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Played 8/7. Greens better but quite slow. Fairways just OK but given the hot weather, understandable. First hole bunker renovation in process. WARNING - Foundation of the new bunkers is solid cement! Looks like gravel but it is solid cement! The entire bunker right up to the edges is solid cement. OK if you are in the heart of the bunker because there is 5 inches of new sand. But any lie near the edges will hit cement because the sand can only hold one inch near the edges. WARNING - you will damage your club and hurt your wrist if your ball is near the edge. Tested the new bunker on hole 2 and confirmed this condition. WARNING - BE CAREFUL!
Played Arroyo Trabuco 4/18. Only four weeks since they punched greens and they are in very good shape. Most rolled true. Some need 2 more weeks. The back half of #6 green has new sod and seems to be taking nicely - it looks good but the back half of green is closed for now - flag on the front. Green #8 also has some sod repair on the fringes. Four weeks ago the fairways look like the Sahara desert. Now they are green again with the warmer weather and being able to water. Looks like a golf course again. POP 4 hrs 15 minutes. Overall the course is in very good shape. Great staff. Thanks to the Arroyo team. Nice job!
Played Talega this morning Feb 24. One hour frost delay but they called at 7:30 to tell us that there was a frost delay. This call was much appreciated - good customer service. The good news is that the greens were in great shape. They were smooth, every putt rolled true, and medium to fast. Fairways were not so good. A bit worse than typical winter conditions, with some very tight lies. Bunkers are poor, mostly hard pan; a long history of bad bunkers here. Tee boxes were just OK. Overall a C-minus. Playable but just OK.
Played Strawberry Farms this morning. Fairways were OK, not great; typical winter conditions. Only a few tight lies. Greens were very good and rolled true. Bunkers are good. The lake is full again and waterfall on 18 running. Great staff. This course has really improved in the last year. Very nice! Well done Strawberry team!
Played Tustin Ranch Feb. 17. Fairways not so good but typical winter conditions. Some better than others. Some tight lies but overall playable. Tee boxes the same. Greens were very good, smooth, rolling true, perfect speed. They punch the greens Thursday though so will probably need 4-5 weeks to recover. Bunkers are the best in Orange County. Perfect sand! POP on a Saturday morning was 4 hrs 15 min. Great staff! Great food. Overall a great course.
Heard that they cut and rolled the greens so thought we would try again. Terrible greens still. There is more sand on the greens than in the bunkers. Not one putt rolled true. Fairways good. Tee boxes good. Bunkers terrible. Condition of greens continues to make course unplayable.
Other courses in the area have great greens so no excuses.
Played Arroyo Trabuco Jan 27. Course is in great shape. Greens are excellent - best they have ever been; rolling true. POP on a Sat morning 4 hr 15 min. A few tight lies in the fairways but not a problem. Staff here is great. Service in the restaurant is also much better. Thank you to everyone at Arroyo - well done!
Played Tijeras Creek today. Greens are still bad - very bumpy, lots of sand. It’s been 3 months since these greens were punched. Worst they have ever been. Absolutely inexcusable. Fairways are good. Tee boxes OK. Bunkers are bad as usual. Gotta believe their Creek Card sales will be down this year. Fewer benefits, poor course conditions, and several good Orange County courses in much better shape. Sad to see this happen.
Listing 1 to 8 of 62,154 Course Reviews
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