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Played in a 8am tournament on Saturday (11/14). Our tee times were moved up half an hour, so people were scrambling to warm up and get on the tee. I was really impressed by the great condition of the course, I really don't expect a course to be this sharp in November. Greens were fast and true, you definitely wanted to leave your ball below the hole. The sand in the bunkers were soft, deep and fluffy.

The layout at Soboba is imaginative and fair, with room on the fairways if you play the correct side. Some holes have water that will sneak up on you, with shaved fairway and rough areas that will allow a ball to roll into the wet stuff.

The beverage cart came through 3 times on a gorgeous day for golf. I think my club will continue to put this course in the schedule.
Played a round on Friday with a tee time just past noon. This was my first time playing Torrey North since the renovation that switched the nines. The course had just been overseeded, so it was cart path only. All the tee boxes were pushed to the front tees as well.

My first impression was how many fewer trees there were on the course. We were paired up with a knowledgeable single who said that storms that had knocked down a lot of trees. It was different being able to see so many holes on the course at once, because the view wasn't obstructed by trees. The course was playing a little damp, with not a lot of roll on the fairways and fairly soft greens. Greens were rolling about a medium speed, not as quick as I was used to at Torrey.

A light fog rolled in when we were on the ninth hole, and unfortunately the scenic 15th and 16th holes were covered in fog when we played it. Two of my playing partners were playing Torrey for the first time, and I had to apologize to them that they weren't playing the "picture" holes at Torrey during ideal conditions.

We were definitely out of sync with the beverage cart on this occasion. We found the cart after the ninth hole, filling up on supplies as the snack stand was closing down. The next time we saw the cart, it was rolling towards us as we were standing on the 18th tee.

All in all, it was a beautiful day to be out. The two first-timers that I was with enjoyed themselves immensely, and were already making plans to return to play the South.
Played in a 8am shotgun tournament on Saturday, 9/21. There were actually two shotgun tournaments that started at the same time. The course moved surprisingly quick. Within a few holes, the group in front of us were usually putting out by the time we got to the tee, and the group behind us could not be seen. I think the nice pace of the course may have had a lot to do with the generous layout. Playing from the white tees, the course was mostly a progression of 360 yard par 4s with fairly wide fairways. The rough did tend to fairly lush and would tend to grab and catch your clubface. There were quite a bit of brown spots on some of the fairways, spots I would have expected to be marked as ground under repair. The greens were fairly soft and putted nicely at a medium-fast speed.

My playing partner and I did have some bad luck with golf carts. Our first cart would stall on startup, and we would have to throw it into reverse and then back to forward for it to move. At the turn, we exchanged it for another cart. This second cart, when we would slow down, would suddenly slam on the brakes by itself, jerking us to an abrupt stop.

I didn't get a chance to interact with the pro shop, but the marshall on course was very nice and very helpful when we told him about our problems with our first cart. The young lady in the beverage cart was also very nice and showed up a few times on a day that got into the mid-80s. We really couldn't ask for better weather in Fontana, and we finished the round in what felt like a quick 4 hr 20 min, done before any afternoon winds would kick up.
Played Bonita with a 1pm start time on Saturday. The fairways are cut very tight, and there are the browning patches you would expect to start seeing as the weather turns cooler. Greens have recently been punched, and have not fully recovered, but still putted at a medium, medium-fast speed. It was a gorgeous day to be out, and many other people seemed to have had the same thought as the course was pretty busy. We were waiting on pretty much every hole, but not unnecessarily so as the foursome in front of us was keeping up. One of our foursome had never played Bonita before, and he was suitably impressed. He was lucky to be with us though, to navigate the convoluted, snake-eating-itself layout at Bonita. Got around in 4 hours and 38 minutes. Great value at $40 with cart for afternoon rates.
Played in a Saturday morning tournament (7/22). Conditions were hot and humid. Fairways and greens are showing wear from the summer weather, with some brown / dirt areas. Around noontime, the greenskeepers actually watered the greens on a couple of holes in front of us. Tee boxes are showing some wear as well. The unpredictable kikuyu rough has been thankfully cut low. They did have two beverage carts going around the course, which was appreciated under the hot conditions.

