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I love the layout and haven't played here in about a year. Shocked by conditions. Very poor.
And Pace of Play just atrocious. Signs everywhere saying play at 4:15 but then the marshall comes and says, Sorry, this will be a long round due to a tourney. On SUNDAY morning???

Not to mention we paid twice what we used to for the course before Covid.

Course is not worth 80 dollars or the drive. Sorry to say it. The course is by far in the worst condition I have seen it.Felt like I was in LA instead of San Diego. Which says enough.
Updating from last month, when the greens were simply horrible, about a month after aeration. The greens are still pretty bad. Nothing like usual. I don't know what's going on over there.

If not for the greens, all would be fine. But it seems like a different place right now.
Been looking forward to the Aviara round.
Great course, in many ways. (You know, pretty flowers). Amazing greens.
Are not allowed to walk.
Staff was pleasant. But again the annoying towel people at the end,
Wish this would go away from golf.

POP not great. Got stuck behind all these foursomes and really couldn't stand it.
For that green fee it is simply unacceptable, to my POV.

But for that price I can't really justify playing it again.
Played on Thursday at a decent POP. Conditions the usual Torrey except for HORRIBLE GREENS. They punched weeks ago but still. I feel bad for people paying out of city rates. Kind of a waste of time, overall, this time, unfortunately.
Played it for the second time. The course is in spectacular condition.
Wish everyone took care like they do.
Staff is a mixed bag. Sometimes too snooty for me and I don't like pushy TIP ME TIP ME TIP ME Staff.

Wish the course would do away with that.

Prices for rounds really high. Not sure who pays that much. Too much for a regular player though.
Wilson and Harding should be enjoyable places to play.
But never again.
The clientele there is downright awful. Even worse than the typical LA
entitled non-etiquette.
Nothing like being yelled at to hurry up, after our foursome waited 20 minutes to tee off as well and am waiting for the green to clear from 100 yards. This was after many similar incidents.
Had too many confrontations on this now mediocre course. Was almost hit on the first hole and the family didn't even come to apologize. When I confronted them they still don't say anything.
No sense in complaining to the marshals, they don't care.
It is all too commonplace. AS A SIDE NOTE, when I told the staff at TORREY PINES (a public city course) I was hit into, they immediately revoked the city golf cards of the foursome behind me.

POP was over six hours at Wilson.

I feel bad for people in LA that do have etiquette and love the sport.
Love the course, play it regularly. BUT
it is a crapshoot.
Sometimes the POP is horrendous. And the marshals, sometimes present and sometimes not, just say, "That's how it is." Awful. There were four groups lined up on some holes and he had the nerve to say that. No, that's not how it is.
Usually it is not. And if it is, that means some group or groups are causing it.
Not right.
And the city can't charge those kinds of rates and not enforce better.
Also, the driving range is lousy and off mats and simply way too expensive.
City of SD should be ashamed. Charging that at its courses and $10 for those lousy pushcarts.

Much of the staff is so friendly and this is a special place. But it could be and should be better.
The greens were surprisingly nice. HORRIBLE backups on several holes. Even in the beginning with multiple groups lining up for hole after hole.
Got in an argument with a guy who tried to sneak into the mix as well. Just awful, such people.
NO MARSHALL out there despite all the pace of play issues. I will not return as a result.
We started an hour before twilight, in the morning. ANd did not finish. Unacceptable.
I don't agree with some of the lower reviews, felt compelled to say something. Or perhaps I got lucky. Conditions were quite good. Greens rolled pretty true and many greens had few or no marks.

THey say they've a grass range but I've always seen only mats when there. Which is not to my liking. AND THEIR RANGE BALLS ARE WAY EXPENSIVE AND OLD.

What I will say is that this could be a stellar course and design but it is not in the stellar shape it deserves to be in. Still very good.
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