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There is not a lot of information on this course... where to park, where to check in. The facility is kind of spread out and parking can be a hassle if you have a later tee time. I thought the layout of where things are could be better, and they have a lot of real estate, still under construction (between 9 and 18)... The staff is accommodating, but I wish they had better information on their website. Also, I really hate hole number 7

I played Ojai Sat 4/21 with GK member BrianH and his buddy Adam. We had an 8:50 tee time that seemed on track and we finished a little after 1pm so pretty good PoP. We had an underpar deal for 89 bucks with replay depending how busy they course was. We were told about an hour and a half so we decided to get grub at Jimmy's (their 19th hole) and it was pretty good. When it was our time for the replay, the PoP was... not so good. The course is worth the 89 bucks we paid through the underpar deal, and I would not say it is worth the full rack rate. I'd rather play Sandpiper for that dollar

I hate hole number 7 with a passion. Other than that hole, the rest of the course is a fun test with tight fairways and penalties/scramble golf when missing. This was my first time playing this course and I was glad I asked for a tip sheet as it helped our group from the very beginning.

We played the white tees and majority of the tee boxes were pretty even and lush and for the ones that weren't, it was not too difficult to find a balanced position. It seemed like they were moved up a little today and with the pin location, a very scorable course.

As the day moved along, I thought the greens were going to get quicker, and for me, that is where the course was most inconsistent. Maybe it was because I had not played since October/November and my putting was off, but I could not seem to find the right speed throughout our round. I missed a couple of birdie opportunities because of this and settled for par, but I will gladly take those pars! Good amount of elevated and tiered greens here.

Rough was a non-factor for the most part as the first and second cuts are not long enough to be penal, however the holes are pretty tight, with OB, bunkers, and tree lines on practically every hole.

Fairways were probably the best part of the course, and I hit a good amount of them with great coverage, providing nice lies with the ball standing up nicely.

I was not in the sand too much (thankfully) but for the sand I encountered was a mix bag between wet and hard pack, and what felt like good playable sand.

For the first time playing in a couple months, and the first time playing this course, I shot an 89, but I could have shot a lot better if I did not blow up on 16,17, and 18 (+10 through that stretch, with a snowman on 16) ugggghhhh :(

Was very fun to get out and play again, and very much enjoyed the company with BrianH and his buddy.

Listing 1 to 1 of 62,821 Course Reviews
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