I had forgotten just how long the Ike plays. The four par 4s over 400 yards from the white tees really challenged the high handicappers in our tournament. Customer service is excellent, giving a resort feel to the course. Industry Hills remains a gem in the San Gabriel Valley, hopefully we get some milder weather to help it out.
Sorry, this review is a week late, wrote it up but didn't have time to post it...

Played in a 9:30 am tournament on an overcast Saturday morning that started to get sunny around the 5th hole. Luckily there wasn't much of the wind out there that can make Los Serranos such a tough course. The range was set up on grass instead of mats, and still in good shape by that time of the morning.

The North starts off fairly easily, and doesn't really start to challenge you until the 7th and 8th hole. The fairways and rough were in pretty good shape. The sand in the bunkers was thick and coarse, but more dusty than heavy. The only exception that I can think of were the intimidatingly deep bunkers that guard the front of the 16th green. Those bunkers barely had any sand at all.

The greens on the North are pretty small by modern standards. Although they were running medium-slow, the greens tended to be fairly sloped. There were many downhill 20-footers that would break two or three feet. It's best to leave the ball below the hole.

Both snack areas were open, and the staff throughout the course was relaxed and friendly. The round was a great reminder of this gem of a course.
Piggy-backing on the reviews of Itslikeimsayin, apisarski, and Gregholla. Had a great time playing with those guys, loose atmosphere with a lot of laughs. Some pretty thick fog obscured the golf course until the third hole, making for some damp conditions to start with. The Presidio nine did look like it had some fairways with new patches of sod laid down, and some repairs needed to the edges of a couple of the greens. The Mission nine was in the usual pretty good shape. The bunkers stood out as the best feature of the course to me that day, lots of consistent sand to dig into.

We were unfortunately out of sync with the beverage cart, catching it once on the front side, but then seeing it roll by while we were near the clubhouse (Greg, I still owe you a drink).
I've always wanted to play this course, seeing it off the 15 freeway when I was driving north to play other courses in the Riverside area. Finally got a chance to play it during a morning tournament on Saturday, playing the Creek-Stonehouse combo.

Creek was kind of damp from the recent rains. There were a lot of gnat creatures flying around, doing annoying things like buzzing into my ear just as I was about to putt. I felt like Creek was sneaky-tight. The holes looked open, but stray a little bit from the fairway, and all of a sudden a small clump of trees that looked innocuous from the tee box was in the way of the approach shot. Where is the creek on that course, by the way? There was a couple of ponds on the 9th hole, but otherwise I didn't see any water.

On the first two holes of Stonehouse, I felt like a cartoon character with a bunch of question marks around my head. Our group had no idea where to hit the blind tee shots on #1 and #2. The course got more straightforward after that, but there was still some tricky elevation changes, including my least favorite type of hole in golf, an uphill par 3. The Stonehouse course finishes with a very nice par 5 with a great looking water feature by the green.

Overall, the course was in very nice shape. The fairways had a couple of ground-under-repair spots, but was otherwise cut low and very nice. Greens were superb, holding shots after the recent rain but still putting at a fairly quick pace. My only complaint was the lack of sand in the bunkers. It felt like there was barely a quarter-inch of sand, and I kept blading my greenside bunker shots because there was nothing to dig under. I finally had to resort to just chipping it out. I preferred the Stonehouse nine to the Creek nine, both because of the more interesting layout and also because the higher elevation seemed to get us away from the bugs flying around. It did get hot in the higher and more sun-drenched Stonehouse portion, and I was dying of thirst before the beverage cart finally got to us on the 7th hole. All in all, it was a nice experience, and I want to come back to check out the Oaks nine.
Played Arrowood for the first time on Saturday morning. My friend got a couple of the Golfmoose deals (2 for $99) to fill out our foursome. Greenskeeper has an aerated warning, but the greens haven't been punched yet. I think they are due though. The greens were cut pretty low and tight, but would hold a well-struck ball. It was hard to repair a ball mark without leaving a brown mark on the green. That said, as glassy as the greens looked, they didn't putt extremely fast. I left my first five or six putts a foot or two short because I couldn't adjust to putts that looked lightening fast but actually weren't.

