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Played October 12. Went out as a single and paired up with a pretty decent guy. As always, pro shop staff was awesome. It is my home course so i try not to annoy anyone that works here.

Renovations to the clubhouse seem to be coming along nicely. Should look really nice when it is complete.

Range is okay. There was some grass, but stalls had some really uneven spots.

POP was about 4 hours, which is not terrible for a holiday Monday.

Tee boxes were good, though a few uneven tee boxes.

Tee boxes were lush but a few are uneven. Was still able to find a good spot to tee off from on each hole.

Fairways were good. Not many bare spots. Rough was lush and long. Sand was hard and needs some work.

Greens were punched a few weeks ago and were recently sanded. They were bumpy. Ran medium speed but was hard to make putts with how bumpy they were. Also, people need to fix their ball marks!

As always, i do love this course. It is greater than the sum of its parts. With the deer and bobcats running around, it really is a neat spot to play. I will be back next weekend.
It has been a while since i have played here. Course is exactly what I remember- straight and has an odor.

Went out with a buddy of mine on October 11. Nice warm day and was beautiful out.

Pro shop staff was great. Really decent group of guys in the pro shop.

POP was just a hair over 4 hours. Paired up with a good guy and his wife who was just along for the ride. Fun couple.

As for course, conditions were not great. Range was decent enough.

Tee boxes were not level and had quite a few bare spots. Quite a lot of divots, too.

Fairways were pretty bare. 50/50 grass and dirt. Rough was mostly dirt and bare lies. Both in need of some water.

Bunkers were hard but not terrible.

Greens were pretty decent. Few ball marks and looked nice. Green complexes were small and fast so short chips ran off pretty easily. Greens were the highlight of the round’s conditions.

All told, fun round in spite of conditions. I would come back and play after some winter rain in hopes that the water helps grow some grass.
Played September 10 on a rather hot day. Went out with some friends and had a lovely time.

Tee boxes were quite good. All level and very few divots.

Fairways were okay. Some dry spots, but mostly green and lush. They were doing a good job repairing some areas.

Rough was not particularly brutal, but certain areas were easy to lose balls in.

Sand was very good. Fluffy and pretty nice to play from.

Greens were very nice. Very few pitch marks. Smooth and rolling medium speed.

Staff was great. Starter was a really decent gentleman who was cracking jokes. Marshall came by a few times to keep everyone on pace and was very nice about doing so.

I will definitely be returning to play here again!
Played this round for my 40th bday gift to myself. Used this to try out my new Speedzone X driver (which i love).

Played Palm Royale the day before as a warmup (see previous review of that course). Stayed at Indian Wells Hyatt Regency for 4 days while playing out here and enjoying time with the kids.

Tee time at 12:10 on March 29, 2021. Showed up an hour early. Went to pro shop to buy kitsch, and was a kid in a candy store. Came back later and bought more kitsch the next day. Pro shop staff was really great and got me checked in easily.

When I dropped off my bag, staff was great, too. Sent me out to the range and let me know to go to practice green a few minutes before i teed off. Weirdly, the range was strange as there were only good targets for short clubs. Still, range was really nice, with callaway range balls. Went to putting green and putted a few. Practice green was very representative of the greens on course.

Went to starter and he was awesome. Best starter i have ever encountered. Really fun older gentleman. Could tell he really enjoyed what he did. Gave me some pointers and got me on my way. His first tee pointers got me par right out the gate, which was awesome.

As to course, tee boxes were perfect. Divots were filled nicely. Every tee box was nice and level.

Fairways were impeccable. Every blade of grass was placed perfectly. The color of green for the fairways was like nothing i have ever seen. Every day I stayed at the resort i saw ground crews maintaining the fairways.

Rough was exactly the same as the fairways. I did find a two desert areas and the bushes in those areas likes to eat golf balls.

The sand was perfectly fluffy without being too fluffy.

Greens were almost perfect. Rolled really well and not the least bit bumpy. Greens break much less than they look like they will. Also nice that most approach shots feed towards greens.

Even the water here was really nice. Just as beautiful as the rest of the course.

All told, the celebrity is every bit as good as i have heard. I already want to play again.
Played Palm Royale on March 28, 2021. Brought my uncle (fresh off of covid self-imposed lockdown), my brother (first ever round of his adult life), and my 7 y/o son. Warmup round for my round at Indian Wells.

Had a blast walking this course. Conditions were really good. Staff was really nice.

Tee boxes were in good shape. Fairways (all par 3, so saw very few) were really good. Sand was nice and fluffy. Greens were okay - minimal ball marks, but did not hold shots well.

All in all, a fun executive course that was perfect for the group we had. Fun fact - couples holds course record here.

Will definitely bring my family back here. Value for the short round is great!
Played Marshal today. Was pretty busy, which anticipated as it was New Years day. I ended up playing the front 9 twice to avoid the backlog on the back 9. Worked out pretty well, all things considered.

Staff here was amazing as always. Dylan in the pro shop, Bruce, and the rest of the staff are always great.

Tee boxes were okay. Some divots, but i have seen worse. Some tee boxes need to be leveled out.

Fairways were decent. Less bare spots than i have seen in the past.

Rough was long and tried to eat my ball a few times.

Sand was thin, but playable enough.

Greens were soggy on a few holes, but rest were good enough. Not as bumpy as they have been in the past. I always do my part and fix ball marks on the greens, and today i fixed a few. Not as many unrepaired marks today as here have been in the past.

Deer were out in full force today, but did not get to see any bobcats this time. Wildlife here is always a treat, though.
Played here on December 30. Always like playing here, but i often avoid it due to pop issues. However, this round pace was very consistent and round took 4 hours exactly.

