here if you have not yet!
Played here on 1/24 with Matt, Rob and Tim. Absolutely fantastic course! The weather was cold and there was a frost delay, however the inside cafe and bar is open for seating. The staff was friendly and welcoming.

Range: Range is grass and there are a good number of stalls available. They also have a large practice putting green. You purchase balls inside or at the machine located on the range.

Fairways: Fast and pure. The fairways are green all around and run great. Lies are nice and tight, perfect reward for hitting the fairway.

Rough: The rough is dormant, but nice and fast and most of the holes funnel back towards the fairway. Worry not, hitting from the rough though was no big issue and you can almost play it as a normal shot and even retain spin on the ball.

Greens: Fast to start and then began to slow down a tad when the frost dried up. No major damage or issues, some great tiered greens and one or two with a hump you have to fight.

There is no doubt in my mind that if you enjoy golf, youll enjoy this course. Amazing place and I highly suggest you check it out!
Tee'd it up with Matt, Rob and Johnathan as part of the GK Event. I had an absolute blast and this course is spectacular! One of my new all time favorites.

Facility: The snack shop is open and the bar was seating limited people. They have a very nice all grass range, only knock is they use pinnacle golf balls for the range. Nice chipping area and putting green. Staff was very friendly and there was a third party company onsite for club repair.

Fairways: Fairways were great. Tight lies all around the course, but the it plays pure. I personally love this type of fairway. No real bad bare spots that I can remember and there were a few areas under repair, but no big deal.

Greens: Fast and firm. A few bumps here and there, but played nice.

Sand: Was in-between fluff and packed, pretty good in my opinion.

Course isn't extremely tough, but you want to stay within the fairways. Too far left or right and you will end up in desert/wash area; sometimes your ball will be findable but most of the time it wont be. The signature hole has to be the par 3 island green; it was windy for us and played about 170/180. All and all, great course and I would highly recommend you come here and play.
I played here on 1/22 with the GK Gurus. I was paired with Rob, Matt and Kevin.

Facility: The cafe and bar was open for dining. Fairly good prices on menu and they have a large selection of various foods. I had the philly cheese steak and it was pretty darn good, would order again. There is a chipping area and putting green, the range is a large netted area that you hit into. Personally, this is the only low point of the course IMO, I cant never fully warm up hitting into a net. Its obviously the indian and not the arrow, but that would be my only low score here.

Fairways: I wouldnt consider them lush, but i wouldnt say thin. The fairways were like nice tight lies all around; the grass doesnt look good but it played pure.

Rough: Wasn't all that bad and was maintained.

Greens: Firm and fast (it was also cold out and windy).

Overall, I had an absolute blast with the GK Gurus and would recommend you play this course if possible. There are many "picture" type holes spread throughout the course, so make sure your phone is charged up :) Thank you to our wonderful hosts!
Played here today, 12/15, and I will get right to it, not worth the cost right now. This course is almost unplayable, especially in any sort of wind. The greens are bumpy and extremely fast; I watched many putts go flying from a small tap. It was unheard of. I have never played a course in these conditions but I knew something was off when the clubhouse had a sign "no wind rain checks, play at own will." or something like that. There were plenty of times i felt like the wind was going to knock me over on the swing or just standing there; some of the elevated tee boxes made me feel uneasy because of the wind. I would avoid here at all costs right now until they get the greens back into some sort of decent shape.
Played here on Sunday, 12/13 as part of the GK Event. This place is absolutely amazing!!!!

Range: Pure range. They use Pro V1 practice balls and the range was awesome. The grass was a little eaten up from previous folks warming up, but easy enough to find a sliver to hit on. Nice targets throughout the range and yardage to those are posted.

Clubhouse/Bar/Grill: Food is take out only, I had a deli sandwhich and a pulled pork sandwhich after. Both were pretty darn good; the home fries/home style chips are delicious.

Course: Overall not that difficult, there are areas to miss and you really shouldnt lose many balls. There are some holes with forced carry or water in front on a par 3; but overall pretty playable. The greens were really firm and had a lot of roll out on them; speeds were quick so you had to pay attention. Rough was nice and lush; some areas were thicker than others but still playable.

Pace of play was great, they have starters out there ensuring you go off at the designated time.

Highly recommend this course.
Played El Prado Chino Creek side today, 12/11 with my dad.

Staff: Starter was friendly and the snack shop is open to go. Fairly easy process to check in and we were on our way.

Range: Range is grass and if you have an earlier tee-time you wont have many divot marks, but get there a little later and the grass will be beaten up by other golfers. Range balls were decent, many of them had some bad scuffs on them, but I am just happy to be outside at this point. There are two practice greens and today the practice green seemed to match the Chino side.

Pace of play: We finished in about 4 hours and 15 minutes which I thought was good. We were never waiting on a group and groups behind us were keeping us going. All and all good pace of play.

Course: Not very difficult, fairly open if you are wild off the tee but long hitters can just use iron off the tee for many of the holes. Its the smart play and you are left with a wedge in most of the time. The fairways were in good shape, there were a few muddy areas and some bare spots but nothing that would make me upset. There are leaves out there right now so beware. Bunkers were OK, some were like hitting off of a mat, others were nice and soft. There is some water on the Chino Creek side, but not much and i dont ever think it crossed my mind when playing today. Greens are almost healed from being punched, you can tell they are a little shaggy in some areas trying to get the grass up enough to be cut just right. The greens were pretty slow for the most part and the back 9 the greens seemed a tad softer.

All and all for $42 bucks with a cart I would recommend playing here. Be aware, most of the time the Butterfield side right now is walking only and there are certain time frames where carts are not available and it is walking only on both courses. Best to check with the course when you make your reservation just to be sure. This gives the workers enough time to clean, charge and disinfect the carts in-between everyone. They were letting you go two to a cart if you'd like, or singles, your choice.
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