I enjoyed the layout of Arrowood. A lot of the views from the tee box gave the holes a really challenging look, but once you got to your ball you would see that the course opened up more than you could initially see. The first few holes did have some spongy, wet areas in the morning, but these were soon gone as the day heated up. The fairways were pretty tight and generally in good shape, with just a couple of brown patches and ground-under-repair, and many had forgiving slopes on the edges that would feed the ball back towards the middle of the fairway. The sand was coarse, gravel-y, and pretty shallow, but it was also surprisingly consistent and well-raked.

A very nice marshal greeted us as we left the ninth green, and asked us if we were enjoying our day. He then asked us if we were ready for the more challenging back nine, especially holes #12, 16, and 18. He wasn't joking. #16 may be the toughest par 4 I've played in years, 442-yards from the blue tees, downhill but going into a pretty good 10-15 mph breeze. And there's a pond that surrounds the green. I have to say my heart was beating a little faster as I had to hit a fairway wood approach, into wind, over water.

The beverage cart came by three times, and the very friendly beverage cart woman made sure to let us know that her name was Wendy, every time she saw us, and that she would be back soon (Hi Wendy!). She was needed on a day in the high-80s, as were the several ice cold water stations on the course. The range and the practice greens were pretty nice, although I wish more of the range mats had longer rubber tees for hitting driver. I enjoyed my experience, and would like to get this course into my regular rotation.
Played in a Saturday morning tournament with my regular club. I've only played Westridge once before, and that was maybe 12 or 13 years ago, and the wind was howling so hard that day that I remember my golf ball vibrating on the green when I was trying to putt. So I was looking forward to seeing the course under more normal conditions.

Unfortunately, this course needs a lot of TLC. There were several tee boxes where we had to tee up on brown dirt patches. Lots of bare spots in the fairway, and a couple of greens had bare spots too. Bunkers had very coarse sand, and at least one I was in was filled with rocks and pebbles that would ruin your clubface. It's a shame because it's a decent layout. They have flipped the nines since the last time I played, and the greens are tricky to read. I had at least three putts that broke into the hill that the course is built on.

Customer service was very nice. They have a cute dog that has been adopted by the club, and rides along with one of the marshals. Unless I read that the course conditions have improved, though, my club won't be playing any tournaments there in the near future.
Walked a leisurely round on a Mother's Day afternoon. Lots of families out there, and there was a big group playing Footgolf on the front nine. The greens have been recently punched, and were slower than normal. I believe they may be punching the non-flagstick half of the greens on the back nine in the near future. The tee boxes didn't seem to be in as good of a shape as they have been in the past. There were a lot of divot marks, and often it was hard to find a flat spot to tee up.

Customer service is always exemplary here, really nice and friendly. There's a big selection of local craft beers, but only in cans.
Played in a 10:00am tournament on Saturday. I don't think the aeration of the greens is at a full swing yet. About a three-foot band just inside the fringe would be aerated, and never near the cup. The greens felt about a medium speed to begin with, and seemed to speed up as the day went on. Pace of play was a little on the slow side, with waiting on the first five holes and opening up as we got across the street. Although the rough was cut pretty low, the ball has a tendency to sink down and disappear even just off the fairway. I was seeing random golf balls all over the place in the rough, and it's easy to get confused on "who's ball is who's" with all the parallel holes and other groups searching in the same area.

I can never get into a good groove right away on this course. You start off with some short par 4s that lull you into thinking you're almost playing an executive course. But then you cross the street and you're faced with a couple of long monsters. I've never scored well on the front nine, always doing better on the back. This is even though you might hear music blaring from large parties in the park on the back nine, or dogs barking up a storm from the dog park, or in the case on Saturday there was crowd roars and loud PA from the Long Beach State baseball game.

The golf shop was very nice and helpful. Unfortunately, you can only use irons on the range. Only saw the beverage cart once on the back side, but the outside grill was going full steam at the turn. It smelled too good, I had to get a hot dog. An enjoyable round on a day with perfect weather. There's a reason why my club has City of Long Beach courses in the annual rotation.
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