As for the course, the tee boxes were good. Greens were good - fast but held shots nicely.

Sand was very, very fluffy - almost too fluffy. Sand was a nice white color, which was pleasant.

The rough was thin. Some coverage, but not much.

Most disappointing part of course was the fairways. They were thin and very hard. I understand that winter plays a big part in the condition of the fairways, but this was different. Not barren, but the grass that was there may as well have just been dirt. Fairways looked green, but they were hard and just rolled out like crazy.

Staff was great, as always.

In short, i will be back, but may wait until the spring to see if the grass gets thicker on the fairways.
Played mountain meadows this afternoon. Was just as good as i remember from last time i played.

Staff was great today. Lady checking us in was super sweet and accommodating for my 4th player running 10 min late.

Tee boxes were mostly evenish. Except for hole 9, all had lots of grass.

Fairways had very few dead spots. They were dry and really tight, but good overall.

Sand was okay. There was some sand in the traps, but not super fluffy.

Rough was nit kind to me, lost 5 balls that should have been found easily. All would ne within a couple yards of fairway, but would just disappear. They need to cut the rough down a bit so that i can find my ball.

Greens were nice. Not super fast, but very decent speed. Fewer pitch marks than i was expecting.

Pace of play was good. Right about 4 hours (4.5) including stop at the turn.

Will definitely play here again sometime soon. Really do love the layout of this course.
Finally got out to play here again after about 9 months. My 6 year old and i played with some extended family who live in the desert. We played February 16, 2020 at a bit after 2:00 p.m. Phenomenal 80 degree day out!

Anyways, about the course - the course was absolutely wonderful (as always). Son and i showed up an hour early for our afternoon start. Hit some balls into the net, chipped some, and putted some. Short game practice area is great, but i just wish they had a real range. That said, the net is pretty decent to warm up with (compared to other nets i have hit into).

Went to hole one and the starter took off right as we were heading up to the first tee. We just teed off and had a great time.

Tee boxes were very nice. Even, though slightly shaggy fir my tastes.

Fairways were absolutely perfect. Perfect green and very few divots (all filled).

Rough was cut pretty short but very decent condition. Found desert a few times i went outside of the rough. Even the desert was playable though.

Sand was great. Fluffy, but not too fluffy. Nice white sand, too.

Greens were smooth. Different grass than I normally play, so were a bit slower than i am used to. Once I adjusted to speed, i was nothing but happy with the greens.

Clubhouse is wonderful, as always. Staff is amazing, both inside the clubhouse and out.

All in all, wonderful day and just wish i could have finished more than 14 holes (stupid short winter days). Son was beyond happy and wants to play again. Family from indio wants to play again too. Great course, and will be back for sure.
Have been taking lessons here with Bruce Thompson and figured i should post a review of the course. Always love this course (moved to live right by it). For all its quirks, it really is a good course. Played January 12, 2020 and it was in typical Marshall Canyon condition. Pace of play for a twosome was about 3.5 hours on a Sunday afternoon.

Greens were still impossible to read, and were very fast. Was still able to putt decent, but I will never really have the greens figured out here.

Fairways were in surprisingly decent shape. Some muddy spots, but very little bare area. Grass was actually pretty decent in fairways. Never an even lie in the fairway, but course is sitting on the side of a mountain.

Rough was spotty. Some shots had long grass, some had crab grass, some were on nothing but pine needles. More importantly than the playing surface, was the fact that there were all sorts of covered holes, meaning that i could not get a good lie in the rough. Upside, they trimmed some trees, so i did nit have to punch out as often as i have in the past.

Tee boxes were really uneven. I wish they would fix their tee boxes. They have been investing a lot into the course as of late, so i assume they will level out the tee boxes at some point. Still, the unevenness cost me a couple shots from the tee.

Staff is always great here. Matt and Cameron in the pro shop/cart barn are great. Bruce is great - again, i get lessons from him, as does my kid. Food service is great - bev cart was around a few times this afternoon.

Also, course just replaced their carts. New carts are really nice, even if they do not have gps in them.

All in all, i love Marshall. It is my home course and i will play it until they kick me off. Also, do not come here as i do not want it to become San Dimas, Diamond Bar or Mountain Meadows - i like the 3.5 hour rounds.
Played June 14, 2019. Course was great.

Staff was all good. Let me on with a very last minute booking, which was cool of them. Included a small warm up bucket, though limited flight balls.

Course was great overall. Conditions were just as good as Kapalua bay course, which i played a couple days prior (no ocean front holes really, though). Let me out as a single in the afternoon, but i joined up with a couple of kaamainas (sp?).

Tee boxes all level and lush.

Fairways were good with nothing dead. Lost a few balls to the water from various fairways. Rough was long, but not unfair.

Sand was a bit lighter than Kapalua, but still very good.

Greens were lightning quick. Pay attention to the silver vs. green colors!

Staff was really nice and the clubhouse was great. Bought a fair bit of gear from clubhouse (I was on vacation and needed souvenirs).

Definitely would recommend playing here if you can get a “deal” on a tee time.
Played June 11, 2019. Grouped up with a few other visitors.

Course was really nice. Got a pretty good price through the website and teed pff at 11:30 a.m.

Course itself was great. Staff was all amazing as was the staff at the restaurant. Get a burger from the restaurant - it is the best burger i have ever had.

Course conditions were near perfect. Tee boxes all level. Fairways were pristine. Bunkers were soft to the point that i had real trouble getting out of them.

Greens were lightning quick. Putts that were barely off would run like crazy.

All in all i shot terrible, but didn’t lose a ball on the 17th. Really want to go back and try course again to se if i can post a halfway decent score.
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