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Played Arrowood on 1/10/2021. Overall course is in good winter shape. The fairways are dormant and somewhat thin but provide a lot of roll. Greens are a soft and therefore a little bumpy with some pitch marks but still roll fairly true (greens here are hard for me to read). Rough is inconsistent some spots fairly deep but mostly thin. Overall the course has very large fairways and greens and not alot of rough before the ball is unplayable/out of bounds.

Happy to see they have re-installed sod on number 13 (the only back nine par five). It has been flowers/cactus stuff but that is now removed and there is sod. Currently playing as ground under repair while it grows in.

Fairly routine Covid check in and masks required in doors and main hub areas (not so sure on how strictly this is being enforced). Cart person came around a bunch. Bring your AirPods unless you like classic rock while you warm up.

I definitely recommend but very hard to get weekend tee times here.
Played Arrowood on Sunday 8/23/20 with my dad and a twosome we were grouped with. Overall the course is in very good condition considering the heat wave that had been hitting San Diego county over the past two weeks.

The tee boxes are nice and level with only a few of the par threes having divot damage. The fairways have really improved their lushness rating. While not providing the same level of rollout as before the extra cushion is a trade off I am willing to make. The greens are soft and are getting a little beat up with the ball marks. The bunkers have nice sand and have also improved over the years from the dirt they used to be.

The practice area could use a few more tees for the mats I had to wait for someone to finish before I could grab a mat with a tee. I would recommend bringing your air pods unless you like “classic rock” music which they play on the driving range. The practice putting green only has sticks with a metal pole about the size or maybe smaller than the flag stick (no holes). The cart person came around a few times.

It was very hot and normally I walk but this time I used the cart because it was just so hot out. Overall I would recommend this course it’s a great layout with wide fairways and a focus on the second shot.
Played Mt. Woodson on 8/16/20 as part of the GK plays event. It was a great time despite the heat.

Overall the course is in very good shape and I would recommend for anyone trying to get an honest assessment of their ability to drive the ball very strait. The course is not that long but it’s difficulty comes in the fact that the fairways are narrow, the greens are small and there is minimal rough. There is a lot of out of bounds areas on almost every hole.

The course was in really good shape despite the heat wave that has been rolling through San Diego county. The tee boxes were a little shaggy for my taste. The fairways were pretty good with minimal bare spots and nice cushion. The bunkers were not overly sandy and provided enough lose sand to get your club through. The greens seemed pretty good despite being a little slower than I was used too.

We had a great time at the GK plays and the nachos I had After the round were worth the money. Can’t wait for the next GK plays at Dessert Willow.
Played Arrowood on 7/5/2020 teed off at 11:20. Walked the silvers in about four hours and fifteen minutes. Staff was very friendly and ensuring COVID 19 safety (masks required in central area, starter, and in side the pro shop.)

Course was in pretty good shape. The greens were smooth with minimal marks. The fairway was a lot softer than normal. Rough was thick in some areas (backside of most fairway bunkers). There is still no solution for bunkers in COVID other than to just use your foot to clear a flat spot. The cups have a cut pool noodle in the bottom (Over a month past reopening I would have thought to see more adoption of the lever contraption that Rams Hill uses).

I really enjoy the layout of the course that puts ball striking at a premium. I can’t wait to go back.
I played Arrowood on 3/7/2020. Course is in good shape heading into maintenance on 3/31. Teed off around 10:30 and finished around 4:30 with some waiting on a few holes. This is pretty regular on a weekend round here. Took the cart but the course is totally walk-able. Fairways are in pretty good shape but this course overall does have what I would consider to be thin fairways. Greens were in good shape fairly receptive and quite fast. This course has made alot of improvements over the bunkers in the past year or so. The bunkers that I were in had some nice fluffy sand.

Course is constantly making changes. Months ago they removed the bunker in the middle of the fairway on hole 4. Recently it they have added a small bunker on the middle right side of the hole along the fence where the slope runs down.

I really enjoy the course and the shot making required. I would recommend this course.
Played Arrowood on labor day 9/2/2019. Had a great time on the course despite the slow play and heat. As other reviewers have mentioned they changed to color of the tees I played the old blues which are now silver. It was hot out and there was no wind which combined with the labor day slowness it was a long but still fun day. This course has alot of room off the tees and the greens are relatively big but if you miss the wide fairways or large greens you will be in trouble. They have renamed the closing four holes to be called "The Quandry". I don't know why they picked that word. Were they trying to make an A-Z list of signature hole names? But either way the closing four holes are great with forced carries and a real test at the end.

The current conditions of the course are a little on the dry side with the fairways coming back from maintenance. There are still small lines but they seem to be inconsequential on your shot. The bunkers appear to be getting new and improved sand but there still a few green-side bunkers with the old clay type sand.

I would highly recommend Arrowood to anyone looking for golf in North County San Diego.
I had a great time at the GK plays outing at FIRECLIFF on Saturday, May 18th. Overall the course is in amazing shape and a little overcast of a day provided great weather for golf.

There are numerous tees and combo tees so everyone was able to play the length that best suited their game. Off the tee on most holes the biggest challenge is avoiding the numerous fairway bunkers. Parts of the fairway are pretty wide but there are also very narrow spots; use the included GPS on the cart to give yourself the best chance to avoid the bunkers.

