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Was able to join a GK group for my second ever round at Cascata on 7/24. I missed getting buzzed in at the entrance gate to the course because I followed rob1563 in. Staff is there waiting for you to unload your bag from your car and place on your single rider cart. Because of the physical distancing safety protocols, they ask if you'd like to valet, otherwise you can park your car on your own.

Locker room was closed, but that was just fine. Hit the restaurant for the eggs benedict, which was really good!

Cascata is definitely worth playing. With the exception of some (not very many) repairs in the fairways, sod replacement and aeration, everything else was in great shape. I think I hit out of 2 or 3 aerated spots. Elevated tee boxes make for some exciting holes.

The caddy is a must have. I have enough trouble putting on my own reads and without the caddy I know there would have been several 4 puts. Crazy how good he was with giving exact directions. All you have to do is execute. There in lies my problem, haha.

This is a must play course.
Played on Friday 7/10 with Rob and Matt. This was the second round of the day and didn’t tee until 2pm. Wow was it HOT!!

Bag drop was open and clubs were placed right on what I think are brand new carts. Very plush seats, GPS, and Bluetooth JBL speakers. Don’t use the screen/GPS to connect, use your device to connect directly to the speakers.

Playing this late, there was hardly anyone else on the course so we were able to play pretty quickly. Finished in just under 3 and a half.

Course is in great shape. All grass was lush and green and the rough was difficult, for me, to get out of since it’s a little thick. Can’t beat the views of the LV Strip and even the new Raider stadium. Fun place to play.
Played on Friday, 7/10, with Rob and Matt. Slightly over an hour north of Vegas for an 8am tee time. A steal at $90.

Absolutely love this course. It’s my favorite. After playing the course once or twice, you’ll be able to visualize every hole. Views are amazing.

We started on 10, which is a little disappointing because the 1st hole is a spectacular par 5 with elevated tee box to large fairway and then back uphill to the green. On the plus side, I like the 9th hole better than 18 for the finishing hole.

Course conditions were good. Considering the heat, I’d expect the grass to be struggling but it wasn’t. Tee boxes, fairways, and rough were all well maintained. Bunkers were good, although some were just a little bit crusty, the single negative I have.

Single rider carts, with two water bottles at the start. There’s no drink cart, but a strategically placed snack shack is passed twice, once front and once back. We also saw the marshal driving around offering more water.

Definitely will be back to play.
Played sunrise 7/6/20 with a 7:30 start to get out before the real heat settled in. Even though this course is in an older part of Vegas, it is well worth playing. Very reasonable prices and pace of play was great at just over 3 and a half hours.

Like every other clubhouse in Vegas, you can't go in without a mask. Single rider carts for everyone too, unless you live in the same household.

I love these greens! They are the most consistent I've ever played. I wish I would have hit a few putts before going out though. One of my playing partners did and said it was exactly the same.

Fairways were in great shape, bunkers were well groomed (no rakes though) but were a little crusty/hard, and tee boxes were level and not full of divots. Some of the tee boxes on the back were a bit scruffy, but not terrible, except for #11 which looked like it had some weeds trying to take over.

Course maintenance is supposed to start tomorrow, but you wouldn't know it.
Cascata was fantastic!

I was fortunate to play this course on 8/23. I have heard about the course and how great it was. My expectations were high and I did my best to try and temper them. I was afraid the hype would taint my opinion and that the course would not live up to expectation.

Finally arriving at the gate to the course, the exclusiveness of the course was apparent. Access granted at the private gate and we drove to the clubhouse. Car was valeted and clubs disappeared to be loaded on our cart. A host escorted us to the locker room which passed a stream that runs from the top of a mountain behind the driving range and right through the middle of the clubhouse. Pretty Cool! Arriving in the locker room, my name was printed on my personal storage space was a nice touch.

After changing shoes we headed off to the restaurant and enjoyed the eggs Benedict. Good recommendation.

Now let me talk about the trip to the golf cart. This was so cool. Carts were downstairs, inside the clubhouse. Bags were loaded, staff was there to help, and our caddie was there waiting. Once we got settled, we drove to the range. The coolest part of this was the automatic doors that opened to expose such a great view of the putting green, range with the waterfall backdrop, and the mountain scene behind that.

After meeting the caddie and warming up, we headed to the course. This was a fun course with elevated tee boxes, uphill and downhill holes since the course is on a mountain. I’ve never had a caddie before and don’t much like the idea of another set of eyes on my game, but Quincy was a big help. It was good to have his input on where to hit, but just as good for his keen ability to help find my ball when I didn’t stay on the fairway. The greens were challenging and on a few holes, there was no way I would even get close to the cup since reading them was so difficult. If I could execute Quincy’s direction, I’d be good, but knowing and doing don’t always match up.

