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Firstly I would like to thank our members and repeat customers for their continued support. It's all of you that make this golf course feel like a golf club.
It's been just over a year since the land owners took control of Hidden Valley. They asked me at that time to continue what we have been doing at the property for one year; then we would come together to see what direction to take the course (or where we need to focus our resources). The two things that need the most attentionare certain tee tops that need leveling and the bunkers. Now I know some of the tees are uneven but you can always more the tee marker around and find a flat(ish) spot. The bunker not so much they are just bad.. So the decision was made to start with the green side bunkers moving backwards around the course. As of today 18 - 9 have been completed and over the next few weeks we are hoping to complete all the way to number one. This is no easy task to complete in-house and maintain the course at the same time, so we appreciate your understanding at this time.
Over the winter months we made the course more playable by cleaning out the in-play creeks. We also marked the course with 150 poles and all the sprinklers now have yardage on them. Course maintenance / improvements are always on-going but I feel we are moving in a great direction for the future. So if you haven't played Hidden Valley lately please come out and see us. You can call our head pro, Jordan McDonald at 951-737-1010 to book a tee time, tournament or with any questions you may have.
With thanks, Iain Sturge, your course superintendent
Listing 1 to 1 of 64,004 Course Reviews
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