The fairways are amazingly blanketed in grass often undulating up and down left and right. Approach shots require you to to hit shots with the ball above or below your feet to green with a different elevation that is protected by bunkers on multiple sides. The green side and fairway bunkers have nice fluffy sand the waste areas have sand but not as fluffy. The greens are in good shape the subtle changes are not always that obvious; you should walk around the line of your putt the few times I did not do this I three putted.

I had a great time playing with Ron and Matt. It was also a great opportunity to get my dad more involved with Greenskeeper. I really love these events and look forward to more in the future. Thanks to good moose and Linksoul for the swag and the Johnny for all the planning / hustling. Only issue of the round was afterward the bar was closed and no food was available. I would recommend this course it’s a great track with amazing views and a challenging golf course. In preparation either make sure you are hitting it accurately or your bunker game is up to the challenge and plan to eat off site afterward.
I had a great time playing the the GK Plays event at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa Legends course. La Costa has 2 18 hold courses I had never played the legends only the champions course.

It was a great round thanks for the course's ability to drain from all the recent rains. We started out with Cart Path only on the even holes but that was lifted about 1/3 to 1/2 way through the round.

The course has a lot of holes where you decide either hit over either a small river or a bunker or lay up in front of the bunker/river. There is GPS in the cart to let you know where the hazards are and how far you need to hit it to avoid them. I think I need a few more rounds here to really dial in where I want to go for it and where I want to lay up.

The fairways were kinda soggy and did not provide alot of roll out. The ruff was felling itself after the recent rains and was a challenge to find balls and hit out of.

The greens were pretty smooth but they were rejecting every thing into them hit with a 9 iron or higher the ball about be about 5-7 yards past the divot on an 8 iron which I am more used to a 2-3 yard stop. The sand was really great here. I was in a few bunkers and each time the sand was nice, fluffy and workable.

The overall resort at La Costa is an amazing thing with a kids care place and a spa for the wife (they can take care of your whole family for a price while you golf). When I go on vacations I am looking for a resort like La Costa. A place that can entertain everyone on the property while I am playing golf.
I played in the GK plays even held at Rams Hill on 12/8/2018. The course is in great shape and I would highly recommend it. The service is top notch and the views from the course are amazing.

The course does a great job of making you feel like you have a lot of options off the tee with very wide fairways and strategic bunkers that can be challenged based on the tees you are playing from. The very wide fairways run off into some pretty thick ruff that should be avoided.

The greens were very nice but I think not as good as they were last year. There were a few spots with less than complete coverage but overall in amazing shape. This would be a great course to play a bunch; you would then have the time to understand all the subtle undulations. I think the sand traps had not been fully raked/fluffed since the rain but everything else was in great shape.

Afterward I got the tri tip sandwich which was very good. I wish I could have stayed for the festivities afterward but after two consecutive days of golf my wife and three kids were ready to have their husband/father back. Look forward to the event in 2019!
I played Twin Oaks on Sunday 12/2/2018 in a nice warm up round before the GK plays events next weekend. Overall the course is pretty soggy right now but appears to have recovered very nicely from the winter maintenance.

Dad and I were grouped with a single and we teed off from the white tees at our start time of 10:39 and were finished right around 3 pm to complete in under 4:30 not that bad for a Sunday afternoon round. Due to the recent rains the whole course was cart path only.

It appeared that the middle tee boxes were being reseeded and the white tees were either up with the reds or back with the blues. They were a little soggy due to the recent rain but not a lot of divot damage and flat. Overall very good conditions for tee shots.

The fairways are also in pretty good shape but still a little wet due to the rains there was not a lot of run out there was only 1 mud ball I think only 1 for the whole round. The rough is a little thin and some of the ruff around a tree is pretty bare.

The greens were much better than the last time I played here. Very smooth with little to no bare spots or divot damage but they were extremely slow. I don't see why all JC courses cant get their greens running the same speed.
I played Encinitas Ranch. I have not been able to golf alot since our daughter was born on 6/1 but I was able to play Sunday 7/22/2018. Overall the course is in good summer shape and the ocean breeze beats the heat.

My dad and I teed off around 10:30 with another twosome. I played the green tees. The blue tees here seem to place the tee boxes in weird spots that try to maximize the distance on the card. Dad played the white tees which are very forgiving for a senior. He was able to reach the greens in regulation on the majority of holes something I don't think he could have done playing from the green or blue tees.

Alot of the tee boxes have small slopes but not enough to seriously impeded your swing. The fairways are pretty good but they were a little thinner than I remembered them with some bare spots on the edges of the fairways.

The greens are in good shape they held all manner of shots and rolled nicely. I do not think the bunkers were raked Sunday morning and the sand was a little firm in them.

The ocean views were nice and I was just great to get out and golf. The price is a little higher than I wanted to pay but its my dads favorite course.
I played Encinitas Ranch on 3/18/2018. The course is in decent shape and has great views but a few areas could be improved.

We teed off around 10:30 and I played the green tees which sometimes groups you with the white tees, sometimes the blue tees and sometimes your own tee box. The course is not very long I think only one par 4 over 400 from the green tees. There is alot of area to miss off the tee on most holes and still have an good shot into the green.

There were a few tee boxes that were not level. Most of these were on the par threes.

The fairways were a little thin and there were a few bare spots on the course as well.

I was in a few bunkers some had been raked before I got in them. A few times there was no previous raking and the sand was firm.

The greens are very large and this is a great place to play snake. They rolled pretty true. There were a few bare spots on the collars.

Overall this place is a decent layout with good ocean views they just need to fix the bare spots, rake the bunkers and level a few tee boxes and it will be in top shape.
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