This was a great experience. Was is able to knock my favorite course from the top spot…No. But it is a solid number 2, and if you were to throw in all of the extras in the experience, it would take top spot. Such a fun day.
Played the mountain course on Friday 8/16. Course is in good shape. Decided to play mountain instead of Palm, since Palm has started over seeding prep.

It was crowded, and although on a few holes it felt like we were stacking up, we finished in just under 4 hours as a threesome.

Tee boxes and fairways had some divots but no thin or bare spots. Rough was thick and cut slightly higher than usual. Greens were in good shape, maybe a little fuzzy, but that’s nit picking. Couple of puts bounced weird.
I spent a week on Kauai and wanted to play at least one course while I was there. After looking at all the courses on the island I decided that this would be the one. It was really choice number 3, but that is because the top 2 courses that peaked my interest were over $200 for the round, not including club rental.

Green Fee was $99, club rental was around $75 (can't remember exact amount). So for under $200, this seemed fairly reasonable. The clubs were all Cleveland, and in really good condition. I couldn't hit them at all, but that isn't the clubs fault.

I was greeted at the car to immediately load the clubs on a cart. The pro shop and the restaurant are trailers and decent. Range balls were included.

The course views, none of the ocean, were incredible. Many mountain views and green everywhere. The red sand bunkers were cool looking. The course was interesting with turns, fairway and green undulations, elevation changes, and water hazards. this was a fund course to play and worth the green fee. Don't let the lack of ocean views steer you away from this course.
This is the municipal course on Kauai. Conditions definitely match those of muni's in Las Vegas. Grass was inconsistent and thin throughout. I went in expecting exactly what I got, so this is not really a complaint.

Green fee was $17, club rental was $3, and pull cart rental was $3. For $23 total for 9 holes the was just as expected.

It was nice to be able to walk the course. The views were surprisingly good with many ocean views. It felt like we were all by ourselves walking this course. Did see many other golfers, but considering that we didn't make a tee time, nor did they suggest we do, everyone was spread out nicely. What a great way to spend a couple hours playing this game.
Played 8/3/19 with Rob1563. Pace of play was great. Finished found under 3 and a half hours. Angel Park is my home course and summer conditions are good. I like the Mountain course better than their other 18 hole course - Palm, but neither is a bad choice. Probably play 75% of rounds on Mountain and 25% on Palm. The OB card is good value and rates are very reasonable. Summer rates can dip below $30 with the card.

I've had an OB card for so many years I've lost count. Will continue to come back.
Played Arroyo on 8/9/19 with a couple of friends that have a players card for the course. Great value!

The conditions, except for half a dozen sand traps, was incredible. The grass for tee boxes, fairways, rough, greens, basically all around was in such great condition for this time of year.

My single complaint is the bunkers. I was in more than I should have been, and 4 of them had standing water. I had to take relief and try to find a dry spot so I wasn't hitting out of wet mush. This was significant, but all other playing conditions outweighed this inconvenience by far!

Pace of play was great. For the first 9 holes, it felt like my 4some was all by ourselves. Surprising because conditions were so good and the high temp was only supposed to be 101. low for Vegas summer standard.
This is the first time I have played this course. Lucky to get out there with Rob, Matt, and David on Friday 6/28.

What a fun course. I liked the white sand along the water, sort of tropical feel, and great playing conditions. It never felt like holes were repeated, each was different. Tee boxes were level, fairways cut nicely (more roll once we got to the back nine, wet conditions on the front), and the greens were practically blemish free. Greens were consistent, interesting, and challenging without being overly difficult.

The course is right next to the airport and there were planes taking off at least every 5 minutes. I thought it might be annoying, but it was actually the opposite. I found myself watching the planes rise over the fairways and greens, and thinking maybe one of us could hit one off the tee. Not a chance.

Customer service was great. There when needed, but not over the top. Typically I like to hit the range before playing, but as the course only had nets, I passed. Didn’t really miss the warmup that much. Breakfast burrito was delicious and enough for two people.

One and only negative was the few sand traps I found myself in. One fairway trap was semi fluffy, one hard and dense, another green side bunker was hard sort of wet.

All in all, really good course.
I'll just start by saying, I love these greens. They were slow, but consistent throughout. I can't recall seeing a single ball mark the whole day. The tee boxes were flat and well maintained. Fairways only had a few, minor, brown spots. Although my game didn't allow me to follow this advice, stay to the left on nearly every hole. Shots down the right side will leave you down in the wash, and in my case quite a few times even in the water.
Definitely worth the green